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Morphogenic Composite-Ideogram Cybernetics, MCC, is the APPLIED Science and Technology of making composite digitalized ideograms blending the DNA and Morphic images of different persons in order to "process" those ideograms to bring about the desired and requested outcomes.

Going beyond theory and methodology, Cybernetician Philippe Sauvage and his team, apply the MCC computerized technology in criminology, business, private security and health.

While our immediate objective is to make available this most powerful multi-billion dollar science and technology to those in a position to use it (government agencies, police criminologists, politicians, medical doctors and scientists), our common (long-term) interest is most clearly to "change the world" in order to literally save it.

To accomplish humanity's goal of "survival", we shall overturn the current reductionist, materialist paradigm dominating all 20th century scientific endeavors by replacing it with a new peiradigm (a concept very dear to Philippe Sauvage) based on PROOF (of the Truth.)

[Incontrovertible empirical evidence documenting some of those most extraordinary "proofs" utilizing Mr. Sauvage's most advanced "archeofuturistic" science and technologies (which, objectively, could be considered coming from outside of our own space/time dimension or our illusion thereof) are placed in the web-site section titled "AVALLAC'H".]


MCC may be applied in ANY CRISIS - personal, existential, business, political, economic, health, etc.. Every person has a need for MCC and CAN use it. Every organization and agency with their particular agenda, every group and nation with their internal and national security issues has a need for MCC and CAN use it.

MCC is designed to "go after the bad guys," defined however the client, customer, patient decides. In a legal case, it's the "adversary." In the political arena, it's the "opponent." In criminology, it's the "criminal." On the international front, it's the "terrorist" and the "rogue dictator." In health, it's the "disease," the "illness," the "meaninglessness."

There are three generalized modes of application for MCC:

  1. ENHANCEMENT: is basically about the unified field of consciousness. Philippe Sauvage simply has techniques, a methodology, about how to connect all that - including Jungian archetypes, Sheldrakian morphogenetic fields, and Katznechievian psychofields. "I enhance people - unify people. It's optimization: 'Be all you can be without knowing it." Applied to athletics (human and animals) and to intellectual competition, MCC enhances the "energetic potential" to undreamed -of levels of possibilization.

  2. HEALTHENING: reversing the entropic degeneration at the individual (ethiatrics) and collective (sociatrics) levels - health and wholeness for people, animals, athletes, families, groups and societies. "Health is not only the mere absence of sickness, just as happiness is not only the lack of disaster and misfortunes. Health is a proactive proposition generally very much misunderstood. In our point of view, health is a natural state of absolute wholesomeness, of vibrant homeostatic harmony, of deep existential self-fulfillment and of true personal meaningfulness."

  3. REMOVAL: the ability to "mess up the mind of just about anyone" who deserves it... provoking crisis, chaos and symptoms of dysfuncionality within the given negative circumstances. As sinister as this may at first sound, you must understand the context. For the hypothetical scenario, negative circumstances exist which cause harm in individual lives and society. The negative influences may be "removed" simply by altering the causal individual's perception on life whereby they no longer are motivated (consciously or unconsciously) to cause harm. Hence, the preexisting mental state of the target is altered to provoke existential crisis allowing remedy to set in. For example, a child molester can no longer continue his or her criminal activity. For a terrorist, application of MCC could lead to capture. In a greedy businessman, it may provoke desire for meaning and family life. In a saint, it removes the "obstruction" to the Divine Self. (Actual cases of MCC application in the removal mode are understandably "classified.") As you will read elsewhere in this site, Philippe Sauvage is prevented by Higher Protocol from directly causing harm to anyone, even the worst individual bio-cosmic criminal. The result of Sauvage’s process simply restores direct relationship for the offender with Infinite Justice.

MCC is capable of making people "do what they otherwise would not do and, conversely, NOT do what they otherwise would do." Mind controls (or influences) body, but what controls the Mind - the so-called individual and collective human "mind"? Philippe Sauvage operates at a dimension beyond human experience and is able to bring about (influence or control) CHANGES OF MIND.

Applications are unlimited - limited ONLY by the requestors' imaginations. The PROTOCOL of Transdimensional Refraction relates to the specific processes and sciences of bringing about the "impossible." Our strategy is to rock the boat of the scientific establishment by DEMONSTRATING to scientists and medical doctors on their own territory and in their own labs, the existence of multiple BIO-FORCES beyond what they can see, know and understand... To DEMONSTRATE a baseline of the interrelatedness of all Life, multiple dimensions and Consciousness in all Life - at the cellular level and then beyond - by showing PROOF that matter has been influenced (changed according to the prespecified demand).

