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Rescuing a Rescue Dog (from journal article)

Philip Savage has saved "Alpha," a famous TV star rescue dog: The animal was dying from a tumor on his thyroid and was going totally blind before being treated. "Today our dog is in perfect health and is saving human lives as before," his owners say.

Mr. and Mrs. B. also have many good reasons to praise the Intercession of Philip Savage. They were the happy owners of "Alpha," a wonderful 5-year-old German Shepherd. This dog was the very famous rescue dog who saved many human lives and was the start [sic] of the local media. Unfortunately in March 1990, after he had lost all his hair, the dog was moving very fast toward a fatal conclusion. All the treatments from the veterinarian were unable to slow down the collapse. He was then turning blind and had already lost more than 22 pounds. Besides the diagnosis of irreversible blindness, further examinations revealed an invading growth which was disrupting all normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Alpha was sentenced to death without any hope.... Everyone was totally desperate to save the animal hero! Then the dog's owners happened to see Philip Savage on TV and decided to try to find him. They sent him a photograph of Alpha and immediately after he had become acquainted with the issue, Philip Savage started to heal the animal from a distance.... The dog was, then, miraculously cured!

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