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Spirituality and health are one single issue. Most diseases arise from the dramatic separation of Man from God, that is, our suicidal secession from Divine Natural Laws.

In our epoch of total spiritual collapse, people believe that Eastern philosophies form the only alternative to our Western materialism. Similarly, when people become disillusioned with traditional cares, they think of Oriental medicine as their only recourse.

By its dual nature -- spiritual and therapeutic -- Druidic medicine is the ultimate answer to those questions. In fact, the philosophical roots of Druidism make it even more inclusive and holistic than any Eastern paradigm.

It emphasises the sacredness of all Life stronger even than any American Indian system; the Druidic model actually represents the most legitimate native psyche of all Westerners.

Since it also forms the key to reintegrating people into their own internal and external etho-ecological balance, Druidic medicine gives people the vital fuel and existential focus they have always been looking for.

Druidic Medicine not only helps people recover from their particular pathological imbalances. It also helps them permanently maintain the highest possible standards of health.

But, before explaining Druidic cares from a health perspective, we must first reposition Druidism in its true philosophical and spiritual dimension.

Historical Roots. Far from being simply the past cultural heritage of the Celts, exclusively, Druidism was -- and still is -- a spiritual expression of universal dimension. Druidic wisdom comes from a very ancient, yet extremely advanced, lost civilization. As such, it does not belong to any one particular human group, but to humanity as a whole. Druids did not come from the East nor from the West. Their Polar origin is reminiscent of the very mysterious Hyperborea: The Arctic Atlantis that violently disappeared twelve millennia ago or so, surviving only to our mythical unconscious. Historically, after their Polar "Golden Age" had vanished, the Druids dispersed throughout the entire world. As a result, they are the common source of almost every ancient spirituality on Earth, from Megalithic Europe to pre-Columbian America and from ancient Egypt to Vedic India.

Unfortunately, the original Druidic expression did not survive the Bronze Age in Europe, and therefore most everything we now "know" about the Druids is erroneous. For example, the alleged "Celtic priests" who were mistakenly termed "Druids" by the Greek and Roman "historians," had absolutely nothing in common with the ancient Northern Atlantean elite. Also, by the time the Greco-Roman historians were writing, the original sacred and peaceful matriarchy had long since been ousted by aggressive patriarchal patterns. In addition, the unique form of Druidic monotheism (Hypertheism) had been replaced by idolatry and polytheism, and their first universalism had also been deeply tainted by ethnic reductionism.

Furthermore, to make matters worse, neither the ancient Hyperborean Druids nor their Celtic "successors" trusted written cultural expression. Thus, there is no authentic historical account that even mentions them. Instead, what exists today are only a few texts of demeaning propaganda, written by their enemies and victors, that merely allude to the "Celtic priesthood" of the post-Druidic era. More recently, there has even been a pathetic attempt in England to recreate "from scratch" some form of self-proclaimed "neo-druidism," after millennia of official extinction, representing one of the most clownish projects of the past romantic period.

And yet, despite the complete genocide of the Druids, several aspects of their original spirituality still survive in the deepest layers of our collective unconscious, not the least of which is their unfaltering commitment toward serving and enforcing Divine Natural Laws. For example,

The insuperable "Eco-Religiousness" of the Druids is still legendary. Among several other names, they used to call themselves "Midwives of God" -- co-deputies of God in the sacred processes of Divine and permanent Creation.

The unparalleled extent of their scientific wisdom and the awesome potency of their "magical powers" still lives on.

Druids are also deeply associated with values of Justice, Freedom, and sacrificial Selflessness.

Their unduplicated respect for Women has never been approached. In truth, most Druids were actually "Druidesses."

Most astonishing, even to their opponents, is the fact that Druidism has very seldom been lumped together with "paganism," "witchcraft" or "superstition." Some of the most important theologians, for example, were highly impressed with the strength and quality of Druidic spirituality (a super-monotheism with no temples, no idols, etc.) Origen, for instance, the most considerable figure of the early Christian church, forbade anyone to see Druidism as "pagan." In fact, based on its strict Monotheism and some even more amazing confluences, Druidic spirituality was categorized by him as truly "pre-Christian."

Needless to say, the false allegations of the "human sacrifices" are simply examples of the lowest propaganda against Druids, some of the same kind of political slime that labelled the first Christians as "cannibals" due to the Eucharist. The unique and extremely rare instance in which anyone may have been given the green light for practising some sort of voluntary sacred self-sacrifice was when a particular Druid, and a Druid only, decided to reach martyrdom for the highest glory of God, not unlike the early Christian Saints. Sometimes, also, in the exercise of their Sacred Healing practice, Druids could have gone so far as to offer their own life in exchange for the individual or the community they were committed so save.

