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This document is a revised version of an American journalist's interview with Philip Savage that took place in 1996. It was distributed by Catharsis in 1999 for the many American consultants of Sauvage to give to their friends, families and colleagues as an introduction to the extraordinary work that they were privileged to be part of. Over the years, hundreds of copies of this pamphlet, along with the second AVALLAC'H document entitled "Operational Procedure of Ethiatrics", have been circulating throughout the US at the highest levels of government, scientific and professional circles, providing the layperson with the foundation of Philip Sauvage's Geosomatic theory of Earth Survival, as well as the way out of their own existential and/or health crises. Circulation of these two AVALLAC'H pamplets were extremely valuable in solidifying the PUBLIC "HEALING FRONT" set up to protect Sauvage while he was exiled in the US.


What in your opinion is the number one cause of disease in this country?
In this country, as anywhere else, the number one cause of disease is our seceding from the Divine Natural Order. All living things are connected to one another and functionally interactive. We may not like it, but the Earth doesn't belong to us; we still belong to the Earth. Our planet is our real "higher self," what I call our "Geoself." Our individual health condition reflects the Earth's health condition.

Our globe is sick from our environmental degradations. As parts of the whole, we just echo the Earth's pathologies. While we are in the process of committing a collective suicide on a global scale, we also constantly defy all the natural laws when it comes to our individual lifestyles. People live in absolute separation from their environment. They eat, drink and breathe the most toxemic substances without thinking of the consequences. And when our body tries to get rid of such anti-natural poisons, we no longer trust our own systems of self-reparation. Since we have lost most of our signals of recognition as to what a beneficial physiological response is, we interpret such detoxification as "bad" or "uncomfortable," and we rush toward new toxemic abuses which we call "medications."

Instead of trusting blindly the last synthetic gimmick of our techno-chemical civilization, people would be well-inspired to keep faith in God and Nature a little bit. Our divinely thought-out immuno-physiology, after hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary perfecting, may offer a much better alternative to what we call sickness than many pharmaceutical substitutes. Now, if you ask me what is THE ultimate cause of such secession from the Divine Natural Order, you have to understand that it is precisely the ultimate answer to the ultimate question on human nature. I am convinced that I will have an opportunity to address the problem all along the interview.

Please explain why you believe that food and diet are irrelevant in the healing process... that a person can eat whatever they want? Does this apply to healthy people? And what about people who are suffering from diseases, allergies, addictions, etc.?
I have never considered food and diet irrelevant. On the contrary, I always advise the people who consult me to eat as much in accordance with the laws of Nature as they can. Raw food, if possible, and of course free from any chemical or unnatural method of production. However, I think that one cannot solve the most threatening health conditions by only going on a diet. A healthy diet is only one element of a more global process that we call therapy. And, in my view, therapy is only one element of a real healing.

Therapy takes care of the effects, the sequels or the symptoms of an imbalanced health condition. If one doesn't try to solve the causes of such a condition, the cure can only bring relative or temporary relief.

The cause of most diseases is a collective or individual dramatic alienation from natural laws. To a bio-existential problem, only bio-existential answers may apply. All things being equal, I will give better chances of recovery to people who have reconquered their natural self, who have overcome previous feelings of guilt, shame or self-hatred. Persons who are getting back a potent sense of existential self-worth and commitment. And who are eating with deep vital appetite whatever their fundamental instincts tell them to. In my view, their prognosis may be better than in the case of people obsessed with health food and health products, but who still don't understand the ultimate bio-existential nature of their imbalance.

Although you have had many years of working in close collaboration with physicians, you do not believe in the use of medication of any sort. Please explain.
I am an etho-spiritual teacher, not a medical doctor. My role is not to give advice to my consultants on whether they should or shouldn't take one type of medication or another. I am not even supposed to talk of such subjects.

Truly, for a consultant of mine to address me on such issues would be the most ascertained way to be dismissed from my cares immediately. In about twenty years of uninterrupted practice, I have never ever infringed on the territory of medicine. I have been constantly working in perfect intelligence with physicians. I respect their line of work more than anybody else. Our two domains are complementary, but absolutely different. What they can do, I cannot and what I may do, they may not, that's clear. I deal with the "pilot" and the "driving;" physicians deal with the vehicle. I am in charge of the "software;" they take care of the "hardware." However, as I mentioned before in my first answer, from my philosophical and spiritual point of view, sometimes the best possible medicine is just ... no medicine at all.

