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The following document, Subliminalistics, was written in the US in 1994 by Philip Sauvage and his team (just after Mr. Sauvage's freedom was restored by the Honorable Federal Judge Moskowitz). This original text constitutes the "founding principles" of Philip Sauvage's science and technology of Subliminal Influentiality, and as such, it is brief, succinct, and pointed, designed to be built upon, as well as to "test the waters."


Summarized Scientific Unfoldment
Subliminalistics is the science of the subliminal domain, especially when it applies to psychobehavioral changes provoked by techniques of remote mental concentration.

To some extent, almost everybody has been, now, acquainted with the existence of sophisticated techniques of psycho-suggestion that occurs below the threshold of our consciousness. Only some people, though, have actually noticed the extreme operativeness of such audiovisual messages, whose effects go far beyond the capacity of classical means of promotion or propaganda. No researcher has ever furnished any consistent theory as to the ultimate psychobehavioral channels involved in subliminal processes. The reason for the higher effectiveness of subliminal suggestion goes unanswered and, in fact, it has escaped any hypothetical attempt, so far. The possibility that subliminal effects could also relate to a domain immensely broader than audiovisual messages, has not been even, really, considered. In fact, it is unequivocally in the field of the most advanced psychosciences that Subliminalistics reaches its plain level of excellency and finds some of its most interesting applications.

It is interesting to notice that the emergence of Subliminalistics occurs in perfect synchronicity, at the very moment where the former paradigm of Western sciences is going bankrupt and is progressively replaced by a new scientific spirit and new basic patterns. Our purpose is not to study nor to detail a like paradigmatic shift, but to give emphasis on what makes it such, what grounds it and what holds it together, as a homogenous body. Inseparability of all things and of all events is the first and fundamental principle from which the sciences of tomorrow must echo. The second and subsequent principle relates to some kind of universal consciousness that sustains and pervades all things and events in the macro- and micro- physical world. Therefore, nothing ever occurs in isolation and nothing can happen without significance. The theory of the psychofields emanates directly and logically from such a new scientific spirit. It furnishes, accordingly, a valid ground for studying and experiencing subliminal processes.

In a double scope, linked to holistic sciences of life and to post-quantic physics as well, the theory of the psychofields takes Man's consciousness as a whole, a biodynamic and biocybernetic whole, in which individual thoughts represent subcomponents of a higher human collective intelligence and volition, such a whole being itself integrated in a higher and lower holistic perspective, that echoes to macro- and micro-universes. Psychofields are like a mind continuum to which everything and everyone relate. The subliminal channel is one of the most characteristic processes by which such a continuum operates. The fact that subliminal messages happen to be so much more effective than classical stimuli, emphasizes the extreme preeminence of our vast unconscious over the small proportion of our conscious. The most optimistic current evaluations corroborate that human beings do not use more than 10% of their brain. If brain and mind are directly or indirectly connected, there is room for at least 90% of unconscious, unconscious coupled logically and functionally to collective mind continuum. The magnification of subliminal effects coheres perfectly with such phenomenon. It also relates to very advanced systems of "reverse-hyper-dynamization", in which the "hyper-dilution" of some specific processes provokes an unexpected, but very powerful enhancement of the operative properties of such processes. As an illustration of a like unconventional phenomenon, let us resort to homeopathic theory that hypothesizes a greater effectiveness of homeopathic drugs proportionate to the higher dilution of them. In such an instance, homeopathy would then relate to Subliminalistics in a mere chemico-physical perspective.

Since psychofields do not escape the most basic laws of cybernetics, various systems of actions and retroactions exist, for them to deal with the processing of information. As a working hypothesis, Subliminalistics models the psychofields as some kind of dynamic web connected to the mind continuum headquarters and interlinked to each other through innumerable and interwoven threads of information, such threads being concentrated and processed in some strategic "semantic knots" which represent typical quantic entities. Through specific techniques of collective mental concentration that focalizes, with surgical precision, on one selected quantum, according to the subliminalistic purpose, the psychofields can get workably processed. We will not discuss the conceptual basis and technical implementation of such subliminalistic mental processing for understandable reasons of commercial protection and due to legitimate deontological concerns. With typical chain-reactions that characterize quantic processes (laser, for instance), catalytic psychoeffects are activated in a like processing. This creates a collective subliminal wave, of variable intensity, that operates on the most essential stimuli of human psychobehavior, in relation with the intended specific focus.

