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MCC takes the incredible power encompassed by its predecessors (themselves still unmatched by the imaginings of other researchers and scientists as much as 25 years after their inception) and dramatically boosts their efficiency and specificity. What technology had previously been unimaginably powerful is now raised by orders of magnitude by the processing and morphing technology of today's advanced computers and software. Developed largely for movie industry 'special effects', this 'hardware' technology being employed by Philippe Sauvage's 'software' technology of Subliminal Influentiality, now comes into its own as a truly productive and beneficial advancement, finally being put to use in direct and dramatic shifting of individual and group perspectives from the closed and stagnant status quo to the vibrancy and vigor of youth, also blended with the wisdom of experience. This combination of youthful energy and ancient/ageless wisdom yields the best of all worlds for the "client" and intended targets.

You've always wanted to be a better person, a better parent or business person,... to be happier, more productive, have a purpose... or whatever your dream. What has held you back? Truly? You know a better world is possible! What prevents you from achieving your own maximum potential? First, your imagination is limited by the matrix composed of fear and doubt and ignorance. Second, those fears and doubts and lack of expanded awareness impinge and disrupt the natural flow of creative Life-force within you. From that revealed perspective, you may more easily imagine the application of MCC in your own life and activities.

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