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Shingles Study. Double-blind tests on Philip Savage's "Distant Healing" of Herpes Zoster (shingles).

Three reports that document six cases of unprecedented healing of virulent shingles (herpes zoster):

(a)  Dr. Ronald Santasiero, M.D., medical director, Sedona Holistic Medical Center, Hamburg, New York documents two cases of shingles outbreaks on women patients who "healed overnight" after Philip Savage's subliminal distant treatments. Dr. Santasiero reports that the amazing results shocked the patients who were extremely "surprised at rapid improvement in symptoms."

(b)  Pamm Pernick, clinical counselor at Health Care Plan in West Seneca, New York, mother of three and grandmother at age 48, documents the "pain-free" results both she and a colleague received from the distant healing treatment of Philip Savage. Mrs. Pernick reports that she suffered from shingles six times in her past and was an expert on the horrible pain and itching that accompanies this disease, often for 4-6 weeks while the disease runs its natural course. After Philip Savage's subliminal treatment (from San Diego to New York), to the amazement of herself and her co-workers, she woke up with no itching, no pain, and to witness the "scab was shrinking almost before my eyes."

(c)  Mary Wohlberg, administrative assistant, and mother of two children, documents the "miraculous" healing from virulent shingles of herself and her 4 year-old daughter. She reports that her daughter was immediately healed from an excruciating outbreak of blistering shingles by Philip Savage after a 20 minute local subliminal treatment. About two years later, Mrs. Wohlberg herself broke out in a shingles rash, with horrible pain and itching, which was completely relieved after a 5-minute distant processing by Philip Savage. (This treatment was observed and videotaped by medical doctors and researchers at Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California.)

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