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STRATEGAIA: Earth's Battle Plan (1999)

In my previous writings I have laid strongest emphasis on people's particular cosmo-judiciary dimensionality and, to a much lesser extent, on my peripheral role therein. At this stage of my discourse, I believe that I do not need to remind any further my metaphorical reader of our current bio-existential situation within our specific plane of apparent reality: Men are dwelling right on the extremely thin line between Judgement and Sentencing under the extremely thorough scrutiny of the very Maker and Enforcer of the Divine Laws of Creation, which they have been defying, transgressing and denying from time immemorial.

Requesting, in anticipation, clemency for my falling down into the miserable hypotheistic and semantic models that are going to follow all along this text, such a dimension is like the borderline between "purgatory" and "hell." In such a theater of operation, people are staged for a "last chance test," for them to have, in extremis, the final opportunity to renounce their damming bio-secessionism, and to give up the sick illusion of their geocidal (genocide = systematic annihilation of one given human ethnic group, hence Geocide = systematic annihiliation of our living Earth) and egotistical "freewill."

What makes this ultimate test especially challenging, and at the same time highly significant, is that being condemned in direct relation to the very secessionist nature of their worst trespasses, men are herein denied further access to the "unified field of bio-consciousness" (hypotheistically also known as "God"). Because they have deliberately separated from the sacred whole and because they have gone to any bio-murderous length to become "gods" themselves, now men are on their own. They have almost full licence to give vent to their worst megalomaniac fantasies without getting the immediate "karmic" consequences of their wrongdoing. They can unpunishedly blaspheme Life itself, vilify Cosmo-Justice and go on some bio-criminal rampage against all living things, against other humans and their own children. They can indeed desecrate and poison their own corporeal vehicles to unbelievable levels of homoeostatic toxemia and still get away for a while without paying the price of their unfathomable behavioral foolishness and their unforgivable bio-felonies, all that being done on the treacherous and damnatory altar of their "freewill," still perceived by those idiots as the "most precious gift of God," when it is actually the most obvious stigmata attached to their status of bio-convicts following "the Judgment of God" and ushering them into the terminal abyss of their well-deserved torments in which the only indirect yet acute experience one gets from the aforementioned Judge is "God's Wrath" for several eternities or so....

Does all this mean that you should just crouch into existential prostration, mutilate yourself in some vain masochistic practices where fear and guilt are your only incentives, or see the whole process as hopelessly fatalistic in nature? On the contrary, you may not have those imaginary and disgusting "rights" in which people wallow so obscenely and so sanctimoniously, but you still have duties. Rather than interpret the concept of "duty" from a negativist attitude, you should indeed cherish the idea as the mark of some sublime "Divine" compassion. By, and only by, fulfilling successfully your most essential bio-existential assignment, you may have a chance to attire upon yourself some Cosmic-Judiciary Pardon and indeed, without even waiting for such otherworldly mercy, you stand a good chance to experience existential bio-redemption just right here and right now. Self-redemption with all the wonderful consequences it entails, starts actually at the very moment you let your sick ego vanish, when you say "yes" unreservedly to the Divine Natural Laws, and in the instant you pledge to protect and serve Life, as the most direct and most sacred insufflation from the very Creator of all things.

It seems that the morbid outcome of the entire "human experience" is the fanatical desire of detaching oneself from the Law, to separate from the primordial Geocratic rules that bind us together as a whole within all Vital processes and Divine Natural equilibrium. People's bio-felony appears so complete and so manifest that, in their upside-down systems of values, Nature has become the absolute enemy. When humans commit crimes exceptionally heinous they are called "animals" as though "animality" was the final stamp of human evilness. Animals do not perpetrate crimes; wars, murders, genocides, rapes, greed, despotism and injustice are human in origin. Lest you define the Creator of Life as intrinsically evil also, there is no evil in Nature. Animals, just like the rest of Divine creation, reflect the unthinkable goodness and wisdom of God's masterpiece. Darkness, in contrast, is particular to man, to all men indeed, regardless of their ethnic or societal background.

Unfortunately, bio-separativeness does not belong only to modern technological western civilizations. Ancient and modern Asian civilizations or Central- and South-American civilizations for that matter, although not quite as dangerous from a strict ecological standpoint, are exactly as anthropomorphic and secessionist as the Occidental counterparts. Even indeed the so-called "primitive" or "traditional" societies appear just as "human supremacist" in their relationship with plants and animals as those who wiped them out. Granted, the nomadic or "hunting-gathering" populations were more egalitarian with one another and more respectful of their ecosystems than their genocidal and biocidal victors, but it was more owing to tribal numeric scarcity and due to eco-survival necessities than to true bio-consciousness. Sadly enough, one must recognize that so-called "Homo Sapiens" species as a whole is bio-separative in origin and disobedient to Divine Natural Law in essence.

That is why I cannot be called a "neo-primitivist." I do not pit the "ancients" against the "moderns." I do not glamorize especially the "magnificent savage" and vilify in opposition the "base city maggot." Although to a small extent I would feel temporarily more comfortable in the Steppe with Scythians and Mongols, in the Plains with "Cheyenne Dog Soldiers," in the Savanna with Masai warriors, or in the Bush with Aboriginal "Dream People" as my neighbors than in the urban cesspools where "Big Brother" denatures us down to the level of "enslaved prosthetic larvae," I still know that the human species as a whole is bio-deviant, phylo-amnesiac, theo-reductionist and anthropo-supremacist in essence.

By acknowledging such a fact, I am not condoning the pan-civilizational holocaust which, besides driving "modern urban humans" to a loss in excess of twenty-per-cent of their brain capacity when compared to their ancestral populations such as the Cro-Magnons (and indeed Neanderthals), is also directly responsible for bringing all natural ecosystems down to a level of quasi-extinction. What I am saying is that, although much less degenerated and much more intelligent than its pathetic modern off-spring, even the aforementioned magnificent Cro-Magnons are known for their sick anthropocentrism (cf. Paleolithic art) and their potentially biocidal disregard for other species' survival (as shown in the systematic and wasteful massacre of thousands of horses by the "Perigordians" at the pinnacle of Cro-Magnon perion). This is without mentioning the so-called "Native" populations of the Americas, Africa, Australia and Oceania who drove to criminal extinction thousands of different animal and vegetal species, either for their own sick amusement or by idiotic over-hunting.

I am not saying that a few million years down the forgotten road of our true phylogenesis some as yet "unknown superhuman" species did not actually exist and did not live, abiding fully to Divine Natural Law. I do not deny that those "super-people," long gone from our lobotomized memory, had perennially and steadfastly carried high the flame of our primeval guardianship of the Earth. What I am trying to convey is that those "Archeans," those "ancestral beings of Light," did not belong to the same species as those who have, all along their deleterious history, striven only to destroy, subdue and secede from God's sublime work of creation. Likewise, if new people attempt to reintegrate the Divine Natural Order and to regain their primordial status of "Defenders of Life," "God's Laws Enforcement," they should not be stigmatized, either, by being lumped into the same categories as those who for so long did nothing but deify their evil ego at the cost of a quasi-complete geocide.

So for those who, by sheer hypothesis, still carry some such atavistic genes or have "coincidentally" received the "grace" of bio-consiousness and cosmo-justice, and who, accordingly, feel utterly out of place or out of time in the current epoch of triumphant darkness, I must continue and explain what could be my humble contribution to the dramatic geo-immune and Bio-Justiciary events and processes to come. First, we have a "war" to initiate and we have a "war" to win. So let me explain the kind of "warrior" I really am and the most essential principles of the new "warriorness" I would like to promote.

I have to confess something. I always had some weak spot and fond attachment to ancient elite-warriors such as Knights, Samurais, Spartan Hoplites, Steppe Barbarians, Zulu or Masai aristocrats and all sorts of colorful secret warriors-societies, known and unknown, of the Native Tradition. Nothing of course in common with so-called "modern warfare," where soldiers have replaced ancient warriors and where coward distant weapons of mass destruction have dethroned the heroic one-on-one up close and personal challenge inherent to the original ritual.

I like ancient elite-warriors because I like heroism, stoicism, self-denial, loyalty, austerity, risk-taking activities and all forms of hubristic yet altruistic endeavors. I could spend many lifetimes just teaching on the nobility of the sentimentalist, romantic and poetic European Knights. Extolling the fortitude of the Samurai and at the same time his unprecedented level of artistic achievement. Crying at the memory of my Lacedaemonian brethren, whose fierce loyalty and psycho-behavioral abnegation elevated them to the supreme rank of "warrior's warriors." I love the audacity of the so-called "Barbarians" and "savages" who achieved to defeat vastly superior "civilized armies" and "evil empires" owing only to their love of Freedom.

Yet, among all warriors, those who approach the closest my own idea of "warriorness" are the so-called "Warriors-Monks." I do not care that they are Christian Knights-Templars, Muslim Mujahidins from the Middle-Age, Buddhist Swordsmen from Japan, armed Rabbis of Masada, Shamanistic-Chivalry from Genghis-Khan, Viking Berserkir-Sorcerers or, indeed, the legendary Druids-War-Princes and Druidesses-War-Princesses. What I value in them is that, upon the basic concept of warriorness, they added the idea of Spiritual aim. They were, then, driven by higher and more altruistic motivation than regular warriors, save maybe the Spartans who elevated the idea of "war" up to some form of spirituality by itself.

