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  1. Transdimensional Refraction (Hereafter referred to as T.R.) relates to specific processes and sciences, for which there is no semantic equivalence, whatsoever, within conventional human psyche. It refers to ideas such as multi-dimensionality, multi-possibility and multi-reality, which all directly collide with the severely restricted and purely axiomatic interpretation of man's own existential setup. Unlike human self-imposed pan-reductionism, a more evolved gnosis like Transdimensionalism, does not lie on gravely erroneous and morbidly alienating concepts such as spatio-temporal confinement, phenomenological restriction or subjective attachment to the primitive dichotomy between so-called "real" and "unreal." On the contrary, it reaches out far beyond man's psycho-cultural limitations as well as man's self-inflicted neuro-sensorial restrictions. Without replacing or denying altogether the relative validity of certain aspects of what is usually referred to as "physical laws," it simply completes them in accordance to a better all-comprehensive and all-inclusive "Weltanschauung." In respect to most applications for which it will be solicited by the "requestors," according to their specific need or agenda, T.R. could be heuristically summarized as the: Science and processes by which to unfold and manifest events of various nature that, within human self-imposed phenomenological fencing, would be otherwise labeled "unfeasible" and therefore judged inattemptable. Said otherwise, and in the best Laconic tradition: T.R. forms the expirically objective possibilization of the axiomatically subjective impossible. Yet, one must always keep in mind and accept the idea of some "transdimensional borderline": "Higher Laws" which could not or should not be transgressed do exist, be it only for deontological reasons far too complex to be hereafter explained.

  2. Even though from a purely semantic point of view, T.R. has nothing in common whatsoever with any known form of human -- or even non-human -- so-called "spirituality," on a strict legal ground, it ought nonetheless to be unreservedly accepted as activity typically covered and protected under the First (and, also under the Second) Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America or under any similarly inspired system. A system, which emphatically protects the very "Freedom of speech and of thought" of all groups and of all persons, according to their own chosen systems of beliefs (and then, grant them the non-metaphorical rights and tools to do so), regardless of the apparent or subjective "plausibility" of their respective philosophical creed and irrespective of any numeric prevalence or dominance of an ideological majority (be it a "minority of one"). Anything less, indeed, just brings forth the fatal seed of "ethocide" (the annihilation of people's most fundamental substance) from which there is no crossing back, ever.

  3. In full obedience to the solstitial rule of Reciprocity which sources up right at the very core of the only Law that completes and transcends all others, JUSTICE, all donations, services and commitments freely offered by the requestor to prime up any T.R. attempt OUGHT to be strictly proportionate to the very level of his/her own threshold of "paradigmatic impossibility" which T.R. processes are precisely meant to transgress or transcend. Proportionate also to the very nature of the specific T.R. operation that can significantly vary from one another depending on its respective degree of "unfeasibility". Then, finally, proportionate to the requestor's own objective capacity to offer, as Justice (even in its most mundane socio-professional expression) remains the sole and unique "key" that opens up and shuts down all "transdimensional gateways." There shall never be any refund of any kind should the requestor freely, accidentally or forcefully (as in some unlikely dismissal situation wherein his/her ethical standard would no longer qualify) withdraw from the T.R. protocol or should his/her own subjective assessment of the T.R. outcome not match up his/her poorly appraised previous expectations thereof.

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