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Catharsis: Biognostic Unit of Geonoetics

Catharsis is dedicated to "the awakening of some bio-higher-consciousness within people to help them break free from their larval condition and reach the Imago phase of some cosmically integrated real Humanity. A new Humanity, ready for a long awaited evolutionary leap that would usher us all into a new all-inclusive Peiradigm (established from a 'proven truth'), not paradigm (based on cultural assumption)." (Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, 5)

Summarized Purpose:

"The Earth is a living and spiritual entity, the most obvious reflection of the original Divine process of Bio-Creation. Unfortunately, because of human civilizational bio-depredations, God's primordial plan has been critically compromised. If dramatic changes within human consciousness do not occur soon, the continuation of life on our planet looks quite improbable. Our main purpose is to assist Geo-Immune reactions to come, in the Earth's struggle for her own most immediate survival.

Summarized Founding Principles:

"Life is Divine in origin. Natural laws are the most obvious reflection of God's infinite wisdom and therefore, natural Laws are the LAW which we intend to abide and enforce by all means necessary. From time immemorial, man has seceded from his original assignment of Bio-Guardianship. By electing themselves, sinfully, to the rank of 'gods', men have betrayed the prelapsarian Divine Covenant which entrusted them to protect and serve all living things. In doing so, men have purposefully renounced their original status of bio-midwives in the processes of Divine Dynamic Creation. They rejected God's sublime gift of bio-delegation by which the primordial people shared the sacred privilege to be electively associated with the Divine Work of co-creation here on Earth. The damning principles of bio-separation chosen by man are not atheistic in origin but clearly anti-theistic. Renegade humans do not deny God; worse indeed, they radically oppose God by their own anthropomorphic self-deification and by waging an all-out war against Life itself. Besides his peccable self-idolatry, man's main causes of bio-indictment are his fanatical secession from Bio-Oneness, his morbid denial of Bio-Spirituality at every level of Life, and his systematic defiance of all Divine Natural Laws.

"Our Faith is a faith of bio-reconciliation. Our Ideology is an ideology of bio-reunification. Our Philosophy is a philosophy of bio-reintegration. Unless we, ourselves, could initiate our own bio-redemption after enlargement of our bio-consciousness and proactive atonement for man's past bio-felonies, we should not expect Divine external redemption. For a new Bio-Covenant between us and God to stand a chance to occur, we must first demonstrate our bio-worthiness and prove our new bio-awareness. People's man-made, sick ego must give way to our God-made true self, a self so pan-inclusive that it is no longer confined to our miserable geo-cellular level, but a never ending expansive self which unifies the so-called micro-biological domain and the cosmo-biological dimension into one sacred whole. In return for abandoning their sick corporeal and materialistic attachments, the new people will attain bio-oneness and therefore bio-immortality and bio-infinity, not in the context of some highly speculative afterlife, but right now and right here on our living Earth.
          "We call Biognosticism such a system of beliefs and Geonoetics the semantic tool with which we intend to confront the human paradigm of bio-separation and theo-opposition. The name Catharsis exemplifies the spiritual purification and bio-atonement through which we must go if we want to stand a chance to petition with some measure of success for a new Bio-Covenant...

"Owing to the current situation of acute bio-spiritual crisis on Earth, we are completely running out of time for us to work on a new progressive agenda of slow bio-awakening to raise human consciousness up to the level that the Earth's terminal health condition requires. Even people with better ecological consciousness than average do not fully realize that we may have been already reaching the very point of no-return of life recovery on this planet. It is not because the Earth could very well survive a few human generations without going to lethal vital annihilation that our planet is not already mortally wounded. The effects of human pollution by C.F.C., for instance, because of their devastating long-term catalytic effects on our atmosphere, will only reach their peak of ozone destruction in more than half a century. The horrendous climatic results of industrial deforestation, also, may take place long after the crime has been perpetrated. Similarly, genetic alterations occur way before the global disastrous teretological consequences eventually materialize. We do not have, anymore, the option of patience.

"We need to put, right away, all our resources and energy on a project that can counter efficiently and most concretely wide-scale bio-depradations here on Earth..... What I am talking about is for real, really real, just trust me on that one. I have basically spent the last quarter century proving with strongest scientific evidence its very reality. ... To the question, should I decide by myself to change the course of events which may soon end up on the demise of the human race and the extinction of life on Earth, the answer is immediately, obviously and definitively, No! But, if the question is, should you, good-willing people, highly-evolved beings and bio-enlightened members of the human race, resort to such subliminal bio-techniques in order to preserve your own survival and that of your own Living Planet, the answer is yours. No matter what direction you decide to go, I will try to support you and to help you as much as I can. If you elect to use me as the instrument of such bio-strategy, I shall immediately obey you and put on my armor of Strategaiarch. Remember, I am your servant. You are still endowed with something which you call freewill. I am not...

"More than [twenty] years ago in Europe, at the time I was breaking through beyond beliefs in the field of 'human health and bio-spirituality', all my lawyers unanimously advised me to set up my world organization by creating an American nonprofit religious organization. To a point they were right, but they also ignored my previous political situation with which you have been acquainted ... by now. So I declined. Yet I knew already the power of the U.S. Constitution upon the American psyche (and far beyond), also its Divinely inspired First Amendment. Now, here I am, ready more than I have ever been, to assume whatever higher plan my Maker has for me. I have learned humility and obedience the hardest way. All I ask for, now, is bio-spiritual Servancy...

"May Life, Death and Justice, all Divine in nature, bless us all in our coming sacred mission." (Excerpts from Journey into the Absolute Elsewhere, 137-147)


If man is to avoid the worst of 'God's wrath,' the coming cataclysms, which are agents of Earth's own auto-immune response to our crimes against Nature, Life and Justice, man must clean up his act quickly. Man must voluntarily purify himself by atoning for past crimes against Life and Justice or be eliminated by Earth's own cleansing mechanisms. Man must recognize that "Life is absolutely 'divine', Natural Laws are absolutely 'sacred', anything that abides to the 'Divine Natural Order' is righteous, anything that deviates or opposes it is not, period. Any action or doctrine that asserts itself in blatant opposition to this absolute truth constitutes an unquestionable criminal bio-violation with all moral and logical consequences it entails." (The Warshal, 1-4).

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