Yet, I have to confess something else: I do not like war! I think that war, even ancient warfare, is intrinsically human and therefore intrinsically idiotic and evil. I do like the qualities and the virtues which are required to create an elite warrior, but I do not agree with the righteousness of war as we know it. It is not that I am especially offended by the idea of violence: Nature is violent. Evolution reveals itself in catastrophic ways. The way toward freedom sometimes must be won by force. Injustice always ought to be fought by any means necessary, including violence. No, to me what is truly damning in the idea of war is the fact that it is done for unworthy purposes. Human wars are reverse natural selection processes in which always elite individuals perish while evolutionary misfits survive.

The problem with warriors is that they kill other warriors. This is the characteristic of what Dr Konrad Lorenz, the father of Ethology, termed intra-specific aggression: Some unnatural perversion of legitimate aggression which, in a normal ecosystem, is always redirected from within (one's own species) toward without (against other species in a natural selection scenario). Human war is not a civil conflict but a sibling conflict in which brothers in arms slaughter one another, for the higher benefit of vain egotistical motivation of some unworthy "warlord" and/or for slimy political interests. Owing to their inherent bravery and sacrificial values, the warriors eliminate each other while societal scum and parasitic cowards or profiteers thrive. Somehow, Warriors-Monks fare a little better. Their sacrifice is for a more elevated purpose. But, dying for the highest glory of "god," of one specific "true god" allegedly better than the "infidels' wrong god" does not do the real "God" any good. Yet it is more idealistic and more altruistic in nature than a base egotistical, territorial or economic war. It also brings a touch of higher universalism in the idea of conflict. Nonetheless, it still remains stained by separativeness and injustice.

In my system of "war" there is no room for injustice at all. If, in whatever undertaking, be it for the noblest motives in the world, wrong is brought upon one single innocent victim, Justice immediately gives way to injustice. If also, people who waged war against each other can reconcile and become friends with each other after the hostilities have ceased, they just had no business in killing one another in the first place. I shall never befriend evil, darkness, injustice, genocide, geocide and the like. I shall never reconcile with the enemies of Life. I shall gladly and immediately lay down my life for my idea of absolute Justice and, absolutely nothing shall make me ever love injustice, be merciful toward darkness or indeed show any compassion to evil. How could I possibly become friend with those who desecrate and destroy the sublime masterpiece of our Creator, without becoming downright one of them?

No matter how much I like traditional elite warriors for their spirit of sacrifice, their loyalty, their austerity and their selfless brave idealism, I have to recognize that they do not evidence the level of existential intelligence that my own idea of "Bio-Justiciary War" requires. Even in the case of warriors-monks where the spiritual aspect of their dedication is higher than within other elite-warriors, there is always a "caste" of people above them who are in the real decision-making processes. On the contrary, I aspire to a class of enlightened "masters-servants" warriors, a "composite" fighter in which "self-mastery" would be coupled with "bio-servancy" (Remember that the words "knight" and "samurai," to name a few, all relate to the idea of "service,") and a fierce enforcer of "Divine Natural Laws" whose level of consciousness is so high that he/she could dispense totally with further political or philosophical guidance. It does not mean that the very idea of hierarchy should be abolished, on the contrary, but those warriors should all be "hierarchs" in essence and should not take orders from anyone else but their own peers.

I will elaborate later on the "warrior organization" itself, but now, as a test of intelligence for any future "enlightened fighter," I wish to talk of the very nature of "my" war and plan a few good strategies on how to carry it out.

In another text I have been quoting Sun Tsu who said that: "In battle one engages with the orthodox but one gains victory by the unorthodox." This is the thought of a tactician, but as a strategist (or as "Strategaiarch" should I say) I think that: "In war one engages with the unorthodox but one wins by the orthodox." Let me explain. What really finalizes the victory is force (the orthodox) because without sufficient volume and quality of force, peace (which should be the very end result of war) cannot be established and sustained (theorectically forever). So, if we really want to win the war of survival of the geo-immune conflict to come, we will need, down the road, to muster momentum, acceptance, support for major changes to occur and to last. However, it is the way by which you engage the first confrontation that determines the final outcome of the war, which in our case must be highly unorthodox. We cannot afford to fail the first engagement, for the initial strike is always the decisive strike.

For instance, during World War Two, the way in which the Japanese (and to a lesser extent the Germans) engaged their enemies was the true reason that brought them to cataclysmic defeat. No matter how apparently successful from a purely military standpoint the surprise attack upon Pearl Harbor (Poland for the Germans) could have looked like on paper, the Empire of the Rising Sun had already lost when it relinquished right away and irrecoverably the moral ground and ethical ascendance it could have claimed before such unforgivable treachery. I am not trying to take sides in a conflict like World War Two, where any of the belligerents would have fire-squaded me immediately, and rightfully so, for sabotage, defeatism or worse..... I just wish to highlight that (very especially in the case of the Japanese or the Germans, who were preparing for a conflict highly ideological in nature, by opposition to the more pragmatic Allies), when one has a claim to Justice and starts with outright injustice, one stands to see Justice immediately desert one's own side and lose.

I shall not make such a mistake. Virtue and righteousness will always stand by us.

Now, rather than how, when or where to engage, the real question should be "Should we engage at all?.." Seeing the pathetic numeric weakness of our forces and the frightening "apparent" might of the enemy, reason should dictate that we wait quite a bit and that I should seek medical help for my terminal psychiatric condition.... Yet, one mistake many belligerents often commit, before engaging, is not to consider carefully (and honestly) their philosophical support systems, their own strategic (not tactical) weapons systems and above all, their alliance systems. One can have the most formidable army in the world, but if one does not have popular support, righteous claims, a real strategic edge in the field of armament, and then, most importantly, strong and loyal allies everywhere (including behind and within the enemy lines), defeat is a given. It is just then a matter of time. Conversely, a group vastly inferior from a numeric standpoint but who has a decisive technological edge in warfare may triumph on the battlefield (as in 19th Century so-called "Colonial Wars" and more recently in the new "digital wars") over an enemy hundreds of times more numerous. Conversely, a group without a technological edge and yet numerically inferior can still win the war when ideological motivation, discipline and sacrificial bravery make up for all other elements. (The Vietnam war is a good example of what I am talking about.)

And now to illustrate what a remarkable system of alliances and ideological support could achieve I am going to mention a sovereign Country so small that no one can draw its boundaries on a normal map. Its army is a few dozen foreign mercenaries supplied with five-century old completely obsolete armament technology. This country has survived countless conflicts for centuries without ever having been invaded or menaced. Its name: The Vatican. Only its worldwide alliance support systems and its ideological might, not its numeric superiority or its technological advancement in weaponry, afford it such strength and longevity.

Well, if we indeed have a radical numeric inferiority which we will never compensate for nor indeed try to remedy, we still have one of the strongest alliance support systems one can dream about: The entire bio-consciousness here on Earth and all the Geo-immune processes ready to be unleashed by a dying planet soon fighting for her own survival. Our moral or ideological support system is Justice..., Cosmic, Divine and Eternal Justice, for which dying is a sacred privilege.

Realistically, we can also count on a strong support system coming from the "enemy" itself: Literally, thousands and thousands of people are waking up and no longer recognize their own human cultural environment as adequate. Eco-behavioral mutations do exist. Even from within the sick matrix of the human species, new mutants are arising. Those elements who aspire to new bio-consciousness are sick of the environmental depredations that increasingly affect their mental and physical health and are fed up with all previous political or religious lies they have experienced. All those recovering humans are our "green fifth column."

Now, let us imagine any significant blow in peoples's most essential systems of beliefs. A blow arising from any sizable ecological disaster, climatic catastrophe, international political turmoil, economic or financial meltdown or more immediately some "BBB" (Big Bad Bug) or "computer terrorism" running havoc in the very core of their hyper-digitalized life style. Then from a few thousand you may soon have millions to give a more attentive ear to my Bio-Justiciary values and my Geo-Spiritual teachings....

Last and not least, we may also have some dramatic "technological" edge in our systems of armament where, through "subliminal psychoplectic warfare," we can make a few interesting strategic "hits" right into the enemy's center of defense, indeed , without him having knowledge of it... I may still need some good old time "psychic evaluation" but, nevertheless, I do not feel so much underpowered after all.

The greatest part of my own current existential situation is that I am so insignificant and, in their logic, derisible that I can declare "war" on the enemy and, indeed, discourse in detail on my "battle plans" without incurring the risk of being obliterated from the onset. When, or if ever, we gain sufficient might, it will be too late for the adversary to react. Yet, we will have engaged according to all rules of ethical decency.... No further Pearl-Harbor to claim for capitalizing on moral outrage. We had warned you, but you were so blinded by the illusion of your strength and by our delusive raving megalomania that you just wallowed in your civilizational mud and vainglory, too short-sighted and too greedy to prepare for countermeasures.

One of the most determinative factors to engage successfully in war is to hit right at the core of the enemy's system, where he thinks he is the strongest and therefore, is completely undefended and unprepared. The main weakness of such a civilizational Goliath lies in its scientific founding principles. Modern science has become the technocratic civilization's new religion. Scientists and especially medical doctors are the high priests of the new reductionist churches. The entire system of values of the enemy reposes on their dogmatic certainties. Just dissolve one of its feet of clay and you will see the paradigmatic giant collapse, never to rise again. In the last sentence, I have just zeroed in on our first theater of operations. Our battle of "Gaiarmageddon" will be fought and won on paradigmatic ground.


