This protocol is aimed at individuals, groups of people, business corporations, municipalities, state and local law enforcement departments, private security organizations and government entities willing to use MCC technologies for their own specific agendas. It does not directly concern those who, after thorough reflection, have made the decision to apply for full integration into Philippe Sauvage's works and projects. For this highly particular and most rare kind of person, only the conditions explained in "Montsalvage's Return" shall apply for them to become "inner members" of Philippe Sauvage's crew, the "all or nothing" sort of commitment, that is. As those "special candidates" will be dealt with in a "direct and personal" manner by Thulea's highest ranking executives, specially trained and de-briefed on the subject, they are therefore dispensed with going through the normal process hereafter detailed. However, this process is more typical of persons facing all sorts of existential, health, legal, or financial crises as well as individuals, not necessarily in crisis, but wisely seeking personal or financial enhancement, rather than previously mentioned groups or organizations whose objectives and expectations may be somehow more complex to explain or finalize. Although, prior to further discussion, they must also submit a contract and provide for a substantial contribution to Philippe Sauvage's work and projects, they too will be dealt with by Thulea's executives in relation to their respective needs and programs.

Typical Process of Individual Application:

Step 1. Print and submit "Contractual Protocol of Transdimensional Refraction" with required signatures and fingerprint of right index finger in the space indicated.

  1.  Required signatures: Yours and two witnesses.

  2.  Required fingerprint: With your own blood, give a clear Fingerprint of your right index finger in the space indicated on the "Contract".

  3.  Email the "Contract": Scan it and Email to  Include your full birthname in the subject line of all Emails.

  4.  Send the original "Contract" to Catharsis at the address below via Fed-Ex or UPS wherever or whenever possible.
    Include your full birthname in all mailings.

  5.  Transfer your suggested SUBSTANTIAL donation to Catharsis: Send money order to the Catharsis address; wire transfer to Catharsis with routing numbers provided upon request.   (As stated in many of Philippe Sauvage's texts, this donation MUST be directly proportionate to the seriousness of your crisis or of your enhancement expectation, proportionate to the unfeasibility of the challenge, proportionate to your own social situation and financial capacity to donate, then most importantly it ought to reflect some respect to Philippe Sauvage's background, to Philippe Sauvage's very unique skills and powers as well as to Philippe Sauvage's person and projects... All this simply means that your "good-conscience-oriented" routine one-hundred dollar donation to "Greenpeace", to "hungry children" or "cancer research" will not do by a long, very long shot).

Step 2: Submit Morphogenic & Psychogenic Data AFTER your "Transdimensional Refraction Contract" and donation have been accepted. Send required data via Email to AND hard copies via Fed-Ex to the Catharsis address.
  1.  Photos: Send Three Digital Photos of your face (front, left side and right side) EXACTLY 2 (two) feet or 51 centimeters from digital camera, (Email and Fed-Ex).

  2.  DNA Report: Send your personal electrophoresis DNA report, (Scan and Email; send hard copy via Fed-Ex). (If you live in the "bush" or "outback", we may be capable to get your electrophoresis report for you from your blood sample and/ or additional genetic support of yours.)

  3.  Video: Send a short video of yourself that includes your voice (You could, for instance, read aloud your "Transdimensional Refraction Contract") which also includes your motion/walking patterns, (Fed-Ex only, as video is too large to receive by Email).

  4.  Handwriting: Send brief 1 to 2 page existential resume that highlights the most significant events in your life, your subjective qualities and frailties as well as your greatest accomplishments and worst failures, (Scan and Email; send hard copy via Fed-Ex).

  5.  Tracking: Email to all tracking numbers and information for each shipment of data, including YOUR FULL BIRTH NAME in the subject lines.

THERIATRICS: For animal cares or animal enhancement, which of course, constitutes a very important aspect of Philippe Sauvage's work, the "Contract" will be filled out and signed by the "owner" but we still need blood sample and DNA report, photos, video and "voice" of the animal. In addition to that, we need some hair sample (or feathers or scales, etc.) of the animal. Please also provide the creature's name, species, breed and/or variety, best approximate birthdate and location. All of it will be sent through Email and Fed-Ex in the aforementioned method.

No matter how much all this DNA, sonic, morphic and psycho-behavioral required data may strike you as highly "unusual" (so also is Philippe Sauvage's person, work and... RESULTS ), we need it still to realize your highly unique "personalized holographic ideogram" upon which all Philippe Sauvage's work is based. The more accurate and extensive the data he has on his "client" the more direct, accurate, effective and efficient the outcome. (Then again, if you are looking for "conventional" methods and "usual" results you'd better go to "Lourdes", "Sedona" or to your habitual "medical quacks" -- or just keep trying your chance at the "national lottery", depending on the outcome at which you are aiming !...). Just remember what Philippe Sauvage has already been able to accomplish by himself, without even the exponential effects of his highly futuristic MCC technology. So if, by reading and verifying by yourself all his unheard-of accomplishments, you are not fully convinced, you should simply refrain from wasting our time which has become an extremely rare "commodity", in view of the dramatic changes imminently to befall us all.

Contact Information:

From US:                           (760) 494-0084
From International:    (+1) 760-494-0084

CATHARSIS: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics
204 N. El Camino Real (E721)
Encinitas, CA 92024
United States


Montsalvage's Return
          Latest Text From The Warshal
          Sent from Archeofuture Sacred Site, Greenland, June 2004