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The following document on Subliminal Hypno-Programming (SHP), written in 1998, defines and articulates Philip Savage's Subliminal Science and Technology in the most direct and readable version available to the layperson (until now...with the advent of the THULEA.org website). Aimed at a "commercial" audience interested in USING the already PROVEN AND TESTED "SHP" technology, this document was used to help "break-through" the minds of the scientific (and medical... and political) community, particularly in America. In 1998, this document provoked such a DRAMATIC response that the SHP technology itself had to be cloaked in the MOST ALTRUISTIC (i.e. saving children from third-degree burns), SERVICEFUL (i.e. removing child molesters, terrorists and corrupt politicians), and BUSINESS-ORIENTED (i.e. enhancing the productivity of American athletes, race horses, and investors) "FRONTS" available on the market.


"In battle one engages with the orthodox, but one gains victory only through the unorthodox."
(Sun Tsu, The Art of War)

"I cannot think of a person (or a group of persons working together toward a specific goal or toward some material outcome) who would not benefit from using my "subliminal influence technologies," to bring about a complete change of attitude (political, commercial, or personal) of some targeted individual (or individuals)."

(Philip Savage, Father of the Science of Subliminal Influentiality)


Subliminal lnfluentiality as a science and Subliminal Hypno-Programming as an ultra-practical technology both repose on the same strikingly new idea of:

Breaking into people's mind from a distance without them noticing it, to insert with surgical precision specific new thought-implants into their deeper unconscious, for them to alter dramatically their former usual behavior according to a particular plan or strategy.

The new science of Subliminal Influentiality and the advanced technology of Subliminal Hypno-Programming, originated by Philip Savage, have been tested over a period of twenty-five years on thousands of human and animal subjects in some of the most reputable scientific institutes of Europe. No longer theoretical, this fully developed science can be activated from anywhere in the World and hit any human targets (individual or collective) wherever their location. There are no "antisubliminal" countermeasures. One cannot avoid the ineluctable (but unconscious) taking over of his most essential centers of decisions (both intellectual and emotional), and one cannot escape his/her own neuro-behavioral recalibration according to the client's specific objective.

Although the "product' we are putting on the market, Subliminal Hypno-Programming, has arisen from a science that has been documented for well over a century, our technology has almost nothing to do with hypnosis, deprogramming, or any other such device. Precisely because it is subliminal and distant, our technology far exceeds any known system in the world.

Hypno-programming, in general, means to implant deeply hypnotized subjects with specific conditioning for them to respond automatically to some post-hypnotic stimulus. It is well-known, for instance, that after they have been effectively suggested or "programmed" to take off some of their clothes when the doctor puts his glasses back on his nose, or scratches his ear (or some other visual or sonic signal), people obey the signal like sheer automata. According to Dr. Herbert Spiegel, M.D., psychiatrist and professor at Columbia University Medical School, regarded as a worldwide expert in the field of hypnosis, "It is possible to instruct a highly hypnotizable person to perform many acts including assassination."

Dr. Spiegel is one of the many proponents of the "hypno-programming theory" in the case of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan, whom he defined as a "hypnotic virtuoso." According to Dr. Spiegel, only five percent of the population is as highly hypnotizable as Sirhan Sirhan (who has never been able to remember what happened during the assassination, a fact confirmed by all the psychiatrists involved in the case), making him the ideal subject for some of the most fascinating experiments ever conducted in the domain of "influence technologies."

Furthermore, more than sixty witnesses testified that Sirhan Sirhan was at least three to five feet away from and in front of his alleged victim, whereas the coroner who performed the official autopsy of R.F.K. (Dr. Thomas T. Nogushi, chief Medical Examiner, Los Angeles) confirmed that the gun that killed the presidential candidate was pressed against his back (where the Senator's skin was burned with gun powder residue). In addition, local and federal law enforcement officers reported finding more than the eight bullets contained in Sirhan Sirhan's revolver, suggesting the existence of a second unidentified gun.

