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The following document "FULL SPECTRUM MIND DOMINANCE", which consists of three separate pieces -- "Prologue to SDI" by Dr. L. Dee Jacobsen, "Subliminal Influence Technology" (SIT) by Philippe Sauvage, and "Brief Existential Resume" by Philip Savage -- was written (under duress!) in the spring of the year 2000 as a "PRIVATE" document to be taken PERSONALLY to members of the US Congress, by a high-ranking member of the US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. This document was accompanied at the time with other background materials, scientific evidence, and a copy of Philip Savage's recent publication Journey Into the Absolute Elsewhere, (1999). Of course, every member of Congress who received these documents was invited to, and most certainly did, check out the EXTRAORDINARY CREDENTIALS of Sauvage with the US Department of State and other INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES of the US government.

The purpose of this extremely provocative document was to try, desperately, to survive the legal nightmare Philippe Sauvage was victim of, by making his SUBLIMINAL TECHNOLOGY irresistably invaluable to the already tested US MILITARY AGENDA of "FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE." By COMPLETING the US agenda with the addition of full spectrum MIND dominance, without which even the most arrogant and hubristic of agendas is necessarily INCOMPLETE, Mr. Sauvage hoped to work for the US government in exchange for saving his own "legal status."

Needless to say, this desperate effort that left Philippe Sauvage almost completely exposed and fully at risk did elicit the expected DRAMATIC response... some of which is still "classified" and much of which is now unfortunate "history"...


The attached documents describe Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) which is the unique and powerful bioenergetic mind-force technology developed, tested, and implemented by Philip Savage over the past 25 years. SDI can be utilized to recover health or to modify human thoughts and behaviors at a distance, subliminally, without the subjects' knowing.

Potential applications of SDI are virtually unlimited in the areas of biorestoration, national and international security, political and economic affairs, etc. At this time, Mr. Savage is still prepared to offer his services for the benefit of the American people. Unfortunately, his ability to plan and implement new programs remains blocked by the bureaucratic INS which has continued to deny him citizenship, or indeed simple residency, despite a protracted legal struggle.

With the threat of imminent deportation hanging chronically over his head, Mr. Savage has become extremely frustrated. Running out of options, he has recently begun to consider the pursuit of residency and service in other foreign countries. As a well-trained scientific observer and clinical neuropsychologist, I can attest to the reality and importance of his SDI technology and its most remarkable effects on terrorists, political and economic leaders, and foreign and domestic populations. I can also vouch for the soundness of his principles and personal integrity, and will state unequivocally that Mr. Savage's departure would constitute the loss of a soon-to-be-recognized national asset.

I urge you to join me in offering your support for the emergency campaign to achieve citizenship and security for Mr. Savage in the United States. Most immediately we are seeking contacts with appropriate government agencies and other potential employers who will then discover for themselves the validity and utility of Philip Savage and his SDI technology.

Dr. L. Dee Jacobsen, Ph.D., ABCN     
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Memorandum RE: The Potential Political and Economic Applications of Philip Savage's Subliminal "Distant" lnfluentiality (SDI)

From: Dr. L. Dee Jacobsen, Ph.D., ABCN, Clinical Neuropsychologist,
Integrative Medicine Research, Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA

Date: January 11, 2000

I. Introduction

Over the past five years, my clinical and scientific work has led to many illuminating experiences and a heightened appreciation of the healing/restorative powers of the human mind. It was in the course of this exploration that I encountered Philip Savage and his remarkable works of Biorestoration (healing). During the past year, I have personally observed a series of most impressive biorestorations, including recovery from advanced brain cancer, coronary artery disease and virulent shingles (herpes zoster). Currently I am monitoring the recovery of one of my own patients who suffers from advanced Alzheimer's Disease. I have also reviewed the outcome data from a controlled randomized study in which Mr. Savage provided treatment of children who had suffered severe third degree burns. The five treated children recovered more quickly with far less pain, scarring and skin grafting than the control group children. None of the children were aware of the special treatment they received, thereby eliminating the "placebo effect" as a possible explanation.

Contemplation of these essentially inexplicable clinical outcomes prompted my decision to further explore Mr. Savage's work and the possible underlying mechanisms. Initially, I reviewed electro-physiological measurements (electro-encephalographic and acupuncture meridian energy measurements) obtained during a Savage Bio-Mediation (meditation). The EEG revealed the presence of atypical slow wave (delta) activity of the type most frequently associated with deep sleep. In addition, the level of energy measured in the main acupuncture meridians increased by 38+% over one hour. The magnitude of this increase was unprecedented in previous research conducted upon other "healers." More notably, comparable pre and post treatment energy measurements obtained from a seriously ill man (severe depression and kidney disease) revealed a 100+% increase that was sustained 18 days following a single 20 minute treatment. The patient reported dramatic improvements in his mood, energy level and urinary output that have been sustained for two years.

When queried about the physical, psychological and spiritual mechanisms underlying his work, Mr. Savage informed me of the development of his mind power technology called "Subliminal Influentiality." He pointed out that this technology can be employed to recover health or for the purpose of modifying a person's thoughts and behaviors at a distance.

II. Exploring Subliminal Influentiality

After numerous discussions with Mr. Savage and reading his writings regarding "Subliminal Influence technologies," I have learned that he has successfully utilized this technology many times in the past. Applications have included alteration of consciousness and behavior in individual terrorists, politicians and businessmen with an impact that is typically dramatic over a period of days or weeks.

My own study and observations of Mr. Savage's Subliminal Influence work have indicated that his special abilities clearly supercede those "psychotronic," (e.g. telepathy, remote viewing, psychokinesis, etc.) phenomena that were previously investigated as potential intelligence or weapons systems in the Soviet Union, USA and other countries.

Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDI) appears to be a uniquely precise form of bioenergetics in which molecular polarity of neurons is modified at deep pre-conscious levels of the brain. This unique mind force can be utilized to alter human consciousness and behavior in subtle but pervasive ways that will render the target subject, in some manner dysfunctional. For example, the subject may exhibit aberrant feelings, thoughts and behaviors that could prompt early retirement, hospitalization, or other desired but non lethal outcomes. This technology can also be employed to potentiate positive psychological and behavioral outcomes, as well.

According to Mr. Savage's testing, desired outcomes can be reliably obtained over 95% of the time if appropriate target data are available, e.g. biographical and psychological profiles, as well as timely feedback regarding changes in behavior.

III. Demonstrating the Scientific Validity of Subliminal Distant Influentiality

The process of scientifically demonstrating the effective reality of SDI to prospective employers should not be too complicated. Once an agreement on implications of a positive test outcome has been obtained, Mr. Savage will provide several quick, uncompensated field demonstrations of SDI, as follows:

Five or six human targets would be designated. Each target should be well known so that adequate baseline behavior could be profiled. The desired (but unexpected) change of behavior would be designated and defined for each subject. A simple individual Likert scale could be easily developed for establishing with reasonable reliability the nature and degree of behavior change for each target. An acceptable time frame for accomplishing desired changes in behavior would also be required.

