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BAILING OUT THE "CHICKENS:" (In the Industries)
A few weeks ago, Philip Savage succeeded in two extraordinary healings. The first one was on a racing horse who could no longer compete due to his health problems. After one single consultation the champion was absolutely cured and got consequently even better results than before in the race. The other operation took place in a huge industrial farm of chickens: All the animals being affected by some unknown killer-virus against which all the veterinarians were absolutely impotent. In another single treatment, Philip Savage instantaneously rescued all of the many thousand chickens and saved the industrials from an otherwise unavoidable bankruptcy. Philip Savage is a true Paleontologist, and also an expert in advanced physics. The Breton healer is a scientist for real. This explains his outstanding respect for all the doctors: In fact, he orders all his patients to consult a doctor in parallel to his own cares. He is always excessively prudent on such issues for his own patient's sake. Such ethical standards also vouch for his extreme professionalism. We are not used to such moral integrity that puzzles the doctors themselves.

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