The entire scientific and dialectic system of the adversary is paradigmatic in origin. For those who are not skilled etymologists, the work "paradeigma" means "example" or "illustration" in ancient Greek. It reflects a basic concept of "speculation" and "abstraction." Actually the very root "para," as a preposition, means "amiss," "wrong" and indeed, "contrary." In a slightly less negative sense, "para" means "almost" or "by the side." According to its most essential etymology, "paradigm" can be read as "meaningless teaching" or "deceitful knowledge" pretty much related to what people call "sophism" (trick or fallacious argument).

We know that human mind is highly abstractive and speculative in origin. Reality, verity and probity are Nature's attributes. Man always endeavored to distance himself from essentiality. Essentiality shrinks human megalomania and invalidates man's self-deification to laughable proportion. One of the main etiological causes of "anthropopathology" (the idea of humanity viewed as some global disease) lies in man's fear. Fear of his own insignificance, fear of his ultimate accountability, fear of seeing his megalomaniac sand castles being washed away, and above all fear of the Truth. Fear of the Divine Truth. Fear of his countless biofelonies against Natural Laws, and above all, fear of what he cannot control and understand. Man is an absolute control freak. That is why he so badly needs dominion over the Earth. Tyrants, dictators and bullies are always cowards in essence. They rob the authority they do not inherently have. The entire human experience is based on fear. But fear also constitutes weakness. It breeds anger and lack of self-control. Therefore, I want to strike terror into the very marrow of man's bones by confronting his most cherished delusions with the very Truth. And there is no other path toward Truth than through the epistemological highway of proof.

Peradigm (from ancient Greek "Peira" = proof, evidence, experience, trial; as in "exPERience" or "emPIRism") collides headlong against the idea of paradigm. This is no longer some fallacious knowledge arising from abstract speculation or downright lies, but THE knowledge that is established on proven certainties from incontrovertible methods of sorting out the real Truth. Knowning that the whole modern and western paradigm is reductionist and separative in origin, the main thrust of our peradigmatic warfare must be heuristico-expansionist (capable of enlarging the boundaries of our knowledge) and all-inclusive in effects.

My idea is to strike a lethal blow in the enemy's system of beliefs by proving the dramatic inveracity of the current scientific and medical paradigm. To provoke events, processes and phenomena absolutely non-assimilable in their own logic and which conflict so much with all their basic dogmas that their theoretical founding principles will implode under the weight of the semantic contradictions. Most obviously, to get such an impact the adversary must be confronted on his own terrain and according to his own methodology. Which means that it is within his own universities and laboratories (the new temples of their biocidal religion) and by challenging the high priests on their own methodological altars that the battle ought to be fought.

One of the most lasting and most valid rules of war is to divide the enemy's forces whenever possible. There are currently at least four new religions that compete for total supremacy in our sick world: The first one, as we know it, is bio-separative science. The second and the third one that could also be seen together as some "super-religion" are the (mass) media (in charge of the global disinformation processes) and the movie industry (committed to implanting into people's unconscious the right thought-processes for "Big Brother" to denature and enslave us always furthermore) The last one is the pestilential ancient cult of greed and "Mammon," in which the basest human egotistical impulses maintain a permanent state of "civil war" between people who, only too late, come to realize that "he who dies with the more toys" does not necessarily win. Of course some could argue that the "computer cult" of the "information new age" is also a good candidate in the new religion domination derby. But I still think it is only a subservient sectarian tool (obviously hyper-efficient) pretty much equal in its mercenary contribution to the four main competitive technocratic religions.

Although those four parodies of religion seem to work together toward a common goal of biocidal world domination, I know for a fact that the internal competition between them is just as ruthless, if not worse than their collective war against life and spirit. It is like being caught up during the infamous night of the Saint Bartholomew between Catholics and Protestants and then, confessing with provocative candor that you just happen to belong to Sufism, Shamanism or Shintoism and do not give half a damn about what is befalling Christendom. Actually you stand a very good chance of surviving since the world-be "Christians," back then, were much more in the business of slaughtering each other in the name of "love" than paying attention to such an outsider. In a competition between rivaling religions, the heretic is the true enemy, not the infidel....

We should try to use all other competing religions against our first designated target. First and foremost we are going to need a third party to witness, then report, our tactical success at destroying the enemy's matrix of epistemological validity. It is well known that the media are highly devoted to the cult of "mammon" and would do just anything to increase their ratings and therefore their profits. Nothing could sell better to a public craving for sensationalism than the graphic demise of scientific institutions (medicine especially) which they have come to distrust owing to those institutitions' inherent inability to fulfill their initial promises and to answer the most basic needs of the populace (most critically when it comes to health issues). Without media involvement, the high priests of scientific quackery could successfully attempt to stifle us and downplay the extent of their debacle. With the media on our side, our "Orwellian vaporization" should be much more complicated to stage.

Exactly as importantly as using the media against science, we should also use "Mammon" against "Mammon." It sounds almost like a truism to say that greed and money are mercenary in nature. Capitalism does not have special invested interests in one science or another, in one specific paradigm versus a peradigm for instance. Lenin once said that, "Capitalists are so stupid that they would gladly sell (to the Communists) the rope on which they would hang." When "Mammon's devotees" are going to realize the might of our peradigm after the obsolete paradigm has been utterly routed, their only predictable drive is going to be, "How the hell can we jump on the bandwagon of the new epistemological victor?" Very especially in the light of our extraordinary results in the field of human health, knowing that at least one person out of four is going to experience one form or another of some terminal disease, this is a dramatically important part of their own market that they cannot afford to pass up.

Let us pretend that we have achieved to divide the (not so well) united civilizational religious front and isolated biocidal science from its traditional allies. Our tactic of division should then go even further: We must, to some extent, spare all other sciences and muster our own energy up against medicine per se. This being done, we should also divide medicine itself by refocusing our main thrust on the most conservative (and most aggressive) segments of so-called allopathic medicine without engaging with the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Based on my own personal and experiential knowledge, if we cannot give strong and factual reassurances to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry that we are not and never will represent a threat to their own business and their very survival, we are finished before even starting. Much more indeed than most uninformed people may think, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry indeed belong to the world of "Mammon," not of science. As long as we are smart enough to convey to them our political neutrality, as long as we can give them contractual guarantees that we shall not impact whatsoever their own business and profit and as long as we do not claim for ourselves more than an insignificant segment of patients who, anyway, already belong to the field of so-called "holistic" or "alternative" therapies, not only should we not have such industry against us or in our way, but indeed we may just turn them into temporary allies.


In battle and indeed, in war, if one does not know what he is fighting against, what he is fighting for or does not believe in his own righteousness, one cannot gain victory.

We do not want to engage just to defeat the enemy; we must engage for what we know is right to prevail. Between soldiers who know what they are up against but do not know what they are fighting for and soldiers who do not know whom they are fighting against but who understand the higher ideals that motivate them, I would choose the second proposition any time. What we are fighting for is crystal clear: Justice and Life. Without Life, Justice would be an empty proposition and without Justice, Life would not be Life, period. What is so important in Life? To me the answer lies in its Divineness. Life is inherently spiritual. Therefore, our main thrust against science and medicine has to be an attack against materialistic science and reductionistic medicine. Its objective must be to prove and establish with highest methodological criteria the intrinsic spirituality of Life wherever you look at it.

To regroup on a strong, valid and extremely heuristic new concept, it should bear on the very spiritual nature of Life on all levels. And since the scientific demonstration that the macro-universe (astrophysics) is alive with a mind of its own is currently out of our reach, we have no choice but trying to prove that the micro-universe (micro-physics) also evidences a mind of its own. Before we begin working at the atomic and sub-atomic level, we should start experimenting with intermediary entities at the cellular, molecular and proteinic levels.

If, God forbid, I should go to war today (and I am talking about the most repulsive form of conventional warfare which I oppose with declared fanaticism), I would not take my favorite and precious Samurai Katana, my even more precious Hyperborean sword or any of my noble bows. I would rather pick one of my teched-out super-sophisticated ultra-precision behemoth rifles that allows me to hit a murderer's torso well beyond two miles or one of my "highly accurate semi-auto tactical sniper systems" that gives me the opportunity to place ten hits in a child-abuser's head in less than three seconds at about one-half kilometer. But why the heck am I saying all those politically inexpedient ghastly things when we are supposed to talk about scientific methodology and cellular experiments? The answer is, just like in war, where one needs to resort to hyper-technology to defeat technology, one needs to fight science with hyper-science.

My own scientific background allows me to understand perfectly the way by which the enemy works and thinks and, owning to their outstanding scientific qualification, my experimental partners cannot be scorned so easily by the so-called scientific establishment. Accordingly, I have termed Geonoetics the scientific "Trojan horse" with which I intend to confront paradigmatic reductionism. Geonoetics (from ancient Greek "noos" = Mind and "noia" = mental process) can be defined as: The science of Mind-Body interactions occurring at every level of all vital processes. And Cyto-Noiatrics (one of its derivatives) the science of Mind-Body interactions, strictly at the cellular level. The spearhead of Geonoetics when we will conduct experiments at the cellular level is Cyto-Noiatrics (from ancient Greek "iatrikos" = pertaining to the art of healing): The treatment of the cell as a whole within specific cyto-pathological scenarios where the normal homoeostatic balance of normal cellular mind-body interactions has been dangerously compromised.

