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The following document, (unaccepted) National Security Proposal (to the US government) was written by Philippe Sauvage, while still underground, just after the international security tragedy of September 11, 2001, as a heartfelt "burying the hatchet" response to a nation and a people in desperate need of help. In this document, for the first time, Philippe Savage reveals PUBLICLY some previously "classified" details of his EXTRAORDINARY CREDENTIALS, QUALIFICATIONS AND BACKGROUND as SCIENTIST, CRIMINOLOGIST and COUNTER-TERRORIST SQUAD LEADER working for the French government in the 1970s. Through an already established network of members of the US Congress, this document was circulated, URGENTLY, to almost every US SENATOR, REPRESENTATIVE in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, HEAD OF US AGENCIES, and WHITE HOUSE RESIDENTS AND STAFF. Although unaccepted in the end, the proposal itself received an EXTREMELY HIGH LEVEL OF INTEREST AND RESPECT... In hindsight (once again), the "official" response of the US government to this document (through the NOTORIOUSLY INCOMPETENT, CRIMINAL and UNintelligent) INS... is also now history. (See Washington Post article of December 24, 2001).

September 24, 2001

To: US Congresspersons and Agencies:

From:     The Philip Savage Support Committee
                Dr. Jane Dillon (760) 415-4550
Re:          Value to the United States of Mr. Sauvage's Experience and Expertise in the field of Counter-Terrorism

Most of us have known Mr. Sauvage as a cultural and spiritual leader of Brittany, France. However, not unlike other religious figures before him, Mr. Sauvage's life has been deeply embroiled in the political turmoil of our time. Philippe Sauvage's experience and expertise in national security comes from years of working directly for the leaders of the French government during the very dangerous 1970s. This was a time when European democracies were almost crushed by the horrible onslaught of Arab terrorism. Mr. Sauvage led a very sensitive counter-terrorist unit, which proved to be especially effective in helping to bring some security and peace to that region.

We have asked Mr. Sauvage — possibly the person most experienced in counter-terrorist warfare currently in this country -- to now help America. To offer, one last time, his skills and expertise to the US government in fighting a battle which is new to us, but so familiar to him. As you know from the many letters of support from Congress persons, medical doctors, professionals, and "patients," most of us have personally benefited from Mr. Sauvage's unique abilities to bring extraordinary healing results to our families and ourselves. Some of us have also witnessed his most remarkable ability to "target" a particular person to provoke dramatic positive changes in that person's normal (and destructive) way of "doing business." In one case, we actually watched the results of Mr. Sauvage's work (as predicted), when a particularly onerous foreign political despot "stepped down" from his post. We would like him to do the same with selected terrorists under the direction of our own leaders.

At the same time, we must put an end to Mr. Sauvage's unjust nightmare with the INS, so that he is free to help our nation and us. As he mentions in the following brief, how many burned victims he could have helped in New York City and Washington, D.C. How much he can still help now and in the immediate future in a disaster that we are being told has really just begun — bombings, chemical and biological warfare, more fire-burns. Somehow, the uncaring and incompetent INS bureaucracy must be moved to guarantee Mr. Sauvage his freedom and status in this country. Due to the unprecedented urgency of our nation's (and Mr. Sauvage's) emergency situation, we ask that you now introduce him to the right people in our government agencies. So many of our officials have recently been entrusted with making national security their first priority. Surely, someone you know has the intelligence, commitment and foresight, not to mention the curiosity, hope and authority to act swiftly in verifying Mr. Sauvage's background with the State Department and utilizing his experience and expertise to the benefit of our people and our democratic way of life.

To Whomever It May Concern:

My name is Philippe Sauvage, ethnic Breton, born in Paris (France) on December 30, 1953. In this epoch of extreme crisis, the like of which the world has never known in its entire history, I have unilaterally decided that it is time for me to "bury the hatchet" in relation to the unspeakable levels of injustice that have been imposed upon me, first by the French and then by the Americans. In the hope that those who have brought so much undeserved harm upon me will also have the basic intelligence to put a definitive end to their unfounded bureaucratic hostilities, I hereby offer them my humble contribution to the onerous and protracted fight that lies ahead.