Subject selection for the field experiment would be conducted by the potential employer of Mr. Savage and his SDI team. Four of the six subjects should be local and well known to the potential employer. This would facilitate pre and post test behavior assessment. Two additional subjects could be minor but well known international undesirables (e.g., Haiti's President Aristede) whose removal from power might be desired.

IV. Practical Limitations and Ethical Considerations in the Application of Subliminal Distant Influentiality

The universal natural laws and principals governing the operation of SDI determine how this technology may be applied. More specifically, Mr. Savage cannot utilize SDI to intervene in human affairs unless he is requested to act and receives a "warrant" to act from one or more individuals with whom he has established a contractual relationship. In other words, he cannot carry out actions of his own volition, nor can he act solely for the purpose of personal benefit.

Further, he operates on a reciprocating basis. He cannot employ SDI effectively unless he is compensated. Any financial compensation he receives must be utilized, with the exception of living/security expenses, to support needy children, rainforest preservation, native peoples, ecology related research, etc. Unless these conditions are respected he is unable to act.

Mr. Savage has also informed me that his 25 years of experience testing and modifying SDI have revealed additional limitations. Most importantly, SDI cannot be applied to directly terminate a life or for the purpose of inducing a disease state. Neither can SDI produce psycho-behavioral changes in targeted individuals that would lead directly to the destruction of innocent or harmless people.

During numerous discussions, Mr. Savage has outlined for me his fundamental ethical principles. He has stated, "My sole agenda is to protect and serve life and natural harmony by all legal means necessary."

He is also bound to respect the laws of any country in which he resides. He is also an extremely loyal person who has served past private military and governmental employers faithfully. He is neutral and unaffiliated in political affairs and therefore has no political agenda of his own. He has characterized himself as "an ideal mercenary" who will serve without question almost any employer with the exception of those who would act most blatantly to harm the living earth.

V. Philip Savage, Biographical Information and Residency Status

Mr. Savage's special bioenergetic abilities originate in his Celtic heritage and childhood shamanic training that was rooted in 5,000 years of orally transmitted tradition.

These skills were developed further during several years of clandestine counterintelligence and counter-terrorist work conducted under the auspices of the French government. This work was sometimes conducted in close cooperation with U.S. Intelligence operatives.

His government service was followed by a continuation of his education as he completed advanced degrees in Anthropology, Criminology and Human Behavioral Science.

During the 1980's, Mr. Savage was also renowned in Europe for his healing work and his advocacy for the Breton independence movement. This work yielded much notoriety and financial success that was perceived as threatening by the French Socialist/Communist government. As a result, he was charged, convicted and sentenced in absentia to a long jail term.

Facing prison, and quite possibly, death, Mr. Savage entered the U.S. with an altered passport with the hope of eventually obtaining American citizenship status. He was successful in winning the U.S. Federal Court battle against attempted extradition to France. Unfortunately, the matter of his U.S. residency status has remained unresolved despite a protracted legal struggle that continues to the present, (i.e. INS Case #70-168-349) still under appeal seeking political asylum before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Given the nature of his abilities, interests and need for employment and security/citizenship, Mr. Savage is sincerely seeking work with an appropriate agency of the U.S. government at this time. He is prepared to undergo the most rigorous scientific testing and security related scrutiny. He is prepared to place himself entirely at the disposal of his future employer.

Dr. L. Dee Jacobsen     
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by Philip Savage


My name is Philippe Sauvage, a.k.a. Fulup Gwezh in my native Celtic tongue, or Philip Savage in this country. I am 46 years old and the originator of an entirely new scientific branch, Subliminal Distant Influentiality (SDl). This process involves breaking into the human mind to implant targeted subjects with both modified and new neuro-behavioral patterns. In my often demanding life, I have been a field operative in the domain of counter-terrorism, a scientist, and a prominent spiritual leader. In addition, my role as an historical figure due to my personal ancestral lineage forms a major cultural symbol of Breton Celtic identity.

Less than a decade ago my life-long eco-spiritual crusade and well-publicized deeds of human bio-recovery prompted a following of millions in Europe and elsewhere. My actions and words apparently made some important people very uncomfortable. Suddenly I became one of the most maligned and falsely accused figures of the European political scene. French authorities made a show of pronouncing me "public enemy" number one, the target of a heinous and sophisticated political conspiracy. As a result, and thanks to the U.S. Justice Barry Moskowitz, I am also the only person whose extradition to France has been denied on grounds of political, ethnic and religious persecution by the French government.

Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of my past life is welcome to read my Book, Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, in which detailed accounts of my former philosophy, existential achievements, failures and dramas are outlined.

The purpose of this short brief is not to elaborate on my previous life from which I am trying hard to disengage myself. Rather, this document is intended to provide an explanation of Subliminal Distant Influentiality and its potential applications. After I have been given a chance to demonstrate and prove, beyond any reasonable doubt, the reality of my skills and expertise, their full spectrum, and some of their best applications, I shall make myself available for employment with that agency or organization offering the most favorable terms.

Due to my precarious statutory situation, I am facing possible imminent deportation and related dangers that could drastically limit my availability for employment in this country. Therefore, I hope that people reading this brief will understand my current mindset and why I cannot afford to focus upon any nonessential issues.

For example, despite my past accomplishments, there are so many questionable parameters involved in the field of human health that I would like very much to detach myself from generating within people unorthodox immunological responses, no matter how "miraculous" or "extraordinary" those responses may have been throughout my lifelong "career" in the domain of so-called "spiritual medicine" or "holistic cares." Instead, I know for a fact that my skills and expertise would be much more powerfully and practically employed in the fields of economic warfare, national and international security, political campaigns, and related domains.


After twenty-five years of developing and applying SDl on thousands of human subjects, I have become particularly proficient in one area: My ability to alter dramatically and reset the most essential neuro-behavioral patterns of any specific human subject in those deep brain structures mediating emotion, unconscious motivation and behavior, glandular functions, activation levels, etc. Such neuro-behavioral modifications can be designed to serve specific and pre-established tactical or strategic agendas.

The dangerous "beauty" of this technology (and its most controversial aspect, as well) is that the results will occur in a purely subliminal fashion (way beneath the threshold of the subjects' conscious perception). Further, my work can be successfully carried out from a distance without signal attenuation. There are no known protective countermeasures for subjects exposed to my subliminal mind-reset.

