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Deontological, Ethical and Scientific Manifesto
on the Origin and Treatment of Evil

The Warshal is the most recent epic installment in a life of authorship and research and is purely Philippe Sauvage at his ever-improving best. The Warshal is a work combining paleontology, biology, history of all eras and epochs, theology and so much more. It is at times an autobiography, but always it is a Biography of Life. Indeed, it conclusively addresses the meaning of Life and the meaning of Justice without which Life wouldn't exist AND the meaning of Evil which threatens both. As brutally honest as this Book is, it is still shocking how easy some assumptions fall. Here are a few excerpts from The Warshal:

"...I slowly begin to lift up the veil that has haunted mankind from the very dawn of its incipience, the veil of its own ultimate cosmic and existential truth..." (The Warshal, 0-1)

"Now, most literally, let us go back to the 'Source'. I would not like anyone to have become so 'taken' in by those 'cosmic conflicts' between 'Beings of Light' and 'Super-Being of Darkness' or between 'Cosmo-Warshals' and traitorous 'bio-cybernetic regulators', to think that, somehow, I have been neglecting the one and only 'direct pipeline' that we (or anyone else throughout the whole universe, for that matter) have with the 'Ultimate Divine'. I have not. Without my clarification on what has been happening and what is still happening at the macrocosmic level, one would not appreciate in its full extent, the inherent sacredness of all the extraordinary processes that take place within our microcosms. And, the deeper and the deeper one goes, the more one is getting closer to the 'Transcendence Within.'" (The Warshal, 9-1)

"So, the world is not irredeemable, man is not born a sinner, the most elevated existential meanings exist in this life...not the next. Unbeknownst to them, there are extraordinary powers in people that just ask to be reawakened, a true Divine, much greater than any previous idea of 'god' dwells within everyone. There are unbelievable advanced 'Beings of Light' out there who protect us, who advise us and are ready to share with us their cosmic wisdom after we have learned to reestablish bio-communication systems. There is no death, just an infinite bio-diversity of ONE sacred global existence. There is no 'hell' but our living Hell. Everything that is natural is rightful. You have the sacred duties to expand all your natural sensorial horizons which especially include your most exulting sensuality and sexuality. Through unconditional Love and Justice everyone can be granted immediate self-redemption from the 'Divine Source.' Bio-Grace is at anyone's reach, freely and readily when one regains the sense of her or his own inner Sacredness." (The Warshal, 9-9)

What is the meaning of Life? The quintessential question and yet so boring, for no human has convincing answers and all it causes is conflict between confused brethren. If you have to change your neighbor's mind at the point of a gun, it is indicative of your lack of proof. In absence of Proof, you would be wise to sit down and Shut Up!; as it has been said, "Judge not, lest ye be Judged." I expect that you have begun to recognize the complete Honorability of Philippe Sauvage; you may have even caught his presentation of a 'new' word, 'Peiradigm' which is from the Greek 'peira' = proof, evidence, experience, trial; an entirely new 'body of knowledge' established on 'proven truths', leaving behind the axiomatic conjectures of 'paradigm' , (The Warshal, 15-10)

Philippe offers nothing but Truth and Proof thereof, and by investing in yourself through purchase and reading of The Warshal, you will see the veils of disinformation across the millennia pulled away to expose a beauty of correlation between subjects and concepts previously assumed or indoctrinated to be unrelated. In fact, all things ARE related. Imagine a 3-Dimensional puzzle of cosmic proportion wherein ALL things connect directly or by paths of evolution in genetics or thought. Imagine complete cross-reference between Life and Death, God and Evil, evolution and creation, physics and the various cosmogonies, Christianity and witchcraft, Judaism and Buddhism, chemistry and alchemy, political science and theology, etc., where even the lies and untruths are connected to the Truth, from which they rebelled, by chains of development and causation. Now, imagine a puzzle without limit on the number of dimensions incorporated!

We all wonder what is Truth and what is merely a veil or myriad veils. In all too many issues nowadays, the illusions are so many that we don't know which way is up. No structure built on these false foundations can withstand the effects of simple weather, let alone the turbulence of these chaotic times. When the veils are removed, the flotsam and jetsam of palimpsested history cleared, bedrock is revealed upon which one can build new and durable structures: structures specifically designed, with intense focus on the foundations, to seemingly 'defy the laws of physics' and withstand the effects of existential tumult. The Warshal is the tool with which Philippe exposes the weak foundations of our commonly believed assumptions as a species and as civilization. He tears away the veils and lays the foundation for a new future, a future built on the solid foundations of Truth and Proof.

Philippe Sauvage pieces together the seemingly disjoint chaos of our world, cross-references it all with his own life of Service to Life and Justice and further integrates with that picture the many fields of bio-and psycho-restorative sciences he has initiated and propelled throughout his life. Thus, The Warshal is a complete package of diagnosis of humanity's and the Earth's illnesses and offers cure for the Evil.

If you have ever dreamed of a brighter future, The Warshal points the way to achieve that dream. If you have ever sought to participate in a Grand Adventure, The Warshal lays out the path. If you have ever asked, "Why am I here?", The Warshal has the answers. You name the question, on any subject which has ever perplexed you, whether profound or mundane and you will find Truth in The Warshal highly pertinent to that question. A VERY short list of topics cross-referenced and analyzed are the natures of life vs. Life, death, Hell vs. Heaven, God vs. gods, sin vs. 'free-will', prayer, origin vs. destination, the Holy Grail, war, creation vs. evolution, 'the law' vs. The LAW, the legal system, science and politics as new religions, forgiveness vs. redemption, and Transcendental Spirituality.

The Warshal is so packed with value that, just as with using MCC, there is no person on the planet who could not benefit incredibly by reading this book. Absolutely, the Truth is available here and now for your great benefit. If there is one last book that you will ever read, this must be the one. If you already have too many other things to do, purchase and read The Warshal first, for it will help you prioritize. Humans are traversing the gap between Judgment and Sentencing quickly and the watchful eyes of Truth and Truth's Enforcer see all. Without prioritization, you are just "grist for the mill."

Evil is so deep in this psychotic world and has been operating for so many millennia that virtually zero people on this planet are aware of the Truth, the real history, the real science, and therefore the real solutions. The time has come for the real solutions to surface . Evil can, must and will be cast into oblivion, never to return, and with Your help the sooner...the better. All it takes is for You to acknowledge and accept the helping hand now stretched before You. If You understand only one thing from this website, let it be that You DO have Purpose in this Life. Let it be that the Possibilities of the Open Heart are boundless. From The Warshal, learn who and what you Truth comes quickly.


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This book is definitely deep, but even so, it has life-changing value for those wanting to learn about Druids, Celts and Amazons, Love and Hate, histories of Western Europe, Greenland, the Asian Steppes, the Middle East, and even North America; there is profound material here for the political scientist, the biologist and the sociologist, environmentalist and patriot, for warriors and soldiers, chemists and alchemists, feminists, anarchists and physicists, historians and linguists, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, etc. as well as agnostics and atheists. Finally, this book is a prime page-turner for anyone with a truly open mind, anyone who is ready and looking for the next step in LIFE!

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