There are at least two fundamental aspects within my own personal background that should be considered invaluable in the context of the current crisis:

1.  First, through "unofficial" assignments, then as leading "operative'" of the French government throughout the 1970s, I have been deeply and directly involved in the most radical and most sensitive forms of counter-terrorism, in general, and of counter-Arabic-terrorism, in particular. Even though my specific "line of work" in Europe has remained highly "classified" to this day, the idea was to fight terrorism, no longer from a mere "tactical" perspective, but in a "strategic" manner: Not to fight terrorists as such, but terrorism as a whole. The idea was not merely to win a series of battles against the terrorists that would leave their very cause and objectives unaffected, enabling them to simply start all over again as soon as they have regrouped and recovered from their previous losses. My role was to hit hard, right at the very foundation of terrorism. Obviously, for reasons of basic precaution, I cannot give detailed accounts of my personal operations and successes in the kind of "ultra-confidential warfare" that I carried out in Europe over twenty years ago. Suffice it to say that my mission was to fight terrorism by "ultra-terroristic" means and methods which, of course, had to remain completely "unacknowledged" throughout.

What Americans are just about, painfully, to experience, is that, of all forms of government, democracies are the most vulnerable to terrorism. It is as though, no matter how they play it out, terrorists are in a "win-win" situation. To them, it is unimportant whether or not, by their acts of terror, they can destabilize the political and economic foundations of the country upon which they have focussed their predatory attention. The devastating psychological impact they are able to produce at the very core of the country's cultural fabric and the (predictable) major security responses which the government is forced to take in trying to guarantee public safety, are enough to provoke fundamental alterations in the domain of "public freedoms". To alter in the deepest and most definitive fashion the very structural and psychological foundations of democratic society is, in fact, the terrorists' best bet, as well as their easiest attainable goal.

Fighting terrorism is a much more arduous task than bringing about victory on a designated hostile nation. The first and hardest thing to do is to go to the deeper reasons that cause terrorists to arise and, then, to thrive. Complete and definitive victory over terrorism shall never come unless one is willing to face up to factors like feelings of poverty and injustice which, often without clearly realizing it, the richest nations are bringing upon the poorest. But, even in a hypothetical world where fairness could predominate, there would always be a small minority of people ready to resort to terror as a means to achieve an end. By far, as it has now become devastatingly clear, the greatest danger arises from religious terrorism. In fact, in cases of religious terrorism, neither real nor "constructed" situations of poverty and injustice have much to do with the motivational drive of the terrorists themselves, apart from giving them a seemingly inexhaustible supply of new supporters. Religious terrorists base their actions on maintaining a self-proclaimed "moral ground" from which they are ready to go to the gravest extreme, including suicide, in order to accomplish the violent goals they have themselves set out to impose upon the whole world.

Fighting this kind of new terrorism is very much like fighting a new bacterial infection. One can, unrealistically, hope to eradicate all micro-organisms through potent antibiotic attacks, but, as microbiology teaches us (just like terrorists in their own way) bacteria are true experts at undergoing processes of structural mutation that allow some of them to survive the antibiotics. They then adapt themselves and proliferate, again, as an entirely new strain, oftentimes more virulent than the previous stock. No matter how fast and how proficient medicine is at synthesizing a new set of antibiotics, the germs always maintain an edge on us. Just as with bacteria, to win a war on terrorists' epidemics, one must find a way to cut off their most fundamental life support. Terrorists' life support is twofold. One is the aforementioned "moral ground", the other relates to public support. If one can totally deprive terrorism of its false "moral ground" and permanently remove the psychological support it receives from certain segments of its own population, the terrorists then become fundamentally separated from that which previously kept them afloat. They either die out by instantaneous depletion of their "recruitment reservoir" or, if more immediate and more drastic results are required, they are just about ready for a clean, surgical and comprehensive eradication by conventional military techniques or, always my first choice, by more unconventional radical methods.

Even though, as I have mentioned before, I am not disposed to furnish details of my past "operational methodology", the whole idea is to deprive terrorism of further "moral ground" and further public support by casting the most irrecoverable discredit on their cause. And thus, to articulate, in the terrorists' name, ultra-sensitive operations whose dramatic and provocative nature are of such unparalleled intensity that it instantly severs the terrorist leadership from its own base. Owing to the sheer horror that this kind of operation provokes within their own people, it also forever alienates them from any public support. Eventually, it violently takes away the terrorists' "moral ground," far beyond any point of future recovery. Although being too clear is precisely what I am really trying to avoid here, at the time I was fighting terrorism on my own terms, I used to describe this sort of "warfare" as "fighting terrorism by horrorism".

