In a world of chaos where Life and Justice are quaint but "distracting" concepts from a by-gone era and where crimes against the Divine Natural Order are the accepted norm, one man stands up and throws his entire essence against the momentum of man's degeneration. Philippe Sauvage has led an epic life of combat against Evil and its agents, from the bowels of corruption itself to the highest planes of Transcendental Consciousness and along the way received the brutal blows all too often dealt upon the Honorable by civilization of the Damned.

Philippe Sauvage now puts out the call to find people of like heart, people who are ready to experience the next phase of human development. The question now posed is, "What have You done? What have You created to address the call of your own conscience? Where-ever you are in your own growth process, the time is NOW to atone for the past; the time is NOW to stand up and shout "No More!" in the face of a world gone mad with greed, petty hate and denial of consequence. Simultaneously, the faint of heart need not apply, for though Philippe Sauvage is the Defender of Life and Enforcer of Justice, he is not a Teacher and is not seeking followers. NOW is the time for action and experience and fulfillment of purpose. NOW is the time to Wake Up and "smell the formaldehyde" of stagnant civilization, the antithesis of Life.

Earth and Life have suffered too long and must now fight back. Earth will cleanse herself of the scourge of cancerous man, yet the ULTIMATE survival of Life on Earth depends on US : The survival of an evolved form of our species, and the restoration of man's most ancient ancestors' role of protector and guardian. To do so, we need help; the help of the most powerful "tools and technologies" from the highest dimension available today... the very domain of Avallac'h, ... Philippe Sauvage. If you are ready to participate in Earth's cleansing and ease the transition to that new world of Immanent Balance in Life and Justice, then this call is for you. Cast aside your presumptions and ego and recognize the immediacy of the last turmoil man will experience. Most will recognize their plight far too late, but you who feel the call of awakening conscience now have a place wherein to seek Sanctuary, to heal your existential wounds and rebound from larval form into the Imago of your full potential. Ask (as I did), and receive the armor and weapons not made with hands to rejoin the war for Truth, Honor, Life and Justice, the rule of Divine Natural Law without which Life cannot survive.                         T.A.D.