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Thulea: The ark of the IMAGO - 13 May 2004

It has been quite a while now since some have somehow begun to wait and smell the unmistakable scent of what we usually refer to as "end times", while the other human ostriches did all they could to bury their heads further and deeper beneath the mud of deliberate ignorance. Just to continue, if only for a few more years, the wasted path of their meaningless lives... But now, even the most foolish doesn't dare anymore pretend that everything is just...fine... That man is headed toward a "bright new future" where all the wounds he has been inflicting to his own planet, therefore to himself, could be healed... forgotten. Nowadays, everyone, rich or poor, young or old, walks with his fingers crossed "hoping" IT shall not happen too soon, too painfully or even more sick that IT will just not happen to him or her, just to others ! Even though the twentieth century has been that of the worst slaughters, genocides and environmental destruction, there was still some measure of hope, of idols, and of faith. Now everything is gone. Ideologies, philosophies and spiritualities (let alone "myths" which have only become some far out alien concept from a bygone era) all have but gone bankrupt! To "deal", so to speak, with the unavoidable, rather than somehow atone or repent at the last moment for all his atrocious crimes, man has chosen to go just the other way. Not unlike murderers, psychopaths whom when their time has come and their arrest only imminent choose to give themselves a very "last blast" and to go on a last killing spree on an unprecedented scale, humans have unquestionably upped the ante of their past criminal behavior by taking the path of a full scorched earth policy... Having nothing to lose anymore, they have heightened the pace and extent of their eco-depredation and of their internal self-annihilation up to as yet unmatched new heights!

Yet, perhaps undeservedly some would think, at the very grim light of his collective full accountability, there is more than an "ideology", more than a "philosophy", more than a "spirituality" and even more than any hope that has been bestowed on man, that comes just at the very moment of his final demise, like a last hand unexpectedly (some could even mention the word "miraculously") offered when one has already given up: Thulea is a ...MYTH. More indeed than a "myth" as it existed here and there all along the human existential course, Thulea is in truth...THE MYTH. The first and therefore very logically the last. As any geologist or paleontologist (or "initiate") knows it, it is in Hyperborea that it all began (the oldest rocks, the evolutionary matrix of all life forms, etc.). Then, when human collective unconscious hazily but persistently refers to ideas such as "lost paradise", "Golden Age" and the like, it is also right into the Hyperborean myth it connects. That is why, in a word which has lost all systems of reference, in terms of values, origin and purpose, it still makes sense that this last hand offered at the very threshold of "Judgment Day" comes from the "last of the Hyperboreans", Philippe Sauvage, that is.

Yet, if there might be some very last chance "Ark" soon to materialize to keep just a few from well-deserved final extinction, it must be clear though that this "ultimate rescue capsule" shall never become a survival system for rare and privileged elect whose sole worth for instance would be their financial capacity to get a first class and one way ticket to the "promised land". Even though it certainly will be the most expensive fare of any trip which mankind has ever conceived, money or power alone shall not be enough to have the right to "get on board". There are FORCES greater than anyone could possibly imagine which have made the decision to put "human experiment" here on Earth to a final end, whether the planet manages to survive or not, therefore, the fact that a very special Envoy of those very forces goes against his own Headquarters by allowing some of the most deleterious agents of the "human disease" somehow to bail out and start all over again in some "post-cataclysmic" new future or new dimension would constitute not only the worst possible form of betrayal but above all an utmost... nonsense! Modern humans are larvae... Self-engineered pathetic and noxious larvae to boot. Philippe Sauvage's "ark" shall not be a container for maggots. Only those, if they do exist, who DO have the proven capacity to evolve into IMAGOS need apply! For the rest... let them crawl about and feed on their own putrefaction for as long as they still can. They are already extinct although they don't know it yet...

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