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The following document, the (unaccepted) OMEGA BRIEF, was written by Philip Savage in 1998 as a HIGHLY CLASSIFIED PROPOSAL then, to the US and Israeli governments regarding the MOST POWERFUL USES of Philip Savage’s SUBLIMINAL INFLUENCE TECHNOLOGIES in the fields of national and international security. This document was taken PERSONALLY by trusted friends and colleagues of Philippe Sauvage working in the field of international intelligence to the appropriate and "TRUSTED" members of the US and Israeli governments. The issuance of this "classified" document marked the beginning of Philippe Sauvage’s "coming out," at the same time that the historic PERSECUTION of Sauvage by the French government was eventually forced to a dramatic and final END. For some obvious reasons (and some still not so obvious...), this proposal was not accepted in 1998 by the US government.

Philip Savage (a.k.a. Sauvage or Gwezh)
2238 Brookhaven Pass
Vista CA, 92083
United States of America

Tel: (760) 9443326 (password Berith Ech)

To whomever it may concern

The following "Omega brief' has been written with the U.S. government in mind and sent accordingly, through some (relatively unreliable) personal connections of mine, to some specific agencies in charge of questions of National and International Security. Knowing the limited open mindedness of the Americans and their well-known bureaucratic attitude toward new concepts and very advanced technologies, I never really expected a swift (if any) answer to such a proposal. What I wanted to achieve in doing so was to "cover my backside" in the first place and give them the opportunity to be, officially, the first to know about my technology. Whether they would use it or even give it any attention is an entirely different question. At least in case some private group or some foreign (allied) government should respond quicker and make me concrete offers, the Americans would no longer have the pretext to invoke some foreign or ideological preferential treatment of mine. They would have had the chance to access one of the most invaluable breakthroughs of the new millennium in the field of "Influence Technologies" but, according to their own agenda (or lack of agenda thereof), they would have just passed up on it.

Recently, I was watching a documentary on the MOSSAD (Discovery Channel, Film Roos, 1998) when something very special got my full attention. As he was describing what makes them so different from any other intelligence organization in the world, Gad Shimron (former Mossad officer) very seriously stated that: "If you come up with the craziest idea about bringing up a solution for a problem that seems to be unsolvable and that you come and say, let's do it a crazy way, they will listen to you." For a moment. I had the impression that he was talking to me, directly... I have paid a very high price (made of innumerable and unthinkable humiliations) to realize eventually how "far-out" my scientific researches could look like from a conservative or reductionist viewpoint. I was, indeed, quite confident that, ultimately, good scientific epistemology would prevail over ignorance. Therefore, I have tried everything possible to demonstrate with the highest standards in scientific methodology the very reality of my own technology. Apparently it was not sufficient... Under one cloak or another and over a period in excess of twenty years, I have gathered, literally, dozens of thousands of proofs regarding my work (on human and animal subjects as well, both in Europe and in America). Unfortunately, so many "doctor Zaius" ("Planet of the apes") are still clogging the normal circulation of human progress that my discoveries have remained marginalized (if not downright ostracized). And, when finally a few scientists or so-called "deciders," eventually may acknowledge the scientific value of my work, the ghosts of "mind-control" and similar false ethical concerns gave them an excellent pretext to distance themselves from my field of researches.

What I really need are some people, intelligent enough to take an in-depth good look at my work. People with enough instinct and sufficient motivation that I would be "given a real shot." If there is even one chance out of one hundred that my claims are real, you cannot afford to miss such unheard-of opportunity. I only need a try, just to see whether I can successfully "mentally abduct" specific human targets, according to a pre-organized plan, as I claim I could. Well. if there is one country on the face of this Earth that should have the required qualities to do so, it is Israel, very especially according to the near-collapse situation of the current political and psychological climate in your country, right now.

You should be also very much interested in the first part of my "brief' in which I give some superficial account of my past assignments in the 70's when I was fighting terrorism with (very unconventional) terroristic means (don't tell me that you have never heard of the mysterious "Jochem Pfeiffer' terrorist organization in the 70s?). Undoubtedly, beside my skill in my own field of "Subliminal lnfluentiality," I am a real expert in Nazi and Neo-Nazi activities throughout the world. In case the need arises, I am ready to set up for you any sort of "agit-prop" operation you may decide to launch any time in the future, aside -- of course -- from my other assignments in the domain of my own "Influence Technologies." Actually, as some preliminary "gift of introduction" in some mutual partnership to come, among others, I am willing to "offer" you one of the most dangerous (and clandestine) leaders (and funds raisers) of racism, antisemitism and Neo-Nazism in North America (and in Europe).

Although the question could be somehow debatable, I am not really Jewish per se (although my wife is) but I, too, come from a very long tradition of (successful) genocide and (complete) holocaust. I also know for certain that Jews don't have many friends (if any) in the world. It seems that your traditional "allies" are more in the business of getting favorable attention of domestic Jewish electorate than to support Israel as true allies should.

Before concluding this letter of introduction, I want you to know that, after you (hopefully) would have checked me out with the elements already at your disposal, I am completely ready to be subjected to any conventional (or UNCONVENTIONAL) method of investigation that you can think of, as to my most inner personal motivations and my practical sincerity. However, prior to any of those, I feel the need to confess to you my (incurable) disinterest toward Jewish religion (or any other religion for that matter). On the contrary, I always have shown the highest level of admiration (and of identification) to the Israelis. Against all odds, you have achieved to carry out successfully the most ancient and the most utopianistic dreams of the last millennia; you have gotten a country of your own through the remarkable and heroic sacrifice of a few Zionist pioneers and dreamers. Then you have like "recreated" an entire new human species. Through you the Spartans have risen again out of their ashes. If the Israeli dream goes down the drain like many others, the sacrifice of your forefathers would have been vain. And, sadly, my own analysis of your current situation is that (although relatively free from real -- non fabricated -- external threat), the very survival of the state of Israel has never been so precarious due to what looks like a total ideological meltdown. Other nations can afford to experience corruption, stagnation, decay, doubts, problems of identity and the like, Israel cannot.

