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Report from journal articles on Philip Savage


Let us, however, conclude with the healing of Mrs. G., who before being afflicted with a terrible disease in February 1990, was a young 33-year-old mother and professional athlete. Just after she had to undergo the removal of a wisdom tooth, she became unable to speak and hardly able to eat. Then her arms became paralyzed to the point where she was totally unable to do anything in her home by herself. She could no longer write and soon she began to experience very serious respiratory troubles.

In spite of all kinds of examinations, the doctors could not come up with any valid diagnosis and the unfortunate patient was sent from one hospital to another. She was unsuccessful with her examinations by the best medical specialists, until one of the most reputed of them agreed to tell her that she had been stricken with Amiotropic Lateral Sclerosis, an extremely rare and fatal disease for which there was no treatment and nothing that doctors could do.... The specialist told her she would be entirely paralyzed within two years. But after seeing Philip Savage on TV, Mrs. G. realized that everything wasn't lost yet. She called Philip Savage, who immediately began to treat her. After she had first experienced an indescribable sensation of heat, she fell into some kind of extremely strange apathy. She even lost consciousness and experienced powerful respiratory side-effects. But the next morning, she was totally back to life. And month after month, her health condition kept improving until she was eventually completely healed.

2. People are Crying for Help

After this historical TV show viewed by more than 10 million people, Philip Savage received 50,000 letters and phone calls as well. But since he cannot help more than a few people every day, he has been capable only to take care of a small fraction of them. Among many testimonies, the story of Pascale Godard is especially noteworthy. She was a very renowned athlete in the 1972 Olympic Games before she was stricken by a very rare and terminal disease: Lateral Amniotic Sclerosis. An awful sickness worse than multiple sclerosis and myopathy together. At the time she watched the TV show with Philip Savage, she could no longer stand up and all the doctors had given up on her. Thanks to Philip Savage's help, she is now training again every day and she is taking care of her children as if nothing ever had happened. But Philip Savage does not only help human beings, he is at least as efficient on any kind of animal.

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