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This second AVALLAC'H pamphlet, "Operational Procedure of Ethiatrics," was published by Catharsis also in 1999 as the first "Operations Manual" on How to Use Philip Savage... ! As a Standard Operating Procedures manual, it became invaluable to the many consultants and patients of Sauvage, especially as they began to refer their friends and colleagues. With these two AVALLAC’H pamphlets, both of which are extremely accessible to the layperson, people were given an opportunity to understand, in non-scientific terms, who Philip Savage is, what he does and to some degree how he does it. Most importantly, this document outlines the basic protocol to follow when interacting with Sauvage, as well as describing several of his MOST URGENT EARTH PROJECTS, to which ALL THE DONATIONS received by Catharsis go: GAEL (Geonational Anti-Ethocide League), SDI (Subliminal Distant Influentiality), Eco-Humanitarian work, and Scientific Experiments. As part of the "HEALING FRONT," this pamphlet (along with all the other documents) helped Philip Savage survive those many wasted years of brutal persecution by the French and US governments.


In relation to his most ancient roots of spiritual legitimation, the Ethiatrist's procedural name is Avallac'h, also known as Philip Gwezh in his Breton Celtic nation or Philip Savage in this country. His matriarchal lineage goes back into the Hyperborean age, millennia before our so-called proto-historic times, through an uninterrupted initiatory legacy of pure and direct oral tradition that has survived many cultural and religious paradigmatic transitions. Besides being the last living direct representative of the ancient Armorican Druidic tradition, in his own mythical and spiritual tradition, he is also considered the final Strobineller ("Shift Master") who is supposed to assist man overcome its internal divisiveness and atone for his bio-secession, within the cataclysimic changes soon to take place.

More prosaically, Avallac'h is a major historical and cultural symbol of Brittany, some sort of unsung Celtic "Dalai Lama," also in exile due to dramatic political, ethnic and religious persecutions from a foreign power known for its fanatical totalitarianism toward human rights, religious freedom and ethnic minorities.

Enforcer of Cosmic Justice. Avallac'h defines himself as the "humble Servant of the Divine Natural Order, here on Earth." Yet, coming from a long lineage of "green-warrior-priestesses," he views himself also as the fierce enforcer of Cosmic Justice, sworn to protect, serve and uphold God's Natural Laws on this planet. To him, our modern "civilizations" are substantially established on bio-depradation, bio-desecration and criminal secession from God's Master Plan. In his opinion, when people experience illnesses or existential crises, they are only reaping the consequences of their individual or collective bio-violations. From a higher bio-planetary perspective, man represents an acute form of Earth's cancer ("anthroposarcoma"). Part of the living whole, man himself experiences individual and local neo-plastic scenarios as very logical bio-cybernetic return. From being the enlightened guardians of God's original Garden of Eden, men have today become the very agents of the current Earth's immune breakdown. Now harvesting what they have collectively sown, their own individual lymphocytes are getting back at them with a vengeance. This illustrates Avallac'h's Geosomatic scenario in which, people, by destroying their own higher geoself, are direct agents of their own pathological conditions.


Since the earliest stage of his unique initiation, Avallac'h has been trained to navigate the bio-continuum and "surf" between variable levels of reality to provoke within groups or individuals dramatic changes in their relationship with their inner or outer eco-homoeostatic equilibrium.

Painfully aware of the primitive nature of the human cerebrum which requires firsthand experience of "miracles and wonders" in order for them to believe, througout millennia of uninterrupted practice, Avallac'h's Clan has reached an extraordinary level of expertise in that field. Owing to his being the last Strobineller, more indeed than the "powers" of his feminine ancestors, Avallac'h was also introduced to the "lore and techniques" of the masculine Druidic Hyperborean tradition, an historical "premiere" in that specific culture where so-called "Druidesses" and "Druids" had evolved separatively to preserve the diversity spectrum of the whole spiritual system. Therefore, quite logically, at a very early age, Avallac'h was already able to take up, with extraordinary success, "healing" challenges, for instance, that no one in his Clan has, or indeed would have, ever attempted

Sociatrics. Ethiatrics only reflects a relatively small segment of his capacity and expertise when "Sociatrics," the "treatment" of society as a whole, forms a larger part of his mission on Earth. Through advanced techniques of Subliminal Distant Influentiality (some sort of wide-scale "forcible Ethiatrics"), Sociatrics could bring any crime rate down to unprecedented levels of social peace. It could lift human consciousness up to a higher degree of unification. It could strategically remove some of the worst evil patterns or worst evil people (criminals, terrorists, tyrants, etc.) from the human cultural theater of operations. Sociatrics could indeed successfully reconcile former antagonistic groups whose ethnic or religious hatred dates back to times immemorial.