Maybe people have lost tract of the most basic phylogenetic questions but, like any other plant or animal, we are eukaryotic in origin. The eukaryotic cell itself evolved from some proto-eukaryotic life form who opted for some symbiotic relationship with other bacterial life forms, as evidenced in our mitochondrial (a.k.a. "Condriosome") cellular partners. Although reductionistic taxonomists have for centuries and with extreme fanatical dogmatism endeavored to eradicate what makes us one with Life as a whole, all animals (and plants for that matter) are essentially bio-colonies of the same basic symbiotic eukaryotic cell. Therefore, if there is, in nature, a well designated bio-entity with a clear status for some structural individuality, it is unquestionably the eukaryotic cell. There is no better terrain to put to the test my "new" Geonoetic "theories."

I do not want to prove only that cells have a mind of their own and that such mind can be accessed, influenced and repaired. I want to demonstrate the oneness of the Mind per se, not only the organic unity of all cells' mind within one given physical body, but also the interconnectiveness of all "individual" minds within some higher unified field of consciousness: The Bio-Mind. If I can achieve to alter the mind of preselected cells with clear observable clinical results, through non-mental techniques, I would have only partially succeeded to my original goal.

But if I achieve to blend my own mind and the cell's mind into one single mental unity of higher rank, I would have blazed the trail toward providing the reality and potential connectivity of the Bio-Mind itself. That is why only "Mind-Force" technologies must be employed if we want to have a chance to meet the epistemological criteria of such an experiment.

The range of those Cyto-Noaitric experiments is unlimited. I can connect my own mind to the mind of cells that have been gravely disrupted by thermal trauma for instance (severe burn injuries inflicted to the cell and its nucleus especially). I can also treat cells fatally disrupted in some immunological (AIDS) or oncological (Cancer) scenarios.

Now, before indeed we could go further into the discussion, I must try to "explain"my modus operandi when I am talking of my own proprietary "mind-force technology." Earlier in a previous text I defined my work as dualytic (dissolution of duality). But, dualysis describes more the effects than the method itself. When trying to convey to a "five-senses-only" person what pertains to a much more complex and broader sensorial makeup, I am logically attempting to achieve an impossible semantic dialogue. But in order to reach a minimum level of credibility and raise support, I have no other choice but to try the impossible. First, I am begging people to accept the idea that my "mind" does not work as a regular "human mind." Where others see things separated, I see things unified. Where "normal" humans pose boundaries, I perceive unlimited variable fields of accessible dimensions. What everybody calls reality is, to me, only one possible matrix amidst and endless unfoldment of surrealities. Eventually, when, owing to his own techno-enslavement and prosthetic codependency, man feels like an object or pawn in the greater scheme of events and processes. I know that I still have a way to connect, navigate and harness the continuum of bio-existence, including the mysterious web of "causes-and-effects."

In a given cyto-noiatric scenario, my work consists of channeling, then merging, with the individual or collective mind of the cells sample and elevating the conflated unit of such merging to higher spheres of bio-consciousness for collective repair purposes which I could term: Ortho-Catharsis (purification and normalization). Most obviously such an operation is not limited to the cellular level; I could work with equal or higher efficiency at the atomic or sub-atomic level and, contrariwise indeed, I have proven on thousands and thousands of animal or human subjects that I can also work with superlative success on super-colonial levels of "individual" singularity (the persons themselves, or to be more specific on the "personal" mental projection of the whole cellular super-colony that people really are). Whether I am treating either the global external (environmental) and internal (homoeostatic) ethology of one given subject (Ethiatrics) or that I am taking care of a smaller cellular group, my work still remains the same. It is to transfer "reparative organic order" where, prior to my intervention, morbid bio-entropy prevailed.

How does it feel from the inside, from my own perspective, to provoke such bio-catharsis? Well, it is a sensation of dissolution and fusion in a dimension where space and time do not have the same properties or the same rules and boundaries. The hard part, the very essence of my "work" consists in not letting it go, not to give entirely in to total abondonment regardless of how tempting the complete relinquishing to one's own painful identity really becomes. It is like entering a mythical labyrinth with only a thin thread, entering into the very core of the maze where some indescribable luminous oneness reigns, receiving all sorts of wonderful signals that I should just let go and merge into such sublime source of harmony, yet denying myself such privilege: I must then crawl back by journeying all along the thread with a heavy and always recalcitrant burden on my back (no more than I, does my "dualysee"really want to separate from such an indescribable feeling of loving completeness) until we are back to this sick world of base misery where, to make matters worse, my co-traveler (back to his initial amnesia), regardless of how much his health or bio-sanity has improved in the whole process, is expected to despise me or hate me all the more.

If I look forward to working at the cellular levels rather than the "individual" level, it is not because isolated cells are any easier to carry back as a burden. It is because, as they are less prone to panic and delusional psychoses than the whole person, I should not have to go through the usual arrogant denial and fear-induced hatred that I am used to experiencing in cases of the one-on-one journey, also called "treatment."

And if you think that still bailing out people only to receive such slime in return amounts to sheer masochism, you may not be so far from the truth, but I keep calling it my bounden duties.

I know that, rather than offering real answers on my modus operandi, I may have only raised more questions, yet I cannot go any deeper or farther into the subject without dangerously tipping off the adversary and /or increasing my chances to end up in some mental institution. So, I would like to go back to our main ideological battlefield.

Although I would go, at first, for some preliminary studies on thermal trauma owing to its basic protocolar simplicity, the study of cancerous cells should be otherwise especially didactic due to many Gaiatric implications. For many years I refrained from going any further than geosomatic teaching, which gave exclusive emphases on health related mind-body interactions between man and his Geo-organism -- or Geoself -- the Earth. It is time, now , to go to the next step and get a higher understanding of the greater vital processes at play on our planet. Most importantly, I am ready to try to re-associate people to their own health recovery, both on a planetary and on a personal level. The idea of being so re-empowered, of "healing" themselves by Healing, most concretely, their own Geoself forms the basic idea of Gaiatrics, which also represents people's very bio-redemption, people's final self-realization or, better, self-lealization (from the semantic root "leal" from which the ideas of loyalty and legality arise).

In my Gaiatric perspective, and not only analogically speaking, modern man represents some planetary epithelial cancer which I have termed, years ago, anthroposarcoma: An especially aggressive form of geo-cellular imbalance that drives formerly healthy cells of highly geo-strategic importance (cf. the oncogenes within the human body) to proliferate suddenly out of control at a horrendous rate of replication and eventually bring their own life support down to vital annihilation. What is horribly similar in the case of some human cancer and of our Earth's anthroposarcoma, is that the malignant cells seem to abide to some nightmarish megalomaniac scenario in which they attempt to secede from the most fundamental Law of Life: Death itself. Cancerous cells, just like humans, no longer accept to die. For lack of better inside intel on the real Divine, they try to mimic God's immortality and yet, in do doing, they commit suicide and drag down, into their total self-destruction, all that was left of the healthy parts of the whole body. Also, just like for the "original Humans," whose role into the higher scheme of Life was extraordinarily elevated, the genic system known as oncogenes, beside being the genic support of cancer itself, is also of the most importance in our ontogenesis. It is directly in charge of the morphogenic and structural processes in our body's normal development.

Compounding the semantic cancerous similarity, the auto-immune scenario is equally frightening; Just like "Original Humans," who were the elite praetorian guard of the geo-immune empire before going in the other direction and creating the worst geo-immunologic breakdown in evolutionary history, the Lymphocytes T-four and other immuno-agents that are normally the guardians of our own immunity go berserk and turn suicidal all of a sudden in the AIDS context. The outcome is the same for the organic whole who soon succumbs under the very onslaught of those who originally pledged to protect it. Sound familiar?

Geosomatics had for vocation to pose such diagnoses and study the etiology of such fatal diseases, highlighting on purpose the "coincidences" between what is happening to our living planet and what is befalling man. Gaiatrics should go a few steps further by proposing a global treatment for the very cause of the problem. Once again my specific way of teaching is always peradigmatic in origin, not discursive. Rather than explain to people how they could go from geo-malignance to Gaiatrics (healing their global body, the Earth), I would like to show them how to turn their worst metastatic cells from bio-alienation into bio-medication. The limited purpose of Geosomatics was to transform malignant cells into benignant cells (both in a human health perspective and in an enlarged geo-immunologic scope).

