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In only a few days Thulea's website will be online. Therefore, these shall be my very last words before I "cybercast" the bottle of my "absolute elsewhereness" to the somber ocean of modern human psyche, not having the remotest clue whether it will go entirely unnoticed, laughed at or be welcomed as it should: As the "last chance miracle", nothing less, from which man's suicidal course could be in extremis put to a halt, indeed completely reversed. Even when, precisely when, all hope seems to have entirely vanished...

It is, thankfully, not one of my many prerogatives to know in advance how all those ideas of mine, the innumerable existential challenges that I have been through and the "out-of-this-world" skills or wisdoms which, most unfortunately, I am the only one in the world to possess, are going to be received in the characterized Post-Orwellian era in which we are "living". Will all that be seen a monumental joke or will it be understood as something else? Something like the undreamed-of chance to escape the...inescapable, to turn things around, once and for all, exactly, synchronously should I say, when interestingly enough, everyone -- down to the last over-optimistic new-age bozo -- had now clearly begun to prepare for "Consequence Day", very much so on its way.

In truth I have little doubt that, when they do not downright ignore it, most people will only sneer at my "message" and brush it off like another pathetic "doomsday false prophecy", perhaps just a little more far-out than others, amidst the many that have come and gone so many times throughout human history. In anticipation of what shall befall them... I honestly have much pity, but yet my last words are not aimed at them. They are for another group of people who may still be out there. Other folks, very different from the "human cattle" that gleefully rush to the slaughterhouse, rare but elite folks who are taking very seriously the countless warnings which have been sent to them, but who do not know what to do. Isolated folks who, most likely, have never felt as though they belonged to this world of lies and of pestilence. Suffering folks, certainly very lonely, very much outcast also and often existentially crucified. Crucified without the slightest hope to unnail themselves from the many crosses Big Brother had in stock for them in the innumerable "rooms 101" of his nightmarish arsenal. It is for them then, and for them alone, that I am stretching my hand out, through the flames of your "infernal dimension", be it once again at the risk of consuming myself entirely in its sinful furnace. It is for them that I have chosen, briefly to go "back home" to Thulea/Hyperborea from where I am right now writing these very last lines.

Even though in my "heart" the concept is basically meaningless, I just "HOPE" still that those few people, whom I am down here to help and rescue, will not have been previously too severely turned off by my apparent "inhumanistic" rhetoric, by the "violence" of my words and of my thoughts or by my unequivocal and genuine abhorrence to "modern civilization" and its vile zealots. I also "HOPE" that behind my "wrath" and "revolt" at so much injustice, at so many crimes and at such self-destructive madness, they have also felt my "LOVE", the very source and reason, in fact, of my righteous anger!

Still, as I have said it, again and again, I am not running a "popularity contest".

But before I go to the "message", allow me briefly to help you get a clearer picture of my true role and function within the specific "rescue operation" which I am trying to set up and then to carry out:

I am not per se "coming" from "outer space" or from "outer time" as many people, even very close to me, like to think (simply by lack of proper referential tools). I am "simply" "materializing" from another "dimension" the exact nature of which you are not psycho-emotionally and etho-culturally ready or apt to "remember" at that stage... What I can yet tell you about that crypto-dimension is that it is not merely one of the many "parallel universes" that inter-cross yours, more often than not, in a completely unnoticed manner to most human "zombies" stuck in their pathetic "fragment of reality" when the true world is actually set-up on a "pluri-realities" mode. This point, at least, has not been entirely lost to a tiny minority of more "enlightened" members of the human race, even though their global understanding of it has always remained, let's say, quite limited. One of the many, yet fundamental, functions of "my" dimension is to play the role of "buffer" between all sorts of "parallel universes" not as dissimilar to yours as you would like to think, and... something else. Something so complex and yet so simple, something so unfathomably immense and yet so much "nanoscopic", something so important and yet so often ignored that, unfortunately no human at that point can fully comprehend it, owing to their current psycho-evolutionary retardation. Something also so Pure, so Untouched, so Beautiful, that its mere evocation, or attempt thereof, already constitutes an apical and unforgivable sacrilege.

