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The following case history, from Journey Into the Absolute Elsewhere, written by Philip Savage documents the absolutely impossible recovery from AIDS in 1993 of an American lawyer who tried to help Savage with the legal nightmare he was suffering in the US at that time. This document tells not only the fantastic story of one depraved man (a criminal lawyer who was also a lawyer criminal), but also gives amazing (and intimate) details about the "protocol" of using Philippe Savage's Subliminal Technology when the requestor is in addition a suffering and pathetic "bio-criminal." Noteworthy too, from this story, is the fact that the effects of Philip Sauvage's SDI Technology on people diagnosed with AIDS is so immediate that the DRAMATIC EFFECTS show up right away on tests of the blood cell count, providing almost "instant" confidence and satisfaction for the patient and his family.


Philip Savage introduces this case as follows:

"Because the case itself could be the subject of an outstanding thriller in the world of book publication or motion picture industry, I am going to develop it quite a bit longer than the two other anecdotes.

Immediately after I had triumphantly won my extradition case and created therefrom a true historical precedent, I was then literally besieged by so many people coming from such extended thematic horizons that you would not believe it. Everybody wanted to interview me, write my story, edit books, shoot movies and the like... Doctors from all over the Nation... and from Mexico... begged me to become their best partner. Religious organizations would have covered me with gold had I accepted to "subcontract" on their behalf (some unheard-of mercenary work as "vicarious miracle-worker" with all the proselytical benefits it would have entailed for them).

However, the most didactic (and amusing) segment of all my sycophants at the time was the most dreaded, despised and coveted profession in America: Attorneys. I am unsure of what, exactly, drew them to swarm around me with such insistence (maybe my work as "bio-cosmic advocate" gleamed onto them as though I were their true "patron saint" or was it, more prosaically, some practical very good instinctiveness that they could immediately turn me into a "golden mine" should they convince me to "assist" them in their legal or business practice). But the fact is that within a few days I had talked to more lawyers than in the rest of my entire life, including when I was myself, attending Law School (1973-1975, La Sorbonne University, Paris 2).

Before you judge me because I finally decided to "synergize" with one of the worst "foes" of the modern American psyche, you must remember how badly and how intensely I had been tormented and persecuted during the years that immediately pre-date my decision. I was, then, still very much in shock, completely destitute (I was "making" millions and millions for the rainforests, the children and the whales... but I did not even keep back a "stash" of a few thousand for myself, so foolish I was!) and in dire need of some rest and of some time to think over my whole life. I was also very intensely interested in learning about the "lawyer phenomenon," which represents a very unique American idiosyncrasy. And, do not forget my "bio-cosmic" involvement deep into the higher "Legal" system ("Cosmo-Judicial-Special-Agent") that always drew me to study "human laws" which form the very fabric of human societies and yet are still so far away from the very concept of Justice, whom I am here to protect, serve and enforce.

The "lucky one" attorney I chose was Cesar Trevino. (You will understand later on why I am deliberately disclosing his actual name.) He was then (already) a living legend in the whole San Diego area.. Universally regarded as the greediest, most immoral, unprofessional and depraved attorney known to man or at least known to all his colleagues. Play-boyish, flamboyant up to unthinkable proportions, compulsive gambler, mundane alcoholic, heavy-drug user, pathological liar, bisexual unfaithful husband who, from the lousiest prostitute to the most luxurious call-girl, had sex, all the time, with everything even remotely bipedal on this planet, etc., etc....

Last, but not least, in direct relation to his unspeakable lifestyle, he was dying from AIDS (with blood tests showing less than sixty T-cells) and to make matters worse, unbeknownst to them, of course, he was also quite eager to share with anyone whom he had sex with, his own murderous infection.

In a nutshell, he was the kind of individual that many of you would like to skin alive and hang from the gallows should the "law" not explicitly forbid healthy entertainments like this one.