Reinforcing the conspiracy theory and the setup of Sirhan Sirhan as a "patsy" is the fact that the laboratory ballistic tests have never matched the bullets that killed R.F.K. with Sirhan Sirhan's gun, pretty well documenting the existence of a second revolver and of a wider plot to liquidate who was then very likely to become the next president of the Untied States. We are interested in the R.F.K. and Sirhan Sirhan story only to emphasize the potential reality of hypno-programming and its use as a fundamental basis of the "influence technologies" now used by the U.S. and other governments throughout the world. 1

What is new about our product, and which makes it absolutely unique and light years beyond the possibilities of conventional hypno-programming, is the added theme of "distant-subliminality." This means that our technology, Subliminal Hypno-Programming, can "implant" the unconscious sphere of specific human subjects much deeper (i.e., at the subliminal level), more effectively, beneath the threshold of the subject's awareness (i.e., eliminating completely the placebo or belief factor), and from an unlimited distance (i.e., theoretically, anywhere in the world.).

Philip Savage explains why this is so,

"To use my technology only requires the collection of minimum symbolical parameters before it could be set up. [This] means that direct contact between the human subjects and the psychogenic source is highly redundant. Distances also are irrelevant: A few microns or thousands of kilometers ... it is just the same. There is no separability of people, things or events. They all inclusively belong to a higher unified continuum. The concept of an individualized "ego" is just as metaphorical as our alleged spatio-temporal separation. Those ideas only exist within the modern Western cultural paradigm. In my theory, there is no such thing as one single well-delineated reality, but an unlimited amount of them."

Clearly, the power of hypnotic suggestion, in general, still remains grossly underestimated, unexplored, and unexploited in science, technology, and military/commercial uses. Even more so is the potency of subliminal influentiality, which has even greater potential since it taps into the most fundamental and ancient animalistic layers of our deepest unconscious, the yet undiscovered areas of the brain that are so far inaccessible to any conventional or unconventional hypnotic technique.

This means that with Subliminal Hypno-Programming, the entire "implant" operation is achieved without any traceable procedure of psycho-suggestion and, therefore, it does not carry the potential danger of the programmer of later memory retrieval by skilled hypnosis experts. In other words, using Subliminal Hypno-Programming, leaves no tracks.

Method. Subliminal Hypno-Programming works when we are supplied with specific and accurate intelligence on human subjects whom we are contracted to process. Our technology can then provoke a complete recalibration of the most essential neurobehavioral functions of those people, which takes place without the subjects noticing anything special happening to them. Depending on the personality of the subject, his professional or political importance, the urgency of the contract, and other similar variables, the complete resetting of his brain may take from several days to several months of subliminal processing.

The practical outcome of being exposed to our subliminal technology is the same: Due to major readjustment in the neurological centers involved in their decision-making processes, the people subjected to our "distant thought-implants" are no longer capable of performing effectively whatever they were doing prior to our subliminal work. In response to being exposed to the effects of the Subliminal Hypno-Programming, any chosen human target will soon demonstrate some form of deep psycho-behavioral change, with all the professional, legal, political and familial consequences it entails. This could include a complete "subliminal brain reset."

The more those people were operating at high levels of responsibility, the more devastating is the impact of our processing. The more they are working "on the edge" (CEO's, political leaders, etc.), the deeper they are affected by the resetting of their most basic intellectual functions. An analogy is the dramatic impact of a bird hitting a jet traveling at Mach 2 when compared to the insignificant impact from hitting a car traveling at 55 mph.

Consequences. The distant subliminal resetting of someone's brain could very well signify for such a person the nearly immediate termination of his/her own (professional or political) career. For instance, in the case of some government contract to remove from his position of power some infamous dictator of a hypothetical "rogue nation," a complete subliminal brain reset could very well entail the physical termination of the tyrant himself by some "fringe elements" of his own personnel.

Although such termination is a potential consequence of using our technology, we emphasize that the Subliminal Hypno-Programming technology itself is not, in essence, harmful. On the contrary, our technology brings back to the subjects their most basic and natural inborn condition: Use of the technology erases cultural suppressions, intellectual conditioning and ideological programming that have been imposed upon the persons from their earliest childhood. The results are akin to putting the brain back to a clean "blank slate" and reintroducing into the subjects' intellect their most basic and ancestral behavioral patterns (including self-preservation) that drive them to rethink entirely their own immediate priorities. 2   In fact, beneath the threshold of their awareness, business teams, athletes (humans or animals), special units, political staff, etc. show dramatic and beneficial responses when they are purposely subjected to this technology.