Depending on the intensity and the specific mode in which such mind-reset is actuated, its effects may vary from limited neuro-behavioral alterations to complete mental and behavioral dysfunction of the targeted subject. Although it is very difficult to predict the final outcome of completely hypothetical employment situations, the projected SDl success rate is in the high ninetieth-percentile. This compares to a previous success rate in the domain of human health where results hardly exceed the seventieth-percentile. As to its operational time frame, it usually takes a few months to generate the complete neuro- behavioral recalibration of one specific ultra-sensitive target. However, should a real emergency situation arise in the arena of national or international security, my technology could bring forth full results within a reduced time frame of only a few weeks, and would start to show its first effects within only a few days.

Successful application of SDl is dependent upon several factors. The more high quality intel on the subject, the faster and the greater the results. Valid and detailed profiling of the target, producing data that identifies his or her particular vibrational frequencies (such as recorded voice and image) is required. A good "informant" close enough to provide serial information on the subject's responses to initial and subsequent subliminal exposures is also important.

Potential employers may be interested to learn more about the range and nature of neuro-behavioral effects that can be induced within subjects who are intensely exposed to such a technology. SDl provokes a dramatic bypass of the neo-cortical areas of the brain and releases the most basic impulses of the so-called "mammalian" and "reptilian" cerebral regions. Analogically speaking, it is like removing large segments of learned cultural software and associated psychological conditioning, inhibitory controls and knowledge-based intelligence that serve to define personality and control behavior. In essence, neuro-functional control of behavior can be reset to a level that allows relatively unimpeded expression of the person's neuro-genetic blueprint.

From a purely theoretical standpoint, such a complete reset of someone's neuro behavioral makeup is not intrinsically harmful. I can never insist enough on the inherent non-lethal or non-deleterious nature of my subliminal technology. However, it would be naive to ignore the potentially devastating effects SDl might produce for a subject who is in a high position of power (economic, political or criminal). I am perfectly aware that such a radical recalibration of his or her most essential neuro-behavioral functions most certainly entails the complete incapacitation of the person in relation to conducting business as they were doing prior to the subliminal exposure.

The higher people are posted within their own field of expertise, the harder it becomes for them to function in the same domain after the resetting begins to take place. In our highly sophisticated technological cultures the "human animal" is no longer adapted for societal survival. Therefore, the brutal unlearning of civilized sets of behavioral rules and psycho-social interactions will result in a dysfunctional subject.

The following hypothetical scenarios are offered to indicate potential outcomes that might result from the application of SDI. A targeted politician would no longer be capable of lying or suppressing his unconscious prejudices (racial, for example) or basic animalistic impulses and instincts (sexual, emotional, etc.). The tyrannical ruler of some imaginary "rogue nation" would lose his ability to control his anger, or egomania while speaking publicly. Operating before his most trusted henchmen, he would be unable to remember how to use his political sense of demagoguery and treachery. A prominent world economic leader would suddenly forget a lifetime of financial skills and the most basic sense of business restraint. A skilled criminal (or terrorist) would lose his cunning and begin to make inappropriate comments to his already paranoid associates.

Gently applied on a "normal" person, my neuro-behavioral reset would mostly provoke a strong drive toward engaging in a more simple and natural lifestyle, getting closer to one's family and friends, and reducing behavior based in self-centered ego and greed. In a nutshell, going back to what really matters in life such as loving feelings, existential meaning and basic spiritual values.

SDl may also be employed for the purpose of enhancing desirable behavior. For example, employed in the context of a political campaign, subliminal influentiality could be utilized to augment a candidate's energy level, speaking abilities and charisma. Through the use of very advanced technology, such as computer-generated images of "morphogenetic-holotypification" (breaking thousands of morpho-psychologically representative samples of a specific electoral population down to one digitally compounded holotype), SDl can also create unconscious receptivity in the population to specific messages and images from political candidates.

Personal Reflections and Requests

I am coming from a cultural universe galaxies apart from the modern reductionism of the fragmented so-called Western civilization, from a Celtic Clan whose roots and sacerdotal legitimacy date back to times immemorial. Inculturated in a daily environment dominated by "shamanic" ritual and "prelogical thinking," I witnessed many occurrences typically labeled as "paranormal" or "supernatural." Developing in this domain generated the special perceptual abilities and mental powers necessary for creation of SDI .

Quite logically, one feels threatened by what is strange or alien to his or her own cultural norms. For most people, so-called "paranormal" or "supernatural" events and processes have this aura of "mysterious unknown" that soon brings them to the threshold of terror and psychological dislocation. To me, accustomed from the beginning to the idea of variable levels of reality, those phenomena seem almost normal aspects of my own weltanschauung. On the other hand, I feel threatened by phenomena such as Bio-separation, social or ethnic hatred, greed and egotistical impetus, technocratic prostheses and gadgetry, obsessive consumerism, sport as big business, compulsive drive toward the ultimate fun, etc.

It does not matter whether I have inherited my "powers" from multi-millenarian proto- Druidic initiatory processes or whether I am just a "freak" of nature. What does matter is the willingness of people to remain open to the possibility that phenomena which you cannot yet explain may still exist. For example, there are people out there, other "freaks" who can tell you in a fraction of a second -- faster than any known computer -- what day of the week (Monday? Wednesday?..) will mark the first of January in the year 10000. They can also compute faster than any machine, horribly complicated calculations that you and I would not solve in years. Under scientific control, Tibetan monks can increase their body temperature to such unthinkable levels that the snow and the ice around them quickly melt ('Tumo" technique). People can dance, unscathed, in the middle of flames when driven prior to the ceremony to a specific mode of altered consciousness. Others, at the age of four have already written classical symphonies. How do you think your average cowboy ancestor of the last century would have responded if you could communicate to him ideas such as atomic energy, laser surgery, interplanetary journeys or, more prosaically, the Internet?...

What I am seeking from you is not trust, belief, or faith -- just intelligent open mindedness. I am asking you to think that even if there is only one chance out of a hundred that I am for real and that my technology works the way I claim it does, that I deserve a shot to prove it to you.

It should also be of national and international interest to find out whether SDl belongs to pure science fiction or whether it is a phenomena that can be reliably demonstrated. See me as an "abnormality" if you please, but have the courage or the instinct to let me demonstrate what I can do (for you). In return, I ask only what I need.

Ethics and Agenda

Assuming that my proposal for reciprocal useful service has been positively received, it is time to clarify my philosophical and ethical positions, especially concerning what many could interpret as an interference in people's freewill or violation of their psycho-existential liberties they could view as "mind-control."