Therefore, many of you may wonder why a person like me, with constant claims to the highest ethical standards, could have even considered talking to such an obvious piece of excrement. Well, I could make allusion to one of the aforementioned "beings of light" who did not come to Earth to call the righteous to repentance but, on the contrary, the most sinful. I could also feign reasons of "ultimate existential challenge."

Actually, the truth is that I "fell" for the guy. I knew, at first sight, that his deeper existential suffering was immense. That his anger at God, at the whole world and at himself came from cruel traumatic circumstances. And that very well hidden (most obviously) inside, there was a "poor little child crying" from all the injustice of the world. Someone on whom dualysis could be applied with some good chances of success. This is one of the many paradoxes inherent to my extremely idiosyncratic interpretation of the "reality." I have the capacity to detect immediately, with total certainty and with absolute accuracy, the presence of "evil" within people, universally seen as "good," and the "good" within individuals universally considered "evil." To be true, according to millennia of practice of man's psyche within my Clan, the "evil" part of alleged "good people" is always greater than expected... and so is the "good" part of alleged "evil" ones....

The first thing I asked Trevino to do was to write with his own hands a complete and detailed account of what drove him to become such a blatant "dropping" (I used back then, a much more trivial expression.) warning him against any attempt of his to downgrade his own existential "excrementality" or conceal any circumstantial aspect of his nauseous background.... Well, to say that Cesar Trevino passed with laurels his first dualytic exam would amount to sheer understatement. His writing was - and still is - one of the most moving, lucid and courageous pieces of literature I have come to read. It was a masterpiece of psychoanalytic self-criticism so accurate and so well articulated that I decided to go right away to the next step. In exchange for my most basic sustenance (car, house and food), I began to subject him to dualytic exposure, intensely and repetitively owing to his "terminal" health condition.

Immediately, his health underwent an absolute quantum leap. I will not enter into the details of this subject's medical file but the fact that seven years later Cesar Trevino is still alive and, trust me, outrageously healthy, speaks for itself, very especially when one realizes that he never changed his "abominable" lifestyle. On the contrary, after humbly asking my "permission" to continue his highly toxemic "trespasses" (He would have stopped right away should I have ordered him to do so, so terrified was he then to face an imminent death), and when I informed him that my dualytic work did not require as a matter of course or as a matter of principle that he must turn from "sinner" into "saint," I strongly suspect that he indeed increased the level of "poisonous" substances with which he was subjecting his "wrecked" body. The only thing I forbade him to keep doing was to get even with the whole human gent by contaminating more sexual partners with his deadly condition (too late, unfortunately, for his own wife who was already exposed to AIDS and for his other victims who died shortly hereafter).

We should talk later on of this extraordinary "permissiveness" dualytic "treatment" entails, but one fundamental element one must factor into the whole dualytic equation is the superlative level of respect that Cesar Trevino unfalteringly showed to me and to my work. It is truly remarkable to think that such an alleged "rotten scoundrel" could have had all along the extraordinary instinct of treating me with the most extreme deference. That such an arrogant "sinful miscreant" had achieved such a commendable level of existential and protocolar humility whenever and wherever he was interacting with me, in private and in public, as well. Sometimes, indeed, I felt him showing mysticism, humanity, altruism and, I dare say, heroism.

Actually, in spite of his alleged "baseness," Trevino showed me more respect than almost anybody else since then in the US. He had the humility to receive my advice (indeed my orders), without ever discussing them and he had the dignity to carry them out with what I would call outstanding tactical intelligence. In a country like America where arrogant disrespect seems to be pathologically imbedded into the deepest layers of psycho-behavioral fabric, it is very possible that his unfaltering respect and obedience to me constitute the real explanation of what I wouldn't hesitate to call "Trevino's miracle!" I wish that anyone who would like to interact with me in the future, unequivocally integrates this very specific point which is the very key for people to use me with maximum chances of success: unreserved concrete generosity prior to my reciprocation followed by unfaltering trust and respect toward my line of work. Here are the only two ingredients that are required to implement "miracles" on an unprecedented scale, period.

