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The following document was also written by Philip Sauvage in 1999 as a brief summary of his historic political asylum case in order to help his US supporters attain the legal, professional and political assistance they would need to protect him and eventually win his rightful status under the First Amendment to the US Constitution, the primary amendment written to guard against exactly the kind of religious persecution suffered by Sauvage at the hands of the French government and then again by the gestapo of the US immigration "service."

Summary of Philip Sauvage's Case

My name is Philip SAUVAGE (Philip GWEZH, in my Celtic language). I am a 46 year-old European scientist with an outstanding background in disciplines such as Paleo-Anthropology, Behavioral Sciences and Criminology. Coming from a millenarian lineage of Cultural symbols and Spiritual leaders within the Breton Celtic minority (at the North Western border of France), I am also a spiritual teacher. Finally, owing to my past activities in "discretional warfare" as "underground field operative" with the rank of Lieutenant, I am an expert in the field of counter-terrorism.

Besides fulfilling my eco-spiritual duties and teaching thousands on the Divine nature of Life, during the last twenty years I have been working on creating a new futuristic science, so advanced that there is absolutely nothing equivalent in the world. Under the cloak of my traditional Spiritual practice, I have put to the test in the field of health, my new scientific discipline upon more than fifty-thousand subjects (humans, babies, fetuses and animals, as well) with absolutely unprecedented levels of therapeutical success, very especially in the most dramatic scenarios in which people had been reaching the final point of so-called terminal diseases (such as cancer and AIDS, to name a few). To prove my point with the highest scientific methodological criteria, I have also been testing my "spiritual technology" within the most renowned European universities and laboratories, especially on human cell samples incapable of being affected by psychosomatic or psycho-suggestive effects.

I have termed such a science "Subliminal Influentiality" which authorizes me (or those I would teach) to implant from a distance and beneath the threshold of their awareness new psycho-behavioral patterns into the deepest layers of the subject's unconscious. Through such higher forms of "remote hypno-programming,"one can drive subjects to complete health recovery in some therapeutical scenario, or change with mathematical precision and dramatic potency their most essential neuro-emotional processes according to a preestablished plan or agenda. Let us face it, should such scientific technology fall into the wrong hands, it would be the most efficient and frightening technique of "mind control" known to man, far more accurate and efficient than all those governmental "ultra-classified" researches known today as "influence technologies" (such as those resorting to "microwave" applications, for instance).

I do not know whether the very negativist attitude of the U.S. government toward me (through the I.N.S.) has anything to do with the very "sensitive" nature of my researches. (I thought they would try to "use" me rather than harm me if they knew at all). But the "legal" pretext of my being in serious trouble, right now, arises directly from my political situation in France and the consecutive events which drove me into the U.S. to seek protection.

Ten years ago in Europe I had become a "media star" of unprecedented magnitude owing to my work in the field of human health. I always worked in perfect harmony and synergy with French official physicians and got full support from the French Medical Board in my crusade to debunk all sorts of quacks and charlatans in the domain of the so-called "holistic therapies." (I was, back then, the chairman of a scientific and skeptic association called the "Ethical Committee of Alternative Sciences").

I would be a fool should I deny that I was seen as a major political threat by the French establishment. I purposefully and constantly used my extraordinary media impact on the TV screen to bring forth the Breton issue before the French public. I did not try to hide, either, my deep aversion for the Communist and Socialist government of Francois Mitterand. Furthermore, my being seen as some kind of "eco-humanitarian hero," with pretty radical convictions on the relationship between man, nature and God, was not totally inconsequential from a political point of view.

Yet, as long as I remained under the protection of my "top media coverage," I knew that the French government would not so eagerly try to harm me. The risk of some sort of popular unrest in Brittany (always on the edge of ethnic uprising), should they attempt to neutralize a major cultural symbol such as myself, was not something the French would take unless they had a perfect opportunity to do so. Unfortunately, I gave them such an opportunity when I had to depart Europe temporarily to set up a scientific and eco-humanitarian center in Greenland (North Pole) on behalf of the Eskimo native population.

Profiting from my temporary absence, the French hastily set up a major political conspiracy against me to preclude my coming back and to get rid of the danger I represented to them. In September 1991, they raided all the offices of my organization with extraordinary violence and did so in complete violation of all legal rules. Without even the pretext of any lawsuit against me and, indeed, against the decision of the French Medical Board, they arrested all my collaborators and started to menace my former patients either to sue me or to be arrested themselves, this being, by the way, one of the worst possible violations of the basic legal system of non-retroactivity. I had no other choice but going right away to the United States of America to seek protection against the French terrorists who made the irrecoverable mistake then to apply for my extradition. It did not take the U.S. Justice very long to expose the political and conspirative nature of the French extradition which was violently denied in February 1993. It was the first time in the whole U.S. history that the extradition of a European citizen was denied on the grounds of political, philosophical and ethnic persecutions by France. To give emphasis to what represented the worst international political incident between the United States of America and France since the betrayal of NATO by De Gaulle in the Sixties, I feel that it is necessary for everyone reading this dossier to read a small excerpt of the U.S. Federal memorandum on my extradition case:

  • ... The Supreme Court of the United States recognized the peril to religious freedom that could result from a similar prosecution in the absence of proof to negate the existence of a good faith belief in the "religious solicitation."... We do not agree that the truth or verity of respondent's religious doctrines or beliefs should have been submitted to the jury. Whatever the particular indictment might require, the First Amendment precludes such a course as the United States seems to concede.... Freedom of thought which includes freedom of religious belief: is basic in a society of free men.... Men believe what they cannot prove. They may not be put to the proof of their religious doctrines or beliefs. Religious experiences which are real as life to some may be incomprehensible to others. Yet, the fact that they may be beyond the ken of mortals does not mean that they can be made suspect before the law.