Or to be even more specific on such an important subject, in certain circumstances God's natural medicine may work better than most of our chemical techno-crutches. As far as I am concerned the role of a good medicine is to keep patients alive long enough so that their natural self-healing abilities take over and bring them to ultimate recovery, right? Ambroise Paré, the true father of modern medicine, used to say, "I just cure, God heals!" After him, I would say myself: "Doctors may cure, but only God and Divine Nature can really heal." I am just one of the many instruments to reach such a Healing.

When you work with a person, you say that you take on their guilt, fear, imbalance, trauma and suffering. How, exactly do you do this? Is it a process or a technique? Should novices try it?
This comes from the concept of "empathetic healing" which relates itself to the higher idea of "Reciprocating Sacrificial Procedure" that forms the touchstone of my whole philosophical system. After twenty-four years of initiation by my family and almost twenty years of practice in my own field, I am more than ever convinced that only when "healers" go as far as taking upon themselves the suffering of their "healees," is there a chance that they can get beneficial results. The "medicine-men" of all aboriginal cultures throughout the world used to practice "empathetic healing." It is well-known that American Indian "holy-men" went as far as physical self-mutilation to obtain the healing of their patients. More than other cultures on Earth, the Celts have always put sacrificial processes at the very pinnacle of their system of beliefs.

Accordingly, when I undertake the reconciliation of some people with the Divine Natural Order, I have no other choice but being absolutely ready for the ultimate sacrifice of myself on their own behalf. I must merge with them until we are completely reunified, then we have to merge together with the human superconscious. The human superconscious must merge with the Earth superconscious that must merge in its turn with some cosmic hyperconscious until the ultimate Divine dimension is eventually activated.

Then the loop comes back the other way around. In the process, if the reciprocating sacrificial drive of the "healee" has been unequivocally demonstrated, cathartic processes of extreme magnitude transfer most of their existential responsibility upon myself. Then, and only then can they start to experience unconditional self-love and unconditional self-respect for the "healees" to break free forever from their bio-existential entropy.

Therefore, to answer your question, it is a process and a technique as well. Actually, it is much more than that, but I am convinced we may have another occasion to talk about it further. Should novices try such a system? Unless they do have a death wish or enjoy going insane from the very first attempt, I wouldn't advise them even to think about it.

Since this is a very unconventional method of healing that is actually the antithesis of modern day healers' work in many ways, please explain why this method is actually more effective.
It is not a very unconventional method of healing at all. As I have just told you, empathetic techniques are the very benchmark of authentic healing in a normal traditional environment. In our times of mad technological race against nature and of conceptual gimmickry, it might just sound somewhat... obsolete, that's all. Actually, from my perspective, it is what you call "those modern day healers" who represent a "very unconventional method of healing."

And to answer your question on "empathetic healing" techniques versus a would-be "modern healing school," I think we are just not talking about the same concept of healing at all. In my opinion, the very few of them which have some therapeutic value, only relate to the field of peripheral or internal human energies (such as the "Chi"). They are using "vibrational technique" that link them directly to the medical domain, holistic or alternative medicine, especially. On the contrary, traditional healing only takes place on a dual spiritual and existential level, without direct correlation with medicine.

I am sorry to say that, in my eyes, most of the other would-be "modern healing schools" are totally worthless. They just represent some trendy mockery of "healing" that only feed on our compulsive race for new "conceptual gadgets." When, very seldom, they may eventually provoke some kind of limited and subjective results, it only comes from placebo or pseudo-hypnotic self-stimulation. When I was conducting very advanced scientific healing experiments in Europe, in the most renowned universities, I always loved to confront those "gimmick healers,": just to see how far their cute little "hypno-babble" may fare when they have to affect vegetal or animal isolated cells under a microscope, under strict scientific scrutiny...

How do you activate the sacred bio-channeling of your ancestors in your healing process, and what is meant by the term bio-channel?
Bio-channeling means that I must resort to the mediation of Life itself, in its most sacred perspective, to try to provoke the attuning of my "healees" with the bio-continuum, which is, in my view, uncompromisingly Divine. And in fact, I have already partly answered this question.