The goal of Gaiatrics is to originate some unheard-of bio-alchemical transmutation in which malignancy should give way to self-biological redemption. If I can achieve to turn some cell samples from malignancy into beningnancy, then transform those "born again" benignant cells into "micro-guardian-angels" who, when reintegrated into the very core of the subject's cancer, succeed in bringing the entire organism back to perfect condition of homoeostatic bio-normalcy, then I would have created a valid model for even the most malignant human being to go back to his primordial niche of "enlightened Earth Guardian." Too often I may have given the impression that the issue of man, modern man as a whole, is absolutely hopeless. Therefore, even for the best willing persons who, probably, still identify themselves as "humans," there is no valid way for them not to feel attacked or excluded by my pre - or post-humanistic discourse. Now, in the light of such bio-alchemical transmutational protocol, anyone can aspire to breaking free from his/her own former sick human pseudo-identity. If the most malignant and aggressive segments of the deadly disease (both at the cellular level within the human body and at the collective level within the greater Geo-Organic perspective) can eventually be transformed into some "healing angels," active agents of health recovery, what about people who have not yet reached such extreme and pathogenic condition?

I may not be able to turn absolutely everybody into "Bio-Justiciary Warrior-Monk," whose Mastery and Servancy far exceed any documented knighthood and priesthood, yet I could transmute nearly all decent good-willing persons into remarkable Gaiatricists (Earth healers) whose mind-force powers (in the field of eco-health, especially) would surpass anything as yet known to man. The process is excessively simple and highly logical; Gaiatricists must learn to love, cherish and respect unreservedly the very agents of their bio-awakening (their "defective malignant cells for instance) before their Geoself accepts to love them, cherish them and respect them in return. This is the very basis of gaiatric "treatment," without which their own personal demalignization and the ultimate demalignization of our planet cannot take place. What it takes for my granting favorably and such request is only their concrete, unconditional and highly sacrificial commitment to protect and serve all Life here on Earth before the Earth begins to protect and serve them as "born-again-healing-cells" of her own geo-homoestasis. Most obviously such a solemn pledge should go with unreserved renouncement of any sick materialistic attachment and any biocidal deviance.

Once again, I must repeat that I do not want people to go back to the trees (from which we never evolved in the first place) nor relinquish before me all their belongings and properties. On the contrary, I want them from under-achievers to reach true leadership in their own field of election. To become highly successful master, no more enslaved victim and prisoner, of their own societal environment. I just request that, prior to my offering them, through Life almighty, such invaluable Gift, they offer the Earth, through her humble servant, as much as they can afford without compromising their own most basic elements of survival. Yet no matter how invaluable my Gift toward them may be, it will never take the aspect of some teaching. For so many years now, people have tried to lull me into teaching how to "heal" themselves or to "heal" others.Some offered me indeed considerable amounts of money for that purpose. If I steadily denied them such teaching, it is now only because I saw it as some "sacred privilege" that should never be exoterized or revealed to the "unworthy common man." It is true that I have never really encountered anyone who would meet, or indeed approach, my own bio-existential and geo-ethical criteria, but, nevertheless, the true reason is much more simple than you would think: I cannot.

I cannot teach people how to become a "mutant" like me. What I could perfectly do, if the need ever arises, is to turn some well-deserving candidate into another sort of "mutant." Maybe not quite exactly my own kind of "mutant" with "widescreen-thought-opening" outcome and in all likelihood supplied with appreciable "enhanced Mind-Force." I would like very much anyone who may interact with me to stick, quite literally, to my request of being dealt with, for the time being, as a true "mutant" if the concept is not too far out for you. I may very well be the forgotten "Archean Lord" of my own hubristic fantasies, coming through the tunnel of time from a spatiotemporal dimension that exceeds your deepest imaginative capacities. I cannot escape being also this goddam "last Strobinneller" from some old fashioned Celtic myth. Think of me, if you please, as some "Green Angel with an attitude" or any cute "celestial entity" that may fulfill your most secret eco-fantasies. But, for my own sake and that of my very survival, adhere for a while to my "mutant" dialectic.

It is the only way for me to get the minimum attention I need for achieving my first goals. It is under that "disguise," and under that "disguise" only, that I have a slight chance to penetrate the walls of "Troy" and enter the paradigmatic enemy's fortress. Besides, most surprisingly, maybe my being a true mutant is no disguise at all!.... Be that as it may, in a country like the United States where the very idea of spending long tedious years of learning before one accesses to one's original goadl my theoretical capacity to turn quasi-instantaneously a regular human primate with all his dramatic limitations and imperfections into some sort of "Earth's Angel" with some "cosmic supernormal powers" basically on tap, should be interpreted as some handsomely interesting opportunity and bio-synchronicity. I am ready to go as far as metamorphosing a few people into Gaiatricists, but I am not yet quite ready to go to the next step. I am yet, in theory, open to the idea, but before I am "cloning" myself into "mutation brethren" I need to regain my own basic bio-existential confidence, badly battered by too many years of exile, misunderstanding and vilification. I need to "Knight" myself by feeling "on duty" and of service to this planet and to the common well-being, once again before I even consider to begin dubbing a few "Earth-Squires."


Just like the religious representation of the Knights-Templars where two Warriors-Monks are riding a single horse as the symbol of double exoteric and esoteric conflation of purposes, I intend to create two distinct structures. The first one, mildly belligerent, will reflect my philosophical motives and the epistemological crusade against our first designated target: The distorted prevalent ideological thinking of the current separatist civilization through its paradigmatic expression. Such a structure will be essentially "tactical" in nature, allowing us to win Geonoetic battles within the core of the enemy's battlefield. The second organization, infinitely more "low-profile," will be the very vessel of my Bio-Justiciary "totalenkrieg." It will correspond to the innermost circle of the whole system. It will be a bio-strategic center of command. A very restricted amount of elite people especially selected for their superlative Bio-Loyalty, unconditionally committed to bio-evolutionary self-metamorphosis. Not the last of yesterday but the first of tomorrow. The end result of my work upon them and with them, should be to bio-transmute those "ex-humans" into a new species of Bio-Guardians and a new breed of Divine Law Enforcers. The pillars of my Bio-Judiciarism.

1) Biognosticism

Because a Biognostic system would be complex to understand without a much higher matrix of spiritual references, it must be explained within a larger Hypertheistic encapsulation. Most obviously, Hypertheism will be received as some very strange and hyper-advanced new ideology. Yet, way beyond people's anamnestic capacity, Hypertheism has been the spiritual, existential and moral bedrock of the ancient Archean Guard from the very beginning of the primordial Bio-Covenant between the Divine Source of Creation and the "chosen servants." Their partaking of co-creative divinity meant forever renunciation of any form of "rights," unconditional acceptance of eternal cosmo-duties and sacrificial guardianship of all living things and vital processes, here on Earth. Such sublime devolution of God's immanent attributes upon those "servants" authorized (so to speak) the Divine not to "compromise" Its Absolute Justice, Its Absolute Love and Its Absolute Wisdom by being unnecessarily and directly implicated in the Earth's matters, turning this little green-blue paradisiac cosmic dot, therefrom, into some very unique experimental ground, a place of surrogate co-divineness and co-creativeness.

Nothing is more antagonistic to Hypertheistic principles than the idea of some reductionistic and anthropomorphic "god" (plural or singular, masculine or feminine, just the same). A "god" that experiences egotistical feelings of jealousy, preference, possession, domination, anger, disappointment, failure and weakness. A "god" that would originate, tolerate or compete with evil, as evidenced in the hypotheistic idea of some "devil," is, hypertheistically speaking, unthinkable.

Once, Saint Bernard, undoubtedly the most brilliant theologian in the whole of Christendom, said; "Save the Manichean paradox, we, Christians, have all necessary answers on God." The problem is that the mysterious Manichean paradox is so potent that it can invalidate basically all common religious expressions known to man: How do you put together the idea of a One God (monotheism), infinitely Good and infinitely Just, with the overwhelming presence of evil, injustice and prevalent darkness in the world? I know, many fallacious attempts have been improvised to try to furnish a semblance of an answer to such an apical paradox: Freewill, subaltern evil entities, karmic reincarnational systems and the like. Yet, they have never been entirely satisfactory for the most lucid people and still today, such a paradox is the main legitimate cause for a broad majority of persons either to distance themselves from all established religions or to go downright to sheer agnosticism.

By facing up to this solstitial question, another related problem arises: Why prayers go unanswered? I recollect a brilliant Jesuit theologian whom, when asked the same question, answered with some archetypal Jesuit casuistic that: "God is not necessary in the prayers answering business."

Aside from his sophistic and sarcastic overtone, this theologian was not so far from my hypertheistic approach on the whole issue: God does not originate evil, God does not tolerate injustice, God is not accountable for darkness and no, God does not answer prayers. Because, God has granted us Bio-Existential custody on that place and delegated upon us vast segments of its divineness for its "chosen servants" to deal with the most essential immanent question, while it keeps charge of Transcendence, "unpolluted" and "protected" from the imperfections of our "management" or the few "glitches" which may unfortunately happen throughout the tumultuous unfoldment of the evolutionary bio-creationist master plan.

Does this mean that there is no higher sphere of sacredness, magic or consciousness which one may try to address to get support, comfort and answers? Of course not. The Divine Spirit permeates all levels of Immanence. Supremely potent forces are at play within every cosmic plane, microcosmic and macrocosmic both. But even in such planes, prayers, supplications and intercessions obey some basic rules. They are not systematically followed by immediate or understandable outcomes. For instance, one cannot expect any sort of return for an immoral or egotistical request.

