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Archeofuture: of destruction and re-construction

During those ephemeral times of "glory", I still believed in the ability of this sick old world to undergo something like a cultural and spiritual regeneration. All that was needed were new models, psycho-behavioral and existential patterns that prove that one can indeed break free from its bleak hopelessness. However, I did not want anyone to think that what I proposed was anything like setting the clocks back to another epoch, be it times of "great adventures" and of "noble romanticism". It was not for nothing that my favorite motto, back then, was "I am not the last of yesterday but the first of tomorrow". It was not for nothing, either, that my own "private" cultural organization (reserved to what one could say, my "inner circle") was called "Archeofuture". When, owing to my clothing appearance and my etho-cultural idiosyncrasies, journalists were asking me whether I had any nostalgia for some specific "time period" in history, my only answer was: "Yes indeed, I do... I am nostalgic of the future, a bright, glorious and romantic future which your depressing incapacity to dream anymore may prevent ever to arise !".   (The Warshal, 14-10)

At that time in my life, I used to enjoy merging together the apparent "most absolute opposites". This was the basis of my dialectic, my own modus operandi, the recipe all of my achievements and the very meaning of my notion of "Archeofuture". Was I not, myself, inherently "archeofuturistic" in nature, if only by the extreme contrast of my "prehistoric origins" and by the ultra-modernity of my very projects ?...   (The Warshal, 14-11)

Have you never experienced something like a "secret dream" of starting all over in a completely new land, fundamentally untouched by human contamination, with other kindred people from all over the world and bring to reality the greatest utopia that ever lived within human collective unconscious ? If you did, if you have ever shared the very same "impossible dream" as I have, this was -- still is -- the fundamental opportunity to show the whole world that there is no such thing as "unreachable utopias", only the lack of actual commitment to do so !   (The Warshal, 14-17)

Am I still negative, am I still a pessimist, am I still destructive? I may very well be, indeed, a destroyer, the destroyer of what keeps people in their religious prisons, of what keeps them from expressing the incredible Divine that burns within everyone’s heart, the willing destroyer of evil and injustice that has turned an earthly bio-paradise into one of the worst hellholes of the whole universe. As a German philosopher once said, "if you want a resurrection, you need to have a graveyard, first". Let us all make a joyous graveyard out of the abject misery of this crumbling Old World to bring about the ecstatic resurrection of the true Divine within Life and, above all, within ourselves!   (The Warshal, 9-9)

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