Now, if you want me to explain the role of my ancestors and cooperators in this procedure, I must digress briefly on my concept of "Transcarnation" versus reincarnation. Contrary to a very common mistake, Druids never really believed in reincarnation. The famous Druidic "metempsychosis" differs from common reincarnational systems in the sense that, in the ancient Celtic paradigm, nothing moves in a linear fashion, but in circles and cycles. Druids, like the most advanced physicists today, didn't believe in time as a separate, intangible and distinct dimension. Instead of a sequential succession of different lives, they believed in a multiple simultaneous super-existence. In this system, one may be a man and a woman in the same time. A human, an animal, a mineral and a plant as well. A drop in the ocean, a quark and a galaxy just the same. One lives now, before and later without separation. What one does (not DID) in the seventeenth century influences what one does (not WILL DO) one thousand years from now. In fact, the old Druidic system sounds very much like the theory of multiple parallel universes.

That's why my ancestors ARE actually my cooperators. That's also why I may shift my consultants from one reality into another.

Actually, there is no such thing as one reality, but different levels of many realities. Virtual realities that just wait to be activated. It is those strange shifting abilities of mine that drive some of my "healees" to feel just like in the "twilight zone" after my "treatment." We have actually shifted together from one former pathologic reality into harmonious non-pathological parallel reality. Another dimension in which people have never been sick, have never been in secession from the Divine Natural Order and where self-empowerment, also self-identification, reign instead of chaos and entropy.

You rely on the "mysterious process of self-regeneration" from generations of Druids. Please explain what this process is. Can it be taught? Is it sequential? Nonlinear? Please be specific.
Self-regeneration relates directly to those processes of shifting between different virtual realities. It represents some kind of bio-alchemical transmutation in which the "lead" of one pathological scenario turns into "gold" in another wholesome one. Of course, all this can be told after the students have been cleansed from all their delusional cultural entropy that keeps them from expanding on to a higher reality.

Then they would just have to learn how to "surf" from one dimensional wave to another. Such a "surfing" is, of course, non-lineal and non-sequential and the "surfboard" is clearly holographic and transchronological.

You say that you give the client your life force and primal animalistic homeostasis. Please define. Do you tap into an unlimited supply of this, and is it why you never get sick when you work on someone? Did this take time to learn?
Actually, I don't give my consultants my life force and my primal animalistic homeostasis; I reconnect them with our common Divine Life Force and common Divine Primal Animalistic Homeostasis. The sublime bio-hamony within and without from the very beginning, that is. An undreamed-of state of inner and outer balance in which people are perfectly united in their mind-body connections. United with one another. United with all living things on earth. And, above all, united with God. The glorious primeval condition in which our individual physiological balance echoes the collective physiological harmony of our sacred Earth. A time of no disease, no antagonism, no doubt, no alienation, no delusion and no injustice. A time that still survives in our deeper unconscious as this universal human nostalgia of a long gone "golden age" of total happiness. Sometimes when people are going through some kind of deep mystical ecstasy and experience feelings of unconditional compassion for God and for all Iiving things, they recall a like homeostasis.

To answer another segment of your question, I don't know if God actually has an unlimited supply of divinity ... but from my insignificant perspective, the tank sounds pretty darn full!

Now, when you say that I never get sick when I work on someone, you are dead wrong. In fact, I always get very sick when I am taking care of a sick person and I nearly die when trying to rescue dying human or animal brethren. It is just the "phoenix property" of my ancestors and cooperators that makes me eventually raise from my own ashes and recover from the ultimate sacrifice. What about teaching it to some "student" or "apprentice?" There is no major reason it can't be done after adequate cultural and behavioral cleansing.

Whether you are working on someone like Bruce H. with extreme chemical exposure, a dog, or a fetus, is your technique(s) always the same or does it vary from case to case?
It is never the same. Each procedure is absolutely unique and almost equally risky for me from a spiritual, physical and ethical standpoint, especially. WE are all one, but we are all different. Unity in multiplicity. That's why, by the way, it is absolutely impossible for me to give my consultants an appraisal on the symbolical cost of the whole operation before I have a chance to get all the parameters of their existential crisis. That's also why this varies considerably from one person to another.

