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The Warshal's role

I have previously mentioned that, even here on Earth at the time of the "great bio-schism" when under the strong "influence" of the "Cosmic Mega-Monster", as a whole the "bio-cybernetic regulators" chose to "switch sides" and to renege on the "Sacred Bio-Covenant" that the "Inward Divine Source" had miraculously bestowed upon us, this traitorous decision had not been entirely unanimous. Herein lies the truly solstitial notion of "Cosmic Warshals". In anticipation of the evil that was just about to break out like a putrid cosmic tidal wave all over the universe, the most ancient and most elevated "Beings of Light" coalesced themselves in a unique form of "cosmo-fusion" to produce an entire new type of being especially engineered toward one fundamental and exclusive objective, fighting Evil.

I have arbitrarily called "Warshals" those primordial "Evil Fighters" after the word "war" that derives from a very ancient root "werre" or "were", the way by which some of modern man's ancestors used to call themselves (as in "werewolf" or "wergeld"). Although it seems too obvious for anyone to realize it, in the core of the English language, one has this ancient semantic dichotomy between "were," that is a collective notion referring to an archaic denomination as in "we were" (past), by opposition to "modern man" that defined himself as "are" (under the influence of Indo-European idioms) that define the "new man" as "Aryan" (even though the idea of "Arean" would be more semantically correct) as in "we are" (present). One can find innumerable references to the root "are" in words like "contrary" (against the "are-an"), "infirmary" (for the disabled "are-an"), "library" (for the books of the "are-an), etc, etc.; only one's own imagination is the limit when one wants to recapitulate all the words in English (or French as "aire") that are articulated around the root "ary". The second root that I have used in coining the word "Warshal" is the ancient linguistic matrix "sceal" that reflects an idea of "service" and of "duty" (cf. Old English "scealc" = "servant"). It still survives in modern English as "I shall" which, unlike "I will" that refers to an act of pure willingness, signifies "I must". In the Middle-Age, "marshals" were high ranking officers in charge of the horses (cavalry) from the old Celtic root for horse, "Marc'h," that has survived as "mare". Therefore the Warshals are the servants ("Knight" in ancient English, as well as "Samurai" in ancient Japanese, refer to the idea of "servant", in its most elevated acceptation, of course), the "sacred servants" of the noblest and oldest condition on Earth, "total war against evil".

Due to the very nature of the bio-schism, those who, among the "bio-cybernetic regulators", had been pre-engineered as "Cosmic Warshals" were numerically an extreme rarity. Owing to their extremely complex assignment to fight evil within evil, they were not supposed to engage evil immediately or overtly. They had been given an extreme edge in terms of "tactical intelligence" to compensate for their numeric inferiority but, what distinguishes them absolutely radically from any other beings throughout the cosmos was their moral and ideological foundations exclusively, indeed fanatically, dedicated to battling evil wherever, whenever and however evil tends to manifest itself. In their apparent "infinite wisdom" the most ancient and most powerful "Beings of Light" delegated upon the first "Cosmo Warshals" powers and knowledge that had never been "documented" before. Indeed, the work of those "Beings of Life" relates to processes of "Cosmic Alchemy" of the most complex nature and, indeed, of the most dangerous kind. There is a world leader during WW2 who once said that "one does not fight such a total-war with Salvation Army methods". Likewise, one does not fight pure evil with "New Age's so-called spiritual warriors".   (The Warshal, 8-5/6)

"In the last chapter, I have tried to become increasing simple and concrete for whoever can still be reawakened in this world to get a first glimmer of hope. I have also tried to hint at my ideological optimism and moral positivism to dispel the impression of darkness that was just inevitable in a book intended to be a "war treatise" on how to accept, understand and then corner evil before eventually inflicting upon it a fatal blow. Before, very soon hopefully, I could have a new opportunity to express my "positive" love, I must make a deep immersion into my apparent "negative" LOVE (all the more capitalized). The time has come to evoke one of my favorite themes... "warfare". I may be a very curious "Warshal" (in truth, I am not quite exactly a "Warshal" and, in the same time, I am much more than one...) but I have still spent an entire lifetime relentlessly fighting evil and injustice. This chapter will have in mind my unfortunate "warrior brethren" which, all along human history have given their blood, their heroism and ultimately their life for causes which, despite their delusive appearance of righteousness, have never been worth their sacrifice. As the reader must have noticed by now, I am not normally of the forgiving type. I have indeed said earlier that, most usually, the very idea of "forgiveness" is intrinsically... evil. And yet, when it comes to the "lost souls" of my brethren in war, I surprisingly demonstrate feelings of understanding and compassion that seem not so far from my "moral nemesis"... forgiveness. It is because, unlike "armchair Barbarians" or Californian would-be "spiritual warriors", I had the honor, privilege and misfortune to have been myself a Warrior true a true Warrior, not a metaphorical one nor a ludicrous "warrior in a past life", but a fierce one, one of the most dangerous kind, with real blood on his real hands... and more than once!   (The Warshal, 10-1)

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