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AMI Tests that Break ALL Known Records

The following documents represent some of the most extraordinary test results of two years of scientific investigation at the California Institute of Human Science (CIHS) on the validity and efficiency of Philip Savage's Subliminal Neuro-Bypass Technology. This particular set of clinical reports was prepared by Dr. Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D., engineering physicist (University of Montreal), electrical engineering researcher (UCLA) and Laboratory Director of the California Institute for Human Science (September 1998), and documents:

(a)  The amazing and unexplained results of Philip Savage's subliminal treatments as recorded on the before and after AMI subtle energy tests of Savage's patients (i.e. Gary Hugoboom) and on Mr. Savage himself,

(b)  That phenomenal effects of Philip Savage's subliminal technology are not affected by electro-magnetic fields since Mr. Savage was thoroughly tested from a "shielded room" known as a Faraday cage, proving that his work is definitely non electro-magnetic (i.e. non material),

(c)  The extremely unusual delta wave activity on Philip Savage's EEG reading, which suggests that these tests clearly demonstrate "an unknown higher state of consciousness that takes place during Savage's processing."

(Note: Interpretive instructions follow the charts below.)

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Circle charts on PS (before) - Please wait while loading (25kb)...  Circle charts on PS (after)- Please wait while loading (25kb)...

Circle charts on GH (before) - Please wait while loading (26kb)...  Circle charts on GH (after)- Please wait while loading (25kb)...

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NOTE (explanation from the AMI manual, CIHS)

"The AMI (Apparatus for Measuring the Functioning of the Meridians and their Corresponding Internal Organs) is a high-speed diagnostic instrument ... [that] measures the electrical conductivity, capacitance, and polarization of skin tissue and fluids; it uses these to evaluate the tissue condition and the functioning of the acupuncture meridians and their corresponding internal organs.

The 10-minute AMI evaluation tells you:

  • The condition of the meridians and the functioning of their corresponding internal organs - lung, large intestine, heart, small intestine, spleen, liver, stomach, urinary bladder, kidney, and gall bladder;

  • Pre-disease states: vulnerability to disease striking the heart, urinary, throat, skin, and other organs; ..."


    The BP Radial Chart is a circular plotting of the BP (parameter) values for each of the 12 major meridians .The chart on the left shows the values for meridians for the left and right hand fingers, the one on the right shows the values for the meridians for the left and right toes. The length of the radius corresponds to the BP value; it is normalized to a standard value (for healthy people) indicated by the perfectly round inner circle.

    Coding on the BP (AMI) charts above corresponds as follows:

    FINGERS (left and right)
    Lung (LU)
    Large Intestine (LI)
    Heart Constrictor (HC)
    Diaphragm (DI)
    Triple Heater (TH)
    Heart (HT)
    Small Intestine (SI)

    TOES (left and right)
    Spleen-pancreas (SP)
    Liver (LV)
    Stomach (ST)
    Stomach Branch (SB)
    Gall Bladder (GB)
    Kidney (KI)
    Urinary Bladder (UB)

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