I believe that, worldwide, the years to come will be dominated by problems of religious fanaticism. And on that very question, Israel is already taking the lead. Your already fragile democratic parliamentarian system has now become the hostage of religious fundamentalists (from all sides of the divide). What the Arabs couldn't do, sadly, the Israelis may very well accomplish it themselves. I am quite pessimistic as to Israel terminal health condition if you are still looking for conventional "medical" solutions only. Although I do not pretend that I could on my own represent the "magic silver bullet," what I can do for you still far exceeds any known "therapeutical" alternative. Just give me a chance to bail you out of the oncoming crash. Let me help you and, who knows (destiny working always in some darn mysterious ways), maybe in return you could also help me get a better sense of my own existential identity. You don't know it necessarily (and I don't expect you even to care), but I have no ethnic or national attachments, whatsoever. Deep inside, I feel like the very last of my (very lost) tribe. Therefore, any new sense of new belonging would be for me very, very welcome. Beside their legendary practical instinctiveness, the Israelis have the well-deserved reputation of moving swiftly. Therefore, I really hope that you will contact me quickly, while I am still in condition of absolute readiness.

     Very respectfully

Philip Savage     


The "Omega Brief" is the description of a futuristic, yet fully developed, technology that authorizes its user to take over the neuro-behavioral centers of specific human targets, without the subjects noticing it.

Such influence technology is to the human brain what "hackers" represent in the world of computers.

It can break the neurologic access code of specific terrorists or political leaders of some "rogue nation," for instance, and affect their most basic intellectual and emotional centers according to some preestablished security purpose.

I would like some people in charge of US National and International Security (noticeably personnel working for the Central Intelligence Agency or any other government organization, for that matter) to be made aware of my scientific researches in this field and to check me out, as thoroughly as possible, before making any kind of decision.

In case my work and my background receive concrete attention, I would like to organize more testing under government supervision to substantiate and further assess the practical value of my technology.

Then, after I could have had a chance to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, the reality, the efficiency and the spectrum of my work, I would like to discuss the ways by which I could, eventually, work as private subcontractor for the US government.


The following dossier contains "classified" information as to my past as counter-terrorist field operative and very sensitive data on my own scientific work in the domain of the so-called" Influence Technologies."

This dossier should be very carefully scrutinized by specialized personnel whose expertise gravitates around domains such as (National and International) security: Personnel whose intellectual (or instinctive) readiness drives them to look for new high-tech tools in the "PsyOps" warfare of tomorrow, such as my own subliminal-weapons technologies.

I am ready to work for any private organization, any foreign Nation, or any U.S. agency that can understand and appreciate my work, my expertise, and my immediate usefulness. I have in my possession, literally, hundreds of documents related to my past, some of which are very sensitive, that I am ready to exhibit to any potential partner or client as long as I have verified, myself, his or her own credentials.

I expect to be very thoroughly checked up on before a meeting is set up and have no limitations as to my next move, as long as the absolute seriousness of any future work proposition is factually guaranteed.


  • Letter of Introduction

  • Subliminal Mind-Weapons Technology

  • Addendum 1: Subliminal lnfluentiality

  • Addendum 2: Initial Tests on Subliminal lnfluentlality

  • Addendum 3: Scientific Research Report

  • Addendum 4: Background Documents on Dramatic "Public" Past


    2238 Brookhaven Pass
    Vista, CA 92083
    Tel: (760) 944-3326
    October 15,1998

    To Whomever It May Concern:

    My name is Philip Savage. I am a 45 year old European scientist with a very solid background in Anthropology, Criminology and Human Behavioral Sciences. During the 1970's, I was the youngest French Police Lieutenant (Inspecteur) and undercover counter-terrorist field operative at the time.

    In the 1980's, my practical expertise in the field of Subliminal Mind Control (cf. "Influence Technologies"), brought dramatic results on thousands of human (and animal) subjects. The results of this technology, which I have termed "Subliminal Neuro-Behavioral Bypass, have been documented by very many press articles, scientific (and political) reports, and media testimonies.

    What my technology does is to take over the Central Nervous System (CNS) of designated human subjects (wherever they may be located in the World) beneath the threshold of their consciousness (Subliminal "Distant" Influentiality). People actively exposed to my subliminal procedure, are driven to do, unconsciously things they otherwise would not do (or are driven unconsciously not to do things that they otherwise would do).

    As long as I am supplied with the minimum "intel" that is required for the intended purpose, I can absolutely guarantee that, in response to being exposed to the effects of my technology, any chosen human target will soon demonstrate some deep psycho-behavioral changes, with all the professional, legal, political and familial consequences it entails. For many, this could entail a complete "subliminal brain reset."

    After twenty-five years of scientific research (and much existential intensity that includes more than seven years of forced exile), I have made the decision to put myself, somehow, on the international market.

    I am ready for any test, any experiment, or any contract (in case of immediate client availability). After such thorough scientific testing and tactical evaluation by any government, my technology, should form an invaluable non-lethal weapon system in the fields of National and International Security.

    For example, the success of my technology applied in the field of counter-terrorism and/or international (ideological) criminology is extremely high, based on the years of practical under cover work in Europe in a unit whose sole purpose was to answer terrorism by counter terrorist means.

    My procedure can also be used for subliminal enhancement purposes: Beneath the threshold of their awareness, business teams, athletes (humans or animals), discretional warfare special units, political staffs, etc., show dramatic and beneficial responses when they are purposely subjected to my technology.

    Through advanced digitalized composite systems, my technology can effectively work on large numbers of targeted people: Specific criminals, an undecided electorate, subliminal "agit-prop," to implant "insurrectional-thoughts" within large population segments of some so-called "rogue nation," etc.

    If I had a choice, I will start right away to work with private or government clients: People who are intelligent enough to use for their own best interests my futuristic technology (yet, which is immediately available) that authorizes them to complete or exceed their industrial, strategical, political agenda (whatever that agenda may be).

    I cannot think of a person (or a group of persons working together toward a specific goal or toward some material outcome) who would not benefit from using my "subliminal influence technologies" to bring about a complete change of attitude (political, commercial, or personal) of some targeted individual (or individuals).

