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The following document, written by Philippe Sauvage in 1991, in Canada while he was seeking political asylum from French persecution, conceptualizes and establishes the INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF GEOSOMATICS, which as he writes, intends to draw "together the 'heroic heretics' of Western Science and the Guardians of Traditional Wisdom and Aboriginal Sapiental Lore into one organization. The blending of these streams of science and wisdom could then "...reopen the doors of tomorrow with the 'lost' keys of yesterday!" It was during this period of time when Mr. Sauvage was finding refuge among his friends of the Mohawk Nation, whom he had previously helped financially, that he and their leaders worked on plans for the Geosomatic Institute to benefit ALL their people. A year later, when supporters wrote letters to Federal Judge Moskowitz in behalf of Mr. Sauvage, one of those most historic letters came, indeed, from Andrew Tioteroken Delisle M.N.O. of the Kahnawake Branch Kanien'kehaka A'onakershsera, testifying that Mr. Sauvage "is considered a friend of the Mohawk Nation and we hope to continue our relationship with him in the future. In his travels, it is evident that he has become sensitized to the plight of our people." As noted in Mr. Sauvage's book, Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, this honor of friendship represents the first time the Mohawk Nation gave such credentials to a non-Mohawk brother.


(Theoretical and philosophical non-medical presentation, for internal circulation only)


All scientific paradigms are deadlocked. Environmental issues have reached a critical stage. Societal diseases, such as crime, are out of control. Health concerns outflank medical answers. Psychological and behavioral imbalances amount to chaos. All current cultural and spiritual patterns are dramatically overwhelmed by mounting crisis of collective and individual identity.

The International Institute of Geosomatics is the synergistic answer to a like morbid drift.
It represents the tool from which a new inclusive paradigm will emerge.

Out of the conjugate work of two streams that were formerly and misleadingly regarded as two antithetic worlds: Although utterly bankrupt nowadays, Western science has been capable to originate a few heterodox pioneers whose respective searches might usher to outstanding breakthrough. Insofar as they would be put together on a higher global perspective and completed by Traditional Wisdom and Sapiental Lore, that forms, precisely, the aforementioned second stream, most of what RE-discover the heroic heretics of Western science, dovetails to the universal knowledge of universal hermeticism.

Religious Masters, Medicine-Men and other Guardians of all kinds of Aboriginal Sapience were the keepers of various Grails, ultimately kindred to one another and also, surprisingly, cognate to the most advanced scientific insights. For instance, regarding basic principles such as interrelatedness and inseparability of all things or the delusive validity of any "material reality" that relates only to the imperfection of our non-awakened senses, their message matches entirely the basics and the results of quantic theories.

However, due to centuries of cultural holocaust perpetrated on the altar of "our" alleged "civilization", the last surviving apostles of Sapiental Lore are not less maimed and scattered than the most advanced searchers of Western science. The two dwindling streams of Science and Sapience are both in dire need of being reshaped and resubtantiated at the very source of a fusional and reciprocal blending with one another.


Geosomatics is the Science of interactive relations of our Planetarian Organism.

The Earth is a true unique living entity of formidable complexity in which all parts are interlinked and synergistic. The processing of information is basic for the very survival of all living organisms. To various extents, all of them possess their own systems of communication. The sophistication of such systems is normally proportionate to the complexity of its related physiological development.

Geosomatic program is to find out, to study, to channel and to utilize "neuro-physiologic" networks of our Geo-organism to try rebalancing our individual and collective equilibria. Then, by understanding and entering the "psychofields" of a like planetarian "bioconscience", we should be capable to "treat" morbid processes of reciprocal somatization by which the Earth is dying from Man, while as echoing part of the whole, Man at his turn, is dying from the Earth.


Four interrelated structures should synergize toward the global Geosomatic project

1)  Searching/Teaching Unit:

The headquarters of Geosomatics will include various laboratories of searches, corresponding to different approaches by which the psychofields of our collective planetarian organism will be, at first conceptualized then further tested. Experiments over interconnectiveness and retroactiveness of all living beings, will show their ultimate functional unicity and emphasize on our own individual echoing, to large scale environmental global depredation.

After they have been workably modeled, geophysiological processes will be explored for clear understanding of planetarian homoeostasis. A new geocybernetics will study the retroactive magnitude of ecological imbalance on Man himself and the very nature of his subsequent responsiveness as to severe geosomatic troubles.