The concept of "brain-reset" can, thus, be defined as follows:

The radical and complete debugging of the subject's neuro-cultural software, back to his/her most primitive and animalistic original setting.3

EXAMPLES. Varying with the intensity of the subliminal exposure, such brain-reset would induce a 'bestial" criminal, for instance, to act on the compulsive desire to amend himself and shift his need to belong, from gang affiliation to a harmonious reinsertion into this "normal" socio-cultural fabric (his family or school, for example).

On some politician, the same exposure could provoke a drive toward privacy and family values as far removed as possible from the "debilitating grind" of media and politics. Furthermore, if the desire to extract oneself from such a stressful career were not enough, the subliminal brain-reset would drive the said politician to say the truth, regardless of the consequences, and set loose his most hidden secrets or prejudices, which as we well know, could constitute the political suicide of many politicians.

In the case of a dictator, if he did not turn into some "born-again" or "do-gooder" that would mark his swift (and violent) demise from power by his own henchmen, after brain-reset, he should have the intense need to pack up his family and flee his country (sometimes with some misappropriated funds) for a safe haven in some non-extraditable nation.

Similarly, a false witness, rather than testify in court and thus put his own life in peril could decide instead, after brain-reset, to go fishing or to disappear in the snug comfort of anonymity. In commercial "warfare," the main competitor processed by Subliminal Hypno-Programming technology may also decide to retire prematurely with what he already accumulated rather than work fourteen hours a day (without family life, and always on the verge of losing everything he has acquired), to risk losing further economic investments.


  1. National and International Security.   We do not need to emphasize again the benefit to any government of having the option to remove an otherwise "irremovable" terrroistic leader of some hypothetical "rogue" nation.

    According to Philip Savage,

    "After only a few days of (unconsciously) experiencing the first effects of the initial subliminal strike, the targeted person will start to feel a mounting disinterest for his former occupational field (political, military, industrial, etc.). The internal systems of psycho-inhibition that still kept him under relative control will collapse. He will lose his most deeply repressed (psychotic) impulses. This will give way to the worst behavioral excesses and intense emotional episodes that his personal staff (and his family) have ever endured."

    We will mention, however, that through Subliminal Hypno-Programming, such a procedure would be done legally, nonviolently, and untraceably, saving for example, the cost, both financial and human, of organizing and implementing a risky armed popular insurrection. At this level, Subliminal Hypno-Programming may represent the best instrument ever devised for utilization in the field of government intelligence, the first entirely nonviolent weapon system available for use in a hopefully more humanistic global society.

  2. Criminology.   Our technology affords the possibility of curbing the crime rate on an unprecedented scale. By using advanced digitalized systems to synthesize the images of thousands of specific criminals of violent crimes into one "holotype," these criminals can be subliminally processed as a whole. In this way, crime reduction can be dealt with at the city, state, or even federal level of law enforcement.

    Explaining this procedure, Savage writes,

    "This criminal "holotype" will then combine most psycho-vibrational features of nearly all other criminals who predate in the same criminological area. A protracted and high intensity subliminal work on such a "holotype" would affect, to some extent, the deeper functioning of the CNS (Central Nervous System) of all criminals and potential criminals in this particular area. Consequently, the crime rate will drop in direct relation to the magnitude of the subliminal procedure."

  3. Business.   Subliminal "enhancement" is one of the more popular benefits of our technology. In business, this means that high performance corporate executives could compete more productively in the global marketplace. Likewise, subliminal enhancement of a company's sales force should guarantee absolute loyalty of the personnel, and a much higher output of their professional energy.

    But of course in the ruthless jungle of real business, more indeed than any form of marketing or sales-force enhancements, it is the subliminal elimination of the competitors (and to a lesser extent the removal of no longer desirable employees or disloyal partners) that forms the most invaluable asset of our subliminal technologies.

