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  • The Warshal released

  • Washington Post Article. "Deported Druid Becomes Cause Celebre: Religious Freedom Advocates Defend Healer," National News, December 24, 2001
  • (Unaccepted) National Security Proposal to US, September 24, 2001
  • The Warshal written

  • Unprecedented "Brain-Mapping." "EEG Activity Before and During Process Meditation," John Polich, Scripps, La Jolla, CA. February, 16, 2000.
  • Full Spectrum Mind Dominance, Subliminal Influence Technology, and Brief Existential Resume
  • B'rith Esh: AVALLAC'H: the Avenging Angel of the Children's Future
  • Breakthrough in Burn Recovery: Efficacy of Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) in Treatment of Severe Burn Patients, An Alternative Method."
  • The Philip Savage Story
  • Translation and Documentation of Historic French TV Appearance. "Gwezh, The Unbelievable Healer," Patrick Sabatier Show, "If We Said Everything," December 28, 1990
  • Political Support Letters from US Congress, medical doctors, scientists and professionals
  • "Memorandum RE: The Potential Political and Economic Applications of Philip Savage's Subliminal Distant lnfluentiality (SDI)", Dr. L. Dee Jacobsen, Ph.D., ABCN, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Integrative Medicine Research, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA

  • Interview with AVALLAC'H
  • AVALLAC'H: Operational Procedure of Ethiatrics
  • Philip Savage: Journey Into the Absolute Elsewhere (Unit Publications: 1999)
  • Clinical Trials of Philip Savage's Subliminal Hypno-Programming Technology,  (a.k.a. the BURN STUDY).
  • Distant Healing Study of Herpes Zoster, (Sedona Holistic Medical Center report on efficacy of Philip Savage's Subliminal Technology)
  • Catharsis: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics, Founding Principles for non-profit California Corporation, 501(c)(3).
  • Fate Quake
  • Summary of Philip Savage's Case, Background of the Historic 1993 Political Asylum Case of Philippe Sauvage

  • Subliminal Hypno-Programming: A New Science and Advanced Technology
  • The OMEGA Brief (on Subliminal Influence Technologies of Philip Savage)
  • "Summary Report: Two Years of Scientific Investigation at the CIHS on the Validity and Efficiency of Philip Savage's Subliminal Neuro-Bypass Technology," by Dr. Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D., engineering physicist and Lab Director of the California Institute of Human Science, CIHS.
  • "Efficacy of Distant Healing Intentionality (DHI) in Treatment of Severe Burn Patients," (Alta Bates Medical Center, Berkeley, CA). Letter of Approval of Protocol for empirical study of Philip Savage's Subliminal Technology
  • Scientific Reports on Effects of Philip Savage's Subliminal Hypno-Programming Technology from US medical doctors and scientists

  • [MINDscape TECHnologies]
  • [Druidic Medicine]

  • [Original US Pamphlets and articles]

  • Subliminalistics
  • [US Press Articles]

  • Memorandum Decision Re: Petition of France for the Extradition of Philippe Sauvage, (US Federal Magistrate Barry Ted Moskowitz, February 10, 1993)

  • Letters of Support to Judge Moskowitz from French Political and Individual Supporters in Behalf of Philippe Sauvage

  • International Institute of Geosomatics
  • Letter of Support from Mohawk Nation Kahnawake Branch, Quebec, Canada (Andrew Tioteroken Delisle, M.N.O.)

  • Photos of Philippe Sauvage: "Interpol's MOST WANTED"
  • "Gwezh: The Unbelievable Healer." Videotape from the historic TV Appearance on the Patrick Sabatier show "If We Said Everything," December 28, 1990.

  • Phylogenesis and the Involution of the Human Species.
  • [Hundreds of French press articles, TV and radio show documentation]

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