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The Nano-Domain and The Source:
Transcendental Super-Superspirituality

"Now, most literally, let us go back to the "Source" ... Without my clarification on what has been happening and what is still happening at the macrocosmic level, one would not appreciate in its full extent, the inherent sacredness of all the extraordinary processes that take place within our microcosms. And, the deeper and the deeper one goes, the more one is getting closer to the "Transcendence Within".

In relation to one of the most fundamental aspects of the law of "bio-entropy" though, it seems extremely difficult to establish, throughout the entire biocosm, a valid system of communication on a vertical level. A highly perceptive person who has managed to follow me until now could pertinently wonder why we are not getting more "leadings, let alone more direct help from the most advanced "Beings of Light" whose stage of evolutionary advancement should make equal to the consensual idea of "god", if not superior as I have boldly stated it before. Likewise, if the "Inward Divine Source" is indeed the most powerful force within and without the whole universe, what are the reasons that keep this "Supreme Power" from directly solving our relatively insignificant problems, when seen from a global cosmic perspective, or from guiding us on the most efficient way to save ourselves. The answers to both questions are verticality and... verticality. Man pretends to be a highly evolved creature. Maybe you, who are reading those lines, think of yourself as a person on the path of "enlightenment". And yet, what control do you think that you have on your most basic physiological functions? What awareness did you ever have of your deeper cellular processes? Have you ever thought of the plight, the struggle, the misfortune, the acts of extraordinary heroism, the voluntary ultimate sacrifice of millions of your own cells, all that happening, right now, exactly as you are reading those lines? Have you ever heard their prayers? Have you ever answered them when they were beseeching you for help, for some guidance or simply for some mercy? Could you believe that sometimes, when their supplications have gone unanswered and that their suffering has gone unnoticed, they begin to get mad at you, mad at your indifference, mad at your cruel neglect, wondering indeed whether you could not be some sort of a "sadistic" and "abusive" master. Some of them go as far as denying that you exist, altogether. After all, should you be existing, wouldn't you show some compassion? Wouldn't you make some gesture on their behalf or at least send them some "leading" as to what they should do? Does that sound familiar? Have you ever thought of it? Haven't you understood yet that everything within yourself has consciousness? How could you ignore, that for your trillions of cells you are the "upper divine", the "higher power", the "grander intelligence" ? Well, obviously not so intelligent if you did not really think of it before... "   (The Warshal, (9-1)

"The "cosmic conflict" between the "forces of separation" and the "forces of unification" takes place at every level of the universe's processes, within the apparently "inert configurations" which we call "objects," as well as within the "animated forms" which we call living things (when, of course, just everything is... alive). However, just due to the rate and magnitude of the functional opposition, what we call living things ("open systems") are the "battlefield" of a "conflict" of much more extreme intensity. In fact, each and every time any life form undergoes its own ontogenic processes, it somehow replicates what "has been" happening to the whole universe. From a state of initial unity and harmonious simplicity, cellular "entropy" sets in and culminates in multi-billion cells (often multi-trillion...) relatively unstable organisms whose internal (physiologic) conflicts between "fragmentation" and "cohesion" only answer the external (ecological) same conflicts. All of us are nothing less than a macro-colony of basic cellular entities that are, themselves, some sort of a symbiotic micro-colony essentially based on a bacterial setup. Our mitochondria, for instance, as well as many other fundamental components of our cells, are such cooperative and symbiotic bacteria that merged themselves within a proto-eukaryotic cellular entity, eventually to form our basic cell. Even the bacterium as such, represents another set of nano-colony, but as one says in such circumstances, this is another story. Every living organism thus forms an extremely complex array of smaller symbiotic elements which, sometimes, is inherently "explosive" as to its fundamental bio-equilibrium owing to the internal "opposition" between "antagonistic" forces. In fact, the true "miracle" of Life is that, despite the odds in favor of inner bio-disintegration, the forces of unification still achieve to maintain the extraordinary level of bio-cohesion which living things display. Even though internal "bio-entropy" sometimes brings the organism to structural breakdown, in case of a cancer for instance, "miraculous" bio-cohesion still remains the norm, proving by itself the fundamental "Divineness" of Life."   (The Warshal, 7-9)

