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The following document was written by Philippe Sauvage in 1999, just following the most outrageous and unexpected failure in the 9th Circuit Appeals Court by his most incompetent pro-bono immigration lawyer and her fatherís San Diego lawfirm, which later turned out to be working in personal complicity with the very lawyers of the San Diego INS!, notorious for their incompetent and illegal actions against immigrants from all countries, but most especially against Mexican immigrants whose border they share. While exiled in California, Philippe Sauvage accumulated more than enough personal experience of such atrocities, some of which he most eloquently and justly refers to in this document.


In all my previous texts, I had carefully endeavored to evade, as much as possible, the idea of "Darkness" with a "D" highly and personally capitalized. I did not wish, back then, to confuse or frighten my audience with a concept that was already and strongly omnipresent, although only in a subjacent manner, all along my writing. I should have known better and remembered that in our world of climactic duality, I am, more indeed than just about everybody else, an open target and high priority trophy to this "Master of Darkness" that rules the reverse-dimension in which we are all being burned at the stake of the last test of our final cosmo-existential hearing before terminal Dharmic sentencing.

The purpose of this short new text is not to teach or initiate "my" people on the "Dark side" yet which is just as real as Life, God and Justice. If I am ever given a chance to teach or initiate a few worthy beings on such a question, I will then awaken them, with extreme caution and much compassion, to the "Awful Truth" of "Darkness." But, unfortunately, it seems that I may never have such a privilege owing to the, last but not least, existential blow with which I have just been "rewarded."

After seven years of ceaseless and countless humiliations and persecutions from the so-called "Immigration and Naturalization Services," and after an avalanche of irregularities, violations of their own rules and declared fanatical hostility against me, I have just been informed that all my legal possibilities of appeal are now exhausted and that, consequently, I have only a few weeks before I must leave the U.S. or be forcibly delivered to the French with all the terminal consequences it would entail, as you by now already know.

For years and years, I have tried not to express too much anger toward the U.S. government which, through its infamous "immigration" police, had achieved to humiliate and to hurt me, more indeed than my worst "enemies" (the French) ever dreamt to. Isn't it some sort of a paradox that a country which I have never harmed, supported against all odds since my youth and to whom I felt so committed and indebted since my extradition case in 1993, has in the same time never ceased to thrash me, to malign me and to persecute me beyond beliefs or beyond description. At least, to the French I was some sort of a "big shot." I was described as a big-time political criminal, some high-ranking demonic creature or a subversive of "national importance." On the contrary, from the onset, the American government manifested toward me only feelings of aggressive contempt, insolence and insult. Actually, all this has been and still is so hurtful to me that I cannot even describe or allude any further to such a mudslide of unforgivable Injustice and base dialectical slime. Anyone who wishes to enter the details of my immigration petition (not only the most voluminous, but also the strongest, best documented and most legitimate case in U.S. history) is welcome to contact my immigration Lawyer through the Chairman of my organization.

I don't know whether you fully realize it, but I do not have any sort of attachment to the U.S. or to any other foreign country for that matter. I am not even sure that I am really an Earthling but if I am one, Earth's "citizenship" is all want to get. Every child on this planet is my child, regardless of his/her "color" or "nationality." I am here to protect and serve all living things far beyond despicable concepts such as human boundaries and the like. Long before departing Europe voluntarily, I had already denounced my pseudo "French citizenship," not only because I should be legally regarded as a "Breton National" not as the conquered subject of French genocidal colonialism, but also because I did not want to be a "citizen" at all, regardless of the flag one is forced to swear allegiance to. Firstly, the very idea of "citizen" is established on the etymological root of "city" which I have always despised and combated in obedience to my most basic religious beliefs of "Servant" of the Divine Natural Order.

SecondIy, being a "citizen" of one given country is a highly separative concept by which one perceives the citizens of alleged "foreign countries" as alien or hostile. People are one, just like Life or indeed God, regardless of what totalitarian governments are trying to indoctrinate you with. All my lifelong, I have deliberately achieved to maintain a distant benevolent neutrality toward all forms of human spiritualities or religions. I am supposed to help every decent system of belief access, from within, to higher levels of tolerance, ecumenism and respect for all Life without ever trying to make the believers renounce or compromise their particular faith.