To do so, the therapist uses very advanced techniques of intercessional psychoprocessing to help the consultants transcend their micro-self (individual) to merge with their Geo-Self (the Earth), and then to merge further with their Bio-Self (Life itself), and ultimately merge with their highest Divine-Self (God in its creative aspect).

Theosomatics is the very bedrock of Druidic Medicine. In the very well known domain of the so-called "psychosomatic diseases," the separation between consultants mind (psyche) and their body (soma) creates an internal conflict with severe pathological consequences. In our Theosomatic scenario, it is because people are being increasingly separated from God that they, themselves, "somaticize" their own health problems. Again, the etiology of most diseases goes back to our basic separation from Divine Natural Laws. People have lost their connection with God. They have unilaterally divorced themselves from their own Mother, the Earth. They can no longer experience the oneness of all other living things and of the human race. Their global separation is so extreme that nowadays people go so far as to practice self-hatred and self-mutilation which, undoubtedly, represents the most pathological signal of terminal disconnection, When our external homeostatic processes of global interaction are so deeply compromised, there is no way that our inner homeostasis may even superficially maintain any sort of lasting health balance.

Without even clearly realizing it, our individual health condition reflects exactly the health condition of our living planet. The Earth and us are actually much more interdependent than we ever imagine. Every human being is part of the living whole, as are all other living things on Earth. Furthermore, in relation to the special nature of Man in the greater scheme of Life, our "organic assignment" is absolutely critical: In the Sacred Plan of Divine Everlasting Creation, God has deputized us -- not to abuse, depredate, or tyrannize all other creatures, but to protect and serve them with equal commitment. Man's immense privilege is to be the "elected enforcer" of God's Natural Laws here on Earth. God has knighted us and given us the "Excalibur" of our Holy Free Will to practice loving Justice and sacrificial vigilance.

In a more organic scenario, human beings are like both the genetic and immune systems of our living planet. Meant to fertilize, adapt, and defend, unfortunately, the "lymphocytes T4" we once were have now become the main factor of our Earth's immune breakdown, and the "structural genes" we were meant to be have turned into the most malignant oncogenes of our Globe's neoplastic condition. We are the cancer of the Earth and that is why we are getting cancers. We are the very cause of the immune deficiency of the Earth and that is why we are reaping AIDS in return. As part of the whole (a very strategic and fragile part, as a matter of fact), we are just echoing the pathologies we are inflicting, ourselves, upon our own planetary macro-organism.

The extent of our suicidal self-destructiveness reaches "twilight zone" dimensions. Not only are the parts fighting against the whole, but the parts are fighting each other and even fighting themselves. Everywhere Mind and body conflict. The guardians of Life have become eco-tormentors. The co-deputies of God have turned against Divine Creation. Man is at war with Man. Our ego has replaced the Self, and accordingly, we now maim ourselves more and more. Is it by fear or through ignorance that people are making themselves so sick? Or is it some kind of dramatic and unconscious self-punishment that already anticipates an inescapable form of Judgement to come, in a time or dimension where accountability for all that we have done can no longer be postponed or denied?

To answer such processes of self-destruction, Druidic Medicine is essentially propitiatory. The intercessional psychoprocessing from the therapist must be a direct reciprocation to the consultants' impetus to engage themselves on the path of unconditional self-atonement, reconciliation with God, with Life, and eventually with themselves. In Druidic philosophy, to be truly legitimate, atonement requires three indispensable elements.

1. Acknowledgement comes from first seeing that without a clear and sincere understanding of the whole circle of "causes and effects," there is nothing but a blasphemous attempt against God to circumvent the ineluctable consequences of our actions.

2. Repentance is the personal acknowledgement of one's own responsibility in what has gone wrong in the wheel of "actions and reactions." The idea of repentance has nothing to do with fear or guilt, otherwise it would amount to sheer attrition. To repent is an act of courage and, above all, an act of ultimate love. It is the way by which we vindicate the Divine for all evil. God did not wrong us: we did it ourselves. The duality of our deeper nature causes evil. God dwells in a non-dualistic dimension where only Justice, Love and Harmony reign. By repenting unconditionally, we absolve God and choose to walk on the path of our own absolution.