The purpose of "my" dimension is PRECISELY to "Serve" and "Protect" this very "Unevokable Something" from ALL possible contamination. From the very "awareness" of what is really going on, so to speak, within and throughout all the "intertwined pluriverses" which, like all things, feelings or events, have yet indeed "sprung" from IT and out of IT. But most fortunately, without direct "feedback" systems that could have otherwise altered ITS fundamental "Unalterable Inalterability". More than a "simple" buffer that preserves this Great Unnamable/Unconceptualizable from risking any kind of "polluting feedback", the dimension which I am coming from, essentially acts as "ultimate line of defense" as well as "decisional headquarters" in terms of "cosmo-ethics"... or something along that line. I truly apologize for using all those pathetic words, concepts and references but I have unfortunately no choice but trying to "describe" the truly "indescribable" to a species that has entirely lost its most essential systems of reference on the question... and so, for a very, very long time. Having then no other alternative but continue in that pitiful semantic tempo, one would not be too wrong by trying to picture "my" dimension as the "power source" and "control center" of "Cosmic Justice" but, then, a form of JUSTICE so "Absolute" and so "All-Comprehensive", so to speak, that its very nature cosmically transcends even the wildest dreams and utopias of the best "righteousness-freaks" that ever set foot or... wings on this planet!

I remember the many debates I have had in this life with the most "enlightened" or "advanced" beings whom I have met here and there, on the hottest issue of so-called "theodicy" or, more simply said, on the highly sensitive relationship between "god" and "justice" (both, deliberately "un-" capitalized). Is "justice" higher than "god" or "god" higher than "justice"? Can "god" be "unjust"... and still remain "god"? Well folks, all that brings out such unbearable stench of "hypotheism" (the concept of which I have already extensively developed throughout many former texts of mine) that I am not going to lower myself deeper in such nonsensical debate. It is because your own comprehension of "god" and of "justice" is so inherently flawed that such question can ever come out, in fact, and trust me, if there is a "place" where all those interrogations find an immediate and definitive answer... it is in the dimension where/when I am coming from!

But, despairingly enough, trying to make you understand all those things is truly like trying to explain to someone, who has been born deaf, the emotional message and the dramatic beauty of Beethoven's 7th symphony. There are many things in existence that one must accept whether one can understand it or not... Life, Love and Death, for instance. Likewise, "my" dimension (indeed even the idea of "dimension" is quite improper when it comes to describe the "Cosmo-Justice Enforcement Headquarters" from which I have been "deputized"...) and what it ultimately represents shall forever remain to most an utmost semantic impossibility to conceptualize. All that matters though is for the hypothetical few who, against all odds, will nevertheless take seriously the proposition of my "coming" (being "materialized" or being "manifested" should be more adequate a description), which is fully to get a valid appreciation of the nature of my "mission" down here as well as my status within that very "mission".

Metaphorically speaking, I am the "Chief-Commander" of some "Secondary Protocol" as well as the "Plenipotentiary Special Envoy" of some "Transdimensional Diplomatic Mission". I know how hugely laughable and pathetically magolomaniac my last propositions will unquestionably feel like to all the "sanctimonious doctor Zaii" in charge of the "planet of the monkeys" T3 has now become but, as I have said often, I have now become totally immune to their sarcasms. Furthermore, I have gotten pretty well aware of their exact "tactical capabilities" after I have managed to survive their use and overuse against me for so long. I may not have survived them entirely unscathed but they also made me grow much, much, much stronger. Therefore, I do not take excessive risks by so exposing myself to the "other side" a few steps further but, on the other hand, I think that I owed this sort of clarification, first to the existing members of my "crew" who have trusted me all along, throughout tremendous hardship and persecutions, without them ever having this kind of information, second to the new folks who, against all "logic" and all "reason", will nevertheless offer me their trust which I shall try to honor the best I can without ever disappointing them. Then, I certainly owe it to "my" own "Transdimensional Headquarters" in the name of which, in the authority of which and in the legitimacy of which I am henceforth "flashing my badge" without possibility ever to retreat back to the (relative) comfort of my previous many "human disguises"...

