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Theriatrics and Theriarchy

As anyone must easily understand it, alongside their "Green-Brethren" and much more indeed than the pathetic modern "human race", Animals have a very special status in my "heart" and in my "table of values", even from the newly and purely transdimensional perspective which has now become mine... After all, alongside its function of hiero-evolutionary axial womb from which each and every taxonomic "branch" and "twig" originally dawned, didn't Biophylactic and Gaiatric duties constitute the very reason why the Arch-Praetorian Guard, man's remote Ancestors, was ever "engineered" ?... Actually the subject is of such solstitial importance that even though I have already (and soon will, furthermore) "delegated" a relatively wide spectrum of my ancient "wisdoms" and "skills" to a few "lieutenants" of mine, there is only one sole being on this planet to whom I have ever bestowed the primordial theriatric "powers" that used to be an essential part of my previous cosmo-existential make-up. As such, more indeed than the unique theriatrician of my "crew", owing to a lifelong and faultless bio-sacrificial commitment to defending and enforcing the Sacred Natural Laws, I have rightfully dubbed this very unique person to the rank of Theriarch: The highest in terms of Biophylactic skills and duties when it applies to animalistic Bio-Alchemy. Perhaps, in the future, I could form other theriatricians who would have then the immense privilege to work under the guidance and supervision of this "very special Lieutenant" of mine, but only this specific person will ever legitimately carry the title and rank of Theriarch. For there can be only one bio-transmutational "Wiver" at the time thus to exhale the flowing breathe of the primordial "Dragon-Source"... He who still has "scaly ears" let him hear !

In relation to the vital need for the Theriarch never to incur the risk of being polluted or compromised by man's civilizational pestilence, the few applicants deemed worthy of soliciting this person's skills for any Animal health or behavioral crisis or for any Animal bio-enhancement cannot and shall not have visual or oral contact with my "Beast-Master," ever. Save in exceptionally rare and highly-sensitive eco-scenarios, such as bailing out some given life-forms or species from immediate extinction, for which the Theriarch would have no other choice but direct personal contact with the endangered animals (and, subsequently, with the people in charge of the rescue operation), all Theriatric procedures will transit through myself and shall be always carried-out from a distance. I alone will be approaching the "Wiver"... with all the bio-protocolar precautions Theriarchical duties absolutely require.

It goes without saying that, in terms of sheer "health" or "trauma" outcome on our fury brethren (or even on plants, my "green animal brethren"...), theriatrics far exceeds –indeed transcends-, whatever real or pretend results any previous or current would-be "animal healer" has ever claimed. Last but not least, as it is the Animal's sole interest that theriatrics is aimed at, not the interests of its so-called "owners" and their always subjective, often selfish, agendas, each applicant shall sign a specific contract which focuses only on, and concretely guarantees, the very well-being of the animal and then, will strictly abide to it !... Lest the whole theriatric procedure be voided from its very substance. This contract, for instance, will define –on a case by case basis- the optimum bio-existential framework in which the animal should be living its new life after it had been successfully "theriatrized". It is a contract on true animal rights and subsequent human duties about which we are talking, here. Therefore, unless people are strongly, genuinely and altruistically (indeed... sacrificially) concerned for "their" animal's rightful pursuit of its own bio-happiness, they should emphatically refrain from requesting the Theriarch's help for what is, in truth, their own selfish surrogate wellbeing.... This being perpetrated through the bio-emotional projections, the existential vacuum compensations and the transference-victimization systems which they ignominiously persist to call... "pets."

Philippe Sauvage     

Protocol and Modus Operandi

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