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The following historic document, Synopsis of "The Philip Savage Story," was written by Philip Savage's team in 1999/early 2000, as part of a proposal to editors and book publishers interested in publishing the FIRST TRADE BOOK on Philip Savage's DRAMATIC and TUMULTOUS "Real-Life" Existence. This was the first time in all those years of publicity, Media-fame, and persecution that Mr. Savage permitted "his story to be told." Obviously, all attempts were immediately aborted when the US INS made their under-handed move against Mr. Savage in the Spring of 2000. The rest is "history," and the FIRST TRADE BOOK has still NOT been released... Stay tuned!

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The Philip Savage Story

At the end of "Druidism," there would be born a single male child [to] the only surviving matriarchal lineage of ancient Armorican spirituality. Androgynous, with the sacred powers of both female and male combined for the only time in Druidic history, this male child would be called the last Strobineller, the paradigmatic shiftmaster, assigned with the task of reconciling Man and Nature before humankind destroyed, forever, planet Earth, or vice versa. Born on December 30, 1953 in the Celtic nation now called Brittany, Philip Savage was this male child.

Neither myth nor utopia, the torturous and triumphant biography of Philip Savage is filled with documented true life stories of international politics, miraculous healings, unprecedented media fame, undercover French police assignments, ethnic and religious persecution, ecological crusades, humanitarian rescues, phenomenal scientific breakthroughs, and US political asylum.
Written by a ghost writer of the publisher's choice, from exclusive interviews with Mr. Savage, chapters will chronicle the powerful narrative of one absolutely unique being whose 46 years encompass at least seven extraordinary lives of global relevance:

  1. Renowned scientist, Paleoanthropologist and father of the science of Subliminal Distant Influentiality.
  2. Celtic Shaman, with a unique social-historical role and contemporary cultural legacy never before revealed in print.
  3. "009" undercover special agent, French counter-terrorist field operative during the European political turmoil of the mid-1970s.
  4. Charismatic miracle-worker whose media popularity drew record-breaking TV ratings for over 50,000 phenomenal spiritual healings.
  5. Refugee in exile from French political persecution and US Constitutional hero for winning the only French extradition case in US history of a non-Irish Western European citizen.
  6. Breton Liberation leader, revered for his spiritual powers and role as Keeper of the immemorial sacred traditions.
  7. Archeofuturistic "Divine Law Enforcement Agent" with practical Earth battle plans for the enlargement of a collective bio-consciousness on which to build ecologically balanced planetary structures of survival.

Beginning with his early background, the first chapters of the Philip Savage Story detail his eighteen years of grueling training, teaching, and initiations in the ancient secret esoteric knowledge of his people, the first nine by his matriarchal clan (mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother) and then nine more years completed by the male clan through transcendental sources.
The Celtic history (of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and Brittany) is an oral tradition, hence we have very little factual information except that which has been written by the historians of conquering cultures (i.e. Roman, Christian, etc.) In addition, Brittany is the Celtic nation of Northwestern France that' has been colonized since the 15th century and whose ethnic minority population has been oppressed and victimized throughout these last centuries. Surviving underground in caves and protected by forests, Philip Savage's matriarchal clan has kept alive for millennia the oral teachings of ancient Hyperborean spirituality. His ancestors have also been the guardians of the biggest and oldest megalithic monument in the world: Carnac, 3000 years older than Stonehenge.
"Druidism" stands for sacred oneness. This means oneness with all Life, especially our living Earth and all Nature, interconnected with all beings, seen and unseen. Reclaiming humankind's sacred purpose as guardians of the Earth, after having wrecked upon their Living Mother the most unforgivable depredations, geo-transgressions, and bio-separation, constitutes the core of Druidic wisdom. For the first time in print, this ancient spiritual heritage of European indigenous peoples will be available from the valiant personal stories of its ultimate surviving offspring.
Philip Savage's own purpose on Earth will establish the unifying thread for the rest of the Strobineller's biography: To help the birth of a new paradigm by scientifically proving the existence of the Divine in all levels of (multiple) realities, ago thereby raising (in a very short time) the collective bio-consciousness, making it concretely possible to save the planet and rescue some of its children.