Those who would like to try to understand my own ideological matrices and the reasons why they appear so "alien" or "contrary" to modern common "values" are welcome to examine my book, Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere (1999). To briefly summarize my own ethics, let me say that, from my perspective, your world and your civilization are just as "alien" to me as I may be to you. I recognize only the Natural Laws. I have no hidden agendas or motivations beyond the philosophy of Bio-Justice. What makes me easily and reliably employable is my being entirely predictable, and neutral.

My sole and only agenda here on Earth is to protect and serve Life and Natural Harmony by any legal means necessary. If I need legal, financial or political protection, it is only for me to have a chance to keep helping the children worldwide, acquire as many pieces of wilderness land as my skills and technology could bring forth, and rescue as many endangered life-forms as possible. Any other "causes" other than those are, to me, delusive and not worth pursuing. In essence this means I am the ideal "mercenary" who will never take sides in the world's ideological, economic and political struggles.

Because all governments are to some extent intrinsically anti-natural from my own set of bio-values, I would not mind working for any of them as long as they are intelligent enough to appreciate and compensate my work to the full extent of its worth and in that way help me further my purpose of rescuing the children and the environment. Given the nature of my ethics, however, it should be obvious that I would have a hard time lending my services to some especially noxious human governments entirely established on blatant injustice or systematic bio-depredation.

Another strange, yet very reassuring, aspect of my "alien" ethics is that, for reasons too complex to be hereafter detailed, I am not at liberty to make, on my own, dramatic intrusions into the world's political matters. This means that I cannot unilaterally "dysfunctionalize" people such as political, economical, or cultural leaders according to my own agenda, no matter how blatantly evil they may be or how beneficial their removal should be to this planet or to the human race.

Indeed, I need to receive some sort of a "warrant" from within before I am able to intervene in human "internal affairs." My unfaltering loyalty toward my employers is a given which I personally and absolutely guarantee. I am fully prepared to undergo all manner of tests and psychological evaluations in order to support my claims on this specific point.


Anyone reading this brief is already acquainted with my current existential situation and especially the dramatic statutory crisis that drove me to expose myself so completely and, to some extent, so dangerously in presenting myself as available for employment. I understand perfectly that in order to be employed by any political lobby, private economic organization, or government agency, I will be thoroughly checked out and then, extensively tested as to my claims in the field of subliminal influence technologies. Accordingly, I am ready to meet, in person, with any such potential employers and supply them with the sensitive information on my work or my past activities, as long as they have also proven their own political substance and supply me with all necessary credentials.

During the initial demonstrations, set out to establish my own credibility and the practical reality of my technology, I shall accept a potential employer's interest (and also their "temporary" political protection) as the only payments for my services. However, it should be crystal clear that targets selected for initial demonstrations of my subliminal technology cannot be "big players" in the field of political, diplomatic or economic affairs, but only "small pawns" who can be displaced without substantially affecting the course of events on a higher scale. Also the number of "targets" selected should be limited to the level necessary for demonstrating my credibility beyond a reasonable doubt. After mutual trust has been established, any sizable subliminal operation will be implemented under a strict protocol of quid pro quo.

When I have completely established my credibility, the first thing I shall require is an absolute guarantee of my statutory, political, and financial security. Should my potential employers demonstrate the ability to meet my needs, I am ready, to disappear forever from public view in order to serve the higher and mutual benefit of our combined agendas.

[Section Redacted]

A brief existential resume

In relation to the recent effort from new influential people to try to give me support in my current legal and statutory crisis, I feel obliged, in return, to help them get a clearer picture of my turbulent existential saga, my unique ethno cultural background, my humble skills, my life achievements and my most immediate projects for the future, if I still have a future.

I have been sequentially, and sometimes simultaneously, a spiritual symbol and leader of the Breton Celtic minority in France, a scientist, an expert in the field of counter-terrorism, a humanitarian and environmental champion and, most importantly, the promoter of a new scientific technology, Subliminal Distant Influentiality (S.D.I.), that affords any potential "client" to access and significantly alter the deeper neuro-behavioral patterns of any pre-designated human target according to a pre-established political, economical or tactical agenda.

I am the only European person whose extradition to France has been denied on grounds of ethnic, political and religious persecution. Yet, despite my many skills and expertise and, indeed, after I have been totally vindicated of any wrongdoing by the U.S. Federal Justice, I am still in imminent danger of being forcibly deported by the I.N.S.

I have no other aspiration but to become a highly contributing citizen of a country which is already the motherland of my two American children. Indeed, I am convinced that after proper testing and evaluation of what I have to offer, I could soon become an asset of national importance to the highest interests of the United States.

Tending my most sincere apologies to whomever would read the following pages for being forced with great reluctance to talk of myself, of my background, of my achievements and failures, I also beg for forgiveness to have to summarize so dramatically what would logically require a few books to have some chance of being eventually understood

I would like, also, to express my most extreme gratitude toward people who, not even knowing me in person, are still trying to support me in the worst existential crisis that I have ever experienced in my tumultuous life. I promise them, in the name of my most sacred spiritual values, that their generous investment in myself would only help me help others, should God grant me with some "small" statutory miracle and allow me, in return, to serve and protect with all my humble talents a Country that could eventually, offer me peace and safety after so many years of war and of persecution.


Twelve-thousand years ago, or so, a major geological disaster sank in the bottom of the ocean several ancient human civilizations that only survive today in the deepest layers of our mythical unconscious. My own Hyperborean civilization did not sink in the abysses, proper, but slowly disappeared under the ice after the warm oceanic currents that produced its eco-climatic sustenance started to be diverted toward the East, marking in return the end of the Ice-Age in Europe. The peregrination of the ancient Hyperboreans far exceed the restricted spectrum of Western-Europe but, for the sake of better simplification, I will purposely omit mentioning the westward saga of those who founded many majestic so-called pre-Columbian civilizations (Tiahuanaco, for instance) and the far-eastern odyssey of those who, from Siberia, radiated all over Asia, giving birth to the archeological mystery of the "Caucasian mummies" (in China, Mongolia, etc.), and to the enduring myth of the "Steppe Amazons" (Scythians, Sarmatians, Cimmerians, etc.).

In Western-Europe, after thousands of years of indescribable hardship, what was left of the Hyperborean people can be easily recognized as the originators of the original megalithic civilization. Owing to climatic reasons, southern Brittany, which was the first land free of ice, became the cradle of the oldest megalithic culture (for instance, the Tumulus of Saint-Michel in Carnac dates back to about 7,000 years B.C.). About two-thousand years later, the first neolithic invaders coming from the Middle-East collided violently against the first megalithic culture and destroyed the main symbols of its magnificent beauty. The archeological proofs of such a protohistorical catastrophe can be seen in several monuments of Carnac and Locmarlaquer ("Gavrinis," "Table des Marchands," etc.). The original matriarchal and egalitarian social system was replaced by new psycho-cultural patterns marked by patriarchal domination, military tyranny and polytheistic religious idolatry.