  4. Stock Exchange.   Although such a domain also related to the sector of business, it deserves to be herein, separated on grounds of its own idiosyncrasies and its own specific rules. No one better than the professionals who are familiar with the seemingly limitless psychological fluctuations at play in a place such as Wall Street, would appreciate the extraordinary benefits that Subliminal Hypno-Programming could bring them when it is employed with surgical precision and optimum synchronicity on the right players. Such a technology affords the beneficiaries to create new financial trends of their own, as well as to abort abruptly the wave of trust that made the stock of their competitors soar, prior to being exposed to our subliminal processes. Nowhere else in the battlefield of business, could the complete brain reset of some major opponents yield returns of more dramatic importance than in the economic warfare of modern stock exchange.

  5. Legal.   Any skilled lawyer will understand right away the unlimited possibilities of using Subliminal Hypno-Programming to brain-reset some false witness, for instance, or any other party directly or indirectly involved in a difficult court case. The tremendous edge Subliminal Hypno-Programming gives the legal team who uses it is so decisive it needs no further explanation.

  6. Family.   The subliminal removal of an undesirable element, foreign to the family unit, whose mere presence constitutes a serious danger to family harmony is only one of the immense possibilities of Subliminal Hypno-Programming. The quick and favorable conclusion to some "messy" divorce forms another asset. The subliminal recovery of some brainwashed child or some abducted parent (heavy drugs, gang affiliation or any criminal "cults" scenario), is a tool unique of its kind to bring back to sanity, and where they belong, any person suffering from some "mind-kidnapping."

  7. Athletics and Intellectual Competition.   The subliminal enhancement of human athletes (individually or as a team) can increase the energetic potential by as much as 20%. In case of animals, the subliminal enhancement can go even higher. "Subliminal Hypno-doping" on RACE HORSES, for instance, is not only legal but nothing short of phenomenal. Subliminal intellectual enhancement of someone who needs to tackle new professional challenges (or exams) is absolutely remarkable.

  8. Politicians and Lobbies.   With our technology, it is possible to sway a targeted electorate or enhance the image of particular candidates. By implanting a compulsive desire to tell the truth, we can also completely remove from the public scene a notoriously corrupt or criminal politician.

    According to Philip Savage, Subliminal Influentiality works better "non-diluted," being implemented full force and with unabated consistency on ONE individual rather than being applied on numerable human subjects:

    "The smaller the population sample, the more accurate and consistent the subliminal work. This does not mean that subliminal technologies cannot be successfully utilized on thousands (even indeed millions) when the objective is to sway large segments of any given population (e.g., against criminals or in a political scenario). It just means that we are not talking about the same setup and the same processes at play.

    "For example, if perfect accuracy and complex strategical parameters are required, as in the case of removing from office the political leader of some hypothetical "rogue nation," my technology must be calibrated very differently than when it is used to implant unconscious thought-processes on thousands. It is like working on very high-frequencies in the first case, and applying extremely low-frequency on a much broader spectrum in the other.

  9. Health.   Doctors are dealing with illness, not health. There are thousands of various definitions of pathological conditions in medical terms, but not one single definition of health. Health is not only the mere absence of sickness, just as happiness is not only the lack of disaster and misfortunes. Health is a proactive proposition generally very much misunderstood: In our point of view, health is a natural state of absolute wholesomeness, of vibrant homeostatic harmony, of deep existential self-fulfillment, and of true personal meaningfulness.

    "HEALTHENING," the term we have given to the subliminal treatment of the most fundamental centers of human homeostasis, emphasizes the positive proactive element in the process of health reposession. In the case of health, which is much more than some specific brain-reset, subliminal processing aims at a more comprehensive neuro-physiological resetting of the most ancestral and natural functions of human well-being. Since people's systems of beliefs are dangerously instrumental in the decline of their health, it is only through subliminal conduits that one can bypass with such unprecedented efficiency this morbid mind-body disconnection.

    Because it represented the "semantic smoke screen" through which Subliminal Hypno-Programing has been tested and implemented with an unheard-of rate of success for more than twenty years and on thousands of "patients" in Europe, it is quite obvious that the worth of such a technology when applied to health issues does not need to be further emphasized. Very especially, if one remembers that such "subliminal treatments" were at the peak of their niche of employment when they were used in cases judged "desperate" or "terminal" by traditional medicine or by the so-called alternative medicines, as well.