Ethos. Avallac'h defines Ethiatrics as the "spiritual science of realigning people's ethos back to their most optimal and original setting." For those who are not familiar with such a concept, the "ethos" represents the most fundamental spiritual and existential substance of groups and individuals. Whereas the so-called "ego" forms one's delusional man-made cultural projection, the "ethos" constitutes one's true self, the legitimate essence of whom we are, God-Made blueprint of our physical and metaphysical identity in this specific testing existential assignment which we call life.

Actually, the ethos does not represent only the interface between mind and body, soul and matter, our spiritual self and our physical self but, indeed, its primordial matrix.

Ethocide. When people's ethos becomes "sick," their spiritual self and their physical self are also sick. Without a clear statement of mission as to his deeper identity, his fundamental dignity and his cosmo-existential bearings (all basic elements of the ethos), man cannot manifest true spiritual soundness or physical harmony. To Avallac'h, Ethiatrics is to human ecospiritual health what his Anti-Ethocide life-long crusade represents in the political domain. Because it seems to be inherent to the human mind to understand better "negative" propositions than "positive" ideas (It is easier for people to conceive what they are fighting against than what they are fighting for.), let us briefly digress on what happens when people's ethos is annihilated, the very definition of an ethocide.

All the so-called traditional tribal societies that had managed to survive until the 19th Century have been now "ethocided." The brutal removal of their eco-spiritual systems of beliefs, of their existential dignity, of their cultural identity and, above all, of their psycho-behavioral innocence (They had no real concept of "Sin," "Evil," personal ownership, greed, ambition, ego, jealousy, etc.), formed a lethal blow from which the so-called "American Indians," among others, could not really survive. After centuries of ruthless and complete destruction of the most basic foundations of their very ethos, although it may look like they have "physically" recovered from their terrible genocide (It is said that there are as many "American Indians" today as in the time of Columbus.), it is clear, nonetheless, that the true native ethos had died in America many years ago, indeed, before "Wounded Knee."

On the contrary, because they have not been deprived of their most basic systems of dignity, identity, culture and religious systems of beliefs, despite one of the most atrocious genocides attempted throughout the whole human history, the Jewish people have not been ethocided. Instead, the (re)creation of the Nation of Israel represents one of the most magnificent dreams that has actually turned into true and heroic reality, ever. Therefore, today, unlike other ethocided victims of other attempted annihilations, the Jewish ethos reigns absolutely triumphant, indeed, well above all other current human ethoi.

Anti-Ethocide. To various extents, everyone in this world is being ethocided. Ethiatrics, applied on suffering individuals, could bring them to a healthy condition of eco-homoeostatic balance, both in their external relationship with their societal or ecological environment and in their internal immunologic and physiological processes.
Avallac'h's ethiatric cares can bring suffering people back from utmost and complete bio-existential disintegration to healthy condition of eco-spiritual recovery. More than 50,000 subjects (human and animals, as well) have already experienced such successful "healthening" in Europe, and Avallac'h's ethiatric techniques have been proven valid in some of the best European universities and medical facilities, under the strictest scientific scrutiny.

What he gives to people is the most fundamental ability to reacquire their own systems of self-regeneration after he has broken in them, the lethal circle of bio-existential entropy that caused separation from God, from Life, from their own human brethren, and that also created internal phenomena of self-destruction or self-mutilation. When people have been opened up to their own collective geo-self and have lost inner feelings of fear, guilt, doubts, self-hatred and, above, all, this fatal sense of loss, meaninglessness and existential chaos, they have at last become once again their own "healers." They have regained their sense of self-worth and are ready to keep giving to others, to Life, and to God which constitutes the true purpose and most sacred aspect of their own "healing."