This new culture is known as the "second megalithic culture" soon followed by the so-called Proto-Celtic Bronze-Age. When the people whom the historians have loosely termed Celts, officially invaded Western Europe in the so-called Iron-Age, the last guardians of the ancient Hyperborean civilization had already gone underground for more than two millennia. Mostly because of their insularity, the last Hyperboreans did not survive so well in Ireland and in England. The Hyperborean flame managed only to last in Brittany owing to the extensiveness of her impenetrable primeval forests and also due to Brittany being the most ancient sanctuary of the original Northern diaspora.

Druidism, as we know it, has almost nothing in common with the original Armorican spirituality (Armorica being the actual name of Brittany prior to her being invaded by Brittonic populations coming from England after their own Country had been conquered by Germanic people such as Angles, Saxons, Jutes, etc.) brought into Western Europe by the ancient Hyperboreans. Firstly, what people (including so-called "scholars") think they know about the Druids only comes from hostile, written sources (Roman, essentially) whereas the first Armoricans (and the so-called Celts, for that matter) belonged to a purely oral tradition. Actually, a true Druid would never have called himself or herself "druid," but- "Keldee" (or "Culdee") which means the "Servant of God" (or "God's Guardian"). Druid was the reverential term by which their people respectfully addressed the Keldee and it means something like "True Wisdom" (or "having the sageness of a tree," tree and genuineness being very close from the ancient semantic point of view). Secondly, actual Druidism (not the defaming propagandistic image coming from their victors) was a pretty nebulous confluence of various systems of beliefs. The polytheism of the Middle-Eastern neolithic invaders blended with Shamanistic rituals coming from Central Europe during the Iron Age formed one well-known aspect of such a religion. The other component of Druidism, more authentic and primitive, sadly came from Hyperborean renegades that belonged to the ancient masculine priesthood.

When the entirety of the Hyperborean feminine sacerdotal class opted for underground resistance to the Eastern invaders, some of the members of the masculine "Proto-Druidic Order" (always separated and somehow subordinate to the feminine "Proto-Druidic Order") decided to "collaborate" with the invaders and supply them with their own spiritual and cultural support. The only part that still remained from the original matrix was the idea of guardianship of all living creatures, trees very especially.

At the same time, the underground female Order was keeping and transmitting, secretly, the most fundamental aspects of the original Hyperborean spirituality which so survived, basically untarnished, throughout the Middle-Age. Indeed, such spirituality contributed more than anyone would think to fertilize, to enrich and to enlarge what would be soon known as Euro-Christianity: Actually the entire concept of European Chivalry, the Quest for the Grail and the devotion toward the virginal aspect of the feminine divine principle all come from the same Hyperborean-Armorican inspiration.

All along the Hyperborean-Armorican tradition, there has been a strange and strong obsession with the idea of "Strobineller." Etymologically, the word "Strobineller" gravitates around the concept of cultural shift (today we would say "paradigmatic replacement"). A Strobineller is some sort of a "cosmic midwife," a pivotal being which, when the time is right, is expected to help the birth of a new system of beliefs. For instance, one of the most "recent" of all Strobinellers had for his mission to help Europe transition from polytheism into monotheism, from paganism into Christianity: His codename (only a codename...) was Meurzhin (a.k.a. "Merlin"). All Strobinellers are said to be sent from a mysterious place (or a space-time dimension) called "Montsalvage." In the Arthurian legend, Montsalvage is a "floating castle of Ice or crystal," in which the immemorial sacred Guardians (Templars or, to be totally accurate, Templists) of the Holy Grail are in charge of the processing of the "Sacred Crystal," which is the only source of Divine legitimacy.... In relation to that specific aspect of the question, the "super-knight" Lohengrin of the old Germanic tradition also epitomizes the Strobineller's true nature and cosmic role.

There is a persistent legend in the Hyperborean tradition that one day, when what we call the end times will draw near, the last of all Strobinellers shall arise to bail Man out of his suicidal separation with God. Such a Strobineller will mark the very end of the Hyperborean history, in the sense that after him, concepts of ethnic or religious separation shall be erased, Man reaching then a level of true spiritual oneness. The last Strobineller is supposed to bring people to a condition of ethno-spiritual unification so complete that Man could then reestablish a new Sacred Covenant with God and be reinstated into his original mission of enlightened steward of the Divine Natural Order, here on Earth. This idiosyncratic being is supposed to come from the feminine matrix with all the wisdom and powers it entails, but will be also bestowed with the masculine lore and skills for the very first and last time in the Hyperborean history.

To my most extreme reluctance and with all the dramatic existential consequences implicated to me, I was brought up by my own sacerdotal clan to accept the (unacceptable) idea that I would be this terminal Strobineller I do not know whether my (impossible) compliance to my matriarchs' insights would have brought upon me better luck in my life than my vehement rebellion to such an idea, but I have always felt "grossly inadequate to the job," and it did not matter that my clan (the last Hyperborean-Armorican clan) had survived for millennia and bears by itself the whole responsibility of a very ancient mythical psyche, I did not want it, period. Yet, for a solid understanding of my own psychological makeup, it is of considerable importance to remember that, like anyone else, I am also the product of my own cultural conditioning and that my entire childhood was about the fulfillment of such old dusty legends.

I leave people who will read this short writing free to imagine the absolute strangeness of my own upbringing and I ask them for compassionate understanding that my psycho-behavioral background and my cultural roots are extremely different from theirs and that, to some extent, we are not quite exactly attuned on similar planes of consciousness.

More prosaically, let me say a few words about Brittany. It is only quite recently that the Bretons have lost sovereignty over their own Country. During the Middle-Age Brittany was an independent Kingdom and, later on, an independent Dukedom. Bretons were traditional allies of the English against the French. The Breton Kingdom was actually so powerful that the only defeat inflicted on the invincible armies of Charlemagne was achieved in the famous (or infamous for the French, who systematically "omit" mentioning it in their history textbooks) battle of Ballon by Nominoe, the King of Brittany. Only in 1788, during the infamous so called French Revolution, was Brittany finally annexed by France. Yet, many popular uprisings arose to free Brittany from the French yoke throughout the 19th Century.

Actually, it is only after World War One, when nearly 400,000 young Celts lost their lives (killed in combat or from the consequences of the war) in a foreign war forced upon them by the French invaders that, realistically speaking, Brittany started to be efficiently subdued by France. It is well-known among the Breton historians that World War One represents a true and deliberate genocide against the Celtic minority since the rate of the Breton casualties exceeded eight times that of the French troops. The "coup de grace" against Brittany was inflicted by the French communist irregulars (F.T.P.), at the end of World War Two, when they murdered thousands and thousands of the Breton elite as "traitors" and "separatists" for trying to secede from France, using the historical opportunity of her military and political collapse. Yet, despite their desire to part company from their dangerous neighbor, quite unanimously the Breton people took the lead of the most heroic armed resistance against the German invaders.... Most obviously, my family and I represent an invaluable cultural, spiritual and historical symbol of what is left of my unfortunate country and, as such, an unacceptable menace to French hegemonism.