[From a list of cosmic rules defining a Transcendental Super-Spirituality provided in The Warshal, we pull these as further discussion of the sub-cellular nano-domain:]

"The second rule is the way by which the Divine insufflates this Universe which looks like a "balloon" with one unique, and yet multiple, "valve of insufflation". This "valve" is the Inward Divine Source, the Transcendence Within, which, in logical accordance to the polycentric expansion of this universe, lies within each of us, within each of all living things. The more one goes deeper toward the Source, the more one is getting close to the Absolute Divine. Conversely, the more one goes toward the macroscopic outer domain, the farther one gets from the Divine Source.

The third rule is the fundamental opposition between radically opposed and yet complementary forces, the "forces of unification" and the "forces of separation". The first ones are more potent when one goes deeper into the nano-domain from within and the second ones get increasingly prevalent when one goes farther inside of the macro-domain from without. The chaotic and catastrophic nature of this universe gets exponentially greater as those "forces of separation" become predominant to the point when and where evil eventually sets in through "cosmic accidents" that go beyond the level of mere chaos or catastrophe: Evil is when the "forces of separation" begin to insufflate some sort of "reverse consciousness" that from simple bio-separation reaches the point of bio-opposition...

The fifth rule is that although there are extremely potent "external forces", both of "Light" and "Darkness" with a dramatically strong prevalence of the second ones at the human level, the only True Divine lies within. The "forces of Light" abide to the Inward Divine Source when the "forces of darkness" oppose it, often quite effectively. The idea of "praying" to "outward forces" is not only senseless, but fundamentally "anti-divine". The only possible and legitimate direction of one's "prayers" is inward, toward the Inner Divine Source. All "outward prayers" are not only illegitimate but, in fact, produce only one effect: Strengthen the "forces of darkness" in general and the "great evil consciousness" in particular. An "outward god" is more than an oxymoron; an "outward god," it is a false and evil "god".   (The Warshal, 15-1)

All those fundamental, indeed Divine, rules are not theoretical. There are ways, truly concrete and practical highways, to re-access the Divine Within, to channel its Sacred Forces, to free and cleanse oneself from all previous attachments to evil. There are ways, to reach absolute Happiness, not in another mendacious "life", but in this one. There are ways to fight and win over evil and injustice. There are even ways, simple ways, to begin redeeming that World and redeeming ourselves before we prepare for a second Bio-Covenant, indeed more Sacred and more magnificent than the first Bio-Covenant. There are ways to transcend the rules of physics and even Natural Laws without ever violating them. I shall go as far as giving the most solemn reassurance that there exists ways to bypass the apparently "inescapable laws of cosmo-entropy". In fact it is even possible to counter-attack the macrocosm's evil from... a larger and external battle station, to decontaminate cosmic injustice not only from the nanocosmic Inward Source but indeed from a greater transcendental perspective. It is exactly when and where the notion of multiverses makes all the sense in the world. There are infinite parallel multi-dimensions and infinite parallel multi-universes. This is "God's Ultimate Secret Weapon".   (The Warshal, 15-2)