To solicit Divine Immanence with some chances of success, one must be absolutely clear as to one's own identity and purpose her on Earth. One must intercede for something highly legitimate, superlatively altruistic, perfectly opportune and, once again, quite hubristic in origin. But indeed, before even entering such a dramatic process, one must make sure of his/her most concrete ability to understand or interpret the returning message. To some extent, intercessional practice is also a very risky business that should be reserved for a very few people, properly trained and acquantd with the modus operandi of the whole system. Never forget that Anake has systematic precedence over fate and Destiny. Always keep in mind that her Sword of Justice hangs over all of us. The question is never if, but when and how, it will hit.

For all that, I think that my teaching on how to connect and interact effectively with those higher Forces of Divine Immanence should be strictly reserved for a very limited few elements selected for their proven superlative Bio-Loyalty and total existential sacrificialness within the very core of the second structure's most inner circle.

What the reader must clearly understand about Hypertheism is that it represents a remarkable system of protection of God, by God and for God. Protection from getting sullied by the tiniest drop if impurity, iniquity or "humanity" in this specific case. Just like Truth and untruth, Justice and injustice, Transcendence and Immanence are absolutely immiscible. Yet the fact that we do not have direct access to Sublime Transcendence does not mean that God does not have access to us. The problem is that God accesses us in God's ways which, by the most basic immanent logic, most often escape our understanding. But because God's modus operandi transcends absolutely our comprehension does not mean that we should be permitted any sort of judgmentalness as to God's nature and much less, indeed, as to God's very existence. Hypertheism is just a system of focus adjustment within variable theological perspective.

Biognosticism is the rechannelling of the most legitimate and most intense religious impulses from Transcendence toward Immanence. From God in full unapproachable protective Majesty toward God as Sacred Life, Holy Justice, Supreme Beauty, Eternal Harmony and Contractual Hyper-Love. Contractual Hyper-Love only means that within Divine Immanent processes, your altruistic compassion and sacrificial protectorate toward all living things triggers Hyper-Love in return. It is contractual in this sense that Divine Immanence gives to those who give. Yet, grace does exist, miracles are for real, enlightenment is not a vain work and, indeed, even angels interconnect different levels of consciousness. They are not vain speculative "celestial" abstractions; they come right from the Earth, from Life, here on Earth, from Justice without which Life itself would be nonsense. I am not completely sure, however, of how people facing directly one absolutely real Earth Angel would actually deal with him. Sickly enough, many humans would not trade their childish fantasies of pseudo-celestial winged messengers even for truest certainty of an actual contact with one of God's Immanent Intercessor.

Well, for those who would, Biognosticism may very well be what they have been waiting for all their life long. Just like Hypertheism, which does not require any dramatic recanting of one's previous system of beliefs, just a major enlargement and a more dignified way of dealing with God, Biognosticism just requires you to find stronger emphasis on Life within your own faith. I am not aware of one specific current religious system that describes Life as evil, Creation as a product of darkness or Justice as wrong or sinful. If you are Christian, I will encourage you to remain Christian. Just be a good Christian and rediscover Saint Francis, for instance, a true Biognostic ahead of his time. In every religion one can find authentic Biognostic wisdom. And if you are an agnostic, why not, very logically, capitalize on the intrinsic righteousness of Life and Justice as such? Aren't you alive and grateful for that sublime Gift? One of the strongest assets of Biognosticism is this bio-redemption within your most immediate reach, not dangerously speculative as in some "afterlife" doctrinal systems.

Biognosticism is such a wonderfully simple system to understand and, more indeed, to practice, that it does not require further explanation. It just needs full and quick implementation lest the Earth teach us a terminal and posthumous lesson of humility. It also needs a clear and short definition: Biognosticism is a spiritual and ethical system that places our living Earth at the very center of every thought, action and commitment of our life. Biognosticism puts Life at the highest plane of sacredness and reveres Bio-Justice as the most elevated Divine expression that one can access during one's physical journey.

Biognostic system of values and Biognostic "legal" code are encompassed in the idea of Geocracy. In such a geocratic system, natural laws are the Law, period. Which means that if a given behavior is widespread in nature throughout the so-called "animal kingdom," for instance, then such a behavioral feature must be considered normal and therefore legal. No matter how different (sometimes diametrically opposed) from the human bio-separative pseudo "legal" system geocratic laws may look like, their absolute legitimacy is based on Life itself. Which means that in my eyes, they are the truest and most primordial Divine Laws.

To illustrate my point, I am going to pick, on purpose, a subject highly provocative in origin: Homosexuality. Well, from a strictly geocratic point of view the idea cannot be more simple. According to all sources of animal behavior studies on the question, there are among mammals and birds a strong and persistent minority within the animal group which systematically binds with partners of the same sex. Actually, within some specific mammalian aquatic species such as Dolphins, the ratio increases so much that almost half of the group experiences some form or another of homosexuality while, usually, they still maintain their ability to procreate.

So, from my most fundamentalistic geocratic conclusion, the question is no longer debatable. Homosexuality is natural, therefore, perfectly normal and highly Legal. There are innumerable such questions that would put the current set of human moral or legal rules in a dramatic collision course with Bio-Legitimacy. For the time being I am going to put my case to rest, but, be it known to any person who would like to join my Biognostic crusade, that he/she should leave behind his/her former judgmentalness. Most usually, Nature shows a much greater spirit of toleration than people.

Coming back to practical questions, true to my usual system of tactical delegation, which allows me to keep some distance from direct internal human interventionism, I intend, if they do exist, to select a few good-willing people known to me for their loyalty and respect for my most basic values and entrust them with setting up the initial structure of our ultimate Biognosis and with organizing the first epistemological confrontation with the paradigmatic establishment. Most logically, to overemphasize the spiritual nature of the organization and also to get the legal protection we need in our epistemological battles with the current paradigm, our association will be set up as a "non-profit religious organization," and, owing to the very transmutational idea of the whole project, for people to transcend their sick human nature and access to the next fortunate evolutionary leap after proper bio-purification, the name of such a structure will be: CATHARSIS: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics

2) Bio-Justiciary Warshals

For lack of a more appropriate concept, I have provisionally termed "Warshals" the hypothetical "elite" which may or may not have been born yet and whose function should be to embody the "Praetorian Guard of the Vital empire" here on Earth with all the exceptional qualities in the fields of ethics, loyalty, dedication, bravery, abnegation, expertise and intelligence it entails.

In ancient English the word "scealc" ("skalkaz") meant "servant." One of its best known derivatives in modern English (or modern French) is "marshal" (or "marechal"), from an original idea of "those in charge of the horses" ("marc'h"in Celtic, hence "mare" in English). Owing to the past importance of "chivalry" and "horsemen" in ancient European society, such an important function has evolved to describe any high officer of state. As mentioned before, words such as "knight" and "samurai" also refer to the idea of loyal servancy. The concept directly arises form the verb "shall" ("sceal," 2nd person "scealt," etc.) as in the expression "thou shalt." It reflects a fundamental and magnificent idea of "bounden duty" and "selfless sacrifice" and as such it exemplifies superlatively my idea of "fierce and loving Guardianship" of Divine Life and Sacred Justice on this planet.

The prefix "war," chilling and offensive though it may sound to some, did not always have the modern belligerent connotation it now does. In fact, in ancient Germanic languages, the real work for "war" was something on the order of "orlog" (as in modern Dutch), "ur-lag" or "ur-legh" which all refer to the idea of original or primitive (or-, ur-, ar-) and "log," "lag" or "legh" which goes back to the idea of "law." In that spirit, "orlog" was the most primitive way of settling scores or enforcing the "law" (etymologically, what "keeps everything together". The matrix "war" refers to an ancient evolutionary substratum in so-called "human" history. Before modern humans emerged seemingly out of nowhere with their techno-civilizational outfits, "mutant" animals and farming techniques for raping Mother Earth, people who filled their "niche" were known as "wer," "were" or "werre," as it still survives in words such as "werewolf" or "wergelt." Before it became "warrior" in modern usage, the original word was "werrier" ("guerrier" in French).

It meant a basic and natural condition of permanent awareness and vigilance from those people, also known as "vir" in Latin, (as in "virile," "virago" or "virtue") with strong emphasis on their moral strength and temperamental vigor. In Celtic the same rood ("g)wir" underscores their purity and their authenticity. One of the most accurate and illustrative usages of the ancient concept is found in the word "virgin" ("he or she who is coming from the vir/were"). In ancient Celtic and Germanic occultism, the "Vril" (directly associated to the ancient root) is the "magic and vital principle" itself, something relatively similar to the idea of "chi" in Oriental philosophy but somewhat stronger and more esoteric.

The root "war" is also directly related to the matrices "ward," "watch" and "guard." The switching from the letter "w" to the letter "g" and vice versa is an ultra frequent feature in linguistics. It is probably in the French language that the idea of "ward" and "guard" find their most legitimate and primordial meaning since the words "guerrier" ("warrior" from ancient French "werrier") and English: "To Heal"). Last but not least, from the same matrix arose the very word "World" ("wereld," "weorold"), which literally meant the "age of the were," hence our planet under their guardianship.

Therefore, far from any superficial reading that would illegitimately turn my idea of "warshalness" into "war-bound" new knights, "warshalhood" should be understood as the highly honorable condition of primeval service to Life and Justice here on Earth, with strong emphasis put on the unalterable strength of their character, the virginal and Galahadian purity of their quest and the phylogenetic genuineness and legitimacy of their ancestral assignment. True authority does not entail aggression but, on the contrary, most of the time, aggression arises from fear, weakness and lack of self-control. This does not mean that I want my "warshals" to be contemplative, passively non-violent and evirated people. Actually I am looking for individuals whose fierce commitment to defend Life and enforce Justice by all means necessary matches harmoniously their compassion toward all living things and their love of Divine Natural Law.

