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Clinical Case Studies: Corpus Callosum, Cancer

The following report from Dr. Dina Villanueva, D.O., osteopathic physician practicing in Califiornia for 10 years before she worked with Philip Savage, documents the amazing effects of his subliminal treatments on her own patients. Two cases involving young children demonstrate that these absolutely unprecedented effects cannot be the result of placebo or psycho-suggestion:

(a)   Carlos: A four-year old child who was born without a corpus callosum (the part of the brain that integrates the left and right hemispheres) and who was virtually immobile since birth. Documentary filmmaker, Rodger Orlich, videotaped a treatment of this child and an interview with Philip Savage and Dr. Villanueva in which she reported the astounding clinical progress after only a few months: The child is able to speak, sit up and feed himself, produce at a special school and interact with people.

(b)   Danielle: A two year old girl suffering from lung cancer who had already had one round of chemotherapy. After four weekly treatments, the child no longer needed chemotherapy. One year later, she was still cancer-free.

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