  • ... The miracles of the New Testament, the Divinity of Christ, life after death, the power of prayer are deep in the religious convictions of many. If one could be sent to jail because a jury in a hostile environment found those teachings false. little indeed would be left of religious freedom. The religious views espoused by the respondents might seem incredible, if not preposterous, to most people. But if those doctrines are subject to trial before a jury charged with finding their truth or falsity, then the same can be done with the religious beliefs of any sect In order to find Sauvage extraditable there must be probable cause to believe that he did not sincerely believe that he had these powers. This court cannot make that finding on the present state of the record. There being no probable cause to believe Sauvage committed the offenses charged and the facts established not constituting a criminal offense in the US. the present application for the extradition of Philip Sauvage is denied....

  • So, from the top of "Interpol's most wanted list," I went back to a status of vindicated free man, the innocent victim of one of the most appalling political conspiracies in this century. I was so blessed and so grateful to the American people and to the American Justice that I started right away my work in this country, teaching hundreds of physicians and various scientists in my own scientific field and on the inherent Spirituality of life, almost oblivious that an "insignificant" technicality with the immigration laws would later on come back at me with a vengeance. When I entered the U.S., the French political conspiracy was at the peak of its most aggressive and dramatic phase. People in Europe were still in shock or indeed in prison (without even access to a lawyer). The friendly press that tried to vindicate me later on was then incapable of getting any sort of information on the terrorist activities of the French government. My many support committees did not have a chance, yet, to organize themselves.

    In one word, I had no other choice but to enter the U.S. under another name in order for me to gain support, alert the media and prepare my lawyers and my witnesses from Europe before going to court on my extradition case. Should I have tried to come into America under my actual name, I would not even have had a chance to plead my case and I would have been immediately brought back to France with all the consequences it entailed for my life. After I had so beautifully won my extradition case at the highest Federal level of the American justice, I sincerely (and quite foolishly) thought that the whole issue had been resolved. My complete innocence having been, then, proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and the French political conspiracy against me having been exposed and denounced with such remarkable and solemn emphasis, I truly believed that I had also been vindicated from the "small" irregularity of entering the U.S. under another name.

    Nothing could have been further from the truth and, I have been since harassed, threatened, humiliated and insulted by the I.N.S. more, indeed, than by the French throughout their entire machination. The I.N.S. have themselves constantly and repetitively violated their own regulations so blatantly that, without the slightest hint of paranoid delusion, I have to consider the option of some private political agenda against me. This is, to me, all the more shocking since I never ceased to express to the United States my most unconditional gratitude. During the last seven years where I have been living in America, I have managed to live a life of impeccable morality, abiding to every rule, law and regulation and surviving in complete financial self-reliance without being ever a burden to anyone. I am absolutely fluent in the American language. (I also have the basic knowledge of ten other foreign languages). According to my last "psychic evaluation" a few years ago in Europe, my I.Q. gravitated around twice what is considered the norm for an average intelligent person. The extent of my own scientific background and the amount of my American scientific supporters offer the strongest guarantees as to my never becoming a burden to this country, but on the contrary, an invaluable asset. I have also fathered two American children whom I am trying to rear in love and loyal allegiance for their American homeland.

    Actually to express even further my gratitude and goodwill to America, I have ceaselessly tried all those years to get the attention of the U.S. government and offer them access and, indeed, exclusivity in using my own scientific technology of "Subliminal Remote Influentiality," for use in the field of national and international security after preliminary testing. This shows how ready I was to prove to the U.S. my loyalty and allegiance in exchange for my being eventually accepted into the American social and cultural fabric. Knowing that, as a Breton national, my alleged past "French citizenship" was imposed upon me as a disgrace and as a stigmata owing to the cruel vicissitudes of military history, in case I would have been granted the privilege of getting new citizenship, honorable at last, there would not have been a more committed and loyal American citizen than myself. Gratefulness just like vengefulness are the two best known psychological features of the Celtic Bretons (just as our national flag, the "Gwenn ha Du," is black and white).

    Should I keep being insulted and humiliated by the U.S. which, before this last blow, I have always defended and promoted (sometimes by putting my own life on the line) or should I start to look to a more welcoming and respectful foreign country, a country that would demonstrate more practical intelligence than this one and should give to my work and my own person the concrete consideration they deserve. There are many nations, out there, that would dream of being given the opportunity to use, for their own national or international benefit, the most potent "Influence Technology" system on Earth. You are Americans and, therefore, the answer is yours, entirely. I am a free "Earth's citizen" and, trust me, I do not have any national preference. To me all borders and countries are equally unnatural. There is no human language I could not learn within a few months and no human psyche I could not assimilate within a few weeks. I am no longer looking for temporary stopgap procedures. My own line of work requires serenity and security (and maybe a little touch of minimum appreciation). If I have to remain in the U.S., I ask, most solemnly, not to be a pariah anymore. No more Damocles sword hanging above my head.

         Thank you for your attention.

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