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Algorithmic Ideograms in the Holographic Dimension

What makes the computer world's morphing technology so perfectly synergistic with Philippe Sauvage's Subliminal Influentiality is its capacity to isolate the psycho-vibrational and/or morphological characteristics of multiple sources and blend them into a composite. This blended composite is converted by algorithmic calculus into a three-dimensional holographic ideogram which is then ready for subliminal processing and application to the target. The holographic ideogram is a synthetic projection allowing hyper-concentration of available data, observable and cybernetically processable from all perspectives, to maximize efficiency and effect. The number and quality of characteristics sources versus the number and quality in the target individual or population are then the data incorporated into the ideogram custom built for each assignment. Data from source and/or target may include DNA analysis, voice patterns, still and motion images, handwriting, fingerprints and blood sample.

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