Likewise, I am supposed to help any decent nation expand to higher levels of bioconsciousness, of unified human brotherhood, of peace with the Earth and, eventually of reconciliation with God. Yet, I am not supposed to do that from a "partisan" stance (national, ethnic, political or ideological) but from a relatively independent perspective. I always wanted to become a true "Earth's resident," a free, wild and ever-giving being, without ever being shackled by the chains of some divisive so-called "citizenship."

I never did apply and never will apply to become anything such as an "American citizen." After I had established with the strongest case of political asylum ever to reach the U.S. government, that in the name of your own founding legal principles, I was fully entitled to remain in this country, as long as my bio-duties should require it, I just applied for temporary residency. For the "right" of my being present on the "sacrosanct American soil" without having to worry about my provisional legal status as long as God keeps calling me to help and serve the people of this country. Well, apparently, even that humble request was too much for me to ask....

Thieves always protect their stolen properties with much more fanaticism than legitimate owners do. Prostitutes always give their (very unfortunate) children a stricter and more extremist (religious and moral) education than regular good parents do. Because Americans have stolen the land of their original and legitimate dwellers (not owners, for no one but God owns the land) and prostituted themselves into "religious self-righteousness" after the crime was perpetrated, the U.S. Immigration system with its "goons" and "kapos" (who are not worthy to be called lawmen) is most notoriously the most brutal, arrogant and unjust of any immigration department in the whole world today.

I am not talking only of what is happening in your own Southem backyard on an everyday basis where "Nazilike" roundups and callous violence against women and children, just searching for food, are infamous everyday facts of life. I have, most personally, witnessed during several years of my living in East San Diego County, acts of such heinous barbarity and nightmarish frequency, that I cannot indeed remember them without shedding tears of desperation and rage. Depraved actions that put you directly into a time capsule and catapult you right back into the darkest epoch of the Third Reich! I am not even talking about the "interesting" immigration laws that made you bring into such an already genocidal country millions of unfortunate "black folks" whom you abducted from their own families and homelands in Africa before raping them, torturing them or killing them by overwork exhaustion. And now, after a "Civil War" and one hundred twenty five years of hooded violence and social lynching you still affect to be "shocked" or "perplexed" at the "Black Rage" after you have tried to relieve your "bad collective conscience" by throwing some pathetic so-called "affirmative action" bones for them to gnaw.

No, what I am talking about is, what sort of national or sovereign legitimacy could possibly be invoked by those who most blatantly did not apply for a "green card" (eco-pun highly intended) from the sole legitimate and true Americans? Those whom you still call so erroneously the "Indians." I wish I could go back a couple of centuries ago or so and advise the Natives to create and enforce the "Indian Naturalization Service" (I.N.S.) with the same racial, discriminatory and protectionist spirit that your "frontier Gestapo" has shown all along its shameful history.

Ask the Irish in the 19th Century, or in this Century the Italians, the "Polacks," the Jews, the Asian people what is their personal experience with U.S. immigration. Always you will find the same patterns of sadistic humiliation, sheer discrimination and downright injustice.

Oftentimes, obviously "under the charm" of my "foreign" accent, many Americans told me how much they relish "foreign accents." My bittersweet answer is always the same: "Maybe this is right with every foreign accent as long as they are European (and French especially) and as long as they are not Hispanic, right?" Today, there is an all-out American war against anything even remotely Hispanic. Even in any official form that one needs to fill out, the discrimination is blatant: You are either White, Black, Asian (American "Indian") or... Hispanic. Hispanic as a "race," you must be kidding me. I am a Physical Anthropologist for God's sake! When was it that blond and blue-eyed people from Spain or Argentina, for instance, ceased to be considered "white?" How come that one can be an American citizen AND still maintain his/her own Danish, German or French citizenship without any problem, when one cannot be American AND Mexican at the same time, for instance?

Let me tell you something really personal and highly provocative: It is not at all my attraction to American celluloid, shop-til-you-drop and cartoonish civilization that made me stay so long in a country so blatantly hostile to everything I stand for. What drove me to stay is that, with France as a distant second, America represents the absolute worst breeding ground for Evil and, most particularly, to Injustice (with the "E" and the "I" super-capitalized owing to their sheer magnitude).