3. Sacrifice is the concrete and most important element without which acknowledgement and repentance would be absolutely meaningless. Etymologically, sacrifice signifies "to work the Sacred out." Unlike its modern negative sense, to sacrifice does not mean to take away... but to give away. If repentance is the ultimate mental process of Love, the concept of sacrifice undoubtedly constitutes the ultimate act of Love. We are living in a world of insolent egocentrism in which we take without giving. A world of delusion in which we believe we have so many "rights," but never mention our "duties" in return. People can fool one another. They can still fool themselves. But they cannot fool God. On the path of Divine atonement, there is no free-ride.

How can you want to be given to, if you do not know how to give? In the world of God, credit no longer works. One does not "purchase first" and "pay later." One does not even give first in order to receive later. The very idea of getting something in return is like trying to bargain with the Divine. God does not cut deals. There is nothing one can really give to God, since God already has it all. This is precisely one aspect of the infinite magnanimity of God, to let us have the comforting illusion that we can "make a difference," -- that we even own anything, when everything belongs to God. Even our sacrosanct concept of free will may very well be a similar illusion, when actually the only real choice we may have may just be to say "yes" to God's plan for our life. Unconditionally. The best -- if not the only way -- to give back to God what already belongs to God is to help rescue the Divine Natural Order, which is the very purpose of Druidic Medicine; not to heal people by natural means, but to heal nature by means of people themselves.


Before even being accepted for Druidic cares, the consultants must first prove as clearly as possible their absolute understanding of the whole operation. They especially have to adopt a non-ambiguous attitude as to the purely spiritual nature of those cares. People do not necessarily have to be spiritual themselves; they just have to accept not to contaminate, with materialist intents or with anti-spiritual attempts, the implementation of the Druidic procedure. When they are treating their consultants in the Druidic mode, the physicians are actually no longer physicians. They are closer to practicing an intercessional ministry than to being conventional therapists. In point of fact, when they are performing Druidic cares, the physicians are exercising their individual religious freedom, not practicing medicine. And since there is no medication or manipulation involved in the entire system, they cannot be held responsible for any kind of medical malpractice. Likewise, they cannot be held accountable for the non-advent of beneficial outcome on the consultant's health.

As stated before, Druidic cares are essentially "intercessional processes." Through specific techniques of extreme mental concentration that take place on a deep subliminal level, the healer transfers upon the consultant important amounts of Druidic bioenergies. Although those energies typically pertain to the definition of the "subtle energies," they do not have anything in common whatsoever with alleged "psychic energies." Druidic bioenergies do not relate to the so-called "healing energies" either. What Druidic Medicine can do (on animals, for instance, or in the domain of severe burns, most observably) is way beyond the range of "spiritual healing" or so-called "psychic surgery." Druidic Medicine is a very advanced scientific field that is currently undergoing thorough scientific investigations. It can be taught and experienced in the laboratory. Above all, Druidic Medicine has already been implemented with unprecedented success on thousands of people in Europe.

The theoretical bases of Druidic Medicine relate to a spiritual and scientific paradigm absolutely unique. This alone distinguishes Druidic cares from any sort of "therapeutic" or "spiritual" healing practice. In the Druidic paradigm, there is no such thing as a well-defined single form of reality. Very much like in the most advances theories of physics, there are actually many levels of variable realities. In fact, unlimited layers of parallel realities. Our cultural conditioning and the anatomic limitation of our remaining five senses tend to keep us from approaching the real makeup of our surrounding universe. In its processional mode, Druidic Medicine connects a higher level of human superconscious that escapes our usual limitations. In this specific mode, where space and time, for instance, no longer have the same degree of separation, it is possible to travel from one reality into another. Then our factual and existential universe becomes much less rigid or unalterable. The boundaries between what we think possible and impossible soon vanish and, accordingly, shifts of extremely high magnitude may happen, for those who know how to ride the whirlwind of the new "transdimensional surreality," the very essence of Druidic praxis, that is.

Most of the students of Avallac'h (the founder of Druidic Medicine) are Doctors of Osteopathy. This is because, although vastly incomplete from a purely scientific perspective and not as clearly spiritual as it should be, osteopathic medicine is, all things considered, closer to what true medicine should be than any other Western therapy. Dr Still, the father of Osteopathy, drew heavily from the American Indian heritage, in which the interaction of all things and of all processes is part of an organistic and holistic Native philosophy. When applied to human health, the cybernetic functioning of our body as a whole (bones, muscles, physiological systems, and psychological aspects) represents a much better therapeutic approach than the divisive and non-inclusive paradigm of traditional Western medicine. Actually to become Druidic Medicine, Osteopathy only needs to be completed with Theosomatic spirituality. To the internal interactions of the individual, external eco-homeostatic interactions must also be integrated to reposition people into their higher geo-holistic perspective. Eventually, Osteopathy must break free from all the mechanistic patterns that still hamper its eventual unfoldment and maturation. Other non-divisive therapeutic paradigms (Oriental medicines, for instance) may very well be prone to evolving into Druidic Medicine. However, their excessive allegiance to the idea of "Chi" and their relative philosophical dogmatism creates certain semantic limitations that Osteopathy does not have.

