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These summaries represent a mere sampling of the hundreds of "articles" and testimonials written about Mr. Sauvage over the last ten years.

Documentation from Philip Savage's book, Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, published in 1999:

Report from Dr. Gaetan Chevalier, physicist from University of Montreal and researcher from UCLA, 1998: ... In order to try to understand Philip Savage's technology with higher levels of scientific methodology, we have subjected him to complete electromagnetic field deprivation (by putting him in a Faraday Cage, a "shielded-room"). We have observed that Philip Savage's work is not impaired nor affected by such deprivation, a fact which defines his work as "definitely non electromagnetic." On another occasion, we decided to subject Philip Savage to an EEG testing before and during the implementation of his specific psychogenic technology. As shown in the attached chart, an extremely unusual pattern in Philip Savage's [Delta] brain waves has been then discovered. Although such figures still remain essentially unexplained, they clearly demonstrate an unknown higher state of consciousness that takes place during Philip Savage's processing.... I can only recommend that more testing be conducted in this scientific field whose potential is one of the most extraordinary that I have ever had an opportunity to work on throughout my entire scientific career.

Report from Dr. L. Dee Jacobsen, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA, 1999: During the past year, I have personally observed a series of most impressive biorestorations [healing], including recovery from advanced brain cancer, coronary artery disease and virulent shingles (herpes zoster). Currently I am monitoring the recovery of one of my own patients who suffers from advanced Alzheimer's Disease. I have also reviewed the outcome data from a controlled randomized study in which Mr. Savage provided treatment of children who had suffered severe third degree burns.... ... More notably, comparable pre and post treatment energy measurements obtained from a seriously ill man (severe depression and kidney disease) revealed a 100+% increase that was sustained 18 days following a single 20 minute treatment. The patient reported dramatic improvements in his mood, energy level and urinary output that have been sustained for two years. When queried about the physical, psychological and spiritual mechanisms underlying his work, Mr. Savage informed me of the development of his mind power technology called "Subliminal Influentiality." He pointed out that this technology can be employed to recover health or for the purpose of modifying a person's thoughts and behaviors at a distance.

Letter from Dr. William J. Saccoman, M.D., DAFFT, DABCT: "This brief note is tendered as an introduction to an extraordinary healer by the name of Philip Savage. Philip has inherited this incredible gift from a multigenerational line of Celtic Druids or "Holy" people capable of engendering intangible healing forces which our Creator instilled in primitive man and animals. I have seen tangible and laboratory proven changes in human patients who have had the benefits of this healer's prayers. Philip is a pure spirit who is blessed by God. I feel privileged to introduce Mr. Philip Savage."

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