    What has to be completely understood is that my technology is no longer theoretical. It is a fully developed science that can be activated from anywhere in the World and hit any human targets (individual or collective) wherever their location. There are no "anti-subliminal" counter measures. One cannot avoid the ineluctable (but unconscious) taking over of his most essential centers of decisions (both intellectual and emotional), and one cannot escape his/her own neuro-behavioral recalibration according to the client's specific objective.

    If, too often, I am referring to new tests and experiments (as in this dossier), it is not because my technology needs further tuning or improvement. On the contrary, those redundant tests are necessary to convince people who could work with me, but who cannot afford to have the slightest doubt as to the very reality, frightening efficiency, and unsurpassable value of my technology. If not for the purpose of proving this point with absolute scientific and methodological certainty, I would not waste my time in such probative procedures.

    In fact, I have reached (and actually crossed) my absolute threshold of decisional preparedness, which means that I am absolutely ready to go, and I will. The purpose of the materials you are reading is to convince someone to give me and my work the attention they deserve.

    I have been around for quite some time and know perfectly well my immediate priorities. I need to live and work in an environment where my usefulness is fully acknowledged and my safety factually guaranteed. I ought to put back on track my personal projects, which have been very involuntarily interrupted (my ecological commitment and my biophylactic researches). To do so, I will need major funding. Quite logically, this funding should come from marketing some of the most interesting aspects of my subliminal technology, a technology that has no competitor in the World.

    For instance, I would like to market the idea that after collection of some basic "intel" on the subject(s) whom (my team and I) have license to "subliminalize," he/she/they will, very quickly evince obvious signs of psychological changes (and to some extent of complete existential abduction), when he/she/they have been appropriately and purposefully exposed to my own "influence technology." I know for a fact that the quality of these operational results will justify (and indeed exceed) the relatively high cost of the whole scientific procedure.

    Philip Savage     


    "Influence Technologies"

    Substantiation of the details of my personal credentials should get the attention my work deserves, rather than be brushed off as "clearly preposterous." The following documentation is provided for someone in a position of authority in the government or private business to substantiate me and my work as thoroughly as possible. The sections are divided as follows:

    1. Counter-Terrorism

    I am an expert in the domain of counter-terrorism. which does not come from some theoretical academic studies on the subject. It is the result of several years of deep undercover work in Europe during the 1970's as a prominent counter-terrorist field operative.

    2. Subliminal Psychoplectic Warfare

    I have twenty-five years of necessary proof that my technology works, and works exceptionally well when it comes to taking over people's mind from a distance. My technology has been tested in Europe and in the U.S. by researchers in some of the most reputed scientific institutes.

    4. Preliminary Testing of Subliminal lnfluentiality on Severe Burns

    Simple initial tests on severe burns will trigger immediately anybody's interest, regardless of whether they are familiar or not with the field of medicine. No one will miss the extent of the dramatic discrepancy I will create in the clinical sequence of events that immediately follow my subliminal work on third-degree burns.

    5. Practical Applications on Preestablished Human Subjects

    1. My technology could enable any Government to oust, in a short period of time, any "irremovable" leader of some "rogue" nation, out of his/her position of control.

    2. I can also produce a synthetic project of a global "holotype" of a criminal population, for example, that will provoke observable changes in the criminological areas in question.

    3. In the commercial sector, results include enhancement of sales force, increase of profit, conquest of new markets, elimination of competition, etc.

    6. Personal Agenda

    I have no private secret agenda: I am more than eager to work (directly or indirectly) for the U.S. Government, in exchange for a clean-slate new ID and substantial funding. I have, however, been virtually ignored, humiliated, and even persecuted in America, and have no legal duties toward the U.S. Consequently, I have the right to decide to use my own technology for some private business venture here or abroad.


    At the age of 21, I had already become the youngest Police Lieutenant (Inspecteur) of my generation. I was commissioned as such, in the Police Academy of Cannes-Ecluse, Promotion/2 in 1975. My confidential number of police identification (C.R.A.C.L.) was at this time 626 149. And, although they did not reflect the nature of real undercover work, my first official assignment was the Second Territorial Brigade in Paris, 75018 (an elite unit dealing as some "super-SWAT team" and homicide investigation at the same time, with enlarged territorial jurisdiction).

    My last assignment was the Bureau of Scientific Police (Criminalistics), still in Paris. This scientific unit, reputed to be the best in the nation, was using the most sophisticated technologies, then available, to collect and analyze scientific evidences coming from crime scenes. My own department, (S.AT.I.), was dealing with criminal Intelligence (collecting and interpreting specific data on murderers, fugitives, terrorists, etc.).

    However, those assignments were only fronts, substantially unrelated to my real line of deep undercover work. In the context of the mid-70's where domestic and international terrorism reached such intensity that Europe was on the verge of political and social chaos, I found myself in charge of an ultra secret unit, operating in absolute clandestinity, whose sole purpose was to answer terrorism by counter-terrorist means of equal or higher terroristic nature.

    This was the kind of unit that most European Governments, while denying it officially, had to resort to, back then, in an eerie atmosphere of semi-civil war that has been long since forgotten. Those Governments made the choice to try to save Democracy by what we would call today, very euphemistically, "not-entirely democratic" methods. Needless to say that my unit was utterly expendable in essence and that, in case some of our missions would have turned terribly wrong (some of us being put under arrest, for instance), we would have been. . . on our own (that is to say. . . prematurely expended).

    Because of the operational "compartmentalizing" of those paramilitary secret units, no coordination, nor communication between them existed at my operative level. Indeed, I have no direct knowledge of other units similar to mine that operated on other fronts. Only indirect or inferred information leads me to believe that, at this time, my group was not the only one fighting subversion and terrorism with the same "methods". While their line of work must have dealt with Leftist, Communist or Marxist terrorists, my own operational theater related, on the contrary, to the most dangerous fringe elements of the French (and European) Extreme-Right (Neo-Fascists, Neo-Nazis and other violent anti-Semitic organizations).