Because every consultant is unique and because problems are different from one person to another, the duration of the cares, their effectiveness, and their cost are also different. Druidic Medicine is the most individualized form of treatment there is. Since the treatment is very often synergistic (several spiritual physicians working simultaneously or sequentially on the consultant), and because it requires much more attention, time, and expertise than any other medical procedure, independently of any other spiritual or philosophical issues, Druidic Medicine is relatively expensive. It compares very well with surgery, although that also requires much time, much attention, and much expertise. Furthermore, Druidic Medicine is fundamentally sacrificial. Since the spiritual physicians sacrifice themselves heavily when engaged in their technique of "empathetic catalysis," and ultimately put their very health and life at stake for their own consultants, they expect from them some true reciprocation.

In accord with the aforementioned Druidic atonement which is an essential part of the whole process, the consultants are expected to compensate the spiritual physicians in their work as advocate, by nothing less than what they would spend in a legal battle with a well-renowned attorney. After all, Druidic Medicine is nothing short of an existential and spiritual plea, through specific techniques of intercession, for people to try to win their case, even though they have already, repetitively, dramatically and blatantly broken Divine Natural Laws. Their situation of transgressors of the higher bio-legal system puts them in a position of "defendants." In addition to paying the price of "etho-spiritual surgery," the consultants must be ready to face the cost of their own "bio-legal vindication."



Scientist. Besides being the last lineal Druid on the face of this Earth, Avallac'h is also a pioneer in the field of scientific research. His achievements in the fields of Ethology and Criminology are outstanding. However, it is his work in the domain of Phylogenetics (the science of human and animal evolution) that forms its greatest contribution to scientific knowledge. His treatise on "reverse evolution" gives science an entirely new perspective on the deeper phylogenetic processes. This work denounces most accepted theories of evolution (especially Darwinism) as utterly obsolete and completely inadequate in explaining the reality of paleontologic facts. In his detailed description of the dramatic involution that most living organisms (human phylum more than all other) are experiencing, Avallac'h invites us to a radical, although extremely frightening, revision of the entire picture of our ultimate origins.

Historical Figure. Avallac'h is one of the most important living cultural symbols of Celtic culture. Since immemorial ages, his direct ancestors have been the perennial Guardians of the most ancient and biggest Megalithic sanctuary on the face of this planet. When they first came in contact with the Eastern invaders of the Bronze Age (improperly called the "Celts"), the male Druidic order opted for a compromise. Absolutely antagonistic to the violent, non-egalitarian, and deeply partiarchal culture of the invaders, the female Druidic order immediately went underground. Also, full of contempt for their cheap, polytheistic, pagan superstitions, the Druidesses decided to become the secret keepers of the purest original expression of the ancient Hyperborean spirituality. Thus, the Druidic order only managed to survive secretly in the region of Avallac'h's Clan. because the area had been much more deeply "Hyperboreanized" than "Celticized." Independently of the much greater depth and higher antiquity of the Hyperborean influence on this area, a few geographical and historical advantages from a survival point of view were also at play to select Avallac'h's homeland as the very last clandestine stronghold of the ancient Polar Atlantean tradition. This tradition that has thus far survived more than forty centuries of ethnic genocide and cultural holocaust.

The spiritual heritage of Avallac'h comes from a direct and unadulterated oral tradition. The secret initiatory transmission of his Celtic Clan's wisdom and powers come from twelve millennia of Hyperborean Diaspora, making him a living library of knowledge long thought to be extinct. More, indeed, than being only this anachronistic cultural treasure, Avallac'h is also the last Strobinneller ("Shift Master" in ancient Celtic). According to the most ancient Hyperborean tradition, when the time for a major transition will come, from the ranks of the female Druidic order, a "gate opener" will rise up. For the first time in the entire Druidic history, he will have the wisdom and powers of the male Druids and the Druidesses, alike. This shall also mark the very end of the Druidic era, the end of ethnic and spiritual differences, and the beginning of a new Covenant between Man, Life, and God. It is the great-grandmother of Avallac'h, his guide and master during his first eighteen years of initiation, who first recognized him as the last Strobinneller. She did so according to secret processes and marks of recognition not totally unlike the Tibetan system used to label some exceptionally historical reincarnations.