The science of Subliminal Influentiallity has been tested in Europe over a period of more than twenty years on more than 50,000 people and animals with remarkably successful outcomes. Documentation of these tests and experimentation is available upon request.

Philip Savage, the originator of the science of Subliminal Influentiality, is a 45 year old European scientist with an outstanding background in Anthropology, Ethology, and Criminology. He has also an impressive civil background, as the youngest Lieutenant in his generation and expert in counter-terrorist activity during the 1970s. When European nations were on the verge of political collapse due to an unprecedented wave of domestic and international terrorism, Savage was a leading field operative whose deep undercover work significantly contributed to the (temporary) eradication of terrorism (in the form of both Communist and Neo-Facist subversion).

After leaving the field of "special operations" and after completing his own scientific researches, under the convenient cloak of "distant subliminal healing," Philip Savage later gained an undreamed-of celebrity status in Europe. His work was tested in leading medical universities (such as the Curie Institute in Paris) with exceedingly positive results, especially when the "subliminal treatments" were on babies, fetuses, or animals where the possibility of placebo or psycho-suggestion was eliminated. In all of these cases, Savage's testing purposely ruled out, once and for all, the possibility of later argument that his success was due to any form of placebo. For these overwhelming results, he repetitively broke all known records of European TV ratings.

Knowing that Americans are noted to be as pragmatic and matter-of-fact as he is, Savage is currently subjecting his science of Subliminal Influentiality to a series of randomized, blinded studies in some of the best scientific institutes, research centers, and medical hospitals. Various on-going clinical trials have begun in the U.S., for example, with renowned medical scientists, including Elisabeth Targ, M.D. and Larry Dossey, M.D. Such research will undoubtedly contribute substantially to the continued validation of this new science and its full spectrum of Subliminal Influence Technologies.

Philip Savage is not a theorist or an idealist. He is a diehard skeptic who believes only in verifiable facts and pure scientific methodology. In Europe, Savage was Chairman of a skeptic foundation (The Ethical Committee of Alternative Sciences) whose sole purpose was to debunk the frauds and charlatans who make preposterous "psychic" claims and also to give any new valid scientific theory with true heuristic potential (even if somewhat far-fetched), the opportunity to be validated or invalidated solely through the most stringent experimental methodology.

As originated by Philip Savage, however, the science of Subliminal Influentiality and the technology of Subliminal Hypno-Programming are not based simply on his background as research scientist or "counter-terrorist agitprop." They are founded on his own multi-millenarian Celtic heritage which has integrated mind-body interaction and "factualizing intentionality" over a period of thousands of years of practice, combining it with the most futuristic breakthroughs of quantum physics and post-Jungian theories of the Psychofields.

The new science of Subliminal Influentiality is based on the theoretical assumption that all living things are deeply embedded into a unified field of global consciousness which Savage calls the "psycho-continuum." His theory is, thus, not unrelated to the most advanced concepts of Quantum mechanics (inseparability and a-locality), Jungian theory (Synchronicity and collective unconscious), and theories of the morphogenetic fields (Sheldrake) and of the psychofields (Kaznatcheiev).

According to Philip Savage,

"What is usually referred to as individual consciousness represents in fact, minor epiphenomena and temporary singularities of an infinitely higher level of reality and collective consciousness. This sensorial reductionism comes form our fragmented understanding of our actual spatiotemporal environment and of our true higher self."

"[With my technology], I am able to break into the psycho-continuum, "surf" in it with excellent accuracy, and eventually reconfigure it according to specific purposes. People actively exposed to my subliminal procedure are then driven to do, unconsciously, things they otherwise would not do (or are driven unconsciously not to do things that they otherwise would do).

Physicist and Lab Director, Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D., of the California Institute of Human Science, who for two years studied the effects of Philip Savage's science and technology, states that, "It's practical efficiency exists beyond a shadow of a doubt.... I can only recommend that more testing be conducted in this scientific field whose potential is one of the most extraordinary that I have ever had an opportunity to work on throughout my entire scientific career."