As an example, the morbid devitalization of our planetarian organism (through deforestation and global chemo-toxaemic suffocation, for instance) provoked by the sudden, anarchic and malignant human demographic explosion, ought to be compared to our own cancer scenarios.

The immune breakdown of the Living Earth, by which her former most essential system of defense (Humankind, after having been replaced in its ultimate and unfalsified evolutive perspective) has become the worst morbid agent of her own current immuno-deficiency, ought also to be studied in analogy with A.I.D.S. and other human auto-immune troubles.

In synchronicity with like searches, other laboratories will begin to put into practice the first Geosomatic applications. Not only unprecedented breakthroughs are to be expected in the bioquantic field of new Sciences of Life, but also Geosomatics is bound to produce its most beneficial outcome in the domain of human ecological, societal and individual imbalances.

When they will be correctly understood, workably studied and concretely channeled, the psychofields of planetarian bioconscience should let us hope a global treatment for the homeostatic affections of the earth and ours, as well. All our troubles are toxaemically related. Toxaemia relates itself to entropy by which we asphyxiate the "open-systemness" of our planetarian organism.

Therefore, by treating our global self and our individual self, in bringing them back to their initial wholistic and interactive harmony, even alleged incurable collective and individual human diseases, might be unexpectingly well-corrected through Geosomatic cares.

Since Geosomatics is a true science, after the blending of the two main streams has occurred, after confirmation of the basic Theory and when its first applications have been successfully put into practice, an International Teaching Unit of Geosomatics will be set up. After they would have fulfilled the ethical criteria of geosomatic call and when they would have acquiesced to a condition of minimal dedication as to geosomatic projects, individuals or collectivities could be taught and even get degree or doctorship in one of the various Geosomatic disciplines.

Basically, the students whose background is essentially scientific, beside their opening to bioquantic new sciences of life, would be transmutatingly reshaped from entire new ethical, ecological and spiritual perspectives. Those, who relate to Sapiental domain, would be intensely "scientified" in order for them to acquire a new dialectic and experimental frame of mind that will bring them to better acknowledgement and practical implementation of their initial Lore they have been made, otherwise, incapable to communicate or to actuate.

2)  "Head-Hunters" unit:

Behind its provisional and humorous denomination, the role of a like structure is of the most extreme importance. It does not consist in haunting about, the best scientific universities or the most highly valuated private laboratories of research, in order to recruit the aforementioned "pioneers" and "heretics" of best heuristic importance. In truth, there will be no shortage of valuable candidates far too happy eventually to get an opportunity to escape, when they are still capable to do so, the imminent sinking of the whole Western scientific paradigm, which only seems still to hold water in the illusion of non-acquainted or brain-washed populations. As a matter of fact, some of the best of them might have been already enrolled in the Geosomatic project...

The sensitive mission of the H.H.U. is to locate the last authentic Guardians of human Sapiental Lore. This being already quite a task as to their horrendous rarefaction. After having been located, they should be apprised and taught over the whole issue. They have, especially, to be convinced of the global morbid emergency in which our Geo-Organism has already started to die. To provide like isolated (very isolated indeed, by definition) survivors with the capacity to comprehend the whole issue, very especially as to its necessary chronologic prospective, is an extremely difficult thing to achieve when, one knows how desperately optimistic and achronic true primitive (and most spiritual masters) are. Their being convinced to join us at once (therefore for some to abandon for a while their people or followers) is even a task more unlikely, as to the results, than the precedents.

Furthermore, one has also to consider with grim realism that, such spiritual or ethnic characters often evince strong egocentric pulsions (which amounts to sheer understatement...). Last but not least, to have a chance of getting their respect, beside his superior dialectic and cognitive talents, he who might undertake such "mission impossible" ought to be also provided with the ability to originate himself "Psy-Phenomena" of equal or higher rank than those they are used to actuating by themselves.

Beside all that, such a unit should be provided with objective means to evaluate, from scientific criteria, the credibility, the validity and the serviceability of such "rare pearls". Especially regarding their ability to connect and to influence the psychofields of planetarian bioconscience. In brief, tourism and vacation are not likely to constitute the main activity of such ultra-sensitive and hyper-specialized a unit. However, very fortunately, some of these indispensable Sapiental elements are already "on duty". Hopefully all of them do not live in the deepest rainforests, on the top of the World or in a sacred lost island of North-Pole.