In reductionistic terms I have now become a "guy" not unlike this "soldier of the future" in that typical Hollywood secretion called "Terminator". A "guy" who is claiming highly interesting things about the future, about cataclysmic events imminently to come, a "guy" with an "emergency agenda" of unprecedented urgency. A "guy" with a fascinatingly coherent story with highly detailed qualitative information about it, very different in every respect from all conventional "crackpots". Yet, all the people in charge to whom he is trying to talk and explain his story seem to have no other most immediate agenda but sending him to a mental institution... Well, there is a major difference between that fictional character and myself: If you do remember the movie, the man came across time... empty handed (fully naked, in fact), not having a way to "prove his case" so to speak. He could not bring along some "ray-gun" or something to that effect. He did not have any special "telekinesic powers" or "paranormal abilities" that could have been handy in the context. In one word, he was just "fried" in terms of reductionistic scrutiny and, without his escaping the police station and the shrinks' claws, he would have very likely spent the rest of life in a "straight-jacket".

Well, I am not a fictional movie character... and, more importantly, I did not "come" empty handed! I have "skills" and "powers" which no human has. I have proven it, again and again... and I am ready to do it at will ! Indeed, as soon as my website is on, one of my most immediate projects is the setup of a new research institute unique of its own whose purpose is to use the current paradigmatic tools and methodology... against the very same paradigm itself. An institute entirely designed to expose the untruth wherever it lies (pun intended) : To debunk all sorts of preposterous propositions and false claims in all sorts of far-out domains (alternative health, telepathic spies, "clairvoyance", psychic detectives, etc.) as well as in the field of conventional axiomatic science (which means most... so-called "sciences") which no one has ever dared, thus far, to question or challenge as a whole... In that project the motto will be: "Where there is no longer room for untruth... there is space for the TRUTH". But not before. Then, of course, there shall be some "totally preposterous claims" that will prove... not so preposterous after all. I may need some more "alternative thinking" and "meta-scientific breakthroughs" from some new outcast "pioneers" whom Doctor Zaius' so-called "scientific world" has but systematically, despised, rejected if not downright persecuted owing to the too "far-out" (or "subversive") nature of those pioneers' works, theories or claims.

But, aside from giving those "paradigmatic pariahs" a chance to see their semantic contributions finally proven, accepted and successfully "put on the market" for the sake of a greater good, my institute will also have in charge to put me to the test: To challenge my "skills" and "powers" even further and with the toughest methodological experimental criteria that I have ever been subjected to. By doing so, not only I will better cut the grass under the feet (the hooves, should I say, in relation to their nature of characterized cattle) of my expected detractors but also regroup my own "crew" on a stronger system of trust where "simple subjective belief" shall have been replaced by absolute expericism (ex-piric = from the experimental proof only), a much more potent fuel than subjective "trust" when it comes to an agenda as solstitially fundamental as mine!

My agenda, you already know it: To offer those who do not entirely deserve it, an actual chance to bail out from the sweeping "Bio-Catharsis" imminently to befall. Then to transform themselves in evolutionary terms, on an unthought-of exponential pace and extent, up to the point when/where the new species they have become is ready to take over an entirely new world, after they have regained full psycho-existential meaningfulness, bio-evolutionary Imagohood, and absolute readiness to contract a new and final "Bio-Covenant". To contract it, through the "MONTSALVAGE" aspect of my dimension... from which, according to the primal myth, all LEGITIMACY arises.

Now, on the most concrete basis and the best laconic style I can refer to, I am going to give a few hints on the "modus operandi" upon which my new "work" will take place.

First principle: No compromise. Even before now, those who had the chance or misfortune, depends, of knowing me "at close range", all knew that "compromisingness" has never been exactly the most salient feature of my psycho-behavioral makeup. Well, now it has become better... or worse. For all candidates to... THE Journey, there shall be now but one simple protocol: The "all or nothing", period. Hesitants, poltroons, lukewarms, schemers, bargainers, egomaniacs and, above all, freeloaders need not apply!