Cesar Trevino made only one mistake: He loved me probably too much, when his trust, his respect and his generosity were all I had asked for!

One day when his gratitude and affection for me were reaching a new peak, he felt the need to confess himself and told me the whole story about his criminal activities. He could no longer keep from me that he was not only a criminal lawyer, but also a lawyer criminal.... That he was deeply involved in drug trafficking, money laundering and, actually, even more frightening criminal businesses. The real mistake he made was to try to involve me in his illegal dealings. In his mind, I am convinced that he meant well: He was only trying to be good with me and share with me the benefits of his own illegal transactions....

How could he have known that the Breton people, my people, were the only population without a concept of "mafia" or "organized crime" throughout their whole history? How could he have guessed that, even nowadays in Brittany, thieves are still seen as the most despicable life form there is and would be "lynched" on the spot if caught in the act? To my people, theft is not only a crime but a highly pathological (and sinful) condition for which there is no treatment except immediate termination with extreme prejudice. The hundreds of people who worked for me and my organization in Europe knew all too well that, in my system, breaking the law (no matter how unjust, questionable or ludicrous this law may be), even the most "benign infraction" or "futile misdemeanor" was grounds for immediate dismissal (without prejudice of more serious existential or legal consequences when the breach was of real significance).

I am an "ultra-legalist," not because I have some unconditional or sacred respect for the human legal systems, but fundamentally because I do not want to give any human system an all-too-easy way to undermine or abort any undertaking of mine only owing to some convenient legal pretext. I suppose that is why, prior to the full-scale political conspiracy of the left-wing French government against me, my police record has always been as white as snow. I have always known that, due to my "ultra-unorthodox" line of work and the "hyper-heretic" form of ideology that is mine, one single mistake would be just one mistake too many!

I had then no other choice than dismissing immediately and without recourse for appeal, the unfortunate Cesar Trevino whose tears, remorse and despondency could not fix yet the harm he had done to himself. I have heard that, in relation to such brutal dismissal from my "cares," he soon turned into a completely-out-of-control sort of outlaw with all kinds of Federal Law Enforcement agencies looking for him. He jumped many borders and was caught, eventually, in some Latin American country. Because he always had the survival instinct of a cockroach (formidably enhanced by my dualytic alchemy), from one of the "Fed's most wanted," Cesar Trevino quickly managed to become some "star government witness" and got away with an entire life of crime. He is now living in some undisclosed location and with a new identity under the famous "witness protection program."

This is the reason why I have no qualms, whatsoever, mentioning him by name. If he wants to sue me for slandering his image, I would like very much to see that and, therefrom add a new chapter in such a "hollywoodian story." But, really, I think that I may be the only "being" on this planet (his unfortunate mother, whom I knew quite well, very much included) who has ever expressed such laudatory words and feelings on his miserable person and memory."

Philip Savage concludes this case summary with a major revelation of why it "worked:"

"If you think I have been wallowing too much in the "court case," you are wrong. This story points out so many important aspects of dualytic processes which I have never disclosed or discussed before, ever. The first one should be very good news for whoever dares to apply for dualytic "cares." Anyone must have noticed by now my unutterable abhorrence for "free-lunch" which forms one of the most regrettable psycho-behavioral and cultural features of the American "species," most particularly within the specimens of the Southern-California "sub-species." However, there are other such features that are also very offensive to most people all over the world. The compulsive drive toward the "fast fix" and the "easy fix" are some of them.

Well, very fortunately for the Americans and quite surprisingly for some, I do not have any problem at all with such features as long as the magnitude of what the "applicant" is ready to offer me and my "cause" makes up for these so-called "psychological or cultural deficiencies." As long as respect and sincere deferent feelings also go together with the whole "package," just as in the case of Cesar Trevino whose generosity, humility and appreciation of my "person" and of my "mission" has never shown even a dent."

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