One of the many paradoxes of the American evil is that being established on the most unconscionable, most brutal and most "successful" of all past or future genocides, America dared to erect itself to the rank of "world's conscience." Millions of Jewish people before and during World War Two have paid the ultimate price, just because of infamous American isolationism, the same isolationism that is making a new comeback through many U.S. political leaders, all across party lines. A new heinous isolationism whose rotting grimacing figure is epitomized in mounting "charismatic demonic demagogues" such as all those "pukanans" and their many neo-Nazi ugly ilk. And, at the same time, American isolationism goes together with U.S. hegemonic and interventionist supremacism which dictates to the whole world how they should live under pain of immediate military annihilation, in complete violation of the very Charter of the United Nations. All that being done in the most cowardly fashion of those typical digitalized "baby-boomer wars" where casualties only affect innocent civilian populations not any of those vile "Doctors Strangelove" who are just good at wallowing after their "feats of soldiery" have been perpetrated from their comfortable hideouts thousands of miles away from the real "theater of terroristic operation."

I do not deny that "good people" may also happen to be "American," through some historical accident, atavism or something along this line. On the contrary, I know that one of the most ascertained of all rules is the law of the opposites and paradoxes: By effect of contrast it is where the worst evil reigns that the best righteous ones arise. Due to its most fundamental ethno-historical makeup, America is the country where the worst scum of the universe and the best people on Earth meet each other, oftentimes on some quite dramatic collision course.

There are indeed some specific so-called "American values" which are endearing to me. The U.S. Constitution undoubtedly constitutes a legal and philosophical masterpiece for instance, yet it IS like it never really got the full implementation it deserved and remained a theoretical, almost metaphorical, idealized model. I love ideas such as self-reliance, risk-taking adventure and, of course, freedom which are supposed to be part of the original American concept, but, not unlike the constitution, those magnificent concepts are more hypothetical than actual.

Americans, from time to time, can also show remarkable generosity and altruism but, usually, this occurs only in cases of national emergency or natural disaster, not in an everyday basic scenario where social or racial injustice as well as individualistic greed and selfishness overwhelmingly prevail. There are also, out there a few wealthy "enlightened" humanitarian benefactors, who are trying to share with others their financial luck. Unfortunately, I never had a chance, thus far, to get the attention of any of those, although I know that some of them could probably be very responsive to my eco-humanitarian projects, my unprecedented contribution to human health improvement and aging processes reversion, without mentioning my lifetime commitment to rescuing children. I also have in reserve in my "backpack" a few remarkable solutions to curb crime and violence dramatically (juvenile delinquency, very especially), also some long term recipes to fight poverty and social alienation that cause most of such anomalous societal crises. All sorts of "gifts" that I would have been quite glad to share with you, should you have given me the slightest chance to do so.

So do not even think that I would feel "punished" or "nostalgic" should I be forced to depart this hellish country. There are, out there, many nations, obviously much smarter than yours, which would feel quite glad (indeed honored) should I decide to choose them as my future homeland. Besides offering me the minimum respect I deserve owing to my spiritual tradition and my own existential achievements, maybe they should also be very much interested in using for their national or international agendas my unique expertise in the field of "Subliminal Influence Technologies," and expertise which I would be glad to share with any new welcoming country as a most immediate reward for showing me consideration and appreciation.

Starving children and endangered species to rescue are just everywhere. Indeed, if I have to choose between rescuing third-world children who are actually starving en masse and bailing out American brats from their disgusting greed and partying drives, I will take any time the first proposition and go help the most destitute countries without any hesitation. Yet, I also know all too well that evil must be fought in its own lair to bring widescale results. That is why I am offering you the following proposition. The American evil is your evil, not mine. If, in America, there are people who are ready to go to the front line to help me help them turn the American nightmare into the American dream which never was, I am ready to stay in the U.S. as long as they can offer me in return the minimum existential safety and dignity I am entitled to. Without such most fundamental concepts of security and respect, there is no way I could further my work with any measure of efficiency on the scale it truly deserves.