If you could only have the remotest idea of what is really soon to come, you would ALL and UNEQUIVOCALLY understand why there is no longer room for any form of discussion. Especially on the question of the "fare", taken in its most literal sense, by the way. On how much my "work" costs, to be precise. You may not know it yet, but you are already extinct. Aside from your sick illusions, in view of what is being unleashed (not what WILL be, but what IS already sweeping...), you don't own anything anymore! Therefore, whether you are going through a hopeless health or existential crisis or whether wealthy and healthy, you have just begun to wake up and "smell the coffee", and then you are trying to get a "last chance ticket" in the only "bathyscaphe" that could allow you to make it through as the "water inexorably and quickly rises", it is all the same. You are no longer in a position to negotiate. You SHALL NOT have it "on the cheap" anymore, ever. If you have been perceptive or instinctive enough to "read the writings on the walls" and fully realize that you have just entered "Dante's Infernos", then it would be clear to you why, if you do wish for my help, if only by lack of alternative solution, it would be henceforward "on my terms", no longer on yours, when you are dealing with me. Otherwise, just keep praying or keep your fingers crossed.

Yet, if you have been courageous, indeed "heroic", enough to go through ALL my writings and ALL my existential adventures, and then "smart" enough to read "beneath" the words and reach "behind" the stories, you already know that I am everything but "insensitive". You also know that, among the many "motivational drives" of my highly sacrificial existence, greed or power have never been part of the picture whatsoever. Concretely said, it means that if, on the principle, the folks whom I may accept to rescue will have to "lay down" ALL which they "mundanely" or "secularly" believe they own, I will nevertheless "retro-entrust" them with what I deem decent for them to answer their normal existential and socio-familial needs, of course. Well, until full-fledged "Bio-Catharsis" has rendered all such references totally meaningless as well as completely obsolete, obviously. But because explaining in details the exact specifics of the procedure would take us forever and since, precisely, we ALL are running out of time, each candidate will be dealt with on that pivotal question, on a "case by case" basis. This will be done with compassion and open-mindedness but also with absolute firmness according to my orders, by the "inner members" of my crew, whom I have specifically taught and debriefed thereupon.

Now, it must be clear also that when it comes to "regular business" (no matter how derisible the idea may sound in the global cataclysmic context...), as in the use by some corporations, groups of people or individuals of my MCC technology, for instance, it is not to "Transdimensional Imago Ark" candidates which we are referring. Therefore we shall be dealing with them on another practical mode and from a different ethical perspective. We will follow with them the usual rule of "supply and demand", knowing that my technology is, and will remain, the only one "on the market". Therefore one can expect costs exactly proportionate to its rarity (a rarity of...one, indeed), yet not quite the "all or nothing" system, proper.

Second principle: No direct personal contact with me. Except in exceptionally rare cases where I, and I alone, will decide that one specific person has reached the point of Etho-Evolutionary readiness from which direct interaction with me is reciprocally risk-free and mutually beneficial for the advancement of the "rescue operation", all protocols will be remote-protocols. Despite their horrendous psycho-retardation, humans have nonetheless managed to reach the "cyber-age" that has transformed this "vast planet" into a small "inter-connected village".

For those who could be "disappointed" of not meeting me "in person", here is what I have to say: You know, with your five self-restricted "senses", you seem not to have the semantic capacity fully to understand it but, whether or not I am putting "in motion" my "transdimensional powers" at one inch from my "subject", from "you", or at ten thousand miles (or parsecs...), it is exactly the same. Even after decades of so-called "new" or "quantum" physics, people still manage to believe in the ludicrous ideas of "seperation" or "locality". In fact, whether you are "fusionally climaxing" with your "sister-soul" in the most beautiful, sacred and egolytic extasis of all your "past", "present or "future" lives or whether it is of "total strangers" living on the other side of the globe whom we are talking about, you are just as much united with one another. No more in the first situation than in the second. Whether you want it or not, whether you like it or not, it is the same: Everyone is as much a part of you as you are a part of them! In the same time, and this is the "beauty" or ... the "nightmare" of this very dimension wherein you are all stuck, you still remain... "separated" or, more accurately said, "temporarily unmergeable" with one another. You are all One and yet, you are all "different". Once again this is the "gift" and also the "curse" of your so-called "incarnation" within this highly anomalous dimension which is yours and to which, oddly enough for me, you seem to have come to get used to!...