    It is most obvious that, unless I am questioned, in person, by some people who have the required level of clearance and all necessary official accreditation, I will not furnish any operational detail whatsoever on my undercover work at this time. Very especially because our assignment was not only to "end with extreme prejudice" the work of various terrorist fractions, but also, to carry out, falsely, in the name of the terrorists themselves, some of the most dramatic (and infamous) paramilitary actions, on government (quite seldom) or civilian (pretty often) sensitive targets. And, in doing so, to put terminal discredit on the cause and political agenda of the terrorists. Nor to underestimate the political benefits for the "democratic" Government in place which was getting some pretty juicy payoff from each new incoming election.

    When the Marxists seized the power in France in 1981 (the very same year when my undercover work for the Government ceased. . . officially), it had been already a couple of years since I had officially taken a leave and that my secret unit had been disbanded. At this time I already knew that, although it looked like we had then, temporarily, won the war against the extreme-right, on the contrary, the war against Marxist subversion was lost, most definitely. Fortunately for my physical survival and those who worked with me, according to well-documented French political habits, all evidence (or files) on the undercover work of secret units such as mine vanished, when the Conservative Government .... gave way to the Communist and Socialist-Marxist Government of Mr. Francois Mitterrand.

    Before turning the page on my time as counter-terrorist operative I would like, however, to mention that, years before I became officially a Police Lieutenant (Inspecteur), I had been already working for Mr. Giscard D'Estaing['s organization]: Alongside his strong political agenda against Communism, the future President of France was also waging a war (much more dangerous indeed), against the pro-Soviet and anti-American Government of the Infamous General De Gaulle.

    Although it is not so well known, the establishing and financing of right-wing paramilitary organizations such as "Ordre Nouveau" (New Order) in France was part of Mr. Giscard D'Estaing's political agenda, immediately after the death of De Gaulle. For reasons that belong to the operational details that I am not ready to discuss in here, I was an important and active member of such powerful paramilitary forces as early as 1971.

    Actually, as anybody who has been involved in the political climate of that period will remember, the fact that the very paramilitary elite of "Ordre Nouveau" [officially disbanded by then] had formed the backbone of Mr. Giscard D'Estaing's 1974 presidential campaign, was pretty much common knowledge (and widely publicized by the entire French Press, back then). Due to its double struggle against Marxism and Gaullism, this campaign has been the most violent in the history of the French Fifth Republic, ever. Dead and maimed corpses were strewn all over the place wherever Mr. Giscard D'Estaing was holding a public meeting, facing hordes of armed Communists or Leftists. It happened then under the ostentatious and provocative indifference of the French police entirely controlled, at this time, by the Gaullists. If I remember it so vividly, it is because I was personally and physically part of those very dramatic moments.

    [Section redacted]


    This writing on subliminal psychoplectic warfare is meant to be read by people working in the fields of National or International Security, personnel who are going to appreciate my line of work from very focused "Intel" or "Spec-Ops" points of view.  2

    The word "psychoplectic" means "Mind-Weapon Strike." I have synthesized this concept from a combination of the ancient Greek roots "Psyche" (the mind/spirit/character), "Hopla" (the weapons/arms)," and "Plessein"(to strike/smite/wound as in "apoplexy").

    Therefore, psychoplectic technologies, as a whole, could be defined as follows:

    Science whose implementation authorizes the partial or total psycho-behavioral abduction or recalibration of individual or collective human targets, which will remain at all times unaware of the taking-over of their most basic intellectual and emotional faculties, this being done with predictable accuracy according to specific prearranged strategy.

    I do not wish to divulge, at this point, the nature of the technology I am using to provoke such psychoplectic effects on human targets. It does not matter that I have recourse to some sort of ultra sophisticated digitalized machines that I set in motion, a specially selected secret think tank of highly trained personnel in the so-called "Psy-Ops" domain, that I resort in a "highly deviant manner" to my "ancestral and mysterious powers" that "manifest" events or happenings that otherwise wouldn't happen (such as turning, from a distance, thousands of incurable people into "happy cancer-free patients") . . . or, more likely, a complex combination of the three elements above.

    What counts is what I can do. To check right away whether there is something to my technology is the first course of action. "Does it really work?" is the only relevant question.

    Addendum No.3 is provided to help answer such a question. It is an official report written by doctors (including one internationally known physicist) that summarizes my work for the last two years in one of the most reputed research institutes of southern California (the California Institute for Human Science, CIHS). This research institute is owned and run by Japanese scientists of world reputation. Because of their cultural matter-of-factness, Japanese people in general and Japanese scientists in particular, are the last folks who could be fooled by someone who is not the very real article. Personnel such as Dr. Gaetan Chevalier would never give the credit they did to my scientific work, if this work was flawed or inconclusive.

    So, once again, although my Psychoplectic strikes have not yet been officially tested, in the U.S., on political opponents or on terrorists in the field of international security, I do already have the necessary documentation that my technology does work, and works exceptionally well actually, when it comes to taking over people's minds from a distance. Using the same subliminal technology that I would to provoke the psycho-behavioral abduction of terrorists, I coerce people into dramatic health recovery, even indeed when their health condition is diagnosed by their own physicians as terminal and incurable.

    Most obviously, results of such dramatic magnitude are much more difficult to obtain than just taking over the mind of healthy people and "implanting" them with some new "neurobehavioral repatterning," according to some simplistic strategical purpose. To recalibrate someone's deep unconscious for whatever specific political purpose, for example, is not difficult when compared to forcing someone dying from terminal diseases (or from lethal traumas, in case of severe burn injuries) to fully recover, apparently against all known laws of Physics and of medicine.  3


    Initial tests on Subliminal Influentiality must start with treatment of severe burn-related traumas. These tests must be excessively simple, easily reproduced, and must take place under strict scientific scrutiny. (See Addendum No.2, "Initial Tests on Subliminal lnfluentiality.")

    Such simple preliminary tests on severe burns will trigger immediately anybody's interest. Even people unfamiliar with the field of medicine will understand the dramatic discrepancy I can create in the clinical sequence of events of third degree burn patients. Indeed, implementation of my subliminal work on severe burns brings extremely quick positive responses (within hours) of especially dramatic magnitude: People just don't die when they are normally supposed to and their subsequent recovery borders on extraordinary.