I shall not in person pay to a lawyer, no matter how good he claims to be, huge amounts of money that could literally help thousands of starving children survive in one of the most destitute countries on Earth. If I put into the balance the way by which such a lawyer should reuse this money to cater to his own personal mundane lifestyle and the way such money could be used by me in highly humanitarian or ecological projects, there is no room indeed for any discussion. My having a slight chance to be hypothetically and eventually granted the "right" to remain in the U.S. is not worth the gamble from my own ethical point of view.

But, if you folks are ready to make such an investment thinking that your personal or philosophical interest is my helping you, teaching you and guiding you with all my humble resources, to turn the grim American" experience" into something else, I shall abide by your decision. Herein lies the very essence of Servancy. The privilege of making choices is yours entirely. My nature is only to comply to the plans of my Maker no matter how complicated or downright torturous they may feel like at the very moment they are bestowed unto me. If you decide to help me help you, it is most obvious that the embryonic organization we have been setting up should turn right away, and for the duration, into some sort of a support committee for my own survival, knowing that without my "bio-intercession" the whole purpose and the entire functioning of such an association would be void of any substance whatsoever.

I am not asking for help (never have and never will). I am just asking whether you still want me to help you and if the answer is yes, you will have to give me an opportunity to do so. I am not authorized to resort to my "subliminal mind powers" for anything personal, which includes influencing the people in charge of persecuting me in a way that would seem beneficial for myself. You cannot ask a humble "instrument" of God such as I, to use God's powers against God's will, can you? This goes a long way toward explaining why, being so good at bailing out my people from seemingly terminal or catastrophic scenarios, I am, on the contrary, pretty pathetic at solving with the same rate of success my own existential and statutory dilemmas. I am perfectly entitled to delegate to you, people, large segments of those powers to help you "unfreeze" your own "mind forces" and ''factual intentionality." Then, the whole issue becoming some sort of an "internal affair" between members of the same human "brotherhood," you are not forced to respect the rules I must myself abide.

Indeed, I am now fighting once again for my own most immediate survival. Quite fortunately, there are, in my ancestral tradition, some measures of exception to the general rule, when, through one of its leaders, the very survival of the "radiation" itself is on the line. Seeing that I am the very last of my entire radiation and that its final prophecy and culmination would abruptly abort should I become incapable of fulfilling their multi-millenarian plan, the whole momentum and powers of my mythical ancestors and my spiritual guides are now, more than ever, ready to be fully unleashed in their most concentrated capacity. Therefore, my "new" work in its "new" expression, starts as of this moment. Your own work of existential assistance, public lobbying and legal fees contribution has already begun. Yet, what you did not know you already had (for I did not unfreeze them yet in you), like ultra-potent "mind-powers" in the field of "Subliminal Influentiality," I bestow it upon you as of immediately. You may be surprised (and somehow frightened) by their potency but you must all also remember that I am loaning you those powers only for the purpose of bailing me out of my current and dramatic statutory impasse. Keep your full focus perfectly in line.

It also represents a test with major repercussions on your future ability to combat injustice and contribute to higher-consciousness in this country. If you can win this battle you will have proven beyond further question your bravery, your loyalty and the sincerity of your own commitment in my own struggle for Life, God and Justice." Then, from a loan I shall gladly go to the level of a lease and entrust you with more delegations. I will also greatly enlarge the "tactical spectrum" of your own "subliminal influentiality" for us to start doing the "good work" which has already and miraculously put us together.

I do not know whether I should tell you thank you or farewell because my own future has never looked so uncertain throughout my entire life. You know, one's inner infernos greatly differ from one person to another. My own personal hell is duality: I am, apparently, so good at dissolving people's inner existential or physical contradictions (my own dualytic practice, remember?), that I often underestimate the potency of the "dark forces" of duality within myself or, in this specific case, all around myself. I have been so blessed recently by the totally unexpected responses to my writing of so many beautiful people that, for a brief moment, I foolishly and perilously loosened my guard and my vigilance against omnipresent "Darkness" who is, now, coming right back at me with a vengeance.

It is up to you to turn my "angel's swan song" into some "phoenix's new birth anthem" if such a transmutational miracle still remains possible. No matter what dramatic direction my chaotic existence will soon take, I grant you with my eternal gratitude for making me believe in the "miracle of my resurrecting from my ashes" and offering me the wonderful "gift of my dreaming once again," should it have been for a too short period of time.

Your once and, with the help of God, future Servant.

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