[Regarding the illusion of space,] the father one gets from the Source, the more the forces of evil tend to prevail where, conversely, when from the macrocosm one journeys back to the Source through the nanocosm, evil gives way to the Divine breath of Transcendence, in its mightiest and purest expression. This being said and assuming that it will all remain crystal clear in the reader's mind, I would like now to evoke a little more the nano-domain (nanocosm). Put in conventional metaphysical terms, even though I am far from being too enthused about using the root "theos", when it comes to the idea of relationship with the "Divine", one could still call my system "nanotheological" in origin. Which means that the more one "retreats" into the world of the "infinitely small", the more one gets close to the Divine Source. Transposed on the metaphor of "time", the more one sails back to the "extremely old", the more also one approaches sublime Transcendence. On that last point, theoretically at least, I should be in full agreement with human religious doctrines which unanimously refer to a state of primordial paradisiacal condition. The whole idea is contained in the Greek word "archaic" which has a double convergent meaning: That of an ancient primordial state, temporal in origin (as in "archeology" or "archeobacteria") and that of absolute legitimacy in relation to the idea of power (as in "monarchy" or "anarchy"). It is due to its multiplied worth that I chose to call my "ideological" system "Biarchic," rather than Biocratic ("krates" in Greek refers to "force" rather than legitimacy, as in "might makes right"). Therefore, if I wanted to go to the ultimate semantic accuracy, I would define my "ideology" as Nanocratic Biarchy in which Divine bio-legitimacy gets reinforced when one penetrates deeper into the most extreme microcosm, where "nanotropic might" truly makes right.

Now, because I would like, somehow, to reward whoever has showed the commendable bravery and unexpected intelligence not to have dropped from my "Biosophical" work at a much earlier phase of my writings, I am disposed to become more and more practical in order to offer the readers concrete answers and methods for them to practice my system to their most immediate benefit. The most complex, often insurmountable, problem with trying to reach out toward the "Divine", lies in the communication systems. Due to their bleak agenda of strict domination over people through a deliberate system of biased co-dependence, religions are the very last area in which one should be looking to have a chance to establish a valid "relationship" with "God". As, I hope, the reader should have clearly understood by now, not only their "god" (false "gods" and fake "goddesses" just the same) has nothing to do whatsoever with the true "Divine," but in awful truth it is indeed the absolute opposite of the sole, only and true "God" which lies at, and beyond, the "Inward Source". Religion's worst nightmare becomes a reality when, after they have fully comprehended its evil and conspiratorial nature, people achieve to remove the religious malignant growth that, deliberately and criminally, kept them from accessing, by themselves, to the Sacred that dwelt all long within themselves, not in some mendacious hereafter and not in some remote corner of the "heavens" either, where, in fact, it is pure evil that lurks... not "God". When, and only when, that lethal tumor had been successfully excised, people suddenly become free to become their own "priest" or "priestess" and celebrate the sublime reconnection with the Sacred within the Holy Temple of their own body which they had, hitherto despised, maligned and all too often gravely mistreated, since they had been told that it was either corrupt or so ephemerally insignificant that it was only worth self-contempt or self-mutilation. In fact, since time does not exist, there are no such things as ephemeralness or perennialness. Your body, like that of any other life form in the universe, is the sacred bio-repository of millions and millions of Holy "nano-universes" that all converge toward the "Inward Divine Source". Stop immediately trashing your Holy bodily temple. Think of all the atrocious desecrations and mutilations which, under the evil influence of all human religious systems, you have afflicted on your sacred organism until now. Remember all the insane chemical and physical pollution that you have perpetrated against it all along your life. How could it be that you have not even realized the unthinkable amount of "Divine Love" which the "Transcendence Within" had Miraculously bestowed upon you, again and again, always to bail you out from your own self-destruction even after you did everything you could possibly do to make yourself sick? Each time when, against all logic, you have "healed" and recovered from your own repeated attacks, it has been this Divinely Merciful "Inward Source" which offered you this highly undeserved new chance. It is not those deleterious "medications", nor those either wrongful or laughable "therapies" that have brought you back from all your health crises. It is not those pernicious false "incantations" or treacherous "outward prayers" that have caused your deeper homoeostasy, "miraculously", to regain your internal balance. It is the "Source" and the "Source" alone that reinsuflated you with a renewed bio-energy which you had yourself destructively compromised."   (The Warshal, 9-6)

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