    For obvious ethical and political reasons, the first scientific testing of my technology on human subjects cannot relate to concepts such as "mental warfare" or "mind incapacitation," although that is exactly what Psychoplectic strike is designed to do. If someone who was bound to die within a few hours from life-threatening third degree burns, could be "subliminally coerced" into not doing so, and if we could reproduce the same phenomenon on an unlimited amount of subjects with an equal rate of success (in the ninetieth percentile), the very existence of Psychoplectic warfare (and of Subliminal Weapons) would receive its first incontrovertible scientific validation.

    All that is required to begin preliminary testing on severe burns is a couple of phone calls to a few physicians who are dealing on a daily basis with trauma injuries (medical doctors either in the Service or in civilian practice). To ask this physician (almost as a personal favor and very unofficially), to locate a person severely burned within the first few hours of fire exposure, and then to call back with some very basic information about the burn victim: Name, birthdate, and place of birth. At that point, someone would contact me or my team. After one hour, an update would be requested from the physician regarding any significant or dramatic clinical changes that had been observed in the patient's health condition.

    There is nothing questionable or unethical in this procedure. Neither the patient nor his/her family needs to be made aware of the unofficial testing. There is no interference whatsoever with the regular course of the medical or surgical cares. If the results are inconclusive, the physician would have, at worst, wasted a few minutes time and a few cents on the phone. If the testing works as planned, this scientific breakthrough would mark the beginning of a new Era in the whole "Intel" world.


    A.  Projected effects of psychoplectic strike upon foreign political opponents

    My Subliminal technology could enable the U.S. Government to oust, in a remarkably short period of time, any "irremovable" leader out of his/her position of control in what we categorize as some "rogue nation." By collecting sufficient information on the selected target and receiving daily feedback from someone close to the target, we would have the basic "intel" required to monitor the most significant psycho-behavioral alterations that follow his/her being directly subjected to psychoplectic exposure.

    For example, after only a few days of (unconsciously) experiencing the first effects of the initial psychoplectic strike, the targeted person will start to feel a mounting disinterest for his former occupational field (political, military, industrial, etc.). The internal systems of psycho-inhibition that still kept him under relative control will collapse. He will lose his most deeply repressed (psychotic) impulses. This will give way to the worst behavioral excesses and the worst emotional episodes that his personal staff (and his family) have ever endured.

    Increased processing over the initial strike and the target will soon experience a total meltdown. If he is not put immediately out of the job by his own associates, his brain will eventually turn into such tremendous neuronal and synaptic rubbish, that he will terminate in person, one way or another, his former oppressive career and subversive business.

    B. Domestic use of Subliminal lnfluentiality Technologies on civilian populations:

    My Subliminal work on a particular "criminal holotype" could provoke clearly observable changes in the rate of crime in question. For example, if I am able to input to our computers enough data on, let us say, some specific criminogenic theme (which would include thousands of photographs of different criminals, all involved in the same kind of crime), through some of the most advanced morphogenic software, I can produce a synthetic projection of some global "holotype."

    This criminal "holotype" will then combine most psycho-vibrational features of nearly all other criminals who predate in the same criminological area. A protracted and high intensity subliminal work on such a "holotype" would affect, to some extent, the deeper functioning of the CNS (Central Nervous System) of all criminals and potential criminals in this criminological area. Consequently, the crime rate will drop in direct relation to the magnitude of the psychoplectic processing.

    C.  Discussion:

    1. As stated in the main presentation of my technology, subliminal influentiality is better used in a strategical mode than in a tactical one. Metaphorically speaking, it forms a remarkable tool to win the war, but a poor instrument to win a battle.

      • The results associated with this technoloqy take quite some time to reach their peak of efficiency (days at least, and sometimes months).

      • Subliminal influentiality also works better "non-diluted," being implemented full force and with unabated consistency on ONE individual rather than being applied on numerable human subjects: The smaller the population sample, the more accurate and consistent the subliminal work.

        Note: This does not mean that subliminal technologies cannot be successfully utilized on thousands (even indeed millions) when the objective is to sway large segments of any given population (e.g. against criminals or in a political scenario). It just means that we are not talking about the same setup and the same processes at play.

        For example, if perfect accuracy and complex strategical parameters are required, as in the case of removing the political leader of some hypothetical "rogue nation" from office, my technology must be calibrated very differently than when it is used to implant unconscious thought-processes on thousands. It is like working on very high frequencies in the first case, and applying extremely low-frequency on a much broader spectrum in the other.

      • The ideal is to select only a very few basic subliminal impulses that could be workably implanted into people's deeper subconscious. However, when surgical neuro-behavioral recalibration is needed (as in the foreign opponent scenario) and the "client" requires the best possible control on the personal (political, professional) outcome of those subliminal technologies, he/she should go for the "conventional psychoplectic strike upon one single individual (or a very limited amount of people such as terrorist organizations, foreign military staff, etc.).

    2. Subliminal influentlallty is a science. As such it requires some logical parameters if one wants to get any result out of it. When it is employed on one individual, the collection of the most diversified data on the target precedes any influential work.

      • Optimally, our team needs to know as much detail on the personal life and habits of the subjects, which includes a comprehensive background: Childhood, lineage, culture, geographical environment, personal idiosyncrasies.

      • We need voice recording, personal handwriting, photographs, and the like. If, theoretically, we could even have access to the subject's D.N.A. mapping (H.L.A. system, noticeably), it would increase dramatically the accuracy and the magnitude of the results. (This can be obtained quite easily by collecting organic wastes in his/her trash). Personal belongings (such as clothing, jewelry, objects related to the subject's hobbies, etc.) are also extremely helpful in focusing in on the subject.

      • More importantly, in order to get some feedback from the initial "strike" and recalibrate constantly the subliminal exposure, we also need someone quite close to the subject, optimally someone who shares some privacy or intimacy with him/her. This informant must give us some update as much as possible without compromising, of course, his/her own personal security.

    3. As a science, subliminal influentiality has its own technical limitations and, due to strict ethical rules from my own side, it also has its own boundaries.

      • To take out of power the psychotic leader of some rogue nation is feasible and conscionable.