The next chapters will track the events in Mr. Savage's life that develop the themes of heroism, persecution, spiritual science, and social change.
At the end of his first nineteen years of initiations, in order to remove any last shred of "ego," Philip Savage was ordered by his Clan to become his own worst nightmare: An undercover counter-terrorist French police operative. Working for the enemy, oppressors of his Breton people, he was required, nevertheless, to excel in this very sensitive government position as youngest police lieutenant of his generation.
Selected by his superiors ... because of his proven expertise in very deep undercover work, Mr. Savage was put in charge of a secret unit assigned to fight terrorism (i.e. preserve democracy in France) using terroristic methods. His unit was also to destroy the whole idea of terrorism in Europe by discrediting the terrorists' cause (through a kind of "scorch-Earth-policy"), and thereby cutting them off from all their support systems including those who controlled them from abroad. In the name of "god and country", what Philip Savage reveals about his duties during these mad times of European history will help the reader understand the Spartan, anti-personal, "warrior" side of his nature so necessary for him to accomplish his future Strobineller role.
Having successfully completed his clan's final egolytic (destruction of the ego) initiation, in 1978, Mr. Savage resigned with honors from the French police, and returned to Brittany to practice his family's healing tradition.
Taking his position as revered spiritual leader among his Celtic people, Philip Savage initiated followers in his own sacred castle, a 12th century monastery of the mysterious Knights-Templars, built on the grounds of the 5th century hermitage of Gwench'lan (historically, the last known living male Druid). During this period of time, the French political regime transferred power from [a] rightwing [government] ... to the Marxist-Socialist takeover of Francois Mitterand. As a result of this political shift, Philip Savage (and other surviving undercover police agents) were at risk for their lives. Allowing his reputation as a "crazy Shaman" medicine man to spread throughout France and Europe, Mr. Savage was able to provide a shield of protection for his very survival, which he credits, at least in part, to being viewed as having lost his mind, and therefore rendered" harmless."
For the people he took care of, however, Philip Savage was never viewed as harmless. Credited with over 50,000 miraculous healings of humans and animals by the time he was 35, he was celebrated throughout the elite circles of major European cities for his God-given gifts and followed by millions as the charismatic Breton" Miracle Worker." Appearing on TV and radio, along with hundreds of press articles a year, on December 28, 1990, Philip Savage broke all European TV ratings when he drew over 12 million viewers (equivalent to 70 million in America) to watch witnesses testify on their own miraculous recoveries from all kinds of incurable health conditions. As he recalls, the public was particularly bewildered by his premiere in the field of genetic engineering:

"When, before millions, people with unquestionable scientific and medical evidence explained that I had changed the genetic makeup of a foetus who was diagnosed many times (as were both parents) with cystic fibrosis prior to my cares, was born not only free from the disease itself, but also from the defective gene... it is not surprising that I broke all previous (and future) ratings of any TV show in Europe!"

In another record-breaking event, Philip Savage won a landslide debate, reaping 83% of audience response in his favor over his unfortunate opponent's (a highly esteemed representative of traditional medicine) meager 17%. As a result of this overnight media fame, Mr. Savage received thousands of letters petitioning for his spiritual intervention in behalf of the suffering and dying victims of life-threatening diseases. Making up to a quarter of a million dollars a day, he established a non-profit organization, Ordalie Jugement de Dieu (OJD), loosely translated to mean Doomsday, Judgment of God, through which he was able to recycle back into eco-humanitarian causes, all the money sent to him. Publicly, he became loved (and hated) as an eco-spiritual hero, personal champion to thousands of people suffering any kind of persecution, sexual discrimination, racism, cultural domination, political oppression, and rescuer of all kinds of animals, trees, and nearly extinct species.
Also during this period of time, Paleoanthropologist Philip Savage was renowned for his revolutionary contribution to Phylogenetics, the science of human and animal evolution. His 1500 page thesis on evolution, which clashed completely with Creationism and Darwinism, visibly startled and provoked many scholars, theologians, and certain well-placed members of the Vatican.