Twenty years later, my skills and expertise in this field have not diminished in the slightest, but, on the contrary, have been honed so sharply that in order to carry out this kind of mission again, I would only need the assistance of a few selected people, already privy to the rules of "confidential warfare", people whom I could introduce to my own tactical methods in a very short period of time. I know, then, that we would be able to engage terrorism in a new kind of "warfare", the type to which it has never before been confronted. If I am so forthright and so confident on this matter, it is because those very methods have already proved their mettle, indeed their superlative effectiveness, on another continent just a few years ago. In such a context, all it takes from a democratic government is the simple, but unequivocal, political commitment... to prevail. The best side benefit of my past (and future) counter-terrorist methods is that, since one brings the "war" directly to the enemy himself: one does not have to worry about "stretching" or "bending" the democratic or legal rules of one's own domestic political system.

It is obvious that checking out my past credentials with the US Department of State (that already has my file), or with any intelligence agency that has its own inner contacts within the French government, is a rather simple task. Nevertheless, if only to make the job a little easier, my C.RA.C.L. number (French police confidential identification number) is 626-149. Although I had been part of extremely sensitive "unofficial" assignments (especially within the far-right paramilitary organizations like "Ordre Nouveau" since 1971, as well as within [other paramilitaries], my "official" duties as the rank of Lieutenant ("Inspecteur") took place from September 1975 ..... up to December 1978.

2.  The second aspect of my potential in the fight against terrorism is somewhat more difficult to appreciate since it reposes on advanced techniques of special "psychological warfare" (or "psy-ops") that break away from current conventional methods. I have spent the last twenty years of my life trying to establish with incontrovertible scientific validity the frightening potential of new techniques of "subliminal warfare" (some sort of distant and unconscious "hypno-programming"), which I have tested in the best medical universities and scientific facilities in Europe as well as in America.

Before one discards the idea, either as "preposterous" or "unsubstantiated", I would like you to understand that, in one form or another, I possess an "experimental tank" of more than fifty thousand human and animal subjects) all of which have already successfully experienced the very real potency of my "subliminal" techniques. For the sake of an easier and more "palatable" scientific protocol most of my scientific experiments took place under the methodological cloak of health. Still of utmost importance for everyone to realize is that, "taking over" the deeper neuro-physiological functions of human subjects from a distance, subjects inherently unaware of my work of "subliminal influence" upon them, and then "realigning" them in the most dramatic fashion according to a pre-established health agenda, is actually more complex to provoke than using the very same technique according to a pre-established political or counter-terrorist agenda. I have, in my keeping, innumerable scientific testimonies that all confirm the reality and the potency of my technique applied to the field of health. While working as a private researcher in a well-known scientific institute of Southern California, I have repetitively and dramatically broken all records of balancing and then enhancing the health condition of hundreds of people all done while I was subjected to the strictest scientific scrutiny. For instance, when tested on the measure of health according to oriental medicine which is called the "chi', where the highest increase ever attained by all previous physicians upon a wide array of patients never exceeded thirty-three percent (33%), I have been able to multiply this kind of result several times over. Then, I have also a "brain mapping" established within one of the most renowned medical ‘universities in the nation, by one of the world's foremost experts. That testing documented an increase in some of my specific brain-waves forty times higher than anything previously observed. This result, of course, occurred when I was at the peak of my "concentration" during my "subliminal" work. I could go on and on but, honestly, I am way past the stage in my life when I thought that I still had to bring forth more proofs as to my "subliminal" capacities in the field of human health on distant subjects unaware of my action. My point now is to convey the message that all those years spent testing and proving my skills and expertise in the medical domain had no other purpose than to prove, beyond possible discussion, the very existence and dramatic potency of my "subliminal" techniques for further use in the fields of national security and counter-terrorism.

Even though I could still be perfectly willing and ready to be tested, once again, on my own effectiveness in any domain of national security and counter-terrorism, it is most certainly in the proven field of "subliminal warfare" that I would, by far, feel the most confident.