See also Dr. Chevalier's attached summary report and lab test, documenting the extremely unusual pattern in Philip Savage's brain waves, which he claims clearly indicates an unknown higher state of consciousness that takes place during Savage's subliminal processing.

The product that comes from this new science of Subliminal Influentiality-which we have termed Subliminal Hypno-Programming - currently maintains an absolute monopoly and unprecedented exclusivity, as well as an extraordinary value and potential to the public and to the realm of business. In other words, the technology has no competitor in the world. Precisely because of these conditions, the sole problem is to validate and explain the very reality of the scientific claims in a way that any reasonably educated person can understand.

Furthermore, due to its highly controversial nature from a philosophical and ethical point of view, it is imperative to try to highlight not the potential misuse of subliminal influence technologies, but rather emphasize its greater benefits to mankind as a whole. Atomic energy, genetic engineering and the like represent fantastic assets to the world. They also represent high risks that should arouse legitimate worry in every citizen.

Instruments and technologies are neutral, however. They are not intrinsically good or evil. Automobiles don't kill people; bad drivers do. Guns don't murder innocent victims, criminals do. Likewise, the science of Subliminal Influentiality is not the devil of "mind-control" that some may fear and criticize. In fact, it is often those who do express irrational censure of scientific progress who may be responding to undercurrents of evil lurking within their own deeper psyche that could potentially drive them to make use of such technology for harmful purposes.

We already know, for example, of the widespread research by the American government in mind-control experiments through advanced microwave technologies, among many others. Reports of this research on the so-called "influence technologies" are drawing increasing public attention. Because this research on such subliminal weaponry is considered highly classified and controversial, its use is consistently denied by the U.S. Government.

Nevertheless, many private researchers dare to try to investigate the secret and disquieting uses, such as the MILAB phenomenon (illegal Military Abductions of civilians for ultra sensitive government experiments). Given this documentation, it no longer seems doubtful that hypno-programming technologies are being used on certain preselected, highly hypnotizable subjects in order to accomplish some specific secret agenda. With our technology, however, Subliminal Hypno-Programming - which reaches so much farther than any known or unknown technology that has yet been tested or attempted to be tested by the U.S. government - we have the absolute edge.

According to Philip Savage, our tasks are to,

1)  Find people who are intelligent enough to use, for their own best interests, my futuristic technology (which is immediately available) that authorizes them to complete or exceed their industrial, strategical, political agenda (whatever that agenda may be).

2)  Convince those people who could work with me, but who cannot afford to have the slightest doubt, as to the very reality, frightening efficiency, and unsurpassable value of my technology.

The ultimate point to consider is that, in the entire course of human history, never have we seen a scientific discovery this invaluable be successfully suppressed or eliminated due to misplaced ethical concerns. Once a new body of knowledge such as subliminal influence technologies exists, it is here to stay - to be studied, documented, and used by those who first discover it. Rather than doubt or argue as to its ethics or future use, critics would be better to join the project at the ground-level in order to try to control the use of the technology from getting into the wrong hands. Why waste time crying out to the scientific or governmental communities about a new conspiracy against civil liberties? This science will not simply "go away." On the contrary, why not see those new technologies as the ultimate safeguard against tyranny, and possibly even the last stroke for freedom as we approach the third millennium?

Anyone interested in knowing more about Philip Savage and his team's work, may call:

760-415-4550, jddrssr@aol.com


(1)   For further information on the details of the R.F.K. conspiracy theory, contact Philip Melanson (Director of R.F.K. Assassination Archives, University of Massachusetts) or Lawrence Teeter (Sirhan Sirhan's current attorney who is committed to reopen the case in the light of the new hypno-programming evidence).

(2)   In many specific cases, this also includes their most natural human inclinations to love, give, and "do good" in their families and communities.

(3)   Actually, it is simply for the sake of semantic clarification that we use the concept of hypnosis at all, and in fact, we use the term very loosely. Our technique is really not a form of "hypnotism." The field of hypnosis as a scientific technique simply provides a framework that people can at least try to understand, and a product to which they can attempt to relate.

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