Continuing his scientific researches, as well as his spiritual healing practice, Mr. Savage originated and developed the new scientific theory and technological application, Subliminal Distant nfluentiality (SDI). Thoroughly tested for over twenty years, SDI, the science of neuro-behavior recalibration, has brought dramatic successes under the strictest scientific methodology in some of the most prestigious European universities and laboratories (such as the Marie Curie Institute in Paris). Stepping on toes, vociferously in certain cases, Philip Savage became chairman of the scientific skeptics association, Ethical Committee for Alternative Sciences, which formally demanded of the French government the same respect and legal standing, including insurance benefits, for spiritual healers as for practitioners of traditional medicine. He also used his powerful media position to broadcast internationally the ongoing struggles of the Breton Liberation Movement to attain political independence, cultural autonomy and religious freedom.

Having thus set the stage with the themes of persecution, heroism, and spiritual scientific breakthroughs, The Philip Savage Story moves into the final almost unbelievable accounts of political conspiracy, life-threatening imprisonment, and triumphant vindication, bringing his biography current to the dramatic present-day battles in which he is still relentlessly trying to fulfill his cosmic role on Earth.

At the height of his media glory, partly in reaction to the immense popularity and prestige with which he was showered, daily, and partly due to the pull of a deep mythological drive, Philip Savage left France.

Armed with a utopian dream of establishing the first Archeotherapy Center in Greenland, Mr. Savage spent the next six months preparing and building his scientific center in behalf of the colonized indigenous Innuit (Eskimo) people. On September 24, 1991, having achieved total success in his Arctic projects, he sent a radio broadcast announcing his accomplishments. Within hours after reaching the European public, the French Marxist political police (of president Francois Mitterand) attacked his offices, his monastery, and his organization's employees. Ransacking, torturing, and arresting (including the independent TV show host and producer who had interviewed Philip Savage in December 1990), the police confiscated Mr. Savage's consultant files and detained the president of his organization for four months in prison, without trial or access to her attorney.

Realizing that the purpose of these raids was to use his client files to construct a conspiracy against him (in retaliation for his exceedingly insulting refusal to save the life of President Mitterand, then dying of cancer, who had shortsightedly refused to share his exceedingly huge mid-East booty following Desert Storm). Philip Savage knew his life was again at risk. Immediately, Mr. Savage escaped from Greenland to Canada where he was welcomed and protected by the Canadian Mohawk Nation, people whom his organization had helped in the past. Several months later, France did indeed issue an international warrant for his arrest on the manufactured charges of illegal practice of medicine, and as "Interpol's Most Wanted," Philip Savage fled to the United States seeking political asylum from French persecution.

Not daring to use his own passport, where he would be immediately handed over by US immigration officers to the French gestapo, Philip Savage successfully crossed the border with an altered passport sent to him by a loyal follower in France. Subsequently arrested in San Diego, he was held in Federal prison to await a now historic Extradition trial. Protected from the French government, for the time being, Mr. Savage was able to alert the media and prepare his case using the hundreds of letters from elites, consultants, and Breton compatriots that poured into the offices of his US attorney and Federal judge magistrate testifying on his behalf as to the integrity, value, and immense spiritual and political stature of Philip Savage in Brittany and throughout Europe.
Several painful months later, the French request for extradition of Philip Savage was denied by US Magistrate Barry Moskowitz on the grounds of political, ethnic, cultural and religious persecution. Judge Moskowitz found no evidence of a crime committed in France, definite evidence of jeopardy to religious freedom protected by the US Constitution, and overwhelming documentation of Philip Savage's holy personage. An historic precedent, this was the first time in US history that extradition of a non-Irish, western European citizen was refused to France. With much gratitude to his outstanding public defender, Mary McGuire, and the honorable Federal judge, Mr. Savage was triumphantly released from prison on February 10, 1993.