As long as I am supplied with minimal intelligence and proper coordinates in order to adequately calibrate and zero-in on any pre-established "terrorist target", I can guarantee that over a very short period of time, following his being extensively exposed to my "subliminal warfare", his most essential mental functions will begin to show significant neuro-physiological alterations. Depending on the degree of intensity and the length of time during which this "terrorist target" is subjected to my technique, profound behavioral changes should soon occur by which he would no longer do what he usually does or, contrariwise, he would do what he otherwise would not.

Although it is theoretically possible to "implant" the subject with a complex set of new behaviors that would force him eventually to comply with a precise pre-established tactical agenda (like getting away from his "foxhole" and moving outside of the boundaries of the country that protects him from being easily "extracted" by friendly special forces), this may nonetheless take some time and could require extensive tactical preparation and coordination to complete the aforementioned "extraction". In conformity to my old philosophy that it is simpler and more efficient to let the terrorists themselves do the "dirty work", I would instead advise to subject the "terrorist target" to extremely intensive dosages of my "subliminal exposure' down to the point where his most essential mental faculties become dramatically impaired. So much so that his fundamental behavior, now turned extraordinarily chaotic and erratic, would make him a direct threat to his immediate "associates"... with all the predictable "extreme prejudice" it would bring upon him in terms of his most immediate survival. I could readily accept the idea that my techniques of "subliminal warfare" may need some further experimenting before I can readjust the behavior of a designated terrorist in strict "mathematical" accordance to a complex tactical scenario such as the aforementioned "extraction". But I absolutely guarantee the full and immediate effectiveness of my techniques in a more simple setting where, for instance, the goal is to turn the brain of a terrorist leader into dysfunctional rubbish so that his fate should soon be sealed by his own henchmen.

3.  There is also a third aspect of my ability that could be judged highly valuable, even though in the current state of national emergency, my double expertise in the field of counter-terrorism seems to me more readily usable. For reasons too long and too complicated to explain, the most dramatic effects which my "subliminal treatment" produces within the field of health (of traumatology should I say) occur in the domain of severe burns (third-degree burns). Unlike any other sector of my work in the field of human health, where there is always a slight chance that it would not entirely produce all the beneficial effects that one could wish for, the domain of extremely severe burns is basically one-hundred percent dramatic-effects-guaranteed proposition. Another extremely interesting and important aspect of my work in this field is that, when on all other health issues my capacity to take care of a few people (sequentially, twenty "patients" a day would be my absolute maximum) is inherently limited, in the domain of extremely severe burns, I have the highly unusual ability to take care, simultaneously, not sequentially any more, of hundreds (potentially thousands). Also, when normally it takes some time for my first results to occur (both in the fields of health and counter-terrorism), it takes less than an hour for the most severely burned victims to experience a great relief and begin their "miraculous" recovery after I have taken care of them.

It goes without saying that this, like all my work, can take place in a distant and subliminal mode. For instance, I have the proven capacity to rescue, simultaneously, dozens of US soldiers who would have been exposed to incendiary devices on the other side of the world. Then, God forbid, should a nuclear device ever go off in a heavily populated center of the U.S., the sheer number of burned victims would immediately exceed the clinical capacities of all hospitals in the nation combined. Even though in such a nightmarish situation I would have to go myself to the very site where the disaster happened, in order to better conserve all the "energy" I could summon, to take care of the horrendous number of casualties (working from a distance causes some significant "evaporating' of the original potency of my "subliminal energy"), I should be capable to take care of thousands every day with results nothing short of extraordinary. Furthermore, in a catastrophic situation of unthinkably graver proportion, where the number of victims could be truly astronomical, I have also the capacity to introduce a few dozen selected people to my basic "subliminal" techniques in the field of severe burns, for them to take care of thousands in different locations.

It truly is a shame that some bureaucratic "snafu" has recently kept me from assisting the victims in the World Trade Center and in the Pentagon that have been burned very severely, even fatally. For example, I know for a fact that I could have rescued at least fifty percent of the so called fatally burned victims and, could bring upon all other victims an improvement of unprecedented magnitude. I cannot help but be angry at the fact that, by making me technically incapable to go in person to New York City and Washington D.C. to save hundreds of people from a certain death and thousands from the horrible mutilation they will now carry for the rest of their life, involuntarily of course but still most directly, the I.N.S. bears a heavy responsibility in depriving all those people from cares that could have saved their life...