I know all too well that, to the much uninformed American public, France is usually seen as a decent and civilized nation. Yet, any expert in international matters will know better. Beside her pathological anti-American feelings and policy, France has invented so-called "scientific" racism with Gobineau. France has the oldest and sickest tradition of antisemitism in Europe (cf. the antisemitic "prophet" Drummont in the 19th Century and the ensuing infamous Dreyfus affair).

Throughout its recent history, France has adopted an anti-American stance. The infamous De Gaulle single-handedly almost destroyed NATO during the sixties and then went to Phnom Penh to stab the U.S. right in the back, siding openly with the Communists in Vietnam, while a large segment of the American youth was fighting and dying for the defense of the Free-World. Do you know that there is a law in France ("Loi Toubon") that prohibits the use of the English language in any official (or indeed public) document? The French see themselves and their poor idiom as the pure expression of a master-race in dire danger of being utterly contaminated by the inferior English tongue and most especially by the "abominable American celluloid culture." France is also known for her ruthless repression of all ethnic minorities (Bretons, of course, but also Basques, Flemish, Alsatians, Occitans, etc.), and there is a state of permanent colonial insurrection in Corsica where, just like in the affair of the "Rainbow warrior" in New Zealand, high-ranking French terrorist agents have just been caught red-handed after they had perpetrated unspeakable acts of violence against innocent Corsican civilians. Political assassinations and government cover-ups are a daily way of life in France and if you ask any religious minority about religious freedom in the country of Lafayette the only possible answer is... way beyond horrible!


Aside from fighting, all through my childhood, against the idea of my being THE last Strobineller, I still have learned one thing or two. I have spent the first eighteen years of my life learning each and every day about the ancient Hyperborean- Armorican lore and wisdom, about the extremely complicated and vastly asymmetrical interactions between man, God, Life and Justice. I have been brought up to master the idea of variable levels of reality in which one can access higher continuums of consciousness and thus, provoke unorthodox events that would be deemed supernatural by most people. Actually, owing to my being allegedly so "different" from all the rest of the past and present members of my Clan, I received an especially engineered "high-tech" super-initiation that far exceeded the "normal" share and spectrum. I am unsure as to the long-term effects of such "special treatment" on my deeper psychological balance, but I also know for a fact that my "traditional skills" do surpass anything previously bestowed upon any other single person throughout the whole Hyperborean-Armorican history. Among those "skills" are ultra-specific mind-techniques which afford me full access to the most intimate centers of command of the "mammalian" and "reptilian" brain of about any predesignated human target, regardless of the geographical location or personal psychological makeup of the aforesaid individual.

Many years later, after much scientific acquisition and innumerable successful practice on the subject, I have come to call those skills and techniques Subliminal Distant Influentiality. But at the time when I needed to put S.D.I. to the test in order for me to gather sufficient scientific evidence, for the sake of better semantic "innocuousness," I prudently disguised S.D.I. as some sort of a new health breakthrough.

Taking over by force the deepest layers of the human brain to coerce dying people not to die, sick subjects to heal themselves or immunologically depressed individuals to regain full homoeostatic equilibrium is much more culturally palatable than breaking into a terrorist's psycho-behavioral programming to implant some subliminal computer virus that will eventually provoke his existential demise. Yet, it is the same. The same skills, the same techniques and the very same processes... just a different calibration for a different outcome.

After a few years working in the fieriest infernos of national and international security in Europe and after a few more years of scientific studies in which I made a big impression as a pioneer in the field of human phylogenesis, I was ready to test the sum of my existential acquisitions on a full scale: This is when I decided to go public in France. I had already thousands of people ready to testify of their "miraculous" health recoveries after I had helped them (most of the time from a distance and quite often without their awareness or consciousness). I had also performed many scientific experiments in the best European Universities or Laboratories with total success on animal or individual cells and without any possible placebo effects. I was also the chairman of a scientific association (Ethical Committee of Alternative Sciences) whose purpose was to debunk and expose, publicly, all sorts of quacks and charlatans in the field of so-called "holistic medicines" (without mentioning preposterous "psychic" claims).

Small wonder then that in no time I soon became the most sought-after star of the European media, in general, and of the French television, in particular. I broke all known past and future rating records of European television, bringing in December 1990 more than twelve million viewers to watch a special TV show about my "miraculous" skills in the domain of "spiritual medicine" (more than seventy million people when transposed on an American scale).

A few months before that, after I had a chance to present "my case" (and some of my best scientific proofs and evidence) to the French public in a debate with the best known leader of traditional medicine, I won an eighty-three-percent favorable opinion against my unfortunate opponent in a live poll organized on millions of viewers.

By becoming such a media star, I also knew that I was exposing myself quite dangerously to the French political establishment which did not appreciate very much the cultural symbol of the Breton Celtic minority to become so outspoken. But owing to my immense popularity and thanks to my eco-humanitarian achievements (all the funds I received were used to preserve the environment, to help third-world countries and fight against all possible forms of discrimination), my neutralization by the French was not a project too easy to carry out without major political consequences.

I myself gave the French a fantastic opportunity to do so when I departed Europe in Spring, 1991, to set up in Greenland (Avalon for the Celts and Hyperborea in my tradition) a scientific and eco-humanitarian institute on behalf of the native Eskimos. Less than six months after my departure, immediately after they had been informed of my imminent return in Europe after total success in my risky projects in the Arctic, the French hastily decided to preclude my coming back by organizing one of the most dramatic and important political conspiracies in this Century. Without any sort of legal justification, they assaulted my monastery in Brittany and my office in Paris, putting under arrest all of my collaborators with all sorts of violence, threats and in some cases torture, as it is all too customary in such a totalitarian country. From the files they had stolen, they started right away to threaten and blackmail the people whom I had previously helped in their health crises for them to join the French government in their conspiracy against me. This constitutes an unspeakable violation of the basic legal principle of non-retroactivity.

This did not, however, keep the French government from issuing an international warrant for my arrest on the grounds of "practicing medicine without a license," even though the French medical board, siding with me (thanks to my perfectly respectful attitude toward the French physicians and thanks to my crusade as a skeptic to debunk myriads of "holistic charlatans"), violently refused to help them in any way.

