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LABORATORY CELLS HEALINGS (report from journal article)

Philip Savage has personally addressed the [French] State Secretary of Health. He demands that true legislation be established that would allow him to be officially recognized. Furthermore, Philip Savage demands that his patients be taken in charge by the Health Insurance Companies. In doing so, the Government would realize invaluable savings, Philip Savage says, savings on costly medications and hospitalizations, especially. Philip Savage demands also that his profession be immediately cleared from all the quacks and charlatans who put terrible discredit on it. To do so, he proposes a complete battery of scientific tests and experiments conducted in laboratories from severe burn traumas on animals. This would show with true scientific value who is a real Healer and it would rather validate such a domain.

Inserted caption: Amazing experiment
To demonstrate his healing ability through unquestionable scientific methodology, Philip Savage has conducted experiments on a set of human cells that all died after they had been subjected to microwaves over 15 minutes. A new set treated by him from a distance all the time when they were subjected to 30 minutes microwave exposure survived, not showing any sign of structural or vital alteration. Philip Savage's "teleaction" had protected them from annihilation!

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