3)  Ethiatric Center of Hyperborea:

The E.C.H. represents our Healing unit in its highest religious sense (Cf. "Holly", "Hallow", "Hail", etc.) and in its strongest medical meaning. However, the basic goal of Geosomatics is to treat, only globally and causally, human-related entropy by which is afflicted our planetarian organism.

Our mission is too critical and sensitive, for us to run the risk of being, at first, involved in the rescuing and treatment of sick people on an individual scale. We are not ready, structurally and philosophically, to clean the Augian stables of human Entropy, not yet. Before delivering him from his individual echoing to his dying global Earth-Self, Man has to be first awakened to the Reality of like planetarian linking. Second, he must be eager to inverse dramatically his self-destructiveness and ecological dis-integration. Then, eventually, he ought to become an active agent of Earth Salvation.

The E.C.H., will only Heal "Earth-Healers". That is to say, the "Green-Elite" by which their global reviving of our moribund bioconscience might help, in extremis, our Living Planet to recover from Her feral health condition. This having been implemented, the eventual actuation of Geosomaticians, specialized in entropiatric cares (from "Entropy" and Gk. "Iatros" as in "Psychiatry" "Pediatry" or "Geriatry") might start the first itemized cleansing of people, within several geosomatic clinics we would then allow to be set up throughout the world. Global homoeostatic processes are basic in our ecological and individual balance. Disruption of such a balance relates to behavioral disfunction of our micro- (individual) and macro-physiological (planetarian) systems.

Consequently, ultimate entropiatric treatment ought to deal with global physiological ethology in its peculiar therapeutical scope ("Ethiatry"). Man's comportment as to his micro-physiological self does not substantially differ from his noxious way of dealing with his outer self, planetarian physiology stands for.

For all that, only a violent behavioral experimental shock ("Ethocution"), might bring him back on his lost Geo- Homoestatic tracks. Since there is no longer on Earth so many places where true Nature still coexists with incorrupt aboriginal Lore and lifestyle, and since, such an ethocution implies to resort to the strongest possible experimental methods, only Polar hypernature -meets a like standard.

Over there, in the most extreme and sublime natural environment, all members of geosomatic "Green Elite" will be awakened to their higher "ethoselves". Their base will be an awesome, mystical and highly sacred Island of Western Greenland, in the wombs of which the untouched legacy and living spirits of an unknown immemorial civilization, shall help them in their etho-alchemical transmutation. Surrounded by "Arsamerit" (living and fearsome "Aurora Borealis"), "Nanoq" (the most intelligent and dangerous of all terrestrial animals... the Polar Bear, regarded as divine by the Eskimos), Whales, Dolphins, Walruses, Seals, Eagles and much more, they will thus enter the Archeo-harmony of our lost equilibria by the highest and most sacred of all gates.

Authentic Hyperborean Natives, who happen to represent the purest also hardest living aboriginal expression, will bring them back to the path of ultimate survival and ethological rebirth. Such ethiatric cares represents the most genuine manifestation of our futuristic... "archeotherapy". It forms also this superlative "mythotherapy" without which the embryonic "Ark" of our geosomatic undertaking would not hold the water of the chronotropic dilluvian ocean we thus aim to cross.

4)  Noachic Geosomatics: As concrete outlets of our dedication, and ultimate experimental attempts as well, our "Green Arks" represents the celestial Jerusalems" toward which our whole Geosomatic Crusade is deliberately focussed.

Our goal is to sanctuarize as many "Green Heavens" we can, in which endangered vegetal, animal and human species, altogether reconciled, interactive and reunified, might endeavor to survive the terminal entropic apocalypse to come.

We would like very much to try building an entire new panbiotic and negentropic World with all the "underdogs", "ugly-ducklings" and other "refuses" of our current and doomed "abworld". Especially, we would like to rescue as many children as possible from all over the world, individually cleansed from their alleged incurable affections or collectively healed from their societal diseases (such as starvation, genocide, etc.).

Then, without teaching them, without inoculating them with our entropic (or false anti-entropic) patterns, that is, to give them a chance to come up with solutions (and mutations) of their own.

Consequently, but the osmotic wisdom of their arboreal and animal brethren we would have rescued in synchronicity, the young pioneers of posthistoric and postnightmarish times to come, should be only supplied with the discrete aboriginal guidance of a few survivors of ancient Hieranimal Lore, for them to try to re-open the doors of tomorrow with the "lost" keys of yesterday!

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