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Hyperborean Myth: The Last Strobineller

All along the Hyperborean-Armorican tradition, there has been a strange and strong obsession with the idea of "Strobineller." Etymologically, the word "Strobineller" gravitates around the concept of cultural shift (today we would say "paradigmatic replacement"). A Strobineller is some sort of a "cosmic midwife," a pivotal being which, when the time is right, is expected to help the birth of a new system of beliefs. For instance, one of the most "recent" of all Strobinellers had for his mission to help Europe transition from polytheism into monotheism, from paganism into Christianity: His codename (only a codename...) was Meurzhin (a.k.a. "Merlin"). All Strobinellers are said to be sent from a mysterious place (or a space-time dimension) called "Montsalvage." In the Arthurian legend, Montsalvage is a "floating castle of Ice or crystal," in which the immemorial sacred Guardians (Templars or, to be totally accurate, Templists) of the Holy Grail are in charge of the processing of the "Sacred Crystal," which is the only source of Divine legitimacy.... In relation to that specific aspect of the question, the "super-knight" Lohengrin of the old Germanic tradition also epitomizes the Strobineller's true nature and cosmic role.

There is a persistent legend in the Hyperborean tradition that one day, when what we call the end times will draw near, the last of all Strobinellers shall arise to bail Man out of his suicidal separation with God. Such a Strobineller will mark the very end of the Hyperborean history, in the sense that after him, concepts of ethnic or religious separation shall be erased, Man reaching then a level of true spiritual oneness. The last Strobineller is supposed to bring people to a condition of ethno-spiritual unification so complete that Man could then reestablish a new Sacred Covenant with God and be reinstated into his original mission of enlightened steward of the Divine Natural Order, here on Earth. This idiosyncratic being is supposed to come from the feminine matrix with all the wisdom and powers it entails, but will be also bestowed with the masculine lore and skills for the very first and last time in the Hyperborean history.

To my most extreme reluctance and with all the dramatic existential consequences implicated to me, I was brought up by my own sacerdotal clan to accept the (unacceptable) idea that I would be this terminal Strobineller. I do not know whether my (impossible) compliance to my matriarchs' insights would have brought upon me better luck in my life than my vehement rebellion to such an idea... Yet, for a solid understanding of my own psychological makeup, it is of considerable importance to remember that, like anyone else, I am also the product of my own cultural conditioning and that my entire childhood was about the fulfillment of such old dusty legends.

Philippe Sauvage     

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