Since you are talking of a dog and of a fetus, I'd like to profit by the opportunity to emphasize how much easier it is for me to take care of a plant, an animal, a fetus or a baby when compared to a fully grown-up human. It is also much easier for me to take care of adults who are absolutely incapable of knowing what I am trying to do for them (people in a coma for instance), than persons whose system of values needs to be overcome. It seems to me that there is some kind of reverse correlation between what you could call consciousness and what I would call Awareness. Incidentally, this also proves -- if it would still be necessary -- that what I am doing for my consultants has nothing in common with any "faith healing" or psychosuggestive techniques. Just try to explain to a plant or an animal that they need first to believe in Druids to have a chance to get healed...

You say that our repressive cultural abilities have frozen up our healing abilities. Please explain and elaborate.
I believe that human beings are born with more than our miserable five senses. Aren't we using our brain at less than 10% of its real potential? For instance, if you attach to young subjects an appliance that keeps them from seeing or hearing, then later on when you remove the appliance, they have become blind or deaf. The eye-camera has not been damaged in the slightest, but the cortex has not established the neuronal and synaptic connections on time. They have become brain-blind forever. Or likewise brain-deaf.

Similarly, when people do not acquire at the proper moment, senses such as self-healing, geomagnetic perception, telepathic interaction, out-of-body instant traveling, and so many of those additional senses absolutely normal to our "superhuman" ancestors, all those unsuspected abilities of ours just freeze up. Most of the time never to reappear, but on rare occasions they can partly come back. In such an instance, they are interpreted as "paranormal" when actually they should be absolutely normal in the scenario of a completely developed human brain, the way things were only a few millennia ago.

Now, to answer your question as to which one of the current cultural paradigms is the most detrimental of all, I cannot really make a choice. What is the worst -- AIDS, cancer or plague? From my "prehistoric'" or "posthistoric" point of view, I think all our civilizations are being born equally disruptive and mutilative.

There is no doubt, however, that some religious or cultural paradigms established on extreme anthropocentric alienation are more damaging than traditional native models. Patriarchal patterns also tend to estrange people from their Natural connections much more than matriarchy does.

Your goal is to transform every client into their own healer. How, exactly, do you do this?
I don't transform any consultants into healers. I am trying to bring them back to their primordial condition of healers.

Everybody is a natural born healer. We just forget how to heal ourselves, that's all. Sometimes under the influence of prayer, hypnosis or suchlike, people access some of their primal self-dealing processes. My role is to reestablish the connection with our innate self-healing ability. Through some kind of a going-back from the entropic subhuman beings we have become to the magnificent superhumans we were meant to be. An awakening from the nightmare of our pathetic individual self-deificaiton to the dream of our amazing collective Bio-Divine Nature, with all the wonderful faculties it entails.

You mentioned that the client must be receptive to the healing process in order to become free of diseases and pain. How can one increase their receptivity?
I have never said that to get healed people must be receptive. As mentioned before, my best results are always obtained on plants, animal, babies or people who don't even know I am trying to help them. Therefore, the mindset of my consultant is flat irrelevant when it comes to the effectiveness of my "healing" processes. What I need though is a genuine intent to get better. Sometimes people don't really want to improve. Their pathology has become the only meaning of their self-aborted existence. They are used to being pitied and taken care of. They need a scapegoat or some system of psycho-transference to project their own existential failure which they still refuse to acknowledge.

Usually I can spot this category of "patients" in a split-second and I don't even consider undertaking their rescue unless they are sincerely ready for a major existential shift. The only way for them to increase what you have called their receptivity is to choose unequivocally the path toward Bio-Divine Sacrifice.

You talk frequently of sacrifice as a necessary ingredient in the healing process. Many of us who have been raised in the western world have been taught to sacrifice ourselves in the name of God, our families, etc. If you are going to use this word, it needs further explanation and definition. Please elaborate.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain what forms the "Philosopher's Stone" of my own alchemical system and of the ancient Celtic spirituality, as well. First, the definition of sacrifice. It just means "what makes the Sacred," according to its Latin etymology. No meaning of "punishment," or "deprivation" as most people think. However, in my philosophical system, sacrifice still relates to some idea of "gift," of "reciprocity" and of "reconciliation.'

