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Cyber-Soldiers and Angels

It is obvious that "bio-cybernetic regulators" on Earth, were very far from representing the "pinnacle" of "cosmo-entropy". Resorting loosely to the double metaphor of "space" and "time", millions of years (indeed billions...) before in our specific galaxy and on our specific planet, bio-evolution had reached the stage when and where those "bio-cybernetic regulation" systems ought to be activated, similar events had already taken place in some other remote areas of our universe. If, fortunately, most of all "bio-cybernetic regulators" have strictly and righteously conformed to their original and legitimate "bio-programming", it would be of the utmost arrogance to consider that the dramatic "accident" that occurred here on Earth could not have also happened in other parts or in other epochs of this universe. Just thinking of the dramatic changes that have occurred only in the last twelve thousand years wherein a "cave-man" achieved to become a "space-man", do we really have the intellectual capacity to imagine the kind of abyssal changes that have befallen beings who had reached our stage of technological, civilizational and morphological advancement something like two billion years ago (two thousand million years ago, to put things in their true staggering perspective)?...

It is obvious that, even over such an insignificant period of time like those twelve thousand years, should we be capable to travel back through time to our most immediate paleolithic ancestors, our technology alone would drive them to see us as "gods". Indeed I think that if only three or four thousand years ago, someone would appear to some desert nomadic tribe with "Comanche" helicopters, B2 "Stealth Bombers", in full cyber-soldier gear with night vision goggles, thermal imaging, helmets with integrated computer systems, without even mentioning individual armament like the latest OICW from the US or, better yet the new "Convertor" from FN, their offspring today would still refer to "Cherubim" and "Seraphim" to describe the "celestial encounter" their ancestors have made a few millennia ago...

Remembering that, according to man's astrophysics, our solar system is less than five billion years old and in a relatively recent galaxy as well, how would it appear to us, indeed how could we even possibly conceptualize "beings" whose stage of "bio-cybernetic regulation" took place several billion years earlier? The times when man would have attained his dreams of "immortality" (through cloning) wherein sexuality becomes obsolete (no more need for natural reproduction) is not a matter of billions, nor millions, nor even thousands of years. It is happening right here and right now. How long, do you think, will our hypocritical science's "ethical committees" contain man's life long fantasy to clone himself, not only to get an inexhaustible reservoir of "alternate bodies" for "cheap-and-quick" laboratory reincarnation, but also as body-parts tank to gain "invulnerability," as well as "immortality"? How long, after that, will it take for man's anatomy to adjust to the lack of need of "old fashion reproduction"? How could possibly man resist the temptation to "enhance himself" through the next generations of new integrated "bio-chips", the sophistication of which we can only guess, to turn himself into a bio-computerized "cyborg". Man has already broken the "secret" of atomic fission; it is only a matter of time before he also understands how to circumvent the so-called "law" of gravity and how to "contract" the illusion of "space/time" to travel quasi instantaneously from one side of the universe to its most remote confines. This is going to take place within the next century, maybe even earlier... Now, imagine "beings" as "advanced" as modern man (indeed much more advanced seeing his degree of terrible cerebral and morphological degeneration), with the same sort of "manifest destiny" impetus and similar cosmo-expansionist agenda, but whose state of similar advancement has been attained... billions of years before. How could we possibly not see them as... "divine" ? Indeed, at the risk of shocking, to the utmost extreme, all the people who still believe in an anthropomorphic "deity" as in the Judeo-Christian system, "beings" that would have evolved at the same pace as modern man since the so-called "industrial revolution" but who would have done it for several billion years instead of less than a measly two centuries, should have powers and attributes millions of time higher than their... "god" which merely reflects a rather poor and primitive depiction of what a true "supreme being" could really be !

Coming back to our situation, proper, it is obvious that at the time we had attained the fundamental stage of "bio-cybernetic regulator", other beings had already attained a similar stage billions of years earlier. Knowing what I know from the extensiveness and diversity of life throughout the universe, if only one species among one million had experienced an "accident" not unlike what happened in here, that still leaves us millions of potential "candidates" that could have the really bad idea to try to "help" us follow their own "bio-secessionist" example, save that they would have had something like thousands of million of years of "bio-separative" evolution of their own before they influence us on how to "bail out" from our "Sacred Cosmo-Duties" to protect and serve the "Divine Natural Order". It would not be so difficult for such "hyper-beings", whose state of "mental" and "technological" advancement we cannot even fantasize about, to convince relatively primitive life forms (still infinitely more "advanced" than we are...) like our "bio-cybernetic regulating" ancestors that they "got it all wrong". To "prove" to them that the inward "Divine Source" was "no longer flowing" or, more simply, that the inward "Divine Source" had now completed its role. How could have our primitive "bio-cybernetic regulating" ancestors not fallen into the snares of those "hyper-beings" whose "false divinity" could not have been possibly guessed, owing to their "powers" and "attributes" so dramatically extreme that they infinitely exceed that which modern man ascribes to his own "deity"? In fact, what greatly contributed to make them utterly convincing to our ancestors is that, for millions and millions of years already, those fake "divine beings" had completely achieved to convince themselves that they were indeed "gods", down to the point where they had no longer any idea of their own "pseudo-divine" fakeness.   (The Warshal, 8-1/2)

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