Subliminalistic applications are practically unlimited and the serviceability of such a new scientific area is really unprecedented. Among some of the most valuable subliminalistic applications, let us mention, first and foremost, the treatment of crime as societal epidemic by nonviolent and nonrepressive methods. Another outstanding application is the optimization and enhancement of collective or individual entities, otherwise untreatable by classical means (such as "special-operation" police or military units, sportive team or individuals, people involved in political races or sensitive economic challenges).

Simplified General Presentation

Subliminalistics forms an entire new scientific field whose commercial and societal applications are absolutely unlimited and unprecedentedly profitable: Through specific new techniques of collective mental concentration that are activated from the think-tank of subliminalistic headquarters, such a psychoscience offers the possibility to influence people's psychobehavior with dramatic accuracy and efficiency, without them even to know it. In fact, such an adjustment occurs entirely below the threshold of their perception or consciousness, which is precisely the characteristic and advantage of the subliminal domain. Our Company has already obtained the commercial exclusivity of such applications from the very founder of Subliminalistics, who happens to be an active partner of the whole operation. Consequently, it is very unlikely that our absolute monopoly of a like science would be questioned, ever, by any future competitor.

Although Subliminalistics actually represents an unheard-of scientific breakthrough, whose futuristic field might disconcert a few people among those who are not especially conversant with the most advanced scientific researches, we ought to lay stress on the very practical soundness of its conceptual bases:

  • The effectiveness of subliminal stimuli (in the domain of audiovisual, for instance) does not need to be further emphasized

  • The reality of psycho-scientific techniques of mental focalization capable to provoke psycho-behavioral changes within specific subjects is not debatable, either. In various scientific laboratories worldwide (especially in Europe and in the former Soviet Union, c.f. Professor Kaznatcheiev) and in many studies conducted by military intelligence in all advanced countries, the domain of the psychofields has been long ago experimented and very workably implemented.

The existence of individual and collective psychowaves, provided with specific frequencies that can be connected and modulated, is no longer guesswork, but an undeniable scientific fact. Actually, such a domain does not differ very much from classical patterns of radio-telecommunication and does not offer higher difficulty in its conceptual footage. Likewise, through well-established neuro-endocrine processes, the practical linkage between psychowaves and psychobehavior relates to well-known models of applied neuro-physiology.

Therefore, the possibility of handling subliminal stimuli that are directly projected upon the mental domain (without peripheral audiovisual techniques) belongs already to applied psychoscience, no longer to speculative theory.

Subliminalistics is a true science. Accordingly, it can be taught, demonstrated and, above all, experimented, with systematic reproducibility. Of course, such a science owes nothing in common with the so-called "parapsychological" or "metapsychic" domains. Astronomy does not relate to "astrology" any more than psychosciences relate to any suspect "psychic" speculation. Consequently, peripheral to its first commercial assessments, in order to emphasize its fundamental scientificity and to study the extent of its practical validity, Subliminalistics will be tested in laboratories upon animals, through psychobehavioral experiments. Videos and scientific accounts of such experiments will be then realized in order to supply any interested party (commercial, governmental or scientific).

Although subliminalistic applications are virtually limitless, the immediate focus of our Company is essentially projected toward markets related, directly or indirectly, to criminology:

  • Private stores and corporations deeply impaired by financial losses related to internal and external theft ought to be highly interested in reducing dramatically such losses by non-repressive and non-invasive methods. Such subliminalistic methods of prevention and treatment for commercial losses represent an unprecedented new field of "soft security". Not only the right of privacy of all individuals is thus absolutely preserved (which forms a valuable asset in our times of judicial liabilities), but also, in our times of aggressive commercial competition, the commercial strategy and financial involvement of such stores or corporations do not run the risk of being affected or disclosed.

  • Private residential communities, Cities, States, Governmental agencies are now facing an overwhelming problem of crime. All classical methods have failed, to various extents. The societal epidemic is so threatening that people are almost ready to be deprived of their most essential constitutional rights, in the pathetic hope they might live, once, in a safer environment. The subliminalistic treatment of our society would avoid such totalitarian drift. In plain respect of the most fundamental individual rights, the subliminal adjustment and improvement of the criminals themselves (very especially drug, sexual and violent criminals) could make a dramatic difference.

    Aside from its criminological applications, Subliminalistics shows an equal level of serviceability in the domain of enhancement and optimization. When it is scientifically processed on behalf of some selected objective (a team or an individual in sportive competition or political race, for instance), the practical output of the beneficiary is multiplied on an unheard-of scale. The subliminal release of impressive reserves of mental and vital energy, otherwise inaccessible and unemployed, brings the team or the individual up to full potential access.

    In connection with the specific nature of our objective, and in relation with the magnitude of the related subliminalistic operation we would implement, the reduction of criminal statistics ranges from 10% up to 50%.

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