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    Now that, against all odds, I have nevertheless managed to reach the age of half-a-century (more like fourteen million centuries... in actual, yet "insane," truth), I reckon that I have really nothing left to lose by putting off, once and for all, all previous existential "masks," "disguises" and other "fronts" of mine... Certainly, by doing so, I may then look like some "sitting wolf" (not a duck, please...) to some, or/and a "good damn" candidate to the "straight jacket" for most. What is "great" though is that, at this very stage of my "life," I do not care "half a man's ass" about what anyone can think, "friends," "supporters" or "adversaries" just the same. Besides, I am not such an "easy game" to hunt nor a defenseless "crackpot" to internalize for many have already tried, without much success obviously. Indeed, by trying so, all they have achieved is to make me grow stronger, wiser and... fiercer than before. Therefore, if there are out there some more candid candidates ready further and farther to reinforce "The Beast," (how else could they label me, according to their pathetic sub-cultural models ?...) by trying once again to vaporize "It" -in its best "Orwellian" sense, of course-, I truthfully thank them in advance for such helpful contribution of theirs to my "cause."


    It is nothing but obvious that, should it be something else but the sheer ranting of some "deranged mind," a "technology" like MCC is parsecs away from what a "primitive species" like "yours" (may some "exobiotes", stranded on/in that planet/dimension, who have not much in common with the S-3's "monkeys" currently "in charge," forgive me) could ever conceptualize, let alone... produce. What is less obvious, though, is the actual reason why such outer- "techno-sapience" would come now "on the market" when, logically, a few million years of exponential anagenetic evolution should be required before the "dominant" local life-forms get the minimum stage of intellectual readiness from which they could actually understand it and use it. Well, the problematic is that, far from such hypothetical anagenetic evolution, modern "anthropopithecus" is already the end-product of millions of years of dire catagenetic involution that is only worsening and quickening at an unprecedented pace now. Furthermore, we do not have millions of years ahead: Despite the intense and deliberate emasculation of this planet's immune responses, contrary to the wishful thinking of the very engineers of the geocidal agenda, "your" Earth will not go without a fight. And if it is very possible that S-3 will not survive long the removal of its rightful Guardians that have turned its own annihilators, the human race shall not have the "privilege" to witness the eventual consequence of its eco-spiritual crimes for it is next on the list of an imminent "geo-cathartic spasm." This desperate bio-immune reaction from a moribund planet may not save it durably -in terms of evolutionary perspective-, since its most essential bio-cybernetic agents would have then become extinct, but this, at least, will give S-3 an opportunity later on to expire on her own choosing, in peace and with the necessary dignity its special status deserves...


    My "transdimensional" status allows me (in truth, it obliges me, somehow against my own... "proclivities"...) to make a very last move toward the old "Geo-Phylactic Guards," humans once were and regardless of what they have now become, before (just before, indeed...) the planet chooses to die. To die from bio-anemia rather than from human AIDS, the immunological betrayal from its bio-praetorians. To die from bio-impoverishment rather than from "anthroposarcoma" wherein its very human "oncogenes" have seceded from their bio-normalcy, have renounced their morpho-evolutionary role and have entered a suicidal race toward "immortality" thus elevating themselves to "self-deification"... just before being violently wiped out as logical consequence of their ludicrous bio-megalomania. For reasons far too complex to be hereafter mentioned, even though human history is literally rife with "external interferences," I am not "myself" authorized directly to make inroads within human "internal affairs." It is going to be then to you, people, to decide whether you can still wake up and save your sorry bio-evolutionary asses before your own planet awakens you in its own way... before it puts you all to sleep. If you could only comprehend even a little my true nature and true origin, you would logically and immediately realize that the issue is of the utmost indifference to me. As I have written it a long time ago "freewill... she is a bitch" !... I am glad that I did not get the dubious "favor" to have been bestowed with such double-edged "original gift"... but you have. Now it is the time to prove whether it really was a "gift"... or a self-inflicted "curse." Either way, I shall be there, with you, for the highly heuristic "transition" to come. One last word. Since I am neither god nor devil (disappointed about this one ?...), as I do not come from another planet or galaxy either (even more perplexed ?...) and yet I do not belong to your world (not even in its most cryptic or remotest mythical frontier), is there anyone out there who has the faintest idea of where (or when ?...) I am coming from ? Still, I have been dwelling right at the very core of your deeper collective unconscious, all along. Too bad you have lobotomized yourself one dimension too many !...