After a short stay in Canada among my American-Indian Mohawk friends (whom I had substantially and repetitively supported in the past), I decided to come in the U.S., knowing that only the Americans would have the political clout to resist a major European nation like France. After I had produced hundreds of political, scientific, religious and cultural testimonies in my favor, and in light of the blatant conspiratorial nature of the French demand of extradition, I won my case, triumphantly, on February 10, 1993. In a 19-page memorandum of historical importance, the (very) honorable Judge Barry Moskowitz vehemently denied my extradition to France, on grounds of political, ethnic and religious persecutions by the French. It was the first time in the whole U.S. history that such an historical event took place and here are small excerpts of the decision:

...Savage was already outside of French boundaries in Greenland, a Danish dependent, when the [French] investigating magistrate made his findings. Savage went to Greenland for one of two purposes, neither of which was to escape French prosecution. He went to Greenland either to establish an "archeotherapy center, " as claimed by the [French] investigating magistrate, or to aide in efforts to preserve the Inuit peoples.

...The issue is not whether Savage can invoke the powers of a higher being to effectuate a cure. Rather, the question is whether Savage in good faith believes he has that power. If the government were to obtain fraud convictions of persons who solicit funds in return for religious blessings, the guarantees of free exercise of religion under the First Amendment to our Constitution would be in serious jeopardy.

The Supreme Court of the United States recognized the peril to religious freedom that could result from a similar prosecution in the absence of proof to negate the existence of a good faith belief in the "religious solicitation. "

...We do not agree that the truth or verity of respondent's religious doctrines or beliefs should have been submitted to the jury. Whatever this particular indictment might require, the First Amendment precludes such a course as the United States seems to concede... Freedom of thought, which includes freedom of religious belief, is basic in a society of free men... Men believe what they cannot prove. They may not be put to the proof of their religious doctrines or beliefs. Religious experiences which are real as life to some may be incomprehensible to others. Yet, the fact that they may be beyond the ken of mortals does not mean that they can be made suspect before the law. The miracles of the New Testament, the Divinity of Christ, life after death, the power of prayer are deep in the religious convictions of many. If one could be sent to jail because a jury in a hostile environment found those teachings false, little indeed would be left of religious freedom. The religious views espoused by the respondents might seem incredible, if not preposterous, to most people. But if those doctrines are subject to trial before a jury charged with finding their truth or falsity, then the same can be done with the religious beliefs of any sect.

... In order to find Savage extraditable there must be probable cause to believe that he did not sincerely believe that he had these powers. This court cannot make that finding on the present state of the record. There being no probable cause to believe Savage committed the offenses charged and the facts established not constituting a criminal offense in the US, the recent application for the extradition of Philip Savage is denied....

I will remember forever my feelings of gratitude to the American people and how extraordinarily committed I was, back then, to repay this wonderful country for saving my miserable life, my shattered faith and the tarnished honor of my people.

This was one of those too rare moments in life when you feel the incontrovertible loving presence of God, nothing less. When everything becomes absolutely meaningful and when you are ready to be thankful, totally thankful, even to the most cruel episodes of fear, of pain and of injustice that have happened in your life. When you realize that everything is eventually falling into place I also knew then that I was absolutely ready to become an American. Free at last... free, as a Breton leader, to get after centuries of shame a decent and honorable true citizenship.

A citizenship that would have washed away the stigmata of so many years of French oppression. I, who had never been a patriot (not even a Breton patriot...), was totally ready and willing to become the most patriotic American in the whole Union...

Well, unfortunately for me, my American dream was short lived and, from a fleeting state of grace, I fell right away into the worst American nightmare, the I.N.S. nightmare! When I entered the U.S., you will remember that the French political conspiracy was at the climactic height of its most intense episode. I was completely isolated, totally cut off from the rest of the world. I was under shock and being tracked down like a wounded animal. I had not one single contact whatsoever inside the United States and I needed some time to try to make my case and summon public attention. It is not an easy feat to convince the uninformed American people of the true totalitarian and terroristic nature of the French. It is even harder to explain my own story, my cultural background and my spiritual crusade to a public that is so disconnected from European history, so skeptical and distrustful in nature, very especially after it has been submerged with so many scandals of pseudo-spiritual leaders, fake holy men and fraudulent "gurus" all along the last decades. I had then no other choice but to enter America under another identity lest I would have been immediately arrested and extradited to France without having gotten even a chance to defend myself.

After I had won my extradition case with such potency, I really thought that my small technical irregularity of coming into the U.S. under an alternate identity had been vindicated After all, I had been proven totally innocent, the U.S. Justice had acknowledged beyond the shadow of a doubt that I was the "real article," a true cultural symbol of an oppressed ethnic minority in Europe, the victim of a major and vicious religious persecution. If there has ever been a case of genuine and valid political asylum in this country, mine could have been the super epitome of them all. I was ready to start working right away on behalf of my new country and help her people (my people) find solutions to their many problems. But instead, against all odds and against all logic, some local little bureaucrats of the I.N.S., probably infatuated with their last French vacation, decided that my claims were "preposterous" (sic!), that France was a nice civilized nation where ethnic, political or religious persecutions do not occur and that, basically, the Federal Judge who denied my extradition did not know what he was talking about.

Since 1993, my life in this country has been a series of more and more dramatic humiliations. Although I had been making millions in Europe to save rainforests, endangered species and dying children allover the planet, I managed to remain free from any worldly possession. Which means that, when I came in this country, I did not have any money of my own and, of course, I could not afford a decent immigration attorney. So we lost and lost and lost again, facing an arrogant administration with an attitude and a vengeance that waged against me some all-out personal vendetta and yet, still today, I do not understand what I did to them to become the unfortunate focus of such brutal rage and injustice. I must confess that from being unreservedly committed to helping out this country and to becoming an outstanding and contributing American citizen, the I.N.S. had almost achieved to turn me into a fairly disillusioned person and someone cruelly resentful of the American response when I was so much ready for total national allegiance...

How come that I have been persecuted and so much humiliated here in the U.S. by a country that I had always loved and respected, by people whom I was committed to helping and serving? Did I ever harm or threaten the U.S. interests? Have I ever said in my entire life anything wrong against America? Having so many skills, such solid scientific background, so much to teach and offer, having the knowledge of about twelve human languages and idioms, is there any chance that I could ever become a social burden to the U.S.

The answers to all those questions are yours. You decide whether I should be part of your socio-cultural fabric or not and you decide whether you could use my humble skills and expertise on behalf of your own country or if I must look for another foreign allegiance. I am absolutely convinced that there are somewhere in this world a few governments that would be quite glad of my offering them full access and exclusivity of my "subliminal mind-techniques." People who could appreciate for its real worth the fantastic edge it will give any nation or government to be able to alter from a distance the neuro-behavioral patterns of any predesignated human target without the subject knowing it or being able to prevent it from happening (there are no countermeasures against S.D.I.).