Qualifications. Never ever will it be emphasized strongly enough that the whole ethiatric procedure is a reciprocating operation. In Avallac'h's philosophical system, there is no room for compromise or bargaining. People who request his help must be entirely convinced that their current crisis situation (health, existential, etc.) is absolutely hopeless according to their own systems of beliefs and that their complete eco-spiritual recovery (their existential "bailout"), would clearly represent a major violation of the laws of logic or physics as they know it. They also have to understand that, from a more religious perspective, for them not to die (when facing a terminal health condition, for instance) forms a serious violation of God's plans. Consequently, they must be ready to prove in the most dramatic fashion, why they feel so worthy of trying to counter God's Will through Avallac'h's plea for Divine Pardon in his unique form of bio-intercession, bio-advocacy or whatever term you would, very improperly, refer to it.

Method: Reciprocity. Avallac'h's own people, whom he is committed to help, serve and rescue, are the givers, those who still know that there is nothing more beautiful, more redeeming and more healing than giving. Avallac'h's entire life was a gift, an unconditional gift and a totally sacrificial gift to God, to Life and to Justice. He has paid the highest price for such existential oblation up to the point of vital crucifixion. All his exploits and his failures have been done for purely altruistic motives and never ever did he do anything even remotely personal.

When he puts his own life, his entire spirituality and a multi-millennial sacred tradition on the line for people whom he so attempts to save, he expects them to give in return to the Source (to God, to Life and to Justice) all they can possibly have to offer if they really want the source to answer favorably their request for bio-mercy. This is the absolute sine qua non prerequisite without which the entire operation is totally meaningless.

According to Avallac'h's loftiest principles of Justice, what people should give depends on what they can give. It is most obvious that even the humble donation of a completely destitute family, struggling for its most immediate survival has more weight than the one million-dollar gift of people so rich that all this money would only represent an insignificant fraction of their actual wealth.

Theoretically speaking, the minimum threshold of donation that Avallac'h would accept before he enters on their behalf into his bio-intercessional sacrifice is the price of a brand new car (the very same type and make as what the "bio-petitioner" drives) when somebody wants to complete a journey from one given situation of crisis or deadlock to another destination of success or liberation. Avallac'h being analogically the vehicle of their existential bailout, it is only fair that people donate the price of a mechanistic conveyance as minimum fare for their own journey. When the "bio-petitioner" requests Avallac'h to plead for his very survival, as in a scenario of terminal health condition or desperate existential situation, the offering of a house, similar to their own (or the amount thereof is the minimum match for rescuing their temporary corporeal dwelling (their body).

Ethical Standards: Unconditionality. After those prerequisite "tokens" have been offered and following right away the beginning of the Ethiatric operation on their behalf, the bio-petitioners must contribute by any means they may have, by any expertise they may show, by any contacts they may have to the sacred Cause of God, Life and Justice. Every day, every hour and every second of the "new" life Avallac'h may have "snatched" for them from the "claws of Death," henceforth, belongs to Life, belongs to Justice, belongs to God. Should they fail to remember it and relapse into their former mundane vanities, their former existential emptiness and their former eco-selfishness, every second he would have "stolen" from God's initial plan would get back at him and at his bio-petitioners... with a vengeance. This is one major reason why Avallac'h ought to be extremely circumspect as to the ethical standards and the level of commitment of those whom he, very seldom, elects as the beneficiaries of his spiritually perilous bio-intercession.

If this sounds already too expensive or too demanding for some people, they should absolutely refrain from going any further in their idea of requesting Avallac'h for his help because, as mentioned earlier, this only represents the minimum "Fees" and minimum pledge one must take to have a chance to access his bio-intercession. One cannot enter a "plea-bargain" with God on the cheap. The entire operation has a chance to work only under the seal of unconditionality. In Brittany, where apparently people had a better sense of Avallac'h's true nature and a sounder approach of bio-intercessional principles, they always gave more than what would be otherwise required.

This was not only to make sure that the plea would be carried out with the best assurance of successful return, but also because the Celts have always put a lot of weight on the ideas of freedom and freewill. Unlike the other Europeans or the Americans, for that matter, the Bretons would never venture themselves into entering some sort of a "Faustian relationship" in which, in exchange for some ephemeral mundane favors, one would mortgage his very soul....