Environmental Hero. Having reached unprecedented fame in Europe after several scientific experiences of his exceptional healing abilities, Avallac'h became a media star on an unheard-of scale. He used his renown on the European TV to promote his philosophy of Life and his eco-humanitarian projects. All the funds he raised through his healing practice were used to rescue the environment (dolphins, elephants, and rain forests) or distributed to several humanitarian operations, (rescuing the American Indians, the Eskimos, the African children, and saving the last Osnias in Israel, etc.)

It was not unusual for Avallac'h and his humanitarian foundation to receive thousands of letters a day from people begging him to heal them from their terminal health condition. In exchange for their sacrificial contributions to fund his eco-humanitarian projects (all the consultants had to donate in advance several thousand dollars as a mark of repentance and as a sign of respect for the Divine Natural Order), Avallac'h thus rescued thousands from the most dreadful, allegedly incurable, diseases.

Avallac'h practiced his "Sacred Art" in one of the most enigmatic and holy locations in all the Celtic Nations; A 12th Century Monastery that represents the last "Castle" of the mysterious Celtic Knights-Templars, whose roots go back directly to the "Red Branch" and the "Holy Grail." This Medieval Sanctuary had also been established on the mythical hermitage of Gwenc'hlan who represents the last known "male 'Druid" in the official history. The sublime respect of the Celtic Knights-Templars for this specific historical figure tells us a lot about their deeper and true heritage.


After having travelled world-wide, Avallac'h has chosen America to start up the climactic phase of his existential achievements. According to him only here still exist the eco-spiritual thirst, the pioneering temperament, and the machinery for change. Furthermore, many well-known American values, such as Freedom Justice, and religious self-reliance also happen to be essential pillars of the ancient Druidic system. Being exactly as practical and "matter-of-fact" as most Americans, Avallac'h would first like to prove himself from a purely scientific perspective. He wants to organize a series of scientific experiments that will forever authenticate his "Druidic Powers" and, furthermore, distinguish his form of "healing" from any conventional or unconventional known therapeutic technique. For reasons that would be too long to explain here, the initial experiments will deal exclusively with severe burn-related traumas. Because one of the many objectives of those tests is to eliminate once and for all the "placebo argument" in his "treatment," Avallac'h wants most of those experiments to be performed on animals or on human subjects who are unaware of the research protocol. This being done, Avallac'h will agree to stage further scientific tests, in the field of molecular biology, for instance.

For the first time in his life, Avallac'h has decided to delegate. He has started to teach a few persons (mostly physicians) and plans to acquire, as soon as possible, the first experimental center in which people will learn Theosomatic philosophy and healing techniques. When his first team of students have eventually acquires a sufficient level of operational knowledge, they will open, in turn, new experimental centers and, in so doing, will contribute to educating the public on what health and spiritual issues really mean. They will also strengthen Avallac'h's environmental and humanitarian projects. His ultimate goal is to reconcile Man with Man, Man with the Earth, and Man with God. To do so, there is nothing better than showing clearly and practically that it is really possible. Theopraxis is the immediate and concrete work for God, by God, and God only -- to show God's absolute reality and almightiness through Sacred Healing and "miraculous violations" in the "normal course" of alleged incurable diseases. We show to God our respect, our love, and our gratitude by reinstating Divine Natural Laws here on Earth in helping as much as we can our environment, regarded definitely as Sacred.

One cannot own the Earth since we belong to her. Still, we can buy back the Earth -- with money -- and give it back to God. That is why people have to give away, as sacrificially as possible, in the very process of Druidic atonement:

Not only to save the environment from our terrible ecological depredations.

Not only to acquire "green territories" in which animal or human endangered species will be safe.

Not even only to recreate "Arks of survival" in which the thousands of children who are dying every day could eventually find some hope

But also to reintroduce -- in what once was the true "Garden of Eden" -- species who have been regarded as "extinct" (because of the recent human depredations), and that we would have "re-actuated" in our own bio-genetic research centers.

In doing so, we would perhaps show our Maker that we have begun to acknowledge the problem and that we have started to fix it ourselves. Many people are waiting for God to make a move, to send us (again?) a "Redeemer" for the Earth to become (again), the Divine Natural paradise she once was. Why couldn't it be the other way around? What if God was actually awaiting for us to start the whole process on our own before sending us this "Dharmic Redeemer" and re-establishing with us a new Covenant?

"Instead of asking what God can do for you, just ask yourself what you can do for God."

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