Do not worry too much though, if you need them so badly, the answers shall soon come to you, all of you, as Death is the OTHER "Anankhe" (my form of "Anankhe", so it seems, you have lost track of it a long, long time ago...). In them both all illusions and ignorances vanish!

And now, at the very threshold of "jumping across my own Rubicon" from which there shall be no crossing-back, perhaps somehow, to make up for my lives-long necessary "harshness", I wish to conclude my "human existence", so to speak, by a surprising note of ... kindness:

I, who have been often pictured as the hardest edge of the "sword" of "Bio-Justice", the "fierce" guardian and enforcer of all "Bio-Laws" (some would mention "Bio-Torah" or "Bio-Dharma"), I am indeed much more sensitive and responsive to human distress than you could have ever imagined. More indeed than that of all other life-forms. In actual truth I am infinitely more reactive to the injustice people inflict on one another than I have ever been in response to even the worse treatments to which the rain-forests, the wolves or the whales have been subjected. More emphatic indeed than what is befalling... this living planet, as a whole! Can you believe it?

It is because, there is something so noble, so beautiful and so sacred in man, in every man indeed, something so sublime and so mysterious, that it clearly transcends all we can find within each and every other known life-form, even put together:

This capacity to choose "altruistic self-sacrifice" for a noble, and yet almost abstract, cause, no other animal has it...

This ability to "rebel" against injustice, even against the so-called "natural order" when, blatantly, it brings down or up too much individual or collective suffering, where else but in man can we find it?...

Then, this persistent, vertiginous and sublimely hubristic (some would wrongly say Promethean) desire to change, reform and improve things, up to the unattainable "dream" of perfect "cosmic-harmony", this also makes man unique...

All of those enthralling features are truly... proper to man.

All along I must have given the wrong impression: That of having some sort of "etho-ideological tunnel vision", exclusively focused on EVIL, for instance, which is also and unquestionably proper to man and, more indeed, to those who have "engineered" man in its modern corrupted form. But, now it certainly is the time for me to set the "clock right". To proclaim and acknowledge, for the first time, but surely not for the last time, the "other side" of man's extreme duality. Can you understand that it is, PRECISELY, because of the unspeakable betrayal of man's enlightened role and man's glorious identity, and even more, in direct response to his deliberate abandonment of all his aforementioned sublime qualities and virtues, that I and my dimension have in return become so deeply, so cosmically and so rightfully "angry" at man!

It is at the very moment when I am ready forever to renounce my previous "human shield and disguise", for me then to become who/what I am supposed to be within the course of events to befall, that I ought to make that very shocking, but very healthy, public statement. Somehow, it is as though, in short anticipation of my own unavoidable "etho-metamorphosis", I were already "missing" the "feelings" which you have, and will have, the privilege still to "experience" whereas they shall soon have become distant "memories" to me.

I do not know yet whether there shall be more than a handful of "candidates" courageous or "crazy" enough to try jumping aboard my "Imago Ark" but if some of them were, previously and understandably, worried about relinquishing too much of their old human shell, be it for the sake of a never dreamed-of "biocosmic-utopia", they should begin to feel much better about it now.

I may have soon the unique privilege to free them forever from their former "morphanthropic prisons", in terms of bio-evolutionary and etho-spiritual retardation I mean, but I take the solemn oath never to alter the beautiful sacredness and the original gift of their co-divine Humanhood: On the contrary, my noblest goal of "cosmic-midwife" is to make them "born-at-a-gain" (and what a gain!), to DE-dehumanize them and thus reestablish them into their full Imago dimension.

Well, to make them fully Human, in fact !

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