Before I conclude, speaking of the INS, I would like anyone to understand that had some bureaucratic incompetence not kept it from happening, my immigration situation could have been resolved a long time ago. When I came to this country almost ten years ago to seek protection from a terrible political conspiracy organized by the leftist socialist government of Francois Mitterand, I was forced to enter the U.S. under an altered passport. However, when in February 1993, for the first time in its history, the U.S. Justice violently denied my extradition to France on grounds of political, ethnic and religious persecution, I thought that I had been utterly vindicated from this mild irregularity. After all, the U.S. magistrate who wrote a truly historic memorandum to deny my extradition, had justified over and over my "illegal entry" in this country by a cascade of legal and moral arguments. Not only did he expose to the full extent and in the most detail, the conspiratorial nature of France's extradition request but, in truth, he went so far as to quote extensively from the U.S. Supreme Court decisions, solemnly emphasizing the fact that should a person like me be unjustly extradited or persecuted for his beliefs in this country, the most essential foundational bases of the Constitution would be in great peril.

Against all legal logic and on a sheer collision course with this historical decision of the U.S. Justice on my behalf: some local bureaucrat of the I.N.S. decided otherwise, and initiated against me a series of persecutions the like of which I had not experienced before, not even from my French Marxist foes. In view of the blatant and unspeakable injustice of these last years, many U.S. Senators and Congressmen have directly requested the I.N.S. to immediately repair this terrible iniquity but, to this day, bureaucratic inertia and red-tape stubbornness have nevertheless prevailed over Justice. I just hope that, due to the new dramatic circumstances, reason and righteousness will now prevail and offer me a long overdue opportunity to eventually become an American Citizen, not only to take care of my American wife and my American children in these times of gravest danger for them, but also to offer my humble but significant contribution to, God willing, what should have also become my own country. I am committed to help and prove that, despite all the injustice to which I have been subjected in these last years, I am fully ready to wipe clean the slate of my former personal grievances. We are living in highly decisive moments of history. When your President has addressed the whole world to say that "either you are with us or against us", I had already made my own choice and taken my own side. In the balance of what is about to happen, the importance of my administrative problems with the I.N.S. (which, most likely, only come from the mistakes of some incompetent petty bureaucrat) as well as my own grudge against your decidedly "ungrateful nation" (to which I have proposed full allegiance in vain for almost ten years), all immediately fade into sheer insignificance. The unprecedented situation of national and international crisis into which your country (as well as most of the free world) is now entering, should far outweigh my past immigration status and all my previous resentments. I cannot accept the idea of watching, as a spectator, the whole world engaging in the worst conflagration in human history and not, at least, have tried to offer my own humble contribution to the common effort. As I have said earlier, I have already made my choice and taken my side. I only hope that the United States will be true to its historical image, that of being at its very best in situations of extreme national emergency. I pray that you will have the intelligence, eventually, to realize who your true friends really are at the very moment when, brutally, you are just about to find out who your true enemies really were.

I am humbly requesting anyone that has read this writing with interest to forward the message to all the government agencies in which one has any sort of personal contact, for those government agencies themselves to check me out and then see whether there is any room for me in their new war effort according to their own specific agenda. Please remember that any of them has the legal and technical capacity to impose upon the I.N.S. an immediate stop to the, now highly obsolete, bureaucratic harassment against me. Anybody that is deemed an asset of some value to any government organization, as long of course as he is not a criminal (both in Europe and in America my criminal record is as white as snow), can have his immigration status rapidly readjusted, for immediate use in the interests of a specific government agency and, as it is the case in my own situation, in the higher interests of the United States as a whole.

I thank you personally for your attention and interest. I beg you not to let your own country pass up such a major opportunity in these times when national interest ought to prevail over all others. Please, do not let your skepticism keep you from doing your patriotic duties. You may not fully realize it yet, but helping me help America at the most critical period of its history could possibly be one of the most significant acts of patriotism you would have ever offered to your country, in your entire life. God bless America.

Philippe Sauvage     

To Contact the Professional Team of Philippe Sauvage, you may call:
(760) 415-4550 or (858) 792-2635.

P.O. Box 144
Cardiff: CA 92007
(760) 415-4550

The Philip Savage Support Committee

December 13, 2001

To:        Members of Congress, US Agencies, Industry Leaders,
From:   Dr. Jane Dillon, Chairman (760) 415-4550
Re:       Utility of Philippe Sauvage to War on Terrorism

Considering the state of emergency we have just entered, permit me to be blunt.