Unlike past "knights" and all "warriors-monks," before indeed they learn what they are fighting against, warshals will be taught what they are fighting for. It is good to know what you are dying for, but it is indeed better to know also what you are living for. If nobody else does it, I will teach them myself to love Life before hating the enemies of Life, to cherish Justice before they have bouts with injustice. Prior to going to battle the true warrior must have found total peace in his heart.

Warshals must learn to escape anything personal. In their crusade for Life and Justice, they are not allowed to bring in any private agenda. It is not the wrong and the injustice which they have brought in the past upon themselves or upon their specific ethnic group that make them righteous. It is their absolute altruism that gives them true legitimacy: The fact that they are fighting for supreme values such as Life and Justice from a completely selfless perspective. I will not authorize anyone to use our noble goals to settle some past, personal or local score. Bio-Justiciary war leaves no room for vicarious, surrogate or "pretextual" schedules. This absolute transpersonal abnegation in every intent constitutes the inherent beauty and superlative purity of the warshal's commitment to Biarchy (Life as the primordial and supreme system of values and of legitimacy). In such a system, the idea of one warshal waging war against another one is but unthinkable. So is the idea of a warshal unjustly abusing his/her own biarchial authority for any mundane or personal purpose.

It is clearly obvious that the warshal's inner code of conduct is a question that should not be debated in the open but taught and discussed only in the presence of their peers. The nature and the effective range of the "mind-force" weapons-systems with which I am solemnly committed to train them is even more confidential. However there is one aspect of their external code of conduct which I want to exoterize: The Warshal's absolute legalism. I am not talking of our own geocratic Divine Natural Law, which of course we shall abide and uphold at the cost of our most immediate death. No, I am talking of human "rules" and "regulations." No matter how alien, imbecilic or downright unjust they may indeed feel like when compared to the real Law, we shall abide them to the very letter. Not because we like them, respect them or fear them, but because we shall never give the adversary any "legal" pretext or opportunity to attack us on his own system of pseudo-legitimacy.

This is not an ideological or philosophical question but an issue of absolute survival. This was the way I ordered my former organizations in Europe to function and this is the way I want it here for the time being. Should its iniquitious and ludicrous veneer of legitimacy once disappear in the wake of some global cataclysmic Geo-Catharsis, our blind obedience to the civilizational system of rules and regulations would be revised entirely. But until those times have come, because we have no other choice, I bid my warshals with all the authority I may have upon them, never to break the enemy's "legal" system under pain of immediate and definitive exclusion from our "Order."

The only thing that would hypothetically make me beak human "law" could be the despotic ban from some totalitarian government on the right of the people to possess and bear arms. To me, such a prerogative forms the very essence of my deepest religious convictions. It is my most cherished system of beliefs that the Maker of Life entrusted us with Bio-Justiciary Guardianship on this planet at the very beginning of the most primordial of all covenants.

I would like my reader to remember that I am a real (although unorthodox) paleontologist. I know facts and details of our phylogenesis that you will never find in any textbooks. I would bet my credibility and, indeed my own sanity, on the fact that, contrary to all other animals, our lineage always showed a perennial and mysterious "generalist" characteristic that is found nowhere else. All evolutionary taxa show tendencies toward what is called "specialization." Predators are more and more predatory, swimming creatures more and more adapted to aquatic lifestyle, arboreal creatures are evolving toward better tree-climbing expertise, etc. Animals are always journeying toward a better adjustment to their own ecosystem. It is one of the most proven and academic facts of evolution that from such specializations there is no coming back.

One of the very purposes of my thesis on paleontology was to prove the bathyphylia of our ancestors (the "officially" unknown or concealed extreme antiquity of our own evolutionary past). Without entering into details and technicalities too complex to be herein explained, we have remained extraordinarily primitive and non-specialized in our global morphology. The advantage (or risk from a gaiatirc perspective) of our morphologic "generalism" has allowed mankind to colonize any possible ecological niches on this planet. The ultimate "secret" of our fantastic phylogenetic success resides in our exo-prosthetic evolution. Whereas animals to survive must evolve and specialize in all sorts of morphologic adaptive adjustments (from which, remember, there is no coming back), we have maintained our remarkable structural multivalence by resorting to using external tools which compensate for our morphologic weakness. The very tool which allowed us to compete highly successfully, with the most dangerous predators, for instance, was the weapon. If one can make swords, spears, or javelins out of wood, stone or metal, there is no need for extensive morphologic changes in our skull or limbs to compete with endo-structural weapons.

Far beyond the field of phylogenesis and aside from the solstitial edge it gave us in the domain of natural selection, I also know that the "primordial gift of the arm" was a most essential part of the original bio-covenant. Please, do not think of me as some bloodthirsty apologist of the primeval hunt or something along this line. You would be certainly extremely surprised of my "take" on the issue of our past as "hunters" and of our alleged predatory nature. I love animals too much to hunt any of them unless my absolute very survival is at stake. Actually, I cherish indeed even more my vegetal brethren to think of eating them at all. The "primordial gift of the arm" did not occur in a scenario of bio-dominance. On the contrary, it was the most sacred and ostentatious aspect of our bio-stewardship. God did not offer us weapons to dominate, persecute and conquer but to protect and serve. Actually, I am not authorized even to allude to the very nature of such "primordial weapons." What we are now falsely calling weapons are pestilential instruments of destruction and annihilation. Such weapons are an evolutionary disgrace and I would not be opposed to abolishing them if only it could be feasible.

The "original weapon" was more indeed some energy source, some long since forgotten inner grail. Something so potent and so frightening indeed that the evocation of its very existence was deterrent enough never to have to use it. The "Primordial Sword" was more a divine symbol than an actual weapon. It was an obvious and sacramental object which signified that its bearer was the carrier of some tremendous internal forces which no one, with a healthy mind, should think of challenging. Yet I do not deny that the "Primordial Sword," probably quite different in shape and appearance than what people nowadays picture as a "sword," also had some inherent powers of "energy catalysis" in relation to the aforementioned redoubtable forces from within. I just want to give the strongest possible emphasis on its initial function of peacemaker and on its bio-ritualistic image of love and protection toward all living things.

Actually, my "Archean" ancestors were not weapons-bearers; they were weapons themselves. God's sacred Weapons indeed. To help guard and rescue God's sublime work of creation whenever or if ever the need arises. Too many times I have attempted to convey to my interlocutor or reader my "fantasies" of feeling more like a tool than a true living being. What I did not say was the sort of tool I identify with: Deep down inside, I feel actually like a "weapon," a defensive instrument of the immune system of Life itself. Also some "sword of Justice," always ready to fight to redress bio-iniquity. This goes a long way toward explaining my psycho-existential association with the idea of weapon and my quasi-religious reverence toward arms.

All my life long I have constantly proven my absolute detachment from any materialistic possessions. I do not want to own or possess anything. Contrary to people who bow to cults of materialistic accumulation, I am proud of my deliberate secular poverty. Yet the only personal "objects" to which I am highly symbolically attached are a few swords and weapons which reflect my bio-existential duties in this dimensional plane of reality, here on Earth.

This is why I want my warshals to carry some sort of a weapon in every minute of their life, wherever they go and with whomever they meet. Not because I want them to be "armed and dangerous," but just as a constant reminder for everyone to see and to know that my people represent some weapon system, intrinsically and according to their ultimate bio-existential assignment. To prove my point, although I will grant them almost entire freedom to choose the weapon symbol which best suits their personal preferences, I would feel perfectly satisfied if, rather than some true efficient weapon system (of course in absolute compliance with the human local rules and regulations), they elect to carry, as I do, some artistic masterpiece without real defensive or offensive value. In my own case, usually, a precious hand-forged Samurai Sword.

Yet, if, ex-hypothesis in some imaginary country where the mere possession of a sword would be deemed "illegal," I would be denied the only right I have ever claimed for myself and my peers (if they ever arise), I should not hesitate to incur the most severe "penal" consequences of my breaking the "law" in the name of my most fundamental religious belief. To me the concept of arm does not exist only to protect religious freedom. It is religious freedom by itself.

And if, by the way, you have become emotionally offended or frightened by my weapon rhetoric, let me quote for you Sigmund Freud, quite ironically for all those holophobic people who usually invoke psychoanalysis to sanctimoniously stigmatize people who do not see arms as inherently suffused with diabolical magic, who once said that: An irrational fear of weapons reflects a psychological condition of sexual immaturity."

Coming down to Earth (literally). I dispense my warshals from being involved within Biognosticism, in the sense that their unconditional allegiance to Biarchy far exceeds the moderate level of militancy which I expect from Biognostics. Contrary to the Biognostic organization that I intend only to inspire but not to run personally, I will be the one in charge of the Warshal Order. More than conventional leadership, my role within should be that of the servants' servant. My purpose is to protect and serve those who commit themselves to protecting and serving Life and Justice.