        Note: This does not mean that he/she is going to be harmed (or killed). It just signifies for instance, that he/she is going to have such a compulsive (unconscious) drive toward premature retirement that he/she may leave his/her country precipitously (conceivably with a lot of misappropriated funds as many dictators did in the past) and seek refuge in some non-extraditable country of their choice.

        Such may not sound right to some, but the people involved in subliminal influentiality are scientists or businessmen, not vigilantes. In such a scenario, what really counts is to create a healthy political vacuum to allow democratic elections that will remove forever the terroristic threat or the risks of global armed confrontation.

      • Subliminal lnfluentiality is a tool, not a philosophical system. I am not in the busines of being judge and executioner of some higher cosmic justice. My technology is a neutral instrument that intends to substitute "soft" non-lethal processes to the (necessary, but objectionably violent) conventional methods used today in the war against international or domestic terrorism.

        Actually, it is not only a much more conscionable tool than the current traditional arsenal, it is -- above all -- a much more efficient and advanced non-lethal weapon system. I consider it quite pathetic that at the dawn of the third Millennium, democratic governments still have to resort to middle-age like plots and assassinations, when they have access to the most modern technologies that give them the power to choose much more valuable (let alone conscionable) options for results far higher reaching.


    Before completing this short dossier on my technology, I wish to give extremely strong emphasis that I have tried, apparently without much success, to be in touch with the U.S. authorities since February 1993.

    It was then, for the first time in U.S. legal history, that the extradition of a (non-Irish) Western European Citizen, myself, had been violently denied, in an historical 23-page memorandum, on grounds of ethnic and political persecutions against me by the French Government (Federal Judge Barry Ted Moskowitz, Memorandum No. 92-4160, Feb. 10, 1993, U.S. District Court, Southern District of California). I can only strongly advise anyone who would need indeed still further proofs (or details) on my being very much for real, to take a good in-depth look at that Memorandum. It gives additional information (more anecdotal, philosophical and historical, but still very strongly circumstantiated) on my quite unusual, but true, story.

    I must also stress my extreme disappointment in the reaction (lack of reaction, actually) of this country concerning my scientific researches (and myself as a person). During all those years in here, I have been dealing essentially with bureaucratic dysfunctionality, intellectual nonpreparedness, and severe inadequacy in geopolitical assessment. I am done with being ignored, humiliated or downright persecuted (I.N.S. alien Registration No. A-70-168-349) by America, after I have deliberately shed my blood for American values in other times and other places.

    Therefore, after so many years of deep ingratitude, I feel free to redirect my own career development whenever and wherever I choose to, inside or outside the U.S. boundaries. I have, indeed, no legal duties toward the U.S.

    Consequently, I have the right to decide to use my own technology for some private business venture here or abroad. My technology, in its Subliminal Enhancing Mode, offers extraordinary advantages in business (sales force enhancement, dramatic profit increases, successful conquest of new markets, elimination of competition, etc.). In sports, my technology can also enhance the performance (perfectly legally and much better than any known drugs) of human athletes (as a team or as an individual), and also any racing animal (i.e. horses), with undreamed-of results. Aside from considering some extremely lucrative business offer, I will also seriously study any sort of work proposal coming from some (hypothetical) foreign Government who would be interested in using my expertise.

    However, don't misinterpret my words: I am still more than eager to work (directly or indirectly) for the U.S. Government. As you would say with the most usual matter-of-factness, here is the deal:

        1) I know exactly how badly you need my technology (you just don't know it exists, still), and

        2) I also know what I want from the U.S. in return (a clean-slate new ID and substantial funding).

    This is quite fair and square. I do not have a private or secret agenda. But, in here, as in most tactical, political and strategical situations, where decisional readiness makes all the difference in the World, once again, time is of the essence.


    1  Owing to the intrinsic idiosyncrasy of its theoretical and methodological bases, I will not elaborate on the scientific and hypothetical principles at play in my technology. People interested in those questions may read with attention Addendum No.1 on "Subliminal lnfluentiality," a text that was written for the scientific community. This text has been" euphemized" to the extreme, to make it look more "politically correct" for academic researchers. I did not want to scare average civilian scientists with concepts such as "mind control" or "subliminal warfare."

    2  This text is also for professionals who work in the domain of politics (domestic or foreign), where such "ethical" questions usually do not predominate to the point where they could become an issue.

    3  Speaking of the scientific report in Addendum No.3, I would like to signal that its obvious theme (Subliminal Mind Control) and, much more indeed, its most astonishing results (I was the best success in the field of psychogenic "Influence Technologies" they ever saw), have been just considered "too sensitive" by the CIHS to handle. In relation to the "ultra classified" nature of my field of researches, coupled with the availability and proven results of my technology in the domain of "Subliminal Mind Control," the people in charge of this Research Institute just decided to make their first move toward taking some further distance from me and my work.

    Addendum No.1


    My name is Philip Savage. I am a forty-five year old European-born scientist with a very solid background in Anthropology, Ethology, and Criminology. After completing my research outside of Europe several years ago (noticeably in Greenland and in Canada), I have now settled in the United States and I have been working as a private researcher in the California Institute for Human Science, in Encinitas, California.

    In direct relation to my Celtic heritage and a tradition that has been running in my family for quite some time, I have always manifested a keen interest in concepts such as variable levels of reality, subliminality, and mind-body interactions. Due to my family situation, I have been capable to fund my own researches and, therefore, work on my own scientific field from the beginning of my career. By now, my technoloqy has been tested over a period of time that exceeds twenty years, in several continents and on thousands of human or animal subjects with dramatic consistency and equal efficiency.

    I have termed this new science, taken as a whole, Subliminal Influentiality and, the specific technology that goes with it, Subliminal Neuro-Bypass (S.N.B.). S.N.B. can be defined as follows:

    The science of psychogenically induced, neuro-behavioral recalibration of human or animal subjects (collectively or individually), without their knowing.

    Theoretical Explanation. A like recalibration may cover an extremely wide array of neuro-behavioral scenarios. Its statistical accuracy in response to specific preestablished guidelines is remarkable. Depending on the nature and the intensity of the psychogenic induction, the neuro-reformatting of the subject can go from a mild neuro-endocrine readiustment (or soft neuro-immune realiqnment) to a nearly complete reset of the Central Nervous System, with consequent dramatic effects in all related neuro-physiological processes, including major molecular restructuring and cytologic readjustment.