  • The US government is still trying to capture Osama Bin Laden and, as all reports indicate, really don't know how to do that. In his recent letter to you, Mr. Sauvage stated that the proven effect of exposure to his subliminal influence technology (SIT) is that subjects "do what they otherwise would not do," and "do not do what they otherwise would do." In the case of terrorists, criminals or dictators, such exposure leads to their making significant mistakes which, in turn, lead to their capture or downfall.

  • The FBI is repeatedly asking Americans to help them uncover information that will add to their finding the source of the Anthrax threat or solving other investigations. Sauvage's scientific expertise enables him to make subjects "tell the truth." Imagine the value of such a tool if it is as reliable and accurate as we claim, which we can easily demonstrate to you.

  • Americans are facing the immanent threat of smallpox and other horrible bio-terrorist scenarios, including massive fire attacks, for which the US government is not prepared. Philippe Sauvage's proven capability in the field of health, especially in the recovery of people suffering from viral infection and severe third-degree burns, is unique. There is no one else (you know of) who can demonstrate and prove his ability to "combat" a virus or save large numbers of fatally burned victims.

I realize some of you cannot believe what I'm saying is true. You don't need to believe it; when you use it, you see that it works. Others of you believe this is possible, but tell me it's dangerous. Of course it's "dangerous" to a terrorist, a criminal or a dictator. Any powerful technology is dangerous in the wrong hands or used improperly. Others are afraid to use an influence technology because of the "public reaction" to "mind powers." Remember that, 1) this technology is subliminal and "distant" which means it leaves no tracks, and 2) Sauvage does not need public recognition for his accomplishments. (Most of "the public" wouldn't believe it anyway.) Finally, someone raised issues of "security." The agenda is yours, not Sauvage's; you ask, and he effects the result. High-level security information is not required to successfully consult with him to achieve America's goals.

To: Representatives of Government and Industry
Re: How to Test the Utility of Subliminal Influence Technology (SIT)

1. Test: Arrange for a one-week observation test of a subject who will be exposed to Subliminal Influence Technology

a. Subject must be well-known and easily observable to agents during the week of testing, so that changes in normal psycho-behavioral patterns of subject may be recognized.

b. SIT Team does not need to be present, but must have basic biographical information on subject such as name, birth date and place of birth. Signature, photograph and voice recording (or video) are helpful.

c. Subject may be incarcerated (under daily surveillance) or employed (a close assistant or secretary, for example) by agents doing the testing.

d. In order to replicate real-life situations (as in the cases of terrorists, dictators, or criminals) and to eliminate any possibility of psycho-suggestion as an explanation, subjects should not know testing is being done.

2. Results: After one week of exposure to Subliminal Influence Technology (SIT), subjects will manifest such dramatic changes in psycho-behavioral patterns that will clearly demonstrate the significant utility of this technology to the war on terrorism. For example, in actual warfare or criminal investigations:

  • Witnesses whose truthful testimonies are valuable to investigators will be "forced to tell the truth" when exposed to SIT.

  • Terrorists exposed to SIT will "do things that they would not normally do" and "not do things that they normally would do," such as begin to make fatal mistakes leading to their capture by ground troops.

  • Dictators exposed to SIT will also "do things that they would not normally do" and "not do things that they normally would do," such as "step down voluntarily" before henchmen and lieutenants require that they do so.

    3. Notes: The dramatic changes in the psycho-behavioral patterns of subjects exposed to Subliminal Influence Technology (SIT) are always extremely noticeable to close associates, not necessarily noticeable to subjects, and eventually "positive" for the subject's natural "health". SIT never directly provokes a "negative" result, death, or harm to the subject.

  • For an example of the "removal" effect of SIT on a dictator, remember what happened to Milosevic.

  • For examples of the "truth-telling" effect of SIT, imagine a press conference with Arafat telling the truth about terrorists in Palestine or Hussein telling the truth about weapons in Iraq. (We have no public reference to this particular effect that we can mention here).

  • For examples of the "healthening" effect of SIT on victims suffering severe burns or viral infections, see the results of empirical studies done by US doctors on the effectiveness of SIT.

    To test Subliminal Influence Technology, contact Dr. Jane Dillon (760) 415-4550

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