For reasons too long and too complex to be hereafter detailed, I became in my early twenties a field operative with the rank of Lieutenant working deep undercover for the French government in a special counter-terrorist unit practicing "confidential warfare" on a scale of tactical determination without any comparison with what has ever been attempted in the Western world before or since. To me it was part of some initiatory protocol intent on challenging my existential obedience and the apical outcome of a radically "egolytic" upbringing (definitive removal of any personal feeling) that was engineered to turn me into a "mechanistic appliance," without ego or self, ready to fulfill my destiny and take orders without hesitation in the greater scheme of things.

I will not elaborate too long on that specific episode of my life, the most dramatic and traumatic of all, since I have already given detailed accounts about it in my last book, especially in the chapter called "Shadows of the Old-World's Ghosts." Let us just mention that I have done a lot of "bad things" for God and Country, pushing to the limit the Machiavellian principle that "the end justifies the means." I have quite successfully contributed to bailout Democracy in Europe against the most vicious form of armed terrorism, but the psychological toll it has exacted upon me is just beyond reckoning. To a noticeable extent, I have lost faith in the human race as a whole and in the idea of government, most obviously. Small wonder then that after all those years of political turmoil, I chose to help the forests, the species on the brink of extinction and the children allover the world, but, on the contrary, remained quite alienated from so-called "human civilization" proper, having experienced in person the most evil aspects of human governments and how far they really are ready to go for their own immediate survival.

Life, as we know it, is not without a cruel sense of irony, though. Without the French forcing me into my current and hopeless existential impasse, never ever would I have even alluded to this explosive episode of my life. Without their ignoble persecutions against me, I would have left Europe peacefully and, most likely, would have become some gentle eco-spiritual teacher and champion deep into the icy Arctic or in some remote valley of the Himalayas. But now that they have taken everything from me and that I have no longer anything to lose, they have turned me into the most dangerous form of prey: The animal who is wounded and cornered and has no other choice but charge and bite one very last time...

[Section Redacted]

Needless to say that should some unforeseen statutory miracle occur and should I be deemed trustworthy enough to work for or with the U.S. government, I would be unrestrictedly ready to give the most detailed account of all my [counter-terrorist] "sensitive assignments" twenty-five years ago in Europe to whomever could show proper official accreditation and, indeed, to undergo all sorts of truth detection systems, including memory retrieval through heavy hypno-narcoleptic methods or substances. And, aside from my being used as a "mind-hacker," through my "Subliminal Distant Influentiality" techniques in the field of National or International Security, I am also unreservedly available for the U.S. to use my skills and expertise in the domain of "deep undercover confidential warfare," here or overseas, just the same.

Talking of S.D.I., I would like very much to be given a chance to prove beyond reasonable doubt the true actuality and dramatic efficiency of my "technology" which represents but the absolute culmination of a life-long series of highly focused scientific researches on this specific subject. I have been writing so much on that theme that I do not know anymore how to put it in more simplistic terms: Subliminal Distant Influentialitv techniques afford any potential "client" to break into the deeper and most essential centers of control of any predesignated human target beneath the threshold of his or her consciousness and to implant new neuro-behavioral patterns potent enough to provoke within weeks observable psychological changes and, within months, the complete brain-reset of the subject up to total "dysfunctionalizing" with all the dramatic political or existential consequences it entails.

Ethical questions aside, this could mark the dawn of a brand-new era in the field of National and, especially, International Security. The ability to remove from the political scene the "charismatic leader" of some so-called "rogue nation" known to support international terrorism and/or professing a radical anti-American stance is an invaluable asset that cannot be lightly passed up or ignored. It would afford the U.S. government to make a few "strategical hits," totally untraceable and yet perfectly legal according to the U.S. Constitution, international laws and decent rules of political engagement without resorting to old and questionable cloak-and-dagger methods that should no longer be seen as an option at the beginning of the new millennium. In a totalitarian regime the end may justify the means, but in a democratic environment quite often it is the means that qualify (or disqualify) the end.

With S.D.I. one has the opportunity to use a futuristic technology, inherently nonviolent and yet much more effective than any other previously available option. Its cost-effectiveness is totally unbeatable and it is coupled with true zero-risk operational results (if for some unforeseen reason the political or tactical outcome does not match the level of expectation of the "client," save an insignificant small waste of time, there is no possible embarrassing diplomatic fallout nor dangerous political consequence). Indeed, S.D.I affords the "client" with vastly superior tactical flexibility since one can actually organize a foreign operation where, rather than be removed and replaced by a henchman just as noxious as himself, the "tyrant" of a hypothetical "rogue nation" could be transformed from within and, after the desired neuro-behavioral changes have occurred in his deeper unconscious, be maintained in place while he, himself, carries out the political changes to the full satisfaction of the "client's" agenda.

S.D.I. is a full-fledged science absolutely ready to go. What it takes is just some preliminary assessment for the "client" to verify its actuality and then calibrate its effectiveness in different specific scenarios. I do not quite understand why it is so hard for people to believe in the possibility of taking over, from a distance, some specific areas of someone else's neuro-behavioral functioning when so many scientific researches in the so-called "paranormal domain" have already documented effects far more out of line from our conventional thinking. Remember that I have been trained, day in and day out, throughout my childhood by "professionals" whose expertise in that field goes way back further than human memory. I have been highly and proficiently conditioned to attain such higher levels of consciousness. Then, I have spent my whole life researching, enhancing and improving those ancestral techniques by my own scientific knowledge and through all sorts of scientific experiments which I am ready, any time, to duplicate or, indeed, to surpass. What do you have to lose by giving me a chance to prove my case? You have so much to win and to benefit should it work as claimed!


Well, most obviously what I need is time. Time to prove my worth, time to prove my loyalty and above all time to prove my science. And, quite unfortunately time is what I do not have, right now. Therefore, I must find a way to stall any irreversible rash decision from the I.N.S. as to my legal status in the U.S., at least until I have been given a chance to corroborate my claims. I am utterly convinced that, if I could be given such an opportunity, future statutory problems would vanish like snow flakes in the sun. Should S.D.I. work only half as efficiently as I report, I could become such an invaluable asset for the higher interests of the United States that a readjustment of my legal status and my access to full citizenship would be a mere technicality resolved within days.

Therefore, I must muster up as much political support as possible to put pressure on the I.N.S. to "freeze" any deportation process until I have been thoroughly checked out and given clearance to begin the initial testing of S.D.I. on behalf of the U.S. government or for the benefit of some private organization or political group that could offer me a comparable level of statutory reassurance or legal guarantees as to my professional future in America.

Thank you very much for your compassionate and patient attention; may God, Life and Justice bless you all.

Philip Savage     

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