"SUPER-HEALING": The front

PEOPLE (Ethiatrics)
  • Summary Report: Dr. Jacobsen [excerpt]
  • AMI Tests (California Institute)
  • Double-Blind "Burn Study"
  • Shingles Study (Herpes Zoster)
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Corpus Callosum
  • Cancer
  • "Suicide"
  • Encephalitis
  • Alzheimer's
  • Olympic Athlete
  • Eyesight
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  • ANIMALS (Theriatrics)
  • Rescue Dog
  • Race Horse
  • Industrial Chickens
  • Endangered Eagle
  • The Farmer's Cow
  • Microwaved "cells"

  • Brain-Mapping (Scripps. La Jolla, CA)
  • AMI, EEG, Summary Report (California Institute)

  • The Hyperborean Myth: The Last Strobineller

  • Interview with Avallac'h
  • Druidic Medicine
  • Avallac'h: Operating Procedure of Ethiatrics

  • Persecution

  • Photos of Philippe Sauvage: Interpol's "Most Wanted"
  • Judge Moskowitz Historic Extradition Decision
  • Summary of French Persecution Case
  • Letters of Support from France
  • Fate Quake (on imminent deportation)
  • Summary of Political Asylum Case
  • Letters of Support from US

  • Freedom
  • B'rith Esh
  • Strategaia
  • THULEA: Ark of the Imago, (May 13, 2004)
  • Montsalvage's Return, (June 2, 2004)

  • One phase of Philippe Sauvage's eventful life was as a counter-terrorist agent in France during a period of terrorist chaos. Commenting on his life after leaving "public service", Philippe explains his "super-healing" front:

         "... the danger for me was... indeed, my own former employers and 'puppeteers' to whom I represented... a dangerous encumbrance and compromising souvenir....That is why I decided to use an ancient 'survival trick' that saved the life of many ancestors of mine in 'hot times' of psychotic inquisition: Playing full force the 'mad man.' Although I had always been extremely careful to gather factual evidence of every 'action' which I was 'mandated' to carry out (and even more careful to make everybody know about it...just as some handy life insurance policy), I still knew that unless I gave them absolute assurance of my skillfully staged new 'mental derangement', my physical survival would have hung on such a thin thread that a non-paranoid existence could not have been conceivable." (Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, p. 165)

    Crusaders are lightning rods for attention of all kinds and are mostly misunderstood, for Crusaders are such activists only because there is incredible garbage needing to be dealt with which distracts people from Truth. Philippe Sauvage was a Crusader when a French police officer and counter-terrorist agent and continued being a lightning rod even when acting in self-preservation as a "spiritual super-healer". As Philippe would say, "Thank Death" that self-preservation forced Philippe to exoterize portions and values of his inheritance of ancient Hyperborean Druidic wisdom, science and lore, exposing the world to the immense potential of each living being. During his public ascendancy as a "super-healer", he provided proof of that universal potential in labs and studies, yet all the while expanding semantic exposure to the absence of limitations in all of Life and the necessity of Justice in all things. Even while collaborating with the French medical community to clean out the frauds and charlatans from "alternative healing modalities", he also expanded his dialectic to transcend the limitations of a "healer".

    Philippe Sauvage is not a "healer". He is the antithesis of disease in ALL its permutations, regardless of the physical context or scale. Philippe is the Ultimate Crusader of the Ultimate Crusade revealing Truth in all he does, and that lightning rod has been struck by the agents of reductionism and Evil repeatedly. You will read of his persecution, but, as is the testament of this website, his Cause is Just, and Evil can't keep a Great Living Being down.

    And damned that Evil for its arrogance and presumption as it dares pretend to be anything other than the foulest excrement fit only to be the fuel of its own eternal immolation!