    Although the operational details of such a technology will understandably remain undisclosed, it is clear, nonetheless, that, from a purely conceptual point of view, it is not completely unrelated to the most advanced derivative aspects of quantum mechanics (very especially the concepts of inseparability and a-locality), to the work of Karl Jung on synchronicity and collective unconscious, to the theory of the Psychofields pioneered by Pr. Kaznatcheiev in Russia, and also to the work of Dr. R. Sheldrake in his domain of the morphogenetic fields.

    In my theory, all living things (human beings very especially) are deeply embedded into some unified-field of global consciousness which I call psycho-continuum. What is usually referred to as individual consciousness represents, in fact, minor epiphenomena and temporary singularities of an infinitely higher level of reality and collective consciousness. This sensorial reductionism comes from our fragmented understanding of our actual spatiotemporal environment and of our true higher-self.

    By combining multi-millenarian empiricism in the domain of meditational techniques and materializing intentionality with some of the best insights of the obsolescent Western scientific paradigm, I have been capable to set up a new technology that enables me to break in the psycho-continuum. I can then "surf" in it with excellent accuracy and eventually reconfigure it according to specific purposes. It is during those processes of reconfiguration that individual (or collective) neuro-resets take place.

    Initial Testing. For reasons of global synchronicity, I have decided that it is time for my specific technology to go to the next step and reach higher levels of scientific recognition. And since, epistemologically speaking, solely the strictest experimental methodology can validate or invalidate a new science, it is in the most serious testing laboratories that S.N.B. technologies must gain new global scientific acceptance. However, owing to the potential cost and manpower that may be required to delineate its complete thematic spectrum, preliminary micro-tests, of probative nature, must be carried out, first. When, and only when, I would have succeeded in proving the very basic existence of my own scientific domain, should we sit and discuss a global strategy to validate S.N.B. technology and Subliminal lnfluentiality science as such.


    1. In essence, S.N.B. technology does not relate, even remotely, to medicine with which It will never compete nor interfere.

    The people behind those researches are really adamant on not being perceived as a threat by the medical or pharmaceutical establishment, ever. And although S.N.B. pertains to the domain of the so-called "influence technologies" which are considered highly classified by the U.S. government, we do not want to be perceived as a danger (some sort of mind-controlling project) by people worried about civil liberties, either.

    2. Due to this kind of double thematic sandwiching, S.N.B.'s operational freedom happens to be greatly reduced.

    For many reasons too long to be hereafter detailed, but which belong to the double concerns of being perceived as beneficial (i.e. to human health) and yet not making too many inroads into people's inner mental sanctum, the initial tests will be conducted on two restricted domains, exclusively:

    1. Human (or animal) subjects severely distressed due to severe fire exposure (third degree burn victims), and/or

    2. Human subjects suffering from the most severe forms of Shingles (herpes zoster).

    Until this has been carried out, no other traumatic or immunologic domains will be considered, period.

    3. None of those two themes infringes upon medical or pharmaceutical preserves because there are currently no true therapeutical responses to either.

    They only share in common, extreme sensations of pain that should match (nearly) immediate feelings of comfort after S.N.B. implementation.

    More importantly, they both form very well-known traumatic domains for which any significant didactic discrepancy in the normal clinical sequence could not escape immediate observation.

    4. One very important philosophical aspect of working on fire exposure is that the surprising severity of burn-related injuries could very well depend on some deeply embedded misappreciation from the subject of his/her own surrounding reality.

    The most serious lesions would occur because of some unconscious processes of self inflicted neuro-immune breakdown that could be cultural in origin:

    Shall we remember the complete absence of lesion in some well-documented firewalking cases and conversely, the dramatic effects usually associated with severe burns on people put into hypnotic condition, who have been only suggested some imaginary fire-related trauma?

    5. Furthermore, knowing that severe burns and shingles are absolutely unrelated to each other (one is purely traumatic in origin while the other is typically immunological), the beneficial responses associated with S.N.B. effects will put emphasis on the extremely large spectrum of such a technology.

    6. It is logical that, to emphasize its basic subliminal nature, the neuro-bypassing should take place only on subjects whose traumatic health condition (i.e., coma) makes any psychosuggestive contamination (i.e., placebo effect) absolutely impossible. Also on people who are purposely set up as completely unaware of the experiment itself.

    The only requirement for optimum collection of heuristic data on the intrinsic value of S.N.B. is an ultra short delay between fire exposure and S.N.B. processing (a few hours maximum) and only a few days (forty-height hours, optimally) after the first breaking-out in case of shingles.

    7. Most obviously, due to the complete lack of common ground between S.N.B. and medicine, there is no possible contraindication to any medical cares.

    Therefore, there is no legal liability argument that could possibly intervene prior, during or after the S.N.B. setting up.

    8. Owing to the idiosyncratic theoretical principles of Subliminal lnfluentiality science, in which reality, per se, does not exist (only different parallel levels of various virtual realities are to be considered), S.N.B. processing only requires the collection of minimum symbolical parameters before it could be set up.

    Which means that direct contact between the human subiects and the psychogenic source is highly redundant. Distances also are irrelevant: A few microns or thousands of kilometers.. . it is just the same. There is no separability of people, things or events. They all inclusively belong to a higher unified continuum. The concept of an individualized "ego" is just as metaphorical as our alleged spatiotemporal separation. Those ideas only exist within the modern Western cultural paradigm. In my theory, there is no such thing as one single well-delineated reality, but an unlimited amount of them.

    9. To warrant the label of science as such, Subliminal Influentiality ought to be repetitively and successfully tested. It also needs to be teachable and reproducible.

    Therefore, immediately after I would have been allowed to prove my point (the very basic existence of S.N.B. under strict experimental scrutiny), I will start right away to share my own specialty with my colleagues and teach the most beneficial aspects of Subliminal lnfluentiality to the greatest benefit of human health and society as a whole.

