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ANECDOTAL REPORT ON SUICIDE by student of Philip Savage

Attempted suicide never a pleasant subject: When the attempted method is a powerful hunting rifle barrel into the mouth with trajectory through the brain, it's "lights out." So how does one survive? Your sister needs to be close to Philip Savage and near him just when it happens! For Paul, this is exactly what occurred: While being in the presence of Philip Savage, an Eskimo seer from Greenland suddenly had the "vision" of something very dramatic just befalling her own brother. Without wasting a second, she informed him on this vision and urgently requested his immediate intervention thereabout. Philip went right away into action through a very unique "emergency procedure" of his... and the brother, miraculously survived.

The gun did go off; the bullet did penetrate the pallet, go through the cranium and out the top of the skull. Paul was rushed to the hospital and the ER surgeons gave him minutes (not hours) to live. Surviving that, though in a coma, he was given days to live. Surviving that he was given a week (and so on). Each reassessed prognosis puzzled the physicians and surgeons who really didn't know what was going on, so much so that they flew him from Greenland to Copenhagen to be examined by the best Danish experts. To the bewilderment of all, a few days later, Paul woke up from the coma and, just... went home, surviving to this day (without the slightest brain damage... indeed much improved and even "delivered" from a lifelong trauma that never left him in peace before), ever grateful to Philip Savage for the gift of Life.

Note: The medical explanation is that the bullet passed through the one-in-a-million pathways BETWEEN the right and left hemispheres of the brain, exiting out the top of the head, causing no damage.

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