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Anthropomorphic Deism

Of course all that goes way back to the doctrinal substance of "Judeo-Christian" religions that have attained unheard-of levels of anthropomorphism in their interpretation of the "divine," as well as an aggressive imperialistic attitude toward all other livings things that are only meant to be subdued and turned into mere consumable goods to the exclusive benefit of man. But in fact, in my own analysis, although slightly more ludicrous than other competitive human religious expressions due to the transposition of their own pathetic and masculine image upon the "divine", "Judeo-Christianity" does not really stand out from other religions, including the so-called "native" or "animist" spirituality, since there is no such thing as a human religion free from gross anthropocentric contamination. Even in every spirituality that ascribes a certain level of "animation" to other life forms, mostly due to selfish or anthropocentric concerns about "soul transmigration" (no one, except me perhaps, would like to begin "another life" as a Wolf, as an Oak Tree or... as a Nanobacterium, for that matter...), the animal -- without even mentioning the plant -- is systematically perceived as inferior. At best it is deemed a lower form of "consciousness", even, for instance, a Killer Whale whose brain is much larger, much more convoluted and better wired than ours and whose social skills or communication capacity far exceed what we can only dream for ourselves. No wonder, then, that the ultimate terror of all religions would be the landing of a UFO in front of the White House or, better yet, in Jerusalem with mollusk-like or insect-like hyper-advanced beings whose technology millions of years ahead would make man, all dedicated to celebrate his own cosmic magnificence, just feel like retarded monkeys. Furthermore, by forcing their pitiful simian likeness upon the image of their own "higher power", religions have sentenced their "god" to a pretty shabby ending of the day should "he" be confronted by unthinkably more advanced life forms quite different in morphology from their pro-mammalian prejudices and pan-simian supremacist ideologies.

To an "inter-dimensional" being like me, nothing is more absurd, indeed shocking, than this deliberate distancing of all human religions from nature when, on the contrary, one should expect each and every valid religion to use the "miracle of life" as the most fundamental hinge of their respective spiritual doctrines. Indeed the prodigious complexity and sublime beauty of all vital processes at all levels of our limited perception should substantiate and validate the notion of a "higher power". The origination, organization and expansion of the macro-universe, the unthinkable sophistication of each and every ecosystem as well as our inner organic, cellular and subatomic miraculous processes, all of those "natural wonders" should be understood as the perfect semantic basis for us to hint at the aforementioned "higher power". In fact, it is not only the perfect semantic or dialectical basis to do so but, indeed, the only one! How could the notion of "creator" (in accordance to my gynarchal sympathies, I should rather say "creatrix") not depend on that of "creation"? Worse, how could the very "creative principle" ever be thought antagonistic to its own creation?

Because the essence of "war" is to be even more knowledgeable about the "enemy" than one is of oneself, I happen to be an extensively learned "theologian" myself. I am perfectly cognizant of all possible debates on the idea of "natura naturans" versus "natura naturata".

The notion that some "meta-cosmic" level of "super-transcendence" could, or indeed should, exist far beyond the realm of "divine" immanence is not at all foreign to me. Still, what is totally alien to me is the notion that "divine" transcendence could possibly antagonize with "divine" immanence. Indeed, in my way of thinking, there is no other explanation to the fundamental dualism of our immanence, but to help us understand the true nature of this higher transcendence, a-dualistic in essence.   (The Warshal, 1-2)

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