Gandhi once said that, "A spiritual aspiration without an equal spirit of sacrifice in return is the worst possible sin of all." This is remarkable thinking and pure Druidic teaching as well. To the ancient Celts (and all other aboriginal cultures on such a matter), a sense of sacrifice and freewill are the two components of a common higher concept.

That concept touches our divine and specific human nature. We humans were meant to be the Guardians and the Midwives of the Divine Natural Order here on Earth. We have been sent on this precious gem of cosmic life to protect and to serve all other living things, not destroy them, subdue them or use them up according to our schizoid caprices. Instead of always hearing references to "human rights," I would like sometimes to hear about "human duties." Human duties toward God. Human duties toward the Creator's Natural Laws. Human duties toward our divine self. In my "healing" system, sacrifice is the sine qua non component of the whole process.

If people are not ready to reciprocate my empathetic sacrifice with a gift toward the Divine Natural Order of equal magnitude as what they expect the Divine Natural Order to do for them, it just won't work, period. I am not talking only about money or donation, but about true and substantial commitment. Unconditional commitment, actually, when my "healees" have already crossed the point of no return of their terminal health condition. If people want a "miracle," people need to be ready to pay the price of a "miracle," with all the respect required for such an apparent violation of logical rules. Not respect to me, but respect to themselves. Respect to their higher Bio-Divine self without which they are but delusional "bubbles of ego" derisively inflated by their own blasphemous self-deification.

To get attuned with their Divine self, people need to atone to the Earth, to all living things and to atone to their true human self, ultimately. This is the very sense of my "Reciprocating Sacrificial Procedure." Thousands of years before an American martyr expressed a feeling very similar in essence, my Druidic ancestors never ceased to repeat: "Instead of always asking yourself what God can do for you, why don't you ask yourself what you can do for God?"

Do you have projects in America?
Since I am a child, I do not have any other agenda but trying to buy back what is left of Nature on earth. Then to put in such "green arks" as many children, endangered species and persecuted people as I could. It is not without reason that my Jewish and Israeli collaborators in Europe used to call me "Green Noah." My first project in this Country is to acquire a vast territory of pristine wilderness and to start training in it my first team of Gaiatricians (Healers of the Earth). For the very first time in my life, I am ready to teach and delegate part of my powers and wisdom to people whose existential fortitude and environmental commitment match my minimum standards. Even though those people may not have any prior skill in the art of healing, I guarantee that after proper training they will become outstanding etho-therapists, head and shoulders above any known "healer" on the face of this Earth.

The more Gaiatricians I will teach, the more we will be capable of helping our human brethren and, in return for our help, the more we will be able to acquire new territories and so expand ad infinitum our "green crusade." You have millions of people in the world who would make very substantial donations to such wonderful "harbors of life," in exchange for the most amazing and undreamed-of health benefits for themselves. Especially when our gaiatric treatment may be their very last hope when it comes to the so-called incurable diseases. In the meantime, since I represent by myself the entire tribal and native consciousness of the so-called white people, I would like to reunite all aboriginal traditions in the world and start a unified etho-synergy for raising human bio-consciousness. The reconciliation of Man and Earth has always been my ultimate aspiration in the hope that a new bio-covenant will eventually mark a rebirth of our planet, our species and all other living things . I call this project "Biophylaxis" (Guardians of Life").

I would like that not only all native expressions worldwide could merge in my first Biophylatic Center, but also the best pioneers of the new scientific paradigm to come. From the blending of the most ancient indigenous Lore on Earth and the most advanced scientists of alternative medicine (physics, biology, etc.) we will represent the most fantastic tool when it comes to individual health issues and our global survival as well...

I may even train a special unit whose purpose will be to raise dramatically human consciousness on the subliminal level, through very advanced techniques of "mental refraction." I have been working more than twenty years on this project of "remote doing" (Subliminalistics). We can no longer be only "viewers" or "tourists" when our Mother the Earth is dying. Our "mind rescue operation" could very well form the evolutionary catalyst from which our species would make the necessary Quantum leap toward a new beginning instead of a premature abortion.

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