To signify that when they join in the greatest cause ever to exist, those "Knights of human Doom and of Life new Dawn" lose forever their former illusive human identity, in relation to the post-technological "Ragnarok" ("Judgment Day," "Armageddon" or "Kali Yuga" depending on your own cultural preferences) that is looming, I want them to be "digitalized." Which means that, rather than by names, titles or such vanities, warshals should be identified by their specific numbers in three hierarchical "ranks" reflecting their algorithmic integration with the Order.

Chosen in aleatory sequence from five consecutive digits following his/her classificatory ranking, the personal number of some hypothetical warshal could be for instance 300009. This would mean that he belongs to the rank of "apprentice," "squire" or "aspirant" (whatever terminology we confidentially later on decide to use), as the initial number three indicates. However, it is important to understand that 300009 has no precedence over 399999 nor lower ranking: All warshals of the same rank are absolutely and most concretely equal. Warshals whose personal number begins with two should reflect their full inner integration within the order (as "Knights," "Masters" or "Hoplites," whichever concept we select).

The first rank may remain vacant for a long time or, indeed, forever, knowing that only exceptional (truly post-human) elite beings could, after unthinkable feats of Bio-Judiciary servancy, score so high that they would transcend the rank of full "Homoios" of the "New Sparta."

All personal numbers should be absolutely confidential. Yet, if anyone is curious in the anticipation about the number with which I would elect to rank myself, be it known that it ought to be most humbly 000000 (but you call me by my nickname... 0). I feel undeserving of any conventional homage and I want my rank and number to signify that I am intrinsically a nonentity.

As earlier stated in another text, I am your servant or, to be totally exact, every living thing's servant.

3) Current Situation

Before going to the idea of "how to prime the whole system," I would like very much to put a touch of "humanity" (oh, irony...) and "realism" in my text after flying so high (too high?...) into the ether of pure idealism.

I am not completely unaware of the terrible odds against me in such a colossal undertaking. I am desperately lucid as to my quasi-total existential isolation. When a very few people grant me with the honor of reading my words, it is usually with the intent of being contemptibly judgmental on my mental balance (or imbalance). It is so easy for them to brush all my writings off as totally preposterous and go back to their little wasted life, little materialistic worries and little egotistical dreams. For many years I defiantly laughed at their slime and at their existential insignificance. But after almost ten years of terrible exile, of dramatic ejection and of constant degradation, what I never thought would happen is beginning to happen: They have managed to drill a crack deep into my innermost "armor." And my best bio-existential confidence is starting to bleed profusely all over the battleground of my own idealistic illusions.

For quite a long time I have been taking pride at being the voice of one crying, not in... but for, the wilderness. Now my gushing heart, totally macerated by multiple wounds received in tilting too many bio-existential windmills, is entering a state of terminal fibrillation. I am the first and the last victim of my too elevated hypertheistic faith. I wish so much I could have had some minimal acknowledgement of my doing the right thing. Acknowledgement from above, from under, from elsewhere...from anywhere, indeed.

I have, all along my crucifying existence, saved and rescued thousands and thousands of life-forms: Plants, animals, foetuses, babies, children and also too many human adults. Throughout all those years I never complained about myself. I never ever did or wanted anything for myself. I probably did a few bad things. I have also done a few good ones. I flew lower than anyone. Yet, all I have done I did it for others. I swear on the very sacredness of Life and Justice that I cannot remember having done anything personal in my entire life which has not been unfalteringly altruistic altogether. Perhaps I have been denying or underestimating a bit too much the effects of my human disguise on my bio-existential matrix and, maybe, I could have used, from time to time, a good old-fashioned sign of support, of compassion or of understanding. Now, I am getting to comprehend better the strength of all hypotheistic systems of beliefs. Somehow, I am cruelly missing even the most delusional auto-suggestive reward returns which are always part of the sweet package offered by "easy self-fulfilling religions." Those are like "cheap drugs" or "cheap sex" and, although one knows how ephemeral or illusive the feelings of well-being it provokes really are, it still brings some temporary measure of pleasure by its relative detachment from the grim reality one wants so badly to escape.

I am not feeling sorry for myself or willing to trade my glacial solitude in exchange for some patting or grooming from any hypotheistic lure. I just do not like at all the nature of the feelings which I am experiencing right now. I am frightened and revolted at my own new emotional frailty and I am getting increasingly tempted to think that I should have died earlier, when I was still at the pinnacle of my existential arrogance, no matter how incomplete my etho-spiritual development really was back then, rather than go through the unthinkable pain of my current psychological vacillation. Only you, my metaphorical and highly unlikely reader, are the answer and the cure to my terminal bio-existential condition. Fate, it seems, is not without a bitter-sweet sense of irony. It is I, the "Earth's super physician," the "cosmic warrior-healer" who is now, so miserably, in urgent need of some existential therapy. Yet, the only "medicine" that could save me is going back to bio-existential employment. I do not need worship, admiration or indeed esteem. I just need concrete and factual basic appreciation of my humble usefulness.

I know, I know, time is working or me... Doomsday is drawing nearer and nearer. And in a sinister epoch of no value like ours, I am condemned to be seen as an encumbrance or as a threat. People want so badly to believe in the endless continuation of their delusive materialistic "happiness" that a "rude awakener" like me is the very last person they wish to listen to. Their head-in-the-sand attitude toward the future keeps them from taking any distance with the extreme precariousness of their true existential situation.

For years I thought that my Maker got so mad with me that it sent me in the worst hell on Earth, for me to suffer the cruelest expression of Its wrath. Southern California is most undoubtedly the world's epicenter of triumphant egotism, arrogant vanity, putrid social inequality and worst materialistic self-delusions. Anyone who is not immediately rich, opportunistically astute, forever young, and plastic-surgically good-looking is considered a public menace or something along that line. He or she is the ultimate "party pooper" in the sick race of who proposes the highest and vilest means to attain new levels into decadence. In California, poverty is not politically correct, social or racial discrimination is deemed distasteful and therefore denied, old people are seen as a disgrace, and children are neglected or downright abused. It is a vicious and fictitious universe of eternal teenhood and of mentally retarded facelifted brats whose nauseating competition for the ultimate "fun" is like a "god-given constitutional right." I know that in the modern world, Death is always the "great absentee." But in California, due to her attributes of "great equalizer" and "rude awakener," Milady Death has become almost illegal. If there is a place and if there is a time where and when the sick dream toward "immortality" has even culminated, this is here and now in the Hollywood nerve center of falsification, delusion and megalomania.

Therefore, if one is searching for the most despicable and aggressive metastatic human cells in quest for immortal self-deification, etiological studies have finally found their way back to the most characterized and virulent form of the anthroposarcoma. And, if one is looking forward to enjoying the sweetest moment in the whole human history, when bio-realities will brutally overtake sickest human hubris, one should elect to ride the disinfecting storm to come right on the Golgotha of the lost angels. The pestilential gates of the new Babylon and new Rome, all wrapped up in one, are already wide open and the immuno-barbarian hordes are closing in. There shall be a thunderous cosmic laughter when the very cesspool of egolatry" will be flushed away as repugnant bio-hazardous material in the sewers of human decontamination. Perhaps it was not only some existential damnation to be disposed of into California infernos: I have learned herein more about the anthroposarcoma than in all the rest of my life, more than thousands of years of uninterrupted practice of the human disease with my own Celtic Clan and millions of years of study from my ultimate "radiation" since the "alien invasion" of our planetary sanctuary occurred.

Yet I am not in the business of just "enjoying" major shifts within human history, but assigned to assist the birth of a new future and prepare the ground for a new covenant between Divine Life and man's fortunate replacement. I have the duty to try to help my "children" (you) go relatively unscathed through times of dramatic Geo-Catharsis. But I also need my "children" to help me help them. Without concrete assistance right here, right now, I feel quite impotent at building the first "Arch of survival" to ride the post-civilizational tsunami looming at the horizon. If anyone cares for his/her own future, also that of his/her own children and value as they should my expertise for times of cosmic hardship, they must invest right away (just as in some wise life insurance policy) in my humble worth and help me get back immediately on my paws.

I have tried pretty much unsuccessfully to generate for a while a new form of business through the way of Subliminal Hypno-Programming. I must now recognize that it was a sheer waste of time and energy. Without media support and, despite strong scientific evidence, such a new technological breakthrough was too far ahead to gain sufficient attention. With quite a few years of perseverance, it would have certainly worked, but the problem is that we do not have so many years down the road before the whole system starts to meltdown. Actually, we may just have a couple of months before the first blows and cracks begin to occur.

I sincerely hope that the Y2K bug is only a big hype and will only punch a few holes here and there into the fragile psychological fabric of man's auto-celebration of his own magnificence. When people's whole system of pseudo-certainties would have begun to collapse, it is obvious that my bio-apocalyptic ideological message should then gain broader attention. If it does not hit too hard, Y2K collateral damages could allow me to acquire sufficient momentum to start implementing my bio-agenda on the scale it deserves. Yet for the time being, I have no other choice but to make a one-hundred-eighty degree turn in my most immediate plans and go back as fast as possible to do what I have always been the best at doing, regardless of my philosophical reservations on that question: Rescuing people dying from the most incurable fatal diseases in exchange for their substantial contribution to my cause. Only when humans are reaching the very threshold of their miserable existential course do I have a solid chance to get their full interested attention

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