Fully vindicated and exonerated by the US Court, Philip Savage recovered from this personal trauma in a monastery in east San Diego county. Sought after by American professionals, he prepared to serve in the US, the country to whom, at that time, he felt deeply indebted.

However, within the year, the INS filed deportation proceedings against him which have continued, through excruciatingly lengthy appeals processes, to the present time. Then in October 1995, the French government tried, convicted, and sentenced Philip Savage (in absentia), to the maximum prison sentence (five years) with no possibility of a suspended sentence. All this for conduct (spiritual "healing") fundamentally protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution and all UN codes of human rights. Today, political support from US Congressmen and women is backing legal efforts by Mr. Savage's nationally known immigration attorney to attain protected status and political asylum in America. If necessary, Attorney Peter Schey will appeal to the US Supreme Court.

At this point, the Philip Savage Story concludes just short of the most dramatic climax. After seven years of forced exile in the United States and intentional avoidance of the media, there is no longer any possibility of remaining private. Philip Savage's reputation for his scientific research and spiritual healing is rapidly spreading throughout the US in circles of scientists, medical doctors, alternative health pioneers, academics, politicians and thousands of ordinary people who have benefited from his Celtic powers. Dr. L. Dee Jacobean, for example, clinical neuropsychologist at Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California documents his observations of Philip Savage's series of most impressive biorestorations, including recovery from advanced brain cancer, coronary artery disease and virulent shingles (herpes zoster):"

"Currently, I am monitoring the recovery of one of my own patients who suffers from advanced Alzheimer's Disease. I have also reviewed the outcome data from a controlled randomized study in which Mr. Savage provided treatment of children who had suffered severe third degree burns. The five treated children recovered more quickly with far less pain, scarring and skin grafting than the control group children. None of the children were aware of the special treatment they received, thereby eliminating the placebo effect as a possible explanation."

Now known for these stunning results within the complementary medicine community, Mr. Savage has been invited by Congressional associates to apply for government funding of an extensive nationwide study of Subliminal Distant Influentiality on victims of third-degree fire burns.

The timing of government support for the Burn Study has coincided with the denial of final appeal in the INS deportation decision. Concurrently, there is also widespread social and political mobilization from very powerful American colleagues. Combined with the most gut-wrenching personal struggles, the coming months of Spring and Summer 2000 will mark a significant move in the destiny of Mr. Savage, his mission as the last Strobineller, and his duties to help bring forth the new paradigm.

As he describes it, this new world will have to be based on scientific proof of Truth, rather than on beliefs from particular cultural perspectives. To survive, Earth inhabitants need a peiradigm (worldview based on Truth), rather than paradigms (beliefs or theories). Philip Savage has the phenomenal ability to shift things. And he has the unusual permission (actually, the mandate) to demonstrate these miracles to anyone, anytime, under public scrutiny and with the strictest scientific methodology, inside the best laboratories and universities modern science has available.

Philip Savage's powers, handed down over centuries of oral tradition and initiations from his Matriarchal Clan, have been designed for use only in the most critical of times on Earth. The astonishing scientific breakthroughs in the treatment of severe third-degree burns using his science of Subliminal Distant Influentiality will provide the initial impetus to crack the old paradigm, making way for the one to come. Given the right signals, the Strobineller will, in this way, begin to complete his role and be shifted, himself, from the ancient into the futuristic part of his own identity.

Markets for the Philip Savage Story are diverse:

  1. Current Events—International Politics and Constitutional Law, Breton (Celtic) Independence Movement, National and International Security, Religion, Science
  2. Social History and Contemporary Culture (Western European Indigenous peoples—the Celts)
  3. Health and Alternative/Complementary Medicine
  4. Spirituality and Religion
  5. Ecology and Environment
  6. Social Justice
  7. Social Change
  8. True-Life Courtroom Drama
  9. Historical Biography.

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