Phase I: Assessment. However, since mutual trust forms the fundament of a sound ethiatric operation, there is nothing really wrong for people, prior to committing themselves totally to the whole operation, to try to assess Avallac'h's bio-intercessional expertise. Fortunately for the "bio-petitioner," putting God to the test constitutes some semantic impossibility (aside from a terrible bio-blasphemy). Putting God's Bio-Servant to the test, however, represents hardly anything more than a minor violation of "procedural etiquette" with only a few psycho-behavioral "penalties" to pay much later down the road of full bio-atonement. Therefore, as long as they would still "prime the ethiatric pump" with sufficient momentum before the real bio-intercession begins, people could get a very instructive demonstration, at a much "lower cost," of Avallac'h's "powers" and "effects," as some form of preliminary testing and assessment. Yet, be it known and well-understood that nothing short of the all-or-nothing principles of unconditional reciprocity apply as far as true bio-advocacy is concerned.

Basic Protocol. To conclude the modus operandi chapter on a more formal note, it is very important for people who wish to interact with Avallac'h to realize that he belongs to a cultural universe galaxies apart from their own. People are required to show some restraint in their tendencies toward excessive social familiarity.

The only right that Avallac'h's bio-petitioners have in the whole operation is of knowing that after he has accepted to bio-intercede on their behalf, he will do so. He will do so, indeed, with unrestrained sacrificial commitment on his part. Everything else such as direct contacts, direct conversations, direct teaching and the like, represents privileges, privileges that could be always revoked at a moment's notice should the behavior of the bio-petitioner be deemed offensive, too personal or unethical by Avallac'h without need for him to have to justify his taking some precautionary measures for the sake of a more efficient procedural mode within his own bio-advocation.

One last point on such psycho-cultural precautions: Since his earliest childhood, Avallac'h has been totally conditioned not to be responsive to most of what people would call human emotions and feelings. For the sake of his higher purposes, he has been made entirely impervious to greed, ambition, lust, physical or supernatural fears, flattery, etho-cultural inhibitions, etc. Similarly, there is no room within his own pyscho-cultural makeup for compassion, love or forgiveness on a strictly personal level: He reserves his unlimited and highly sacrificial compassion for all living things, not for one unfortunate individual.

His love, supremely unconditional, is for Life as a whole, not even for one single person no matter how beautiful or giving she or he could be. His forgiveness is restricted to God, exclusively, not to the insignificant creatures he or we all are. The only way a person could possibly open Avallac'h's "heart" is when, after an entire life of hubristic altruism and constant sacrificial giving, she or he is ready to relinquish her or his past dominion over all other living things, surrender to the Maker of Life and of Justice, then give away all her or his vain secular possessions to our sacred environment, to the children and to more Justice here on Earth.


GAEL and SDI. Besides his projects in the field of Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) that could find extremely interesting developments in the domain of National and International Security, Avallac'h would like very much to contribute to the question of human rights by implementing his Geonational Anti-Ethocide League (GAEL). From a purely apolitical position and only guided by his most fundamental Biocratic principles (Life and Justice as the only valid source of founding legitimacy), he could try, through SDI, to untie, once and for all, many horrible ethnic, ideological or religious "Gordian knots" that have hitherto defied any previous attempts (Northern Ireland, Balkans, Middle-East, Africa, etc.). Criminality and social injustice within the so-called "developed nations" would be also very legitimate targets of Avallac'h's SDI and GAEL.

Eco-Humanitarian Work: Avallac'h also would like to continue his eco-humanitarian work on a greater scale than he has already accomplished in Europe over the last twenty years. Through the donations he receives as compensation for his Ethiatric "treatments," he could reacquire more of what is left of our natural eco-systems to give back to God, the only legitimate owner of all living things of which we have protective custody. Hundreds of millions of children are dying every year only due to our selfish indifference. Rescuing those children and giving them a chance, in return, to help us out in future cataclysmic Earth changes (soon to come), has always been one of Avallac'h's dearest priorities.

Scientific Experiments. Another project on Avallac'h's agenda is the peaceful, but radical, subversion of our so-called cultural and scientific paradigm by setting up a series of high-reaching scientific experiments within the very stronghold of western reductionism that would demonstrate the existence of variable levels of reality, prove the existence of the psycho-fields and the bio-continuum, and establish the presence of frozen "super-normal" abilities within most everyone that could be synchronistically and adequately liberated for man, eventually to achieve a dramatic quantum leap in the field of his own higher bio-consciousness.

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