    Addendum No. 2


    Due to its inherently controversial nature, the first tests on Subliminal Influentiality must start from a theme excessively simple. In the name of the most basic scientific epistemology, those tests must also be easily reproduced, and they must take place under strict scientific scrutiny. For obvious ethical and political reasons, the first implementation of such technology on human subjects cannot relate to concepts such as "mental warfare" or "mind incapacitation," although that is exactly what Psychoplectic strike is designed to do. Therefore, to get favorable attention from people who may still have to worry about political correctness, it could be very useful, at first, to exhibit some "soft outcomes" that could highlight the extremely wide range of serviceability of those Subliminal Influence Technologies.

    Furthermore, since these first tests would very likely take place on U.S. military or civilian personnel, no one wants those "volunteers" to become the first victims of some subliminal "friendly fire." Nevertheless, real ironclad proofs are needed for the organizers of the initial tests, because they may have to promote, later on, the concept of subliminal remote technology to their higher chain of command. They will need solid, matter-of-fact evidence of scientific value that is easily understood by personnel who may be unfamiliar with scientific abstractions. For the reasons outlined below, this is exactly the outcome we expect from the first series of testing on severe burn-related traumas: Simple, easily reproduced, clinical trials that bring quick positive results of extremely dramatic magnitude.

    1.   Fire exposure and serious burn-related injuries are the ideal arena for the first tests:

  • Incontrovertible Scientific Evidence. In cases of third degree burns, the subjects are most of the time unconscious. Therefore any significant discrepancy in the clinical sequence that follows the Subliminal processing will constitute incontrovertible proof of the effects of such technology, without any possible self-induced psycho-suggestion (placebo).

  • Easy to Organize. It is very easy, through already established (military or civilian) burn centers, to set up such tests with the maximum level of secrecy and with a minimum of personnel involvement. In fact, one physician in the burn unit who analyzes the outcome of the subliminal recalibration may be all who is required at the very beginning.

  • Statistically Significant Results. Because statistical studies are the key to experimental methodology, the quick collection of multiple case studies should help the people in charge of the initial tests to gain the attention of higher ranking personnel. In the case of fire exposure, the subliminal technology can be applied on several human targets a day, without affecting its potency.

  • Quick Dramatic Outcomes. For reasons quite difficult to explain here, implementation on severe burn-related traumas brings extremely quick positive responses (within hours) of especially dramatic magnitude: people do not die when they are normally supposed to and their subsequent recovery borders on extraordinary. Furthermore, when the experimental protocol is strictly respected and fire exposure has occurred only within hours before the Subliminal work begins, the risk of failure is virtually non existent. This means that the expected outcome could exceed the ninetieth percentile.

  • Global Remote Technology. According to its subliminal nature, the people subjected to our technology could be located anywhere in the World: For example, either in some military base in the U.S., Japan, or Germany -- it wouldn't change a thing. Likewise, the effects of the Pscyhoplectic strike would be just as strong regardless of where in the World the strike unit is located at the time of its implementation.

  • Only Basic Intel is Required. All that is needed to prepare the Psychoplectic strike is some basic Intel on the targeted subjects: Full name, place and date of birth (and, when possible, a photograph). No direct or indirect visual contact is needed during the procedure. More sophisticated details may be required in tests of much greater strategic importance, but nothing more is necessary for the simple traumatic scenario of fire-related burns.

  • No Medical or Legal Liability. Most obviously, Subliminal Technologies do not interfere with any medical procedure. Therefore, there will be no medical or legal liability implicated in these preliminary tests.

  • Humanitarian Contribution. Independent of its outstanding practical outcome in proving the existence of Psychoplectic processing to the people dealing with National and International Security, the dramatic rescuing of many young Americans from death by fire exposure may help convince the highest echelon of the chain of command of the practical value and usefulness of Subliminal Influence Technologies, rather than generate unwarranted fear or suspicion.

    2. The only question that still remains: How does rescuing people from death, after they have been victims of a normally lethal exposure to fire, relate to Psychoplectic warfare?

    Exposure to fire that causes severe third-degree burns is normally considered lethal for human beings. There is, however, strong scientific evidence that suggests it is not really, and not only, the exposure to fire that kills people. Rather, it is the subject's own perception of what they believe to be a fatal accident that triggers most of the immune traumatic processes usually observed in cases of severe burn-related injuries.

    Such evidence is comparable to documentation by forensic physicians who describe how people have died from non-lethal (sometimes extrordinarily insignificant) gunshot wounds. In certain cases, even a simple scratch in the thoracic area can convince some people that they have been shot in their heart. Subsequently, they just die, apparently from mere self-suggestion. Other people are known to have successfully commited suicide by absorbing what they thought to be heavy doses of what they thought was some dangerous medication, but which was not lethal (demonstrating the so-called "nocebo effect").

    It is also well-documented that many individuals have walked and danced in the fire for a protracted period of time without being affected in the slightest. An altered state of consciousness somewhat related to mystical trances accounts for this major discrepancy. Most likely, it is because those subjects can bypass their own perception of the reality that those people experience some sort of a self-imposed subliminal neuro reset. In doing so they are able to transcend our cultural perception of fire and to evade temporarily our paradigmatic reality in which flame exposure logically entails disastrous traumatic results.

  • In our tests, the Psychoplectlc operation consists in, 1) taking over completely the conscious and unconscious centers of decision making of the subject's brain, and 2) forcing them to deny the reality and the gravity of their bodily injuries so concretely and so completely that they will not undergo the lethal processes of physiological destruction usually associated with severe burn-related traumas.

    It is because such a phenomenon is actually more difficult to believe than the mere Subliminal influence on healthy people from a distance, that these tests would show right away the amazing potential and unlimited magnitude of the subliminal technology itself.

    If someone who was bound to die a certain death, within a few hours, could be "subliminally coerced" into not doing so, and if we could reproduce the same phenomenon on an unlimited amount of subjects with an equal rate of success, the very existence of Subliminal Influentiality, the potential of Psychoplectic warfare, and the value of Subliminal Non-Lethal Weapons would have received the most basic incontrovertible scientific validation.

    When this is accomplished, we may go to the next level of psycho/behavioral experimentation on specified human subjects from a completely different political agenda. But then, most obviously, those tests and researches should require a level of security clearance that keeps me from further developing the subject.

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