Philippe Sauvage's Subliminal Influentiality dialectic has frequently focused on individual application, but MCC can and does also TREAT (process) huge groups of people at the same time, with results predefined by clients who want to influence or control the changes in government, ecology, politics, crime, finances, and other institutions according to their own agenda. In this way, we control our future by "blending" (merging) individuals and groups needing change with those they want to be like. MCC raises consciousness and eliminates the destructive behavioral patterns of individuals and groups. For example:

     BUSINESS: "Subliminal 'enhancement' is one of the more popular benefits of our technology. In business, this means that high performance corporate executives could compete more productively in the global marketplace. Likewise, subliminal enhancement of a company's sales force should guarantee absolute loyalty of the personnel, and a much higher output of their professional energy. But of course, in the ruthless jungle of real business, more indeed than any form of marketing or sales-force enhancements, it is the subliminal elimination of the competitors (and to a lesser extent the removal of no longer desirable employees or disloyal partners) that forms the most invaluable asset of our subliminal technologies. ... In commercial 'warfare', the main competitor processed by [MCC] may also decide to retire prematurely with what he already accumulated rather than work fourteen hours a day (without family life, and always on the verge of losing everything he has acquired), to risk losing further economic investments."

     FAMILY: "The subliminal removal of an undesirable element, foreign to the family unit, whose mere presence constitutes a serious danger to family harmony is only one of the immense possibilities of [MCC]. The quick and favorable conclusion to some 'messy' divorce forms another asset. The subliminal recovery of some brainwashed child or some abducted parent (heavy drugs, gang affiliation or any criminal 'cults' scenario), is a tool unique of its kind to bring back to sanity, and where they belong, any person suffering from some 'mind-kidnapping.'"

     ATHLETICS, INTELLECTUAL COMPETITION: "The subliminal enhancement of human athletes (individually or as a team) can increase the energetic potential by as much as 20%. In case of animals, the subliminal enhancement can go even higher. 'Subliminal Hypno-doping' [via MCC] on race horses, for instance, is not only legal but nothing short of phenomenal. Subliminal intellectual enhancement of someone who needs to tackle new professional challenges (or exams) is absolutely remarkable."

     LEGAL: "A false witness, rather than testify in court and thus put his own life in peril, could decide instead, after brain-reset, to go fishing or to disappear in the snug comfort of anonymity.... The tremendous edge [MCC] gives the legal team who uses it is so decisive it needs no further explanation."

All requests and applications of MCC are based on the essential laws of RECIPROCITY - give and receive. All donations are received by our non-profit California Corporation [501(c)(3)], CATHARSIS: BIOGNOSTIC UNIT OF GEONOETICS, and are used to fund, protect, and pursue our mission and projects to save the Earth and replace the human species with higher consciousness.

Bar none, the most potent and valuable science this planet has yet to experience is right here, and right now! Available on this website... It is called Morphogenic Composite-Ideogram Cybernetics, using the power of Transdimensional Refraction to usher in the Archeofuture, wherein the best of infinite eras and ages, dimensions and realities are merged into a complete whole of Absolute Immanence.

The long and the short of it is this: Philippe Sauvage is "not of this world". Though physically born and raised on this planet, he is of an alternate reality and of multiple realities (which overlay our own), the existence of which quantum physics is just beginning to recognize. As he describes himself, he is an 'interdimensional being', able to travel at will between multiple realities and dimensions. His phenomenal results in all applications of his "powers", simply put, result out of the infinite variety of possible outcomes available, and pushing (or pulling as the case may be) that pre-selected outcome to the front. "Manifestation" of that new reality is then achieved as a matter of course.

The only external dynamic that affects the outcome is, then, the commitment of the requestor to their own self-improvement. Value for value, the 'scales of Justice' must be balanced. You cannot expect to receive the benefit of Sauvage's gifts without contributing of yourself to the balancing of the scales.

A Savior of Earth, Life and Justice, not a "healer" or "spiritual master" (i.e. guru responsible for souls of humans). Philippe Sauvage is responsible for bailing us out of the hell we've created and to give us a chance to redeem ourselves and BUY OUR WAY OUT! In this way, we become part of the solution instead of part of the problem, the latter of which is to be "sunk" into the current destructive, degenerative, materialistic pseudo-scientific, religious, social-political paradigm.

Our job, our duty actually, is to IMAGINE and USE MCC (even enjoy it now that the time has truly come). The Earth is ready to shake down and RISE UP - we're in position to assist by making the "SHIFT" less hard, less violent, and more peaceful. MCC is the DIVINE INTERVENTION - in the form of a tool, a technology, a Power, a WEAPON SYSTEM - a SUBLIMINAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - that we need to SURVIVE and move into the next phase of Evolution (Reversal of the Devolution of the Species).

Pass the word and see who calls - for themselves and their families, for their animals and their organisations, for their causes and their societies, for their countries, politicos, agencies and security, for our Mother, our Earth.

P.S. As Philippe Sauvage has mentioned before , "...among the wealthiest of [my clients, I am surprised that] there has never been one specific individual who, too rich to have anything to lose or just for the sake of the most interesting gamble of their life, did not try to reach my own dualytic limitations, if such limitations do exist... This then represents some very ancient 'fantasy' of mine, almost an obsession and forms also my oldest scare... What should happen if I meet someone on this planet that would fill up my own 'dualytic tank' to a point where all my projects (even the most utopianistic of them) could be all of a sudden put in action and in motion? What would be then the magnitude of my own reciprocation?